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The following documentation is located at Template:ru-noun-а-4/documentation. [edit]
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For nouns of 4th stress pattern ending with -а, not preceded by a sibilant (ж, ч, ш, щ), velar (г, к, х), or ц.

noun without : игр, дыр, сосн, тюрьм, звезд, спин
the same stressed: и́гр, ды́р, со́сн, тю́рьм, спи́н
3= (if applicable)
irregular plural genitive: сосен, тюрем, спин
4= (if applicable)
the same stressed: со́сен, тю́рем, спи́н
5= (if applicable)
plural stem if it changes: звёзд
6= (if applicable)
stressed accusative singular if irregular: спи́ну, зи́му, во́ду, сре́ду