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Third declension, neuter nominative singular like masculine/feminine.

Number Singular Plural
Case \ Gender Masc./Fem. Neuter Masc./Fem. Neuter
nominative {{{1}}} {{{1}}} {{{1}}}ēs {{{1}}}ia
genitive {{{1}}}is {{{1}}}is {{{1}}}ium {{{1}}}ium
dative {{{1}}}ī {{{1}}}ī {{{1}}}ibus {{{1}}}ibus
accusative {{{1}}}em {{{1}}} {{{1}}}ēs {{{1}}}ia
ablative {{{1}}}e
{{{1}}}ī 1
{{{1}}}ī 1
{{{1}}}ibus {{{1}}}ibus
vocative {{{1}}} {{{1}}} {{{1}}}ēs {{{1}}}ia

1 When used purely as an adjective.

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