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Rhymes: [[Rhymes:English:-{{{1}}}|-{{{1}}}]]

The following documentation is located at Template:rhymes/documentation. [edit]


This template is to be used for the rhymes link of a word in the pronunciation section.

For English words only the first parameter is needed:

On the page for listen:

* {{rhymes|ɪsən}}

resulting in

For words with multiple pronunciations, up to four different rhymes can be noted in the template with additional parameters.

On the page for Asia

* {{rhymes|eɪʃə|eɪʒə}}

resulting in

For words in other languages, there is an optional language parameter:

On the page for do, in the section Dutch:

* {{rhymes|o|lang=nl}}

resulting in

  • Rhymes: -o

For the language argument, the language code is preferred, but the name may be used:

* {{rhymes|o|lang=Dutch}}
It will work for English if the code (en) or name (English) is used, but the preference is not to specify lang in the English case.