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This citation template can be used to provide a quotation from a video recording, including a film or a television programme.

Sample template[edit]

The sample template below contains the most commonly used parameters:

  • Wikitext: {{quote-video|writer={{w|Cameron Crowe}}|title={{w|Jerry Maguire}}|year=1996|people={{w|Jay Mohr}}|role=Bob Sugar|location=Culver City, Calif.|publisher={{w|TriStar Pictures}}; distributed by [[w:Sony Pictures Home Entertainment|Columbia TriStar Home Video]]|year_published=1997|isbn=978-0-8001-4174-5|passage=It's also my job to take care of the '''skanks''' on the road that you bang.}}
  • Result:
    1996, Jay Mohr as Bob Sugar, Jerry Maguire, written by Cameron Crowe, Culver City, Calif.: TriStar Pictures; distributed by Columbia TriStar Home Video, as published 1997, ISBN 978-0-8001-4174-5:
    It's also my job to take care of the skanks on the road that you bang.


This is the full list of available parameters:

  • source=
  • year=
  • people=
  • date=
  • role=
  • writer=
  • title=
  • episode=
  • series=
  • season=
  • number=
  • network=
  • url=
  • isbn=
  • publisher=
  • location=
  • year_published=
  • time=
  • at=
  • passage=
  • language=
  • translation=

Technical information[edit]

This template is a wrapper for {{reference-video}}.