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fr-past participle m (feminine fr-past participlee, masculine plural fr-past participles, feminine plural fr-past participlees)

The following documentation is located at Template:fr-past participle/documentation. [edit]
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This template automatically formats the head word (in bold) and categories for French past participles. It takes the following parameters

  • head or sg: the head word in bold. Default {{PAGENAME}}
  • intr: when intr is use, the verb is listed as intransitive. Past participles of intransitive verbs are invariable. Thus, intr should only be used for verbs which are only intransitive
  • mplural: the masculine plural form. For words like pris where the masculine plural is not priss but pris. When mplural is the page name, the template automatically categorizes in Category:French past participle forms

Past participle forms[edit]

Please do not use this template for masculine plural, feminine singular or feminine plural forms. Please use a combination of {{infl|fr|past participle form}}, {{feminine past participle of}}, {{feminine plural past participle of}}, or {{masculine plural past participle of}}.