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the pudding[edit]

"The Bakewell Pudding.—Having covered a dish with thin puff paste, put a layer of any kind of jam about half an inch thick, then take the yolks of eight eggs and two whites, half a pound of butter melted, and almond flavour to your taste; beat well together; pour the mixture into the dish an inch thick, and bake it about an hour in a moderate oven."[1]

"And everyone should do their part to help settle the debate over which of the Bakewell pudding shops in town actually invented the famous dessert "[2]

"Bakewell Pudding Any Derbyshire recipe book will, of course, feature Bakewell Pudding as one of its highlights"[3]


Appendix:ISO 216 paper sizes


n name
1 monomino
2 domino
3 tromino or triomino
4 tetromino
5 pentomino
6 hexomino
7 heptomino
8 octomino
9 nonomino or enneomino
10 decomino
11 undecomino
12 dodecomino

more shapes[edit]