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Blank template

For ease of cut-paste, a blank template with the most common fields:

#* {{quote-news|date=...|author=...|title=...|newspaper=...|url=...|page=...}}
#*: ...




# A faster-than-light drive that works by slipping between stars.
#* {{quote-news|date=2130-11-02|author=Walter R. Murrow (clone)|authorlink=Walter R. Murrow (clone)|title=FTL Drive Invented|newspaper=The New Earth Times|quotee=I. Q. Roundhead|url=http://newearthtimes.com/warp-drive-invented/|page=6}}
#*: I call my new invention the '''starslip''' drive {{...}}

produces this:

  1. A faster-than-light drive that works by slipping between stars.


  • date publication date in ISO 8601 YYYY-MM-DD format
    • OR: year and optionally month
  • author full name of author (ex. "John Q. Public")
    • OR: first (first and middle names/initials) and last (last name)
  • authorlink title of Wikipedia article about author, no "w:" prefix
  • coauthors
  • editor
  • work name of newspaper or other source
    • OR: newspaper, periodical
  • issn for ISSN of periodical
  • isbn
  • oclc
  • lccn
  • publisher publisher of newspaper (not name of newspaper!)
  • city city where newspaper is printed
  • url link to online article
    • accessdate date you accessed article (in ISO 8601 YYYY-MM-DD format)
  • archiveurl link to article online on archive site like Wayback Machine (when archiveurl is specified, url means the original URL)
    • archivedate date article recorded at archive site (in ISO 8601 YYYY-MM-DD format)
  • page or pages
  • quotee when entire passage is being quoted from someone else, author of quoted passage
  • passage a quotation
    • translation English translation of quotation, for quotations in other languages
    • transliteration restatement of quotation in Latin alphabet, for quotations in other scripts

Please note that this is just a human-friendly way of passing {{reference-news}} to {{cite meta}}, which are principally responsible for this template's output.


If you're pressed for time, you can also pass many of the parameters anonymously (by position), like this:

|passage=blah blah blah}}

If the title contains an equal sign, you will have to use title= to pass it.

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