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The following documentation is located at Template:ttbc/documentation. [edit]

TTBC means "Translations To Be Checked"


For each language line in a "checktrans" section (see {{checktrans-top}},) please replace the language name, e.g. "French" with {{ttbc|fr}}. This drops the entry into the appropriate sub-category. The experimental second parameter is deprecated by convention, for now.

To un-mark a language line for checking, change ttbc into subst:\, like this: {{subst:\|fr}}. The language name will be inserted when saving.


  1. Regular example:
    • Was:
    * Italian: ....
    • Now:
    * {{ttbc|it}}:
  2. Wikified example:
    • Was:
    * Ido: ...
    • Now:
    * {{ttbc|io}}:

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