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dad {n} (informal a father)  :: پدر /pedar/, بابا /bâbâ/, باب /bâb/ [archaic]
daeva {n} (supernatural entity)  :: دیو /dēv/
daffodil {n} (flower)  :: نرگس /narges/
Dagestan {prop} (federal subject of Russia)  :: داغستان /Dâğestân/
Dagestani {n} (Someone from Dagestan)  :: داغستانی /Dâğestâni/
dagger {n} (a stabbing weapon)  :: خنجر /xanjar/, دشنه /dašne/
daikon {n} (large white radish)  :: دایکون
Dalai Lama {n} (the supreme head of Tibetan Buddhism)  :: دالایی لاما
dale {n} (valley)  :: دره /dare/
damage {n} (abstract measure of something not being intact; harm)  :: زیان /ziyân/, خسارت /xesârat/, آسیب /âsib/, آک /âk/
damage {v}  :: آسیب /âsib/
Damascus {prop} (the capital city of Syria)  :: دمشق /damešq/
damask {n} (fabric)  :: پرنیان /parniyân/, پرند /parand/
damma {n} (Damma)  :: ضمه /zamme/, پیش /piš/
dammit {interj} (expression of anger or disappointment)  :: لعنتی /la'nati/
damn {interj} (non-vulgar expression of contempt etc.)  :: لعنتی /la'nati/
damp {adj} (Being in a state between dry and wet)  :: نمناک /namnâk/
damson {n} (fruit)  :: اجاس /ejâs/
dance {n} (movements to music)  :: رقص /raqs/, دانس /dâns/
dance {v} (move rhythmically to music)  :: رقصیدن /raqsidan/, رقص کردن /raqs kardan/
dance floor {n} (an area for dancing)  :: صحنه رقص /sahne-ye raqs/
dancehall {n} (public hall for dancing)  :: دانسینگ /dânsing/
dancer {n} (person who dances)  :: رقاص /raqqâs/
dancing {n} (activity of dancing)  :: رقص /raqs/, وشتن /vaštan/
dandelion {n} (plant, wild flower of the genus Taraxacum)  :: قاصدک /qâsedak/
dandruff {n} (skin flakes)  :: شوره سر /šure-ye sar/, شوره /šure/
danger {n} (exposure to liable harm)  :: خطر /xatar/
dangerous {adj} (full of danger)  :: پرخطر, خطرناک /xatarnâk/
Daniel {prop} (biblical person)  :: دانیال /Dâniyâl/
Daniel {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: دانیال /Dâniyâl/
Daniel {prop} (male given name)  :: دانیال /Dâniyâl/, دنیل /Daniel/
Danish {prop} (language)  :: دانمارکی /danmarki/
Danube {prop} (river of Europe that flows to the Black Sea)  :: دانوب /dânub/
Dardanelles {prop} (strait)  :: داردانل /dârdânel/
dargah {n} (an Islamic shrine)  :: درگاه /dargâh/
Dari {prop} (Eastern Persian)  :: دری /darī/
Dari {prop} (variety of Middle Persian)  :: دری /darī/
daric {n} (gold coin from Persia)  :: دریک /darik/
Dari Persian {prop} (Eastern Persian)  :: فارسی دری /Fârsi-ye Dari/
Darius {prop} (any of several Persian kings)  :: داریوش /Dâryuš/
Darius {prop} (male given name)  :: داریوش /Dâryuš/
dark {adj} (having an absolute or relative lack of light)  :: تاریک /târik/, تار /târ/, تیره /tīre/
dark {adj} (hidden, secret)  :: پنهان /penhân/, نهان /nehân/, پوشیده /pōšida/
dark {n} (a complete or partial absence of light)  :: تاریکی /târiki/, تم /tam/ [archaic]
dark energy {n} (hypothetical form of energy which, it is supposed, is spread uniformly throughout space and time and has anti-gravitational properties)  :: انرژی تاریک /enerži-ye târik/
dark matter {n} (particles of matter that cannot be detected by their radiation)  :: ماده تاریک /mâdde-ye târik/
darkness {n} (state of being dark)  :: تیرگی /tiregi/, تاریکی /târiki/
darling {adj} (charming)  :: فریبا /faribā/, دلفریب /delfarib/, دلربا /delrobā/
darling {adj} (dear, cherished)  :: نازنین /nāzanin/, دلنواز /delnavāz/
darling {n} (person who is dear to one)  :: دلدار /deldār/, دلارام /delārām/, دلبر /delbar/, یار /yār/
darmstadtium {n} (transuranic chemical element with atomic number 110)  :: دارمشتادیم /dârmeštâdiom/
dart {n} (game)  :: دارت /dârt/
dash {n} (typographic symbol)  :: خط تیره /xatt-e tire/
data {n} (information)  :: داده‌ها /dâde-hâ/, اطلاعات /ettelâ'ât/
data {n} (plural of datum)  :: داده‌ها /dâde-hâ/
database {n} (collection of information)  :: پایگاه داده‌ها /pâygâh-e dâde-hâ/, بانک اطلاعات /bânk ettelâ'ât/, پایگاه داده /pâygâh-e-dâde/
database {n}  :: دادگان
data mining {n} (technique for searching large-scale databases for patterns)  :: کاوش در داده‌ها, داده کاوی
data processing {n} (operations on data)  :: پردازش داده‌ها /pardazeshe dadehha/
date {n} (fruit of the date palm)  :: خرما /xormâ/, خرمارطب /xormâ-rotab/
date {n} (meeting with a lover or potential lover; a person so met)  :: قرار /qarâr/
date {n} (point of time at which a transaction or event takes place)  :: تاریخ /târix/
date {n} (pre-arranged social meeting)  :: قرار /qarâr/
date {n} (that which specifies the time of writing, inscription etc.)  :: تاریخ /târix/
date palm {n} (Phoenix dactylifera)  :: خرما /xormâ/
daughter {n} (female child)  :: دختر /doxtar/, فرزند /farzand/
David {prop} (king of Judah)  :: داوود
David {prop} (male given name)  :: دیوید /Deyvid/
dawn prayer {n} (fajr)  :: نماز صبح /namâz-e sobh/
day {n} (period between sunrise and sunset)  :: روز /ruz/
day {n} (period from midnight to the following midnight)  :: شبانَه روز
day {n} (period of 24 hours)  :: روز /ruz/
day after tomorrow {adv} (on the day after tomorrow - translation entry)  :: پس‌فردا /pas-fardâ/
day and night {adv} (all the time)  :: شب و روز /šab-o-ruz/, شبانه‌روز /šabâne-ruz/
day before yesterday {adv} (on the day before yesterday - translation entry)  :: پریروز /pariruz/
day before yesterday {n} (day before yesterday - translation entry)  :: پریروز /pariruz/
day off {n} (a day of vacation)  :: روز تعطیل
dead {adj} (idiomatic: hated)  :: مرده /morde/
dead {adj} (no longer alive)  :: مرده /morde/
deadly sin {n} (any of the seven deadly sins)  :: گناه کبیره /gonâh-e kabire/
Dead Sea {prop} (lake in the Middle East)  :: دریای مرده
deaf {adj} (unable to hear)  :: کر /kar/, ناشنوا /nâšenavâ/
dear {adj} (formal way of addressing)  :: عزیز /aziz/
dear {adj} (high in price; expensive)  :: گران /gerân/
dear {adj} (loved; lovable)  :: گرامی /gerâmi/, عزیز /'aziz/, فری /fari/
death {n} (cessation of life)  :: موت /mout/, مرگ /marg/, وفات /vafât/
debauchery {n} (debauchery)  :: عیاشی
debt {n} (money that one person or entity owes or is required to pay to another)  :: بدهی /bedehi/
debut {n} (a performer's first-time performance to the public)  :: شروع به کار کردن
decapitate {v} (remove the head of)  :: گردن زدن /gardan zadan/
deceit {n} (act or behavior intended to deceive)  :: فریب /farib/, گول /gul/
December {prop} (twelfth month of the Gregorian calendar)  :: دسامبر /desâmbr/
deception {n} (instance of actions fabricated to mislead)  :: فریب /farib/
decide {v} (to resolve a dispute, give judgement)  :: تصمیم گرفتن /tasmim gereftan/
decide {v} (to resolve or settle)  :: تصمیم گرفتن /tasmim gereftan/
decimal {n} (number system)  :: دهدهی /dahdahi/
decision {n}  :: تصمیم
declare {v}  :: اظهار /azhâr/, روشنگری /roshangari/
decor {n} (decoration)  :: دکور /dekor/
decorate {v} (to furnish with decorations)  :: آراستن /ârâstan/, آرا کردن /ârâ kardan/ زینت کردن /zinat kardan/
decorate {v} (to improve the appearance of a house, room, office and so forth)  :: آراستن /ârâstan/
decrepit {adj} (weakened or worn out)  :: فرتوت /fartut/
dee {n} (name of the letter D, d)  :: د /de/, دی /di/ [english]
deed {n} (action)  :: کردار /kerdâr/, کار /kâr/, اعمال {p} /a'mâl/
deep {adj} (having its bottom far down)  :: عمیق /'amiq/, ژرف /žarf/
deeply {adv} (to a deep extent)  :: عمیقاً /'amiqan/
deer {n} (the animal)  :: گوزن /gavazn/
de facto {adj} (in fact or in practice)  :: دفاکتو /de-fâkto/, بالفعل /belfe'l/
defeat {n} (the act of defeating or being defeated)  :: شکست دادن
defeat {v} (to overcome in battle or contest)  :: شکست دادن /šekast dâdan/
defence {n} (action of protecting from attack)  :: دفاع
defense {n} (action of protecting from attack)  :: دفاع /defâ'/, پدافند /padâfand/, پادرزم /pâdrazm/
definitely {adv} (without question and beyond doubt)  :: حتماً /hatman/
definition {n} (statement of the meaning of a word or word group or a sign or symbol)  :: تعریف /ta'rif/
defy {v} (To renounce or dissolve all bonds)  :: سرپیچی, نافرمانی, سر باز زدن
deity {n}  :: ایزد /izad/
delay {v} (put off until a later time)  :: درنگ /drang/, دیرکرد /dirkard/
delegate {n} (deputy, envoy, representative)  :: نماینده
delegate {v} (to commit a task to someone)  :: سپردن, تفویض کردن
Delhi {prop} (National capital territory and old city in northern India)  :: دهلی /Dehli/
delicious {adj} (pleasing to taste)  :: لذیذ /laziz/, خوشمزه /xušmaze/
Delphi {prop} (city of ancient Greece)  :: دلفی /Delfi/
Delphi {prop} (programming language)  :: دلفی /Delfi/
dementia {n} (progressive decline in cognitive function)  :: زوال عقل /zavâl-e 'aql/, دمانس /demâns/
Demetrius {prop} (male given name)  :: دمیتری
democracy {n} (government under the rule of its people)  :: مردم‌سالاری /mardom-sâlâri/, دموکراسی /demokrâsi/
democracy {n} (rule by the people)  :: مردم‌سالاری /mardom-sâlâri/, دموکراسی /demokrâsi/
democrat {n} (supporter of democracy)  :: دموکرات
democratic {adj} (pertaining to democracy)  :: دموکراتیک /demokrâtik/
democratic socialism {n} (socialism based on democratic principles)  :: سوسیالیسم دموکراتیک
demon {n} (evil spirit)  :: شیطان /šeytân/
Demosthenes {prop} (Ancient Greek name)  :: دموستنس /Demostenes/, دموستن /Demosten/
den {n} (home of certain animals)  :: کنام /konâm/
denim {n} (textile with diagonal pattern)  :: جین /jin/
Denmark {prop} (country in Western Europe)  :: دانمارک /Dânmârk/
Dennis {prop} (male given name)  :: دنیس /Denis/
denominator {n} (The number or expression written below the line in a fraction)  :: مخرج /maxraj/
denote {v} (to indicate; to mark)  :: نشان دادن /neshaan daadan/
denote {v} (to make overt)  :: فاش کردن /faash kardan/
dentist {n} (specialized medical doctor)  :: دندان‌پزشک /dandân-pezešk/, [also: dental technician] دندانساز /dandân-sâz/
dentistry {n} (translations to be checked)  :: دندان پزشکی /dandân pezeški/
deodorant {n} (odor-controlling cosmetic for the underarm)  :: دئودورانت /deodorânt/
Derbent {prop} (city in Russia)  :: دربند /Darband/
dervish {n} (a member of Dervish fraternity of Sufism)  :: درویش /darviš/
Dervish {prop} (a Sufi Muslim ascetic fraternity)  :: درویش /darviš/
description {n} (account in words)  :: توصیف
desert {n} (barren area)  :: بیابان /biyâbân/, صحرا /sahrâ/
design {n} (art of designing)  :: طراحی /tarrâhi/
design {n} (plan)  :: طراحی /tarrâhi/, دیزاین /dizâyn/
designer {n} (person who designs)  :: طراح /tarâh/
desire {n} (feeling of desire)  :: خواهش /xâheš/, کام /kâm/, یاسه /yâse/
desire {n} (something wished for)  :: آرزو /ârezu/
desire {n} (strong attraction)  :: شیفتگی /šifta/e/gi/, خواهش /xâheš/
desire {v} (connoting emotion)  :: خواستن /xâstan/, آرزو كردن /ârezu kardan/
desire {v} (formal or strong)  :: خواستن /xâstan/, آرزو كردن /ârezu kardan/
desolate {v} (to deprive of inhabitants)  :: خالی از سکنه
despite {prep} (in spite of)  :: علیرغم /alâraqm/
dessert {n} (sweet confection served as the last course of a meal)  :: دسر /deser/
destitution {n} (extreme state of poverty)  :: فلاکت /felâkat/
destroy {v} (to damage beyond use or repair)  :: از بین بردن, از بین بردن
detection {n} (act of detecting or sensing something)  :: شناسایی /šenâsâyi/
detective {n} (police officer who looks for evidence)  :: کارآگاه /kârâgâh/
deterministic {adj} (having exactly predictable time evolution)  :: قطعی
Devanagari {n} (an abugida alphabet of India and Nepal)  :: دوناگری /devanâgari/
develop {v} (to progress)  :: توسعه دادن /tose’eh dâdan/
development {n} (process of developing)  :: پیشرفت /pišraft/
device {n} (piece of equipment)  :: افزاره /afzáre/
devil {n} (a creature of hell)  :: دیو /div/, ابلیس /eblis/
devil {n} (the devil: the chief devil)  :: اهریمن /ahriman/
dew {n} (moisture in the air that settles on plants, etc)  :: شبنم /šabnam/, ژاله /žâle/, نم /nam/, سقیط /saqit/, افشک /afšak/, افشنگ /afšang/, ارکاک /erkâk/, بژم /bažm/, پسگک /pasagak/, پشتک /paštak/, شهنگانه /šahangâne/
Dhivehi {prop} (an Indo-Aryan language)  :: زبان دیوهی /zæbān divehi/
dhuhr {n} (noon prayer)  :: نماز ظهر /namâz-e zohr/
diabetes {n} (A group of metabolic diseases)  :: مرض قند /maraz-e qand/, بیماری قند /bimâri-ye qand/, دیابت /diyâbet/
diadem {n} (ornamental headband)  :: دیهیم /deyhim/
diagnosis {n} (identification of the nature and cause of an illness)  :: تشخیص /tašxis/
diagram {n} (plan, drawing, sketch or outline to show workings or parts relationships)  :: شما /šemâ/
dialect {n} (variety of a language)  :: لهجه /lahje/, گویش /guyeš/
dialogue {n} (conversation or other discourse between individuals)  :: گفتگو /goftogu, goftegu, goft-gu/, صحبت /sohbat/
diamond {n} (card games: card of the diamonds suit)  :: خشت /xešt/
diamond {n} (gemstone)  :: الماس /almâs/
diamond {n} (uncountable: mineral)  :: الماس /almâs/
diaper {n} (absorbent garment worn by a baby, or by someone who is incontinent)  :: پوشک
diarrhea {n} (medical condition)  :: اسهال
diary {n} (daily log of experiences)  :: دفتر خاطرات روزانه /daftar-e xâterât-e ruzâne/, دفتر خاطرات /daftar-e xâterât/
dick {n} (slang: penis)  :: کیر /kir/
dictation {n} (an activity in school where the teacher reads a passage aloud and the students write it down)  :: دیکته /dikte/
dictation {n} (the act of ordering or commanding)  :: دیکته /dikte/
dictation {n} (the process of speaking for someone else to write down the words)  :: دیکته /dikte/
dictator {n} (totalitarian leader of a dictatorship)  :: دیکتاتور /diktâtor/
dictatorship {n} (a government led by a dictator)  :: دیکتاتوری /diktâturi/
diction {n} (clarity of word choice)  :: گویه /guye/, بیان /bayân/
dictionary {n} (publication that explains the meanings of an ordered list of words)  :: لغت‌نامه /loğat-nâme/, فرهنگ /farhang/, واژه‌نامه /vâže-nâme/
die {n} (polyhedron used in games of chance)  :: طاس /tâs/
die {v} (to stop living)  :: مردن /mordan/
Diego {prop} (male given name)  :: دیگو /Diego/
diet {n} (controlled regimen of food)  :: رژیم /režim/
diet {n} (food a person or animal consumes)  :: رژیم /režim/
difference {n} (arithmetic: result of a subtraction)  :: اختلاف /extelâf/, تفاضل /tafâzol/
difference {n} (quality of being different)  :: فرق /farq/, تفاوت /tafâvot/, اختلاف /extelâf/
difference {v} (to distinguish or differentiate)  :: فرق گذاشتن /farq gozâštan/
difficult {adj} (hard, not easy)  :: دشوار /došvâr/, مشکل /moškel/, سخت /saxt/, صعب /sa'b/
dig {v} (to move hard-packed earth out of the way)  :: کندن /kandan/
digit {n} (numeral)  :: رقم
digital camera {n} (electronic camera)  :: دوربین دیجیتال /durbin-e dijitâl/
dignitary {n} (important or influential person)  :: عالی رتبه, عالی مقام
dignity {n} (quality or state)  :: منزلت /manzelat/, شأن /ša'n/
dilapidated {adj} (having fallen into a state of disrepair)  :: خرابه /xarâbe/
Dili {prop} (capital)  :: دیلی /dili/
dill {n} (herb of the species Anethum graveolens)  :: شوید /ševid/
dinar {n} (Name of official currency of several countries)  :: دينار /dinâr/
dinosaur {n} (extinct reptile)  :: دایناسور /dâynâsor/
dinosaur {n} (person who is very old or has very old-fashioned views)  :: دایناسور /dâynâsor/
diorama {n} (a three-dimensional display of a scenery)  :: شهر فرنگ /šahr-e farang/
diphtheria {n} (infectious disease of the upper respiratory tract)  :: دیفتری /difteri/
diploma {n} (certificate)  :: دیپلم /diplom/
diplomacy {n} (art of conducting international relations)  :: دیپلماسی /diplomâsi/
diplomat {n} (person who is accredited to represent a government)  :: دیپلمات /diplomat/
dipswitch {n} (miniature switch designed to be attached to a circuit board to customize the behavior of the circuit)  :: دیپ سوئیچ /dip su'ič/
direct {adj} (Straight, constant, without interruption)  :: مستقیم /mostaqim/
direct {v} (to aim at)  :: هدایت کردن
direct {v} (to manage, control, steer)  :: اداره کردن
direction {n} (indication of the point toward which an object is moving)  :: جهت /jehat/
direction {n} (work of the director in cinema or theater)  :: کارگردانی /kârgardâni/, رژی /reži/
dirham {n} (unit of currency)  :: درهم /derham/
dirigible {n} (a self-propelled airship that can be steered)  :: کشتی هوایی /kašti-ye havâyi/
dirt {n} (soil or earth)  :: خاک و خل /xâk-o-xol/
dirt {n} (stain or spot (on clothes etc))  :: چرک /čerk/
dirty {adj} (covered with or containing dirt)  :: کثیف /kasif/
disambiguation {n} (removal of ambiguity)  :: ابهام‌زدایی
discharge {n} (volume of water transported by a river in a certain amount of time)  :: دبى
discipline {n} (specific branch or knowledge or learning)  :: رشته
disconnect {v} (to remove the connection between an appliance and an electrical power source)  :: دیسکانکت شدن، دیسکانکت کردن
discover {v} (expose something previously covered)  :: آشکار کردن /āŝkār kardan/
discover {v} (find something for the first time)  :: کشف کردن /kašf kardan/, یافتن /yāftan/
discoverer {n} (one who discovers)  :: کاشف /kâshef/
discovery {n} (something discovered)  :: کشف /kašf/, اکتشاف /ektešâf/, یافته /yâfte/
discovery {n} (the discovering of new things)  :: کشف /kašf/, اکتشاف /ektešâf/
discussion {n} (conversation or debate)  :: بحث /báhas/, گفت و گو /goft o gu/
disease {n} (an abnormal condition of the body causing discomfort or dysfunction)  :: بیماری /bimâri/, ناخوشی /nâxoši/, مرض /maraz/
disgust {n} (an intense dislike or repugnance)  :: بیزاری /bizâri/
disgust {v} (to cause an intense dislike for something)  :: بیزار کردن /bizâr kardan/
dish {n} (type of antenna )  :: دیش /diš/
dish {n} (vessel for holding/serving food )  :: بشقاب /bošqâb/, دیس /dis/
dishwasher {n} (machine)  :: ماشین ظرف‌شویی /mâšin-e zarf-šuyi/
Disney {prop} (surname)  :: دیزنی‌ /Dyzny/
Disneyland {prop} (Disneyland, theme park)  :: دیزنی‌لند
disparaging {adj} (insulting)  :: توهین آمیز /tohin amiz/
dissolution {n} (termination of an organized body or legislative assembly)  :: فروپاشی /forupâši/
distant {adj} (far off)  :: دور /dur/
distribution {n} (act of distribution or being distributed)  :: توزیع /towzi'/
distribution {n} (distribution in statistics)  :: توزیع /towzi'/
distro {n} (set of software components)  :: توزیع /towzi'/
ditch {n} (trench)  :: گودال /gowdâl/
diurnal {adj} (done once every day)  :: روزی یک بار /roozi yek bar/
diurnal {adj} (happening during daylight; primarily active during the day)  :: روزانه /ruzâne/
diurnal {adj} (having a daily cycle)  :: روزانه /roozaaneh/
diva {n} (female celebrity)  :: خواننده زن /khānandeye zan/
divan {n} (collection of poems)  :: دیوان /divân/
divan {n} (council)  :: دیوان /divân/
divide and rule {v} (Divide and conquer)  :: تفرقه بینداز و حکومت کن /tafraqe biyandâz o hokumat kon/
dividend {n} (finance: a payment of money by a company to its shareholders)  :: سود سهام /sūd-e sahām/
division {n} (act or process of dividing anything)  :: تقسیم /taqsim/
division {n} (arithmetic: calculation involving this process)  :: تقسیم /taqsim/, بخش /baxš/
division {n} (arithmetic: process of dividing a number by another)  :: تقسیم /taqsim/
division {n} (each of the parts resulting from division)  :: بخش /baxš/
division {n} (large military unit)  :: لشکر /laškar/
divorce {n} (legal dissolution of a marriage)  :: طلاق /talâq/
Diwali {prop} (festival of lights)  :: دوالی /devâli/, دیوالی /divâli/, دیپاولی /dipâvali/
Diyarbakır {prop} (city)  :: دیاربکر /Diyâr-e-Bekr/
dizziness {n} (state of being dizzy)  :: گیجی /giji/
dizzy {adj} (having a sensation of turning around)  :: گیج /gij/
Djibouti {prop} (Republic of Djibouti)  :: جیبوتی /Jībūtī/
déjà vu {n} (Something which one has or suspects to have seen or experienced before)  :: دژاوو /dežavu/
Dmitry {prop} (transliteration of Дмитрий)  :: دمیتری
Dnieper {prop} (river to the Black Sea)  :: دنیپر /denipr, denyeper/
do {v} (perform, execute)  :: کردن /kardan/
Dobermann {n} (large dog originating in Germany)  :: دوبرمن, دوبرمن پینچر
doctor {n} (physician)  :: پزشک /pezešk/, دکتر /doktor/, طبیب /tabib/
doctrine {n} (belief)  :: دکترین /doktorin/
document {n} (original or official paper)  :: سند /sanad/
documentary {n} (documentary film)  :: مستند /mostanad/, فیلم مستند /film mostanad/
documentation {n} (documents that explain the operation of a particular software program)  :: مستندات /mostanadât/
doe {n} (female deer)  :: آهو ماده /âhu-ye mâde/
does anyone here speak English {phrase} (does anyone here speak English?)  :: چه کسی اینجا انگلیسی بلد است؟ /če kasi injâ engelisi balad ast?/
dog {n} (animal)  :: سگ /sag/
dog {n} (male canine)  :: سگ /sag/
doge {n} (chief magistrate in the republics of Venice and Genoa)  :: دوجه
doggy {n} (a dog, especially a small one)  :: هاپو /hâpu/
doggy style {n} (Adverb)  :: اض پوشت ب ژلو گوضشتن /az posht be jelo gozashtan/
dog rose {n} (the species Rosa canina)  :: نسترن /nastaran/, نسرین /nasrin/
Doha {prop} (capital of Qatar)  :: دوحه /Dowhe/
do I know you {phrase} (do I know you?)  :: شما را می‌شناسم؟, می‌شناسمت؟ /mišnâsamet?/
doll {n} (a toy in the form of a human)  :: عروسک /'arusak/
dollar {n} (designation for specific currency)  :: دلار /dolâr/, دالر /dâler/ [Dari]
dolphin {n} (aquatic mammal)  :: دلفین /dolfin/
dome {n} (architectural element)  :: گنبد /gonbad/
domestic violence {n} (Violence committed by one member of a family or household against another)  :: خشونت خانگی /xošunat-e xânegi/
dominance {n} (state of being dominant)  :: تسلط داشتن /tasalot dâştan/
donation {n} (a voluntary gift or contribution for a specific cause)  :: دهش /daheš/, داشن /dâšan/
Donetsk {prop} (city)  :: دونتسک /Donetsk/
Don Juan {n} (a man who obsessively seduces women; a philanderer)  :: دون ژوان /don žovân/
donkey {n} (a domestic animal)  :: خر /xar/, الاغ /olâğ/
donkey {n} (a fool)  :: هالو /hâlu/
donkey {n} (a stubborn person)  :: کلّه خر /kalle xar/, کلّه سخت /kalle saxt/, سر سخت /sar saxt/
donor {n} (one who donates)  :: بخشنده /baxŝanda/e
do not enter {phrase} (do not enter)  :: وارد نشوید /vâred našavid/
Don Quixote {prop} (the fictional character)  :: دن کیشوت /Don Kišot/
don't {contraction} (do not)  :: نکن /nakon/
don't look a gift horse in the mouth {proverb} (a phrase referring to unappreciatively questioning of a gift or handout too closely)  :: دندونای اسب پیشکش رو نمی شمورند, دندون اسب پیشکشی رو نمی‌شمرند.
doogh {n} (yogurt drink)  :: دوغ /duğ/
door {n} (portal of entry into a building, room or vehicle)  :: در /dar/
doorman {n} (man who holds open the door at the entrance to a building)  :: دربان /darbân/
dormitory {n} (building or part thereof)  :: خوابگاه /xâbgâh/
dormitory {n} (room for sleeping)  :: خوابگاه /xâbgâh/
dossier {n} (A collection of papers and/or other sources)  :: دوسیه /dosie/
dot the i's and cross the t's {v} (Take care of every detail)  :: مراقب جزئيات بودن
double-edged sword {n} (idiomatic)  :: تیغ دو لبه /fa/
double plural {n}  :: جمع‌الجمع /jam'oljam'/
doubt {n} (uncertainty)  :: شک /šak/
dough {n} (mix of flour and other ingredients)  :: خمیر /xamir/
doughnut {n} (deep-fried piece of dough or batter)  :: دونات /donât/
dove {n} (bird of the pigeon and dove family Columbidae)  :: فاخته /fâxta/, کبوتر /kabutar/
down {adv} (from a high to a low position, downwards)  :: پایین /payin/
down {n} (field, especially for racing)  :: میدان /meydân/
download {n} (file transfer to the local computer)  :: دانلود, بارگیری /bârgiri/
downstream {adv} (Following the path of a river or stream)  :: پایین رود
doyen {n} (the senior member)  :: سرکرده /sarkarde/
do you accept credit cards {phrase} (do you accept credit cards?)  :: آیا کارت های اعتباری می پذیرید؟ /aya kart'haye etebaari mipazirid?/
do you believe in God {phrase} (do you believe in God?)  :: به خدا اعتقاد دارید؟ /be xodâ e'teqâd dârid?/, به خدا اعتقاد داری؟ /be xodâ e'teqâd dâri?/
do you need help {phrase} (Do you need help?)  :: به کمک احتیاج دارید؟ /be komak ehtiyâj dârid?/, به کمک احتیاج داری؟ /be komak ehtiyâj dâri?/, کمک می‌خوای؟ /komak mixây?/
do you speak English {phrase} (do you speak English?)  :: انگلیسی بلدید؟ /engelisi baladid?/, شما انگلیسی بلدید؟ /šomâ engelisi baladid?/, شما انگلیسی حرف می‌زنید؟ /šomâ engelisi harf mi-zanid?/
dozen {n} (twelve)  :: دوجین /dojin/
Dracula {prop} (fictional vampire)  :: دراکولا /drâkulâ/
dragoman {n} (an interpreter, especially for the Arabic and Turkish languages)  :: ترگمان /targomân/
dragon {n} (mythical creature)  :: اژدها /eždeha/
dragon boat {n} (a type of boat raced in Chinese festivals)  :: قایق اژدها /qāyeq ezhdeha/, اژدهابَلم /ezhdeha-balam/
dragonfly {n} (insect of the infraorder Anisoptera)  :: تصنيف هجائی /tasnif-e hejâ'i/, سنجاقک /sanjâqak/
dragonslayer {n} (killer of dragons)  :: اژدهاکش /eždehâkoš/
dragoon {n} (horse soldier)  :: اسوار /asvar/
draughts {n} (game for two players)  :: چکرز /čekerz/
draw {v} (to produce a picture)  :: رسم کردن /rasm kardan/
draw {v} (to pull out)  :: کشیدن /kešidan/
drawer {n} (one who draws something)  :: کِشَنده /kešande/
drawer {n} (one who writes a bank draft, check/cheque or promissory note)  :: نویسنده چِک، کسی که چِک کِشیده /nevisandeye chek/
drawer {n} (open-topped box in a cabinet used for storing)  :: کِشو /kesho/
dream {n} (imaginary events seen while sleeping)  :: خواب /xâb/
dream {v} (see imaginary events while sleeping)  :: خواب دیدن /xâb didan/
dreamcatcher {n} (decorative Native American object)  :: کابوس‌گیر
dregs {n} (settled sediment)  :: لرد /lerd/, درد /dord/
drench {v} (to soak, to make very wet)  :: خیس کردن /khis kardan/, خیساندن /khisândan/
dress {n} (apparel)  :: لباس /lebâs/
dress {n} (garment)  :: لباس /lebâs/
dresser {n} (bedroom furniture)  :: کمد /komod/
dressing gown {n} (item of clothing)  :: رب دشامبر /robdošâmbr/
dried fruit {n} (small fruit that have been preserved by drying)  :: خشکبار /xošk-bâr/
drill {n} (tool)  :: درل /drel/
drink {n} (action of drinking)  :: نوشیدن /nōšidan/
drink {n} (alcoholic beverages in general)  :: می /may/, مشروب /mašrōb/
drink {n} (served alcoholic beverage)  :: نوشیدنی الکلی /nōšidaniye alkoli/, باده /bāda/, درینک /drink/
drink {n} (served beverage)  :: نوشیدنی /nōšidani/
drink {n} (type of beverage)  :: نوشابه /nōšāba/
drink {v} (consume liquid through the mouth)  :: نوشیدن /nušidan/, آشامیدن /âšâmidan/
drive {v} (compel (to do something))  :: واداشتن
drive {v} (herd (animals) in a particular direction)  :: راندن /rândan/
drive {v} (operate (a wheeled motorized vehicle))  :: راندن /rândan/, روندن /rundan/ [colloquial]
drive {v} (to motivate)  :: انگیختن /angixtan/, برانگیختن /barangixtan/
drive {v} (to travel by operating a motorized vehicle)  :: راندن /rândan/
driver {n} (person who drives a motorized vehicle, such as a car or a bus)  :: راننده, شوفر /šofer/
driver's license {n} (documenting permitting this person to drive)  :: گواهی‌نامه رانندگی /govâhi-nâme-ye rânandegi/
dromedary {n} (Camelus dromedarius, the single-humped camel)  :: شتر /šotor/
drone {n} (unmanned aircraft)  :: پهپاد /pahpâd/
drop {n} (small mass of liquid)  :: قطره /qatre/
dross {n} (Waste or impure matter)  :: تفاله /tofâle/
drought {n} (a period of below average rain fall)  :: خشک‌سالی /xošk-sâli/
droughty {adj} (lacking rain)  :: خشک
drowsy {adj} (inclined to drowse)  :: خواب و بیدار، نیمه خواب
drug {n}  :: دارو /dâru/
drum {n} (musical instrument)  :: طبل /tabl/, تمبک /tombak/
drunk {adj} (intoxicated after drinking too much alcohol)  :: مست /mast/, پیان /piyân/
drunkenness {n} (state of being drunk)  :: مستی /masti/
dry {adj} (free from liquid or moisture)  :: خشک /xošk/
duality {n} (a classification into two subclasses or opposed parts)  :: زوجیت
duality {n} (the mathematical equivalence of two seemingly different theoretical descriptions of a physical system)  :: زوجیت
Dubai {prop} (city)  :: دبی
Dubai {prop} (one of the emirates of the United Arab Emirates)  :: دبی
Dublin {prop} (the capital of the Republic of Ireland)  :: دوبلین
duchess {n} (female spouse or widow of a duke)  :: دوشس /dušes/
duck {n} (aquatic bird of the family Anatidae)  :: اردک /ordak/, مرغابی /morğâbi/, بت /bat/
duduk {n} (Armenian musical instrument)  :: نرمه‌نای
duel {n} (combat between two persons)  :: دوئل /duel/
duke {n} (male ruler of a duchy)  :: دوک /duk/
duma {n} (lower house of Russian national parliament)  :: دوما /dumâ/
dumb {adj} (extremely stupid)  :: کودن /kodan/, دبنگ /dabang/
dumb fuck {n} (a stupid person)  :: احمق
dunch {n} (small meal between lunch and dinner)  :: عصرانه /asraneh/
dune {n} (a ridge or hill of sand piled up by the wind)  :: تلماسه /talmâse/, ماهور /mâhur/
dung {n} (manure)  :: سرگین /sergin/
dungeon {n} (underground prison or vault)  :: سیاهچال /siyâhčâl/
duration {n} (amount of time)  :: مدت /moddat/
duress {n} (constraint by threat)  :: اکراه
durian {n} (fruit)  :: دوریان /durian/, خارگیل /xargil/
Dushanbe {prop} (capital of Tajikistan)  :: دوشنبه /Došambe/
dust {n} (fine, dry particles)  :: خاک /xâk/, گرد /gard/
duststorm {n} (A storm of dust)  :: طوفان ریگ /tufaan-e rig/
Dutch {adj} (of the Netherlands, people, or language)  :: هلندی /holandi/
Dutch {prop} (people from the Netherlands)  :: هلندی‌ها /Holandi-ha/
Dutch {prop} (the Dutch language)  :: هلندی /holandi/
duty {n} (that which one is morally or legally obligated to do)  :: تکلیف, وظیفه /vazife/
DVD {n} (digital video disc)  :: دی‌وی‌دی /di-vi-di/
dwarf {n} (small person)  :: کوتوله /kutule/
dye {v} (to colour with dye)  :: رزیدن /razidan/, رشتن /raštan/
dynamite {n} (class of explosives)  :: دینامیت /dinâmit/
dynasty {n} (A series of rulers or dynasts from one family)  :: سلسله /selsele/
dyspnea {n} (difficult respiration)  :: تنگی نفس /tangi-e nafas/
Dzongkha {prop} (national language of Bhutan)  :: دزونگخا