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This template is designed for Hungarian nouns with the following characteristics:

  • Their final letter is a consonant (ház - house).
  • They form their second-person possessive plural by adding -atok (házatok - your house).

The possessive template should be placed after the ====Declension==== header, under the regular declension template.

Unnamed parameters[edit]

The template takes three required unnamed parameters:

  • {{{1}}} - stem, remains unchanged in all forms. If the noun shortens or drops a vowel, provide the modified stem.
  • {{{2}}} - either blank or j; if the singular noun uses j in third-person, provide j, otherwise blank
    az ő háza - his/her house
    az ő vadja - his/her game
  • {{{3}}} - ai or jai, the third-person singular possessive ending for a plural noun
    az ő házai - his/her houses
    az ő vadjai - his/her games)

Named parameters[edit]

  • form=sing - add this parameter if the entry does not have plural declension. The plural column will contain dashes.
  • form=pl - add this parameter if the entry does not have singular declension. The singular column will contain dashes.
  • longstem= - name the long stem of the word if it is used for the formation of the third person singular and the plurals
    út - útja: {{hu-pos-atok|ut|j|jai|longstem=út}}


  • ház ('house')
  • hatalom ('power'; drops a vowel)
  • szamár ('donkey'; shortens the stem)
  • vad ('game'; the singular noun uses -j in third-person)