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sk-noun ?

The following documentation is located at Template:sk-noun/documentation. [edit]
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Parameter Function Default value (if left unspecified)
1 or g The gender, the template accepts m, f, n, m-p, f-p, n-p Category:Slovak nouns lacking gender
head The head word, if different from the page name, or to link to individual words {{PAGENAME}}
gen The genitive singular None, only displayed when specified
pl The nominative plural None, only displayed when specified
decl The declension type None, only displayed when specified
sort The sort key for Category:Slovak nouns {{PAGENAME}}


  • tulipán: {{sk-noun|g=m|gen=tulipána|pl=tulipány|decl=dub}}
  • priateľka: {{sk-noun|g=f|gen=priateľky|pl=priateľky|decl=žena}}