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For most fractional numbers, the ordinal number is used to indicate the denominator of the fraction. The ordinal ca-num-ord-note is used to indicate this denominator just as the corresponding English ordinal would be. Exceptions to this rule include mig (half), terç (third), quarter (quarter), milionèsim (millionth), bilionèsim (billionth), ....

The feminine form of the ordinal is usually used as the collective noun for a set of like objects of that size. Exceptions to the usual rule include parell (set of 2), qüern (set of 4), centenar (set of 100), grossa (set of 144), miler (set of 1000), and milenar (1000).

The following documentation is located at Template:ca-num-ord-note/documentation. [edit]
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This template is used to provide a standard usage note to Catalan ordinal numbers. It takes one optional parameter which is used to customize the note for certain entries. Values which trigger a non-default message are 1, 2, 3, 4, 10, 100, 144, 1000, and big.