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The following documentation is located at Template:pl-decl-noun-n/documentation. [edit]
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Declension template for Polish neuter nouns with nominative singular form ending in:

-ko (excluding "dziecko")
-ło (excluding -ało and the words "światło", "półświatło")
-to (excluding "ciasto", "miasto")
-zo (excluding -rzo, -zzo)



first parameter is the word stem (required)
second parameter is the last consonant of the word or digraph ch (required)
third parameter is the genitive plural form (optional)


  • piwo: {{pl-decl-noun-n|pi|w}}
  • łóżko: {{pl-decl-noun-n|łóż|k|łóżek}}
  • okno: {{pl-decl-noun-n|ok|n|okien}}