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The following documentation is located at Template:langt/documentation. [edit]


This template is added to all language code templates. It displays all available information (in subtemplates), adds them to the appropriate category, and also adds them to a cleanup category if something is wrong with the template or its subtemplates (such as when one is missing).

This template itself has two parameters:

  • 1= - Provides the code for this template as it is used; this is the code without the proto: or conl: prefix. This is not necessary for regular codes, but is required for codes with a prefix. Defaults to {{PAGENAME}}.
  • nocat=1 - Don't show the main category page for this code. This is mostly useful for 'special' codes that don't have a category.

The template also shows the documentation located in the /doc subpage of the code template, where available, so you don't have to add {{documentation}} separately.

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