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The following documentation is located at Template:el-verb/documentation. [edit]


Preferred usage involves up to three named arguments:

  1. past for the simple past form.
    Use "past=-" for verbs with no simple past tense.
  2. past2 for a second past form should it exist.
  3. passive for the passive form (for use with active verbs).
  4. active for the active form (for use with passive verbs).
  5. type to categorise the following non-active verb types:
    type="passive" or "pass"
    type="mediopassive" or "med"
    type="deponent" or "dep"


Example syntaxes below are followed by their respective outputs:


δίνω (díno);  simple past: έδωσα (édosa);  passive form: δίνομαι (dínomai)


αγωνιώ (agonió);  simple past:


Old entries will contain deprecated positional arguments which are being phased out.