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I've only just started with Wiktionary, and I've not yet fully absorbed the methods of working and the culture. I have previously worked on Wikipedia, but at first sight this seems harder! My first word was railway, and my second was woodwind.

To say that I'm interested in words is only partially true, but I am interested in the way in which words can be defined. As I said, this game is hard, and it'll take me a little while to get into it.

List of possible words - there's no logic to it ....  :

adagio,alias,alien,allegro,andante, anthem, ape, aria, arachnid, arietta, artist, assumption

cantata, concerto



lexicography lexicographer

motet, musician, musicologist

painter, program, programme, programmer





A recent discovery (by me) has been weblogs, so see mine at dave2002 and test2002 (currently the first of these is better developed... but ...)

There is also a new one at dave2002.alt , which may be temporary while the pitas site is being maintained (when I get around to it!).

An interesting slant is provided by the pages on Open Source at