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shitty entry: per centum

I've decided to no longer use the Babel system, replacing it with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

  • I come from Belgium, and my mother tongue is French. I don't speak Dutch at all, and only know a bit of German (maybe A2).
  • I can understand written English without difficulty (spoken English less so; well, it depends), and write it myself without too much difficulty. I'd rate myself somewhere between B2 and C1 overall
  • I study Latin at University, and can read some authors comfortably enough. I'm an advocate of living Latin (latin vivant in French, Latinitas viva in Latin), and try to speak/write it as often as I can. I'd rate myself as B1.
  • I study Ancient Greek as well, but I'm not nearly as fluent in it as I am in Latin.
  • I'm studying Modern Greek. Currently A2.
  • I studied Russian for two years. Somewhere between A1 and A2.
  • I'm of Croatian descent, and would like to learn the language.

I study classics at university, and am very much interested in Indo-European languages and etymologies. I also like to reflect on formal/slangy/colloquial/derogatory/vulgar stuff, on grammatical categorization, on syntax, on translation, and so on. In short, I love linguistics; you will often see me saying nonsense, though.

Feel free to correct my mistakes (even on this very page). I will be glad of it; I want to improve my English.

Really, building a dictionary is an endless task.


Latin conjugation is not as clear as they would have us think

  • quo needs some cleaning up

Ancient Greek[edit]