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nn-verb-irreg (present tense word, past tense word, past participle word, passive infinitive nn-verb-irregast, present participle nn-verb-irregande, imperative nn-verb-irreg)

The following documentation is located at Template:nn-verb-irreg/documentation. [edit]
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This template is used for irregular Norwegian Nynorsk verbs.


Usually, it takes three parameters:

  • {{{1}}} present tense
  • {{{2}}} past tense
  • {{{3}}} past participle

It may also take additional parameters:

  • {{{4}}} passive infinitive
  • {{{5}}} present participle
  • {{{6}}} imperative
  • | pres_tense2= - second form of the present tense
  • | past_tense2= - second form of the past tense
  • | past_part2= - second form of the neuter past participle
  • | imp2= - second form of the imperative
  • | no_present_part=1 - if there should be no present participle
  • | no_passive_inf=1 - if there should be no passive infinitive
  • | no_imp=1 - if there should be no imperative
  • | first_four=1 - limit the inflection to a minimum; include just the first four inflected forms, the infinitive included
  • | second_root= - this root is for the present participle and the passive infinitive, where the root for these differ usual pattern (like tatakast, instead of *taast.)