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Usage notes[edit]

It seems likeley, that this paradigm only affects to the Faroese word móðir (mother) and derivations from it. However, it has a certain pattern, which is similar to Template:fo-decl-noun-m44 (bróðir).

  1. m (first part of the stem)
  2. ó (stem vowel singular)
  3. ð (second part of the stem - the R is the last part, but not used as a variable here!)
  4. ø (umlaut in plural)


f29 Singular Plural
Indefinite Definite Indefinite Definite
Nominative móðir móðirin møður møðurnar
Accusative móður móðurina møður møðurnar
Dative móður móðurini møðrum møðrunum
Genitive móður móðurinnar møðra møðranna