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Dear readers of Omniglot and Wiktionary[edit]

I had been thinking of devising a way to write the Arabic language using the Tibetan script. For any feedback, is it okay to make a talk page on this page? --Lo Ximiendo (talk) 16:13, 29 December 2012 (UTC)
P.s. I've been using the page on "Arabindi" as one source for ideas. --Lo Ximiendo (talk) 16:15, 29 December 2012 (UTC)
Also note these instructions. --Lo Ximiendo (talk) 19:15, 10 September 2013 (UTC)
Now I'm getting this impression that it could also be applied to Aramaic, Classical Syriac, and Mandaic languages. --Lo Ximiendo (talk) 02:50, 18 September 2013 (UTC)

Name of the script in Arabetan and Arabic[edit]

Arabetan: ཨླ་འ་ར་བི་ཏིཡ་ཡཿ
Arabic: الْعَرَبِتِيَّة

The script itself[edit]

Tibetan/"Arabetan" Arabic equivalent Latin transliteration
ا/ء ʾ/a/ā
ཨཱ آ/ى ā
بَ ba
تَ ta
ثَ ṯa/tha
جَ ja
? حَ ḥa
ཁྷ? خَ xa/kha
دَ da
དྷ ذَ ḏa/dha
رَ ra
زَ za
سَ sa
شَ ša
صَ ṣa
ضَ ḍa
طَ ṭa
ཌྷ ظَ ẓa/ḍha
? عَ ʿa
གྷ? غَ ġa
فَ fa
? قَ qa
كَ ka
لَ la
مَ ma
نَ na
هَ ha
وَ wa
يَ ya
ཨཱུ ُو ū
ཨཱི ِي ī
ཿ? ة -h?
? ً / ٌ / ٍ nunation eg. -an, -un, -in(?)

Example words[edit]

(Note: If you want to "magnify" the words, hold Ctrl and then scroll up to zoom in. To reset the zoom, Ctrl+0 w/the right parenthesis.)

ཨི་མཱ་རཱ་ཏཱི - إماراتي
ལཱ - لا
ར་སཱུལ - رسول
ཇབ་བཱར - جبار
ཇཡ་ཡིད - جيد
ཁཱརྲ - حار (ḥār)
གི་རཱ་ཨཿ - قراءة
གཱ་ཨ - قاء

Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Sample[edit]

ཡཱུ་ལ་དུ་ ཇ་མཱི་འུ་ ཨྣ་ནཱ་སི་ ཨཁ་རཱ་རཾ་ མུ་ཏ་སཱ་ཝཱི་ན་ ཕཱི་ ཨླ་ཀ་རཱ་མ་ཏི་ ཝ་ཨླ་ཁུ་གཱུག། ཝ་གད་ ཝུ་ཧི་བཱུ་ འག་ལཾ་ ཝ་ཌ་མཱི་རཾ་ ཝ་འ་ལཡ་ཧིམ་ ཨན་ ཡུ་འཱ་མི་ལ་ བའ་ཌུ་ཧུམ་ བའ་ཌཾ་ བི་རཱུ་ཁི་ ཨླ་ཨིཁྷཱཨ།།

(NB: it's possibly atheistic in cultural/historical terms, so feel free to connect the dots with the sample sentence.)