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Person Normal Emphatic
1st person sing. {{{1sg}}} {{{1sg}}}sa
2d person sing. {{{2sg}}} {{{2sg}}}sa
3d sing. masc. {{{3sgm}}} {{{3sgmem}}}
3d sing. fem. {{{3sgf}}} {{{3sgf}}}se
1st person pl. {{{1pl}}} {{{1pl}}}e
2d person pl. {{{2pl}}} {{{2pl}}}se
3d person pl. {{{3pl}}} {{{3pl}}}san

The emphatic forms (except for the 3d person masc.) may be omitted if:

  • The 1st person sing. and 2d person sing. simply add -sa
  • The 3d person sing. fem. and 2d person pl. simply add -se
  • The 1st person pl. simply adds -e
  • The 3d person pl. simply adds -san

Template for copying and pasting:

 |1sg    = 
 |2sg    = 
 |3sgm   = 
 |3sgmem = 
 |3sgf   = 
 |1pl    = 
 |2pl    = 
 |3pl    = 

For prepositions that inflection. Use under Inflection subheading.