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ga-noun ? (genitive [please provide], plural [please provide])



The following parameters are obligatory:

  • 1= the genitive form of the noun. If the genitive singular is identical to the nominative singular, you may put a - here as a shortcut.
  • 2= the nominative plural of the noun. If the noun has no plural form, put - (a hyphen) here.
  • g= the gender of the noun. Please enter m or f.

The following parameters are optional:

  • g2= additional gender or plural. If the noun is both masculine and feminine, type |g=m|g2=f. If the noun is plural, type |g=m|g2=p or |g=f|g2=p, depending on the gender.
  • g3= If the noun is both masculine and feminine, and if it is also plural, type |g=m|g2=f|g3=p.
  • head= specifies a different headword. Particularly useful for (idiomatic) phrases, which allow one to link individual words or subphrases.
  • gen2= specifies an alternate genitive form, if needed.
  • pl2= specifies an alternate nominative plural form, if needed.