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Declension of cu-decl-noun-r Singular Dual Plural
Nominative cu-decl-noun-r {{{1}}}єри {{{1}}}єри
Accusative {{{1}}}єрь {{{1}}}єри {{{1}}}єри
Genitive {{{1}}}єрє {{{1}}}єроу {{{1}}}єръ
Locative {{{1}}}єри {{{1}}}єроу {{{1}}}єрьхъ
Dative {{{1}}}єри {{{1}}}рьма {{{1}}}єрьмъ
Instrumental {{{1}}}єрьѭ {{{1}}}єрьма {{{1}}}єрьми
Vocative cu-decl-noun-r {{{1}}}єри {{{1}}}єри

The following documentation is located at Template:cu-decl-noun-r/documentation. [edit]
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This is a declension-table template for r-stem feminine nouns. Nouns that exhibit these endings are мати (mati) and дъщи (dŭšti).


This template takes 1 parameter: the stem.

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