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A taxonomic [[{{{1}}}]] within the [[{{{2}}}]] [[{{{3}}}]][[Category:Entries using missing taxonomic name ({{{2}}})]].

The following documentation is located at Template:taxon/documentation. [edit]
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# {{taxon|''current taxon''|''parent taxon''|''parent taxon name''|''colloquial name'' (can be omitted)|t=''category template'' (can be omitted)}}


# {{taxon|genus|family|Elephantidae|[[mammoth]]s}}


  1. A taxonomic genus within the family Elephantidaemammoths.

If italics are required for the proper display of the third parameter and are not produced automatically (as for genus and species), add i=1. This yields the proper presentation of virus orders, families, and subfamilies.