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label {n} (small ticket or sign giving information)  :: etiket
labia majora {n} (outer folds of vulva)  :: dış dudaklar {p}
laboratory {n} (place where chemicals, drugs or microbes are prepared or manufactured)  :: laboratuvar
laboratory {n} (room, building or institution equipped for scientific research)  :: laboratuvar
labour force {n} (people available for employment)  :: işgücü
lack {n} (deficiency, need)  :: , eksiklik, yokluk, yoksunluk
lack {v} (be without, need, require)  :: yoksun olmak
lackluster {adj} (Not exceptional; not worthy of special merit, attention, or interest)  :: alelade, sıradan, vasat
lacrosse {n} (the sport)  :: lakros
lacustrine {adj} (of or relating to lakes)  :: [rare] gölcül
lacy {adj} (made of lace or decorated with it)  :: dantelli
Ladin {prop} (the Romance language)  :: Ladince
Ladino {prop} (Romance language)  :: Yahudi İspanyolcası, Ladino
ladle {n} (deep-bowled spoon with a long, usually curved, handle)  :: kepçe
Lady {n} (aristocratic title for a woman)  :: Leydi
ladybird {n} (member of Coccinellidae)  :: uğur böceği
lahmacun {n} (dish of Arab origin)  :: lahmacun
laid-back {adj} (relaxed and easy-going)  :: rahat
lake {n} (body of water)  :: göl
lakh {num} (one hundred thousand)  :: laka
Lakshmi {prop} (Hindu goddess of wealth)  :: Lakşmi
lamb {n} (flesh of lamb as food)  :: kuzu
lamb {n} (meek person)  :: kuzu
lamb {n} (young sheep)  :: kuzu
lame {adj} (slang: failing to be cool, funny, interesting or relevant)  :: geyik
lammergeier {n} (bird)  :: kara kuş {m}
lamp {n} (electric device producing light)  :: lamba, ampul, lamba
lamp {n} (oil device producing light)  :: lamba, yağ lambası
lampshade {n} (cover over a lamp)  :: abajur
lance {n} (weapon of war)  :: mızrak, kargı
lancet {n} (surgical instrument)  :: neşter
-land {suffix} (territory, country or region (suffix))  :: -istan, -stan
land ahoy {interj} (interjection shouted by the ship's watch)  :: kara göründü
landing gear {n} (undercarriage)  :: iniş takımı
landline {n} (fixed telephone communications cable)  :: telefon hattı
landline {n} (telephone connected by such a fixed wire)  :: sabit hat
land mine {n} (mine that is placed on land)  :: kara mayını
landowner {n} (a person who owns land)  :: arazi sahibi, ağa
landscape {n} (portion of land or territory which the eye can comprehend in a single view)  :: manzara panaroma peyzaj tabiat manzarası tabiat resmi tabiat sureti suver-i tabii manzara-i tabiitopia
lane {n} (course for ships or aircraft)  :: [aviation] hava yolu, [maritime] su yolu
lane {n} (division of racetrack)  :: kulvar
lane {n} (division of roadway)  :: şerit
lane {n} (passageway)  :: dar yol, patika
language {n} (computer language (see also computer language))  :: dil
language {n} (nonverbal communication)  :: dil
language {n} (system of communication using words or symbols)  :: dil, [obsolete] lisan
language {n} (the ability to communicate using words)  :: dil
language {n} (vocabulary of a particular field)  :: dil
languish {v} (to live in miserable conditions)  :: sürünmek
languish {v} (to lose strength and become weak)  :: gevşemek
languish {v} (to pine away with longing)  :: durgunlaşmak
La Niña {n} (temperature anomaly)  :: La Niña
lanthanum {n} (metallic element)  :: lantan
Laos {prop} (country in Southeast Asia)  :: Laos
lap {n} (the upper legs of a seated person)  :: kucak
lapidation {n} (act of stoning, sometimes to the point of death)  :: recm
laptop {n} (computing: a laptop computer)  :: dizüstü, dizüstü bilgisayar
larch {n} (a coniferous tree)  :: melez, melezi
large {adj} (of greater size, see also: big)  :: geniş
large bonito {n} (fish)  :: torik
large intestine {n} (bodily organ)  :: kalın barsak
laryngeal {adj} (of or pertaining to larynx)  :: gırtlakçıl
laryngitis {n} (inflammation of the larynx)  :: gırtlak yangısı
larynx {n} (the organ)  :: gırtlak
lascivious {adj} (wanton)  :: şehvetli
laser {n} (device producing beam of light)  :: lazer
lassitude {n} (lethargy)  :: yorgunluk, bitkinlik, halsizlik
last {adj} (Final)  :: son
last {adj} (Most recent)  :: sonuncu
last {adv} (after everything else)  :: nihayet, son olarak
last {adv} (finally)  :: sonunda
lasting {adj} (persisting for an extended period of time)  :: nihayetinde, tükenmeyen
last year {adv} (year before this one)  :: geçen yıl, geçen sene, bıldır (not literary)
Las Vegas {prop} (city)  :: Las Vegas
late {adj} (euphemism for dead)  :: rahmetli
late {adj} (near the end of a period of time)  :: geç
late {adv} (proximate in time)  :: geç
latency {n} (delay between a stimulus and the response in an organism)  :: yataklık süresi
latency {n} (delay)  :: gecikme, gizlilik, saklılık
lathe {n} (machine tool used to shape a piece of material)  :: torna
lather {n} (foam of soap and water)  :: sabun köpürmek
lather {v} (to cover with lather)  :: sabunlamak
Latin {adj} (of/from Latin America)  :: Latin Amerikalı
Latin {adj} (of the language)  :: Latince
Latin {n} (person native to ancient Rome or its Empire)  :: Romalı
Latin {prop} (language of the ancient Romans)  :: Latince
Latin alphabet {n} (the 26-letter alphabet)  :: Latin alfabesi, Latin abecesi
Latvia {prop} (Republic of Latvia)  :: Letonya
Latvian {n} (language)  :: Letonca
Latvian {n} (person)  :: Leton, Letonyalı
Latvian SSR {prop} (Soviet republic)  :: Letonya SSC
laugh {v}  :: gülmek
laugh {v} (show mirth by peculiar movement of the muscles of the face and emission of sounds)  :: gülmek
laughable {adj} (fitted to exite laughter)  :: gülünç
laughing gas {n} (common name for nitrous oxide)  :: gülme gazı
laughter {n} (sound (as) of laughing)  :: kahkaha, gülüş
laundry {n} (laundering; washing)  :: yıkama, çamaşır yıkama
laundry {n} (place or room where laundering is done)  :: çamaşırhane
laundry {n} (that which needs to be laundered)  :: çamaşır
laundry basket {n} (container for holding and transporting clothing)  :: kirli sepeti
Lausanne {prop} (city)  :: Lozan
lava {n} (melted rock)  :: lav
lavash {n} (a soft, thin flatbread)  :: lavaş
law {n} (body of rules and standards to be applied by courts)  :: hak, hukuk, tüze
law {n} (body of rules from the legislative authority)  :: yasa
law {n}  :: hukuk
law {n} (observed physical behavior)  :: kanun, yasa
law {n} (written or understood rule)  :: kanun, yasa
lawful {adj} (conforming to or recognised by law or rules)  :: yasal
Law of Demeter {prop} (software design guideline)  :: Demeter Yasası
lawrencium {n} (chemical element)  :: lorentiyum
lawsuit {n} (case where a court is needed to resolve differences)  :: dava
lawyer {n} (professional person authorized to practice law)  :: avukat
lay {v} (to deposit an egg)  :: yumurtlamak
lay {v} (to install certain building materials)  :: döşemek
lay {v} (to place something down in a position of rest)  :: yatırmak
layer {n} (single thickness of some material covering a surface)  :: tabaka
layer {v} (to arrange in layers)  :: tabaka
lay off {v} (to dismiss workers from employment)  :: işten çıkarmak
layout {n} (plan for such arrangement)  :: plan
layout {n} (structured arrangement of items)  :: tanzim
Lazio {prop} (Italian province)  :: Lazio
lazy {adj} (unwilling to work)  :: tembel
lead {n} (chemical element)  :: kurşun
lead {n} (refill for writing tool)  :: , kalem ucu
leadership {n} (capacity to lead)  :: liderlik
leaf {n} (part of a plant)  :: yaprak
leaf {n} (sheet of a book)  :: yaprak
league {n} (distance)  :: fersah
league {n} (organization of sports teams)  :: lig
League of Nations {prop} (International organization)  :: Milletler Cemiyeti
leak {v}  :: sızmak
lean {adj} (being slim and muscular)  :: ince, zayıf
lean {adj} (having little extra or little to spare)  :: kıt
lean {adj} (of meat, having little fat)  :: az yağlı, yağsız
lean {v} (to hang outwards)  :: yaslanmak, dayanmak
leap {v} (to jump)  :: sıçramak
leapfrog {n} (children's game)  :: atlambaç, birdirbir, uzuneşek
leap year {n} (366-day year in the Gregorian calendar)  :: artık yıl
learn {v} (to acquire knowledge or ability)  :: öğrenmek
learning disability {n} (disability which prevents the sufferer from learning in a typical manner)  :: öğrenme güçlüğü
least common multiple {n} (in math)  :: ortak katların en küçüğü
least weasel {n} (Mustela nivalis)  :: gelincik
leather {adj} (made of leather)  :: deri
leather {n} (material produced by tanning animal skin)  :: deri
leave alone {v} (to stop bothering)  :: yalnız bırakmak, rahat bırakmak, bırakmak
leave me alone {phrase} (stop talking to me)  :: beni yalnız bırak, beni yalnız bırakın, git başımdan, gidin başımdan, beni rahat bırak, beni rahat bırakın
Lebanese Republic {prop} (official name of Lebanon)  :: Lübnan Cumhuriyeti
Lebanon {prop} (Lebanese Republic)  :: Lübnan
leblebi {n} (kind of snack)  :: leblebi
lecture {v} (to teach)  :: ders anlatmak
LED {n} (light-emitting diode)  :: ışık yayan ikizuç
lee {n} (a protected cove or harbor, out of the wind)  :: masun
leech {n} (annelid)  :: sülük
Leeds {prop} (city in England)  :: Leeds
leek {n} (vegetable)  :: pırasa
leeward {adj} (Downwind)  :: rüzgâraltı
Lefkosia {prop} (capital of Northern Cyprus)  :: Lefkoşa
Lefkosian {adj} (from Lefkosia)  :: Lefkoşa
Lefkosian {n} (someone from Lefkosia)  :: Lefkoşalı
left {adj} (the west side of the body when one is facing north)  :: sol
left {n} (the ensemble of left-wing political parties)  :: sol
left {n} (the left side)  :: sol
left-handed {adj} (preferring the left hand over the right)  :: solak
left-hander {n} (a person who is left-handed)  :: solak
leftist {n} (a person who holds views associated with the political left)  :: solcu
left out {adj} (rejected or ostracised)  :: önün dışında
leftover {adj} (remaining, left behind)  :: artakalan, fazladan
leg {n} (lower limb from groin to ankle)  :: bacak
legacy {n} (money or property bequeathed to someone in a will)  :: miras
legacy {n} (Something inherited from a predecessor; a heritage)  :: miras
legal {adj} (allowed or prescribed by law)  :: yasal, meşru, kanuni
legal {adj} (having its basis in the law)  :: yasal
legal {adj} (relating to the law or to lawyers)  :: hukuki, adli, hukuksal, tüzel
legally binding {adj} ((legal) enforceable by law)  :: kesinleşmiş
legato {adv} (music: smoothly, in a connected manner)  :: legato
legend {n} (any person of extraordinary accomplishment)  :: efsane, kahraman
legend {n} (key to the symbols and color codes on a map)  :: lejant
legend {n} (story of unknown origin describing plausible but extraordinary past events)  :: efsane
legendary {adj} (of or pertaining to a legend)  :: efsanevi
legibility {n} (property that makes legible or easily readable)  :: okunaklılık
legible {adj} (being clear enough to be read, readable, particularly for handwriting)  :: okunaklı
legislation {n} (the act of legislating)  :: yasama, kanun
legitimacy {n} (quality of being legitimate or valid; validity)  :: haklılık
Leipzig {prop} (City in Saxony, Germany)  :: Leipzig
lemon {n} (citrus fruit)  :: limon
lemonade {n} (carbonated beverage)  :: gazoz, limonlu gazoz
lemonade {n} (still beverage)  :: limonata
lemon balm {n} (Melissa officinalis)  :: oğul otu, melisa otu, kovan otu, acemotu, limon nanesi, limon otu, turuncan
Lena {prop} (Lena River)  :: Lena
lend {v} (to allow to be used temporarily)  :: borç vermek, iğreti vermek, ödünç vermek
length {n} (length of a horse)  :: boy
length {n} (measurement of distance)  :: uzunluk
Leningrad {prop} (name of Saint Petersburg, 1924-1991)  :: Leningrad
Leninism {n} (the political philosophy named after Vladimir Lenin)  :: Leninizm, Lenincilik
Leninist {n} (an adherent of Lenin or Leninism)  :: Leninci
lenition {n} (weakening of consonant articulation)  :: yumuşama
lens {n}  :: mercek
lens {n} (object focusing or defocusing the light passing through it)  :: mercek
Lent {prop} (period of penitence for Christians before Easter)  :: Büyük Perhiz
lenticular galaxy {n} (galaxy that has flat disk but has lost most of its interstellar matter)  :: merceksi galaksi
lentil {n} (plant Lens culinaris)  :: mercimek
lentil {n} (seed used as food)  :: mercimek, yasmık
Leo {prop} (astrological sign)  :: Aslan
Leo {prop} (constellation)  :: Aslan
leopard {n} (a large wild cat with a spotted coat, Panthera pardus)  :: leopar, pars
leper {n} (person who has leprosy)  :: cüzzamlı
leprosy {n} (infectious disease caused by infection by Mycobacterium leprae)  :: cüzzam, lepra
lesbian {adj} (between two women; pertaining to female homosexuality)  :: lezbiyen
lesbian {adj} (intended for lesbians)  :: lezbiyen
lesbian {n} (female homosexual)  :: lezbiyen
Lesbos {prop} (island)  :: Midilli
lesion {n} (a wound or an injury)  :: lezyon, yaralanma
Lesotho {prop} (country in Southern Africa)  :: Lesotho
-less {suffix} (lacking (suffix))  :: -sız, -siz, -suz, -süz
lessee {n} (one to whom a lease is given)  :: kiracı
lesser spotted woodpecker {n} (Picoides minor)  :: küçük ağaçkakan
lesson {n} (section of learning or teaching)  :: ders, çimke
lesson {n} (something that serves as a warning or encouragement)  :: ibret
let alone {conj} (to say nothing of)  :: [colloquial] bırak
let's {contraction} (let us; forming first-person plural imperative)  :: hadi
let's go {interj} (hurry up)  :: acele et!, çabuk ol!
let's go {interj} (imperative)  :: gidelim, haydi
letter {n} (letter of the alphabet)  :: harf
letter {n} (written message)  :: mektup
let there be light {phrase} (let there be light)  :: ışık olsun
lettuce {n} (an edible plant, Lactuca)  :: marul
leucoplast {n} (organelle)  :: lökoplast
leukemia {n} (cancer of blood forming tissue)  :: lösemi
leukocyte {n} (a white blood cell)  :: akyuvar, lökosit
leukorrhea {n} (thick, whitish vaginal discharge)  :: lökore
lev {n} (currency of Bulgaria)  :: lev
level crossing {n} (at-grade crossing)  :: hemzemin geçit
lever {n} (rigid piece)  :: kaldıraç
leverage {n} (any influence which is compounded or used to gain an advantage)  :: manivela
leverage {n} (force compounded by means of a lever rotating around a pivot)  :: kaldıraç kuvveti
leverage {n} (The ability to earn very high returns)  :: manivela
levitation {n}  :: levitasyon
lexicon {n}  :: sözlük, lügat
LGBT {initialism} (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender/Transexual)  :: LGBT
liar {n} (one who tells lies)  :: yalancı
libel {n}  :: iftira, [fig.] karalama, [politics] hakaret
libel {v} (to defame someone)  :: hakaret etmek, iftira etmek, [somebody] karalamak
liberate {v} (to free)  :: serbest bırakmak
liberation {n} (act of liberating or the state of being liberated)  :: iberasyon, özgürlestirme
Liberia {prop} (country in Western Africa)  :: Liberya
liberty {n} (condition of being free)  :: hürriyet, özgürlük
libido {n} (drives or mental energies related or based on sexual instincts but not necessarily sexual in and of themselves.)  :: libido
Libra {prop} (astrological sign)  :: Terazi
Libra {prop} (constellation)  :: Terazi
librarian {n} (one who cares for the publications etc. in a library)  :: kütüphaneci
librarian {n} (the manager of a library)  :: kütüphaneci
librarianship {n} (the act of operating of a library; service as a librarian)  :: kütüphanecilik
library {n} (institution which holds books etc.)  :: kütüphane
library {n}  :: kütüphane
library science {n} (interdisciplinary science)  :: kitaplık bilimi
Libya {prop} (country in Northern Africa)  :: Libya
Libyan {n} (person)  :: Libyalı
license {n} (academic degree)  :: lisans
license {n} (legal document giving official permission to do something)  :: lisans
license {n} (legal terms of product usage)  :: lisans
lichen {n} (symbiotic association of fungi and algae)  :: liken
lick {n} (the act of licking)  :: yalamak
lick {v} (to stroke with a tongue)  :: yalamak
lid {n} (top or cover)  :: kapak
lie {n} (intentionally false statement)  :: yalan
lie {v} (be in horizontal position)  :: uzanmak, yatmak
lie {v} (tell an intentional untruth)  :: yalan söylemek
Liechtenstein {prop} (Principality of Liechtenstein)  :: Lihtenştayn
Liechtensteiner {n} (A person from Liechtenstein or of Liechtenstein descent)  :: Lihtenştaynlı
lie in wait {v} (to be hiding to ambush)  :: pusuya yatmak, pusu kurmak
lieutenant {n}  :: teğmen
life {n} (The state between birth and death)  :: hayat, ömür, yaşam
life {n}  :: yaşam, hayat
life cycle {n} (course of stages through which an organism passes)  :: ömür müddeti, ömür süresi, yaşam çevrimi, yaşam süresi, kullanım süresi
lifeless {adj} (dead)  :: cansız
lifelessness {n} (the property of being lifeless, the lack of apparent animation)  :: cansızlık
lifespan {n} (length of time for which an organism lives)  :: ömür
lifetime {n} (duration of the life of someone or something)  :: ömür, yaşam
lift {n} (mechanical device for vertically transporting goods or people)  :: asansör
lift {n} (the act of transporting someone in a vehicle)  :: otostop
lift {v} (to raise)  :: yükseltmek
lift {v} (to steal)  :: çalmak, yürütmek, hırsızlık yapmak
ligature {n}  :: birleştirmeli yazım
light {adj} (low in fat, calories, alcohol, salt, etc.)  :: hafif
light {adj} (of low weight)  :: hafif
light {adj} (pale in colour)  :: soluk
light {n} (electromagnetic wave)  :: ışık
light {n} (source of light)  :: ışık
light {v} (to illuminate)  :: aydınlatmak
light {v} (to start (a fire))  :: yakmak
lighter {n} (fire making device)  :: çakmak
lighthouse {n} (building containing a light to warn or guide ships)  :: fener, fener kulesi, deniz feneri
lightning {n} (flash of light)  :: yıldırım, şimşek
light source {n} (a source of illumination)  :: ışık kaynağı
lightspeed {n} (the speed of light)  :: ışık hızı {f}
light year {n} (astronomical distance)  :: ışık yılı
like {adj} (similar)  :: benzer
like {adv} (such as)  :: gibi
like {prep} (somewhat similar to)  :: gibi
like {v} (enjoy)  :: hoşlanmak, sevmek
like {v} (find attractive)  :: sevmek, hoşlanmak, hoşuna gitmek, beğenmek
like a man {prep} (bravely)  :: erkek gibi
like clockwork {adv} (with perfect regularity and precision)  :: saat gibi
likewise {adv} (in like manner)  :: aynen, bilmukabele, keza
likewise {adv} (the same to you)  :: bilmukabele
lilac {n} (flower)  :: leylak
lilac {n} (shrub)  :: leylak
Lille {prop} (a city in France)  :: Lille
lily {n} (flower in the genus Lilium)  :: zambak
lily of the valley {n} (Convallaria majalis)  :: inci çiçeği, müge
limb {n} (major appendage of human or animal)  :: uzuv
lime {n} (green citrus fruit)  :: lim
lime {n} (inorganic material containing calcium)  :: kireç
lime {n}  :: kalsiyum oksit
limestone {n} (abundant rock of marine and fresh-water sediments)  :: kireç taşı
limit {n} (boundary)  :: kısıtlayıcı, sınırlayıcı
limit {v} (restrict)  :: sınırlamak, tahdit etmek
limitless {adj} (without limits; boundless)  :: sınırsız, limitsiz, hudutsuz
limousine {n} (A luxury sedan/saloon car)  :: limuzin
linden {n} (tree)  :: ıhlamur
line {n} (rope, cord, or string)  :: hat
linear algebra {n} (branch of mathematics)  :: lineer cebir, doğrusal cebir
line feed {n} (computing: the character which advances the paper by one line or moves cursor to the next line)  :: satır atlatma, satır besleme
liner {n} (liner, lining: inside covering (i.e. a jacket liner))  :: astar
linger {v} (to stay or remain in a place or situation)  :: durmak, oyalanmak
lingo {n} (language peculiar to a particular group or region)  :: [linguistics] altdil, meslek dili
linguist {n} (one who studies linguistics)  :: dilbilimci
linguistics {n} (scientific study of language)  :: dil bilimi, dilbilim, lisâniyat
lion {n} (big cat Panthera leo)  :: aslan
lioness {n} (female lion)  :: dişi aslan
lip {n} (fleshy protrusion framing the mouth)  :: dudak
lip gloss {n} (a cosmetic product)  :: dudak parlatıcısı, parlatıcı
lipolysis {n} (hydrolysis of lipids)  :: lipoliz
lipstick {n} (make-up for the lips)  :: ruj
lipstick {n} (stick of this make-up)  :: ruj
liqueur {n} (a flavored alcoholic beverage)  :: likör
liquid {adj} (fluid; not solid and not gaseous)  :: sıvı
liquid {n} (substance that is liquid)  :: sıvı
liquorice {n} (plant)  :: meyan
lira {n} (basic unit of currency in Turkey)  :: lira, Türk lirası
lira {n} (currency of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, former currency of Italy, etc.)  :: liret (Italian)
listen {v} (to accept advice or obey instruction)  :: dinlemek
listen {v} (to expect or wait for a sound)  :: dinlemek
listen {v} (to hear (something))  :: duymak
listen {v} (to pay attention to a sound)  :: dinlemek
listener {n} (someone who listens)  :: dinleyici
literary {adj} (relating to literature)  :: edebî
literature {n} (body of all written works)  :: literatür, edebiyat, yazın
lithium {n} (chemical element)  :: lityum
Lithuania {prop} (country)  :: Litvanya
Lithuanian {adj} (referring to Lithuania)  :: Litvan
Lithuanian {n} (person from Lithuania)  :: Litvanyalı
Lithuanian {prop} (language)  :: Litvanca
Lithuanian SSR {prop} (Soviet republic)  :: Litvanya SSC
litigation {n} (conduct of a lawsuit)  :: dava
litmus paper {n} (paper containing a water-soluble mixture of different dyes extracted from certain lichens)  :: turnusol, turnusol kağıdı
litre {n} (unit of fluid measure)  :: litre
little {adj} (small in size)  :: küçük
little by little {adv} (a small amount at a time)  :: az az, azar azar
little finger {n} (outermost and smallest finger of the hand)  :: serçe parmağı
little owl {n} (species of owl)  :: kukumav
Little Red Riding Hood {prop} (a folktale)  :: Kırmızı Başlıklı Kız
Little Red Riding Hood {prop} (the main character in this story)  :: Kırmızı Başlıklı Kız
live {adj} ((broadcasting) Seen or heard from a broadcast, as it happens)  :: canlı
live {adj} (having life)  :: canlı
live {adv} (as it happens)  :: canlı
live {v} (be alive)  :: yaşamak
live {v} (have permanent residence)  :: yaşamak
live {v} (survive, persevere)  :: yaşamak
liveliness {n} (the quality of being lively)  :: canlılık
liver {n} (organ of the body)  :: karaciğer
livery {n} (distinctive uniform worn by a group, such as the uniform worn by chauffeurs and male servants)  :: livre
livestock {n} (farm animals)  :: enam, mal
living room {n} (room in a private house)  :: oturma odası
lizard {n} (Reptile)  :: kertenkele
llama {n} (South Americal mammal of the camel family, Llama glama)  :: lama
loan {n} (borrowed sum of money or other valuables)  :: borç, kredi
loan {n} (contract and array of legal or ethical obligations surrounding a loan)  :: borçlanma, ikraz
loan {v} (to lend)  :: borç vermek, ödünç vermek
lo and behold {interj} (used to express surprise)  :: bak sen, bak şu işe
loath {adj} (unwilling, reluctant; averse, disinclined)  :: isteksiz
lobster {n} (crustacean)  :: ıstakoz
local {adj} (of a nearby location)  :: yerel, lokal, mahallî, yöresel, mevzii
local {n} (a person who lives nearby)  :: yerli, mahalleli
local derby {n} (a sports match between local rival teams)  :: derbi
localhost {n} (this computer)  :: localhost
localization {n} (act of localizing)  :: lokalizasyon, yerini saptama, yerini tayin etme
localization {n}  :: Bölge
localization {n} (software engineering: act or process of making a product suitable for use in a particular country or region)  :: sınırlama, yerelleştirme
localize {v} (make local)  :: yerelleştirmek, yerlileştirmek, mahallîleştirmek
local variable {n}  :: yerel değişken
location {n} (place)  :: konum, yer
locative {n} (grammatical case)  :: bulunma hâli/durumu, -de hâli/durumu
locative case {n} (case used to indicate place, or the place where)  :: bulunma, bulunma hâli, -de hâli
lock {n} (a mutex or other token)  :: kilit
lock {n} (something used for fastening)  :: kilit
locked-in syndrome {n}  :: locked-in sendromu
locking {n}  :: kilitleme
lockout {n} (opposite of a strike)  :: lokavt
locksmith {n} (lock maker)  :: çilingir, anahtarcı
locomotive {n} (self-propelled vehicle that runs on rails)  :: lokomotif
locust {n} (type of grasshopper)  :: çekirge
Lodz {prop} (city)  :: Łódź
logarithm {n} (for a number x, the power to which a given base number must be raised in order to obtain x)  :: logaritma
logbook {n} (nautical: book in which details from journey are recorded)  :: seyir defteri, gemi jurnali, kütük
logbook {n} (record of the ownership of a motor car)  :: ruhsat, trafik belgesi
logging {n} (making entries in a log)  :: günlük tutmak
logic {n} (mathematical study)  :: mantık
logic {n} (method of human thought)  :: mantık
log in {v} (gain access to a computer system)  :: giriş yapmak
logo {n} (symbol or emblem that acts as a trademark or a means of identification of an entity)  :: logo, logolar {p}
-logy {suffix} (branch of learning)  :: -loji
lokma {n} (fried dough pastry)  :: lokma
lollipop {n} (confectionery on a stick)  :: lolipop
Lom {prop} (ethnic group)  :: Lomlar
London {prop} (in Canada)  :: London
London {prop} (in the United Kingdom)  :: Londra
Londoner {n} (A person from, or an inhabitant of, London)  :: Londralı
loneliness {n} (condition of being lonely)  :: yalnizlik
lonely {adj} (of person: dejected by feelings)  :: yalnız, yapayalnız, garip, gariban, kimsesiz
lonely {adj} (of place: desolate)  :: ıssız, tenha
long {adj} (having great duration)  :: uzun
long {adj} (having much distance from one point to another)  :: uzun
long {adv} (long duration)  :: uzun
long absent, soon forgotten {proverb} (love fades away when people are distant)  :: gözden ırak olan gönülden de ırak olur
long ago {adv} (at a time in the distant past)  :: zamanında, eskiden, uzun zaman önce
long-eared owl {n} (Asio otus)  :: kulaklı orman baykuşu
longevity {n} (the quality of being long-lasting, especially of life)  :: uzun ömürlülük
longing {n} (melancholic desire)  :: özlem, hasret
long live {v} (prosper)  :: (...) çok yaşa!, yaşasın (...)!, yaşa
long story short {adv} (Introducing a short version of, or simply the conclusion of, an involved story)  :: uzun lafın kısası
look {v} (to appear, to seem)  :: görünmek
look {v} (to search)  :: aramak
look {v} (to try to see)  :: bakmak
look after {v} (to watch, to protect)  :: göz kulak olmak, bakmak
look for {v} (search; seek)  :: aramak
look forward to {v} (anticipate, expect, or wait for)  :: iple çekmek, dört gözle beklemek
lookout {n} (person on watch for approaching enemy, police, etc.)  :: gözcü
loom {n} (weaving frame)  :: dokuma tezgahı
loon {n} (bird of order Gaviiformes)  :: dalgıç
loophole {n} (method of escape)  :: kaçamak
loophole {n} (slit in a castle wall)  :: mazgal
loot {n} (money)  :: mangır [slang]
loot {n} (the proceeds of theft, robbery etc., swag, contraband)  :: çalıntı mal, ganimet [war]
loquat {n} (fruit)  :: Malta eriği, yenidünya, muşmula
loquat {n} (tree)  :: muşmula
lord {n}  :: ağa
Los Angeles {prop} (largest city in California)  :: Los Angeles
lose {v} (be unable to follow or trace (somebody or something) any longer)  :: kaybetmek, gözden kaçırmak
lose {v} (cause (something) to cease to be in one's possession or capability)  :: kaybetmek
lose {v} (fail to be the winner)  :: kaybetmek
lose {v} (shed (weight))  :: zayıflamak, kilo vermek, kilo kaybetmek
lose face {v} (lose respect of others)  :: itibarını kaybetmek, mahçup olmak, saygınlığını yitirmek, yüzü kalmamak
lose one's temper {v} (to be explosively angry)  :: küplere binmek
loss {n} (casualties)  :: kayıp
loss {n} (hurtful condition resulting from losing)  :: kayıp
loss {n} (something lost)  :: kayıp
lotion {n} (ointment that one rubs on the skin)  :: losyon
lotus {n} (flower, Nelumbo)  :: nilüfer
loud {adj} (of a sound)  :: yüksek
Louisiana {prop} (US state)  :: Louisiana
loupe {n} (magnifying glass often used by jewellers and watchmakers)  :: büyüteç, pertavsız
louse {n} (insect)  :: bit
louse {n} (worthless person)  :: aşağılık kimse
lousy {adj} (Infested with lice)  :: bitli
lovable {adj} (inspiring love)  :: sevilen
love {n} (darling or sweetheart)  :: sevgilim, aşkım
love {n} (romantic feelings)  :: sevgi, aşk
love {n} (strong affection)  :: sevgi, aşk
love {v} (be strongly inclined towards doing)  :: sevmek
love {v} ((euphemistic): to have sex with)  :: sevişmek
love {v} (have a strong affection for)  :: sevmek
love {v} (to lust for)  :: arzulamak {c}
love at first sight {n} (an instantaneous attraction)  :: ilk görüşte aşk
love child {n} (child born as a result of a romantic liaison between unmarried parents)  :: gayrimeşru çocuk
love is blind {proverb} (proverb)  :: aşkın gözü kördür (love's eye is blind)
loveless {adj} (without love)  :: sevgisiz
love letter {n} (letter about the author's love)  :: aşk mektubu
love triangle {n} (situation in which two people vie for the love of a third)  :: aşk üçgeni
low {adj} (in a position comparatively close to the ground)  :: alçak
low {adj} (small height)  :: alçak
low {adv} (with a low voice or sound)  :: düşük
lowdown {n} (the whole truth)  :: içyüz
lowest common denominator {n} (smallest multiple of several denominators)  :: en küçük ortak kat, ortak katların en küçüğü
Low German {prop} (West Germanic language)  :: Aşağı Almanca
Low Saxon {prop} (language or language group)  :: Aşağı Almanca
loyal {adj} (firm in allegiance to a person or institution)  :: sadık, vefalı, sadakatli
lubricant {n} (substance used to reduce friction)  :: kayganlaştırıcı
lucid dream {n} (lucid dream)  :: bilinçli düş görme, bilinçli rüyâ görme, kontrol edilebilir rüyâ
Lucifer {prop} (figure mentioned in Isaiah 14:12)  :: Lüsifır
luck {n} (something that happens to someone by chance)  :: şans
lucky {adj} (of people, having good fortune)  :: şanslı
luggage {n} (traveller's containers)  :: bagaj
lukewarm {adj} (not very enthusiastic)  :: umursamaz, ilgisiz, kayıtsız
lukewarm {adj} (temperature)  :: ılık
lullaby {n} (a soothing song to lull children to sleep)  :: ninni
lumber {n} (wood as building material)  :: kereste
lumberjack {n} (person who fells trees)  :: oduncu
lump {n} (something that protrudes, sticks out, or sticks together; a cluster or blob; a mound, hill, or group)  :: yumru, topak
lunar eclipse {n} (when the Earth casts its shadow over the Moon)  :: Ay tutulması
lunatic {n} (insane person)  :: deli
lunch {n} (meal around midday)  :: öğle yemeği
luncheon {n}  :: öğle yemeği
lung {n} (organ that extracts oxygen from the air)  :: akciğer
lung cancer {n} (cancer of the lung(s))  :: akciğer kanseri
lurch {v} (to make a sudden, unsteady movement)  :: sendelemek
lure {n} (artificial fishing bait)  :: yem
lure {n} (tempting or attractive object)  :: câzibe, çığırtkan
lure {v} (to entice)  :: aklını çelmek, ayartmak, cezbetmek, çekmek, kandırmak, yemlemek
lust {n} (strong desire, especially of a sexual nature)  :: tutku, ihtiras, arzu
luster {n} (a shine, polish or sparkle)  :: parıltı
luster {n} (refinement, polish or quality)  :: parıltı
lute {n} (stringed instrument)  :: ut, lavta
lutetium {n} (chemical element with atomic number of 71)  :: lütesyum
Luxembourg {prop} (country, city, province, district)  :: Lüksemburg
Luxembourger {n} (person from Luxembourg)  :: Lüksemburglu
Luxembourgian {n} (person)  :: Lüksemburglu
Luxembourgish {prop} (language of Luxembourg)  :: Lüksemburgca
Lyme disease {n} (infection by bacteria of the genus Borrelia)  :: Lyme hastalığı
lymphatic system {n} (network of lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes)  :: lenfatik sistem
lymphoma {n} (malignant tumor that arises in the lymph nodes or in other lymphoid tissue)  :: lenfoma
lynx {n} (wild cat)  :: vaşak
Lyons {prop} (a city in France)  :: Lyon
lyre {n} (a stringed musical instrument)  :: lir
lyricist {n} (writer of lyrics)  :: güfteci
lyrics {n} (the words to a song)  :: güfte, neşide, menşud, söz
lysine {n} (essential amino acid, C6H14N2O2)  :: lizin