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The following documentation is located at Template:ga-decl-m3/documentation. [edit]
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This template is for Irish masculine nouns of the third declension.


The first three parameters are obligatory.

  • initial is the initial letter of the word (case-sensitive). If the first letter is s, then the first two letters of the word should be listed here
  • nomsg is the nominative singular form of the noun, omitting the initial letter(s)
  • gensg is the genitive singular form of the noun, omitting the initial letter(s)

The last two parameters are optional.

  • plural is the plural form, omitting the initial letter(s). If omitted, plural = gensg (e.g. gamhain).
  • genpl is the genitive plural form, omitting the initial letter(s) (e.g. roinn) If omitted, and if gensg = nompl, then genpl = nomsg (e.g. tréad).


For bádóir, genitive singular bádóra, plural bádóirí, type: {{ga-decl-m3|b|ádóir|ádóra|ádóirí}}

For saighdiúir, genitive singular saighdiúra, plural saighdiúirí, type: {{ga-decl-m3|sa|ighdiúir|ighdiúra|ighdiúirí}}

For gamhain, genitive singular & plural gamhna, type: {{ga-decl-m3|g|amhain|amhna}}

For tréad, genitive singular & nominative plural tréada, genitive plural tréad, type: {{ga-decl-m3|t|réad|réada|réada}}

For roinn, genitive singular & nominative plural ranna, genitive plural rann, type: {{ga-decl-m3|r|oinn|anna|anna|ann}}

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