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The following documentation is located at Template:hu-conjugation of/documentation. [edit]

This template is a companion to {{hu-inflection of}}, but is specific for Hungarian verbs. The order of parameters should be kept as follows:

  1. Lemma form of verb
  2. Person (1, 2 or 3)
  3. Number (singular or plural)
  4. Mood (indicative, subjunctive or conditional)
  5. Tense (present or past; Hungarian verbs do not have future forms)
  6. Conjugation type (indefinite or definite)

The following tags are available for shortcut use in entering descriptions:

1 = first-person
2 = second-person
3 = third-person
s = singular
p = plural
pres = present
past = past
indef = indefinite
def = definite
indic = indicative
subj = subjunctive
cond = conditional
inf = infinitive

Named parameters[edit]

  • tr= optional translation of the verb


Example 1:

{{hu-conjugation of|tud|1|s|indic|pres|def}}
  first-person singular indicative present definite of tud

Example 2:

{{hu-conjugation of|beszél|2|s|indic|pres|indef}}
  second-person singular indicative present indefinite of beszél