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{{{1}}}{{{3}}} m, f, n (genitive [[{{{1}}}#Latin|{{{1}}}]]); third declension

The following documentation is located at Template:la-present participle/documentation. [edit]
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This template is designed for regular Latin present participles, and participles with an irregular genitive.

Regular present participle parameters

For regular present participles, this template takes three parameters. The first and third parameters are required; the second parameter may be left blank.

{{{1}}} = stem without macrons

{{{2}}} = stem with macrons (optional)

{{{3}}} = ending pattern (values = ans or ens; the macron will be added by the template)


  • amāns (only arguments 1, and 3, since the stem contains no macrons)
    {{la-present participle | am | | ans}}
  • contrādīcēns (arguments 1, 2, and 3, since the stem contains a macron)
    {{la-present participle | contradic | contrādīc | ens}}

Iregular present participle parameters

For present participles with an irregular genitive, two additional parameters may be used.

{{{gen}}} = the complete genitive form without macrons

{{{altgen}}} = the complete genitive form with macrons (optional)


  • abiēns (additional argument gen, since the genitive is irregular but contains no macrons)
    {{la-present participle | abi | | ens | gen=abeuntis}}


  • If you plan to change the format or usage of the positional or keyword parameters of this template (or of any related template), please leave a message of the talk page of User:SemperBlottoBot so that the bot can be modified to reflect those changes.