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The following documentation is located at Template:rfexp/documentation. [edit]
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This template generates a box formally asking for expansion of an appendix.


This template may be added to any uncomplete appendix.

Completeness is a worthy goal. However, the exact information that is lacking in an appendix is, most certainly, not clear. Therefore, it is always encouraged to provide an explanation wherever {{rfexp}} is used.


The first unnamed parameter contains an explanation about what should be added in the appendix.
lang: A language code, for categorization purposes.
Other unnamed parameters may also contain language codes with the same results.
nocat=1: Prevents any categorization.
topic=topic: Categorizes into [[Category:Entries needing topical attention]]


  • {{rfexp|more examples of irregular verbs|lang=en}}
  • {{rfexp|more examples of irregular verbs|en}}
  • {{rfexp|etymologies|lang=fr}}
  • {{rfexp|how to write large numbers|sv}}
  • {{rfexp|more translations|es|ja|pt}}
  • {{rfexp|comparison between Latin and Greek|la|el}}


  • You may always improve any appendix by editing it.
  • A common type of edit is changing where information is found, namely by moving, splitting or merging a page. It may require a discussion at WT:RFM beforehand.
  • To propose immediate deletion of an appendix that blatantly does not belong to Wiktionary, use {{delete}}.
  • To discuss the possible deletion of an appendix that may not belong to Wiktionary, use {{rfd}} and discuss it at WT:RFDO.
  • Notably, {{delete}} and {{rfd}} may be used to request deletion of other types of pages as well, but the discussion page for entries is WT:RFD.