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About me[edit]

My name is Julián, I am a native Spanish speaker (Argentine), and I descended from Poland and Italy. I'm very interested for the Italian language. I usually contribuit on Wiktionary adding Spanish words, or definitions absent in the article.
I contribuit on English Wiktionary and Italian Wiktionary, and I visit the Spanish Wiktionary.
I can not understand English orally (the pronunciation of my language is different). The Polish is very difficult for me (has "rare" words for my language, but the pronunciation is similar to Spanish). The Italian it is much easier for me, because is similar to my native language (in the pronunciation and in the words).
I learned the Cyrillic alphabet (Кириллица) inadvertently, from the Russian language. I try to understand the International Phonetic Alphabet.


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There are…

And no, it is not a joke: