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Used for Japanese entry autocreation.


Kanji noun: 愛国心:

{{subst:ja new|あいこくしん||[[patriotism]]}}

Katakana noun: アニメ:

{{subst:ja new||n|[[anime]]}}

Hiragana noun: あいこくしん:

{{subst:ja new||n|{{ja-def|愛国心}} [[patriotism]]}}

Kanji verb with conjugation: 集る: (|type= is by default '1' - godan unless defined)

{{subst:ja new|あつまる|v|to [[gather]]|c=y}}

Kanji verb with conjugation: 鋳る (other |alt2=, |alt3= also usable):

{{subst:ja new|いる|v|[[cast]], [[mint]]|type=2|c=y|alt=鑄る|tr=trans}}

Hiragana verb with no conjugation: いのる:

{{subst:ja new||v|{{ja-def|祈る}} to [[pray]]}}

Hiragana verb with conjugation: やっつける:

{{subst:ja new||v|to [[criticise]]|type=2|c=y}}

Hiragana verb with type and tr parameters: おこなう:

{{subst:ja new||v|{{ja-def|行う}} to [[do]], to [[perform]], to [[carry out]]|type=1|tr=trans}}

サ変名詞: 一致結束:

{{subst:ja new|いっちけっそく|s|[[closing ranks]]|[[close ranks]]}}

Etymology + suru: サジェスト:

{{subst:ja new|el=en|e=suggest||s|the act of suggesting|[[suggest]]}}


{{subst:ja new|e=From {{etyl|en|ja|sort=さじぇすと}} {{term|suggest|lang=en}}.||s|the act of suggesting|[[suggest]]}}

Wasei eigo: ベッドタウン:

{{subst:ja new|we1=bed|we2=town||n|[[commuter]] town, suburb made up primarily of commuters|rom=beddo taun}}

Adjective: 愛らしい (|infl= is by default 'na' unless defined):

{{subst:ja new|あいらしい|a|[[charming]], [[lovely]], [[cute]]|infl=i}}

Adjectival noun + noun: 曖昧:

{{subst:ja new|あいまい|an|[[unclear]], [[vague]], [[ambiguous]]|[[confusion]], [[obscurity]], [[opacity]]}}

Adjectival noun: 散文的:

{{subst:ja new|さんぶんてき|an|[[prosaic]]}}

Noun: クロロフィル (|syn2=, |syn3= also usable):

{{subst:ja new|||[[chlorophyll]]|wp=y|syn=葉緑素}}


  • Template:ja-new - for kanji-only words, specifies parameters in kanjitab. See there for more.