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  • This verb is only used in the impersonal (third-person singular) form.


In the absence of other parameters, this template works like {{fr-conj-er}}. However, all of the individual conjugated forms, up to and including the compounds, can be replaced (so that verbs in -eXer, -éXer, -ger, -cer etc. can use it). For the most part, the codes are the same as those used in {{fr-conj}}, but with new ones where that template has none, to allow for forms of verbs like y avoir.

mode tense variable
Infinitive simple inf
compound infp
Gerund compound gc
Participle present ppr
past pp
present ind.p.3s
imperfect ind.i.3s
past historic ind.ps.3s
future ind.f.3s
conditional cond.p.3s
present perfect ind.pp.3s
pluperfect ind.plp.3s
past anterior ind.pa.3s
future perfect ind.fp.3s
conditional perfect cond.pp.3s
Subjunctive present sub.p.3s
imperfect sub.i.3s
perfect sub.pp.3s
pluperfect sub.plp.3s