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Jonny says:[edit]

"Please be patient. I only just got here."

Look, the whole thing is, I was coopted (coerced? bullied? encouraged?) into this when I happened upon the irc channel. Dvortygirl is to blame/thank for that. In due course I will lay out all my biases, but for the moment there are these links:

  • Seal Fur For all your opinionated needs;
  • 100 Dates The blog for the 100 Dates project;
  • Binary 6 Written communications for businesses.
  • Boxcutters TV for radio on the internet (a podcast).


Swearing and Curse Words[edit]

I have a great interest in swearing and curse words. The idea that a single word that does nothing to denegrate, humiliate or persecute could be construed as offensive is puzzling to me, as is the idea that we purposefully clip the English language from all its wonderful colour because certain words are deemed to be taboo.

Travelling to the United States a couple of years ago I was shocked that people actually use the word shoot instead of shit for example. The very idea of exclamation is reduced when we substitute words to soften the blow. It's part of meaning what you say and saying what you mean.