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bää {interj}  :: baa
böö {interj}  :: boo! (exclamation intended to scare someone)
B {abbr}  :: lubenter approbatur
baana {n} [slang]  :: road
baari {n}  :: bar (public house)
baari {n}  :: bar (unit of pressure)
baari {n}  :: cafeteria (restaurant serving simple food and usually having the right to serve medium strength beer, see keskiolut)
baariapulainen {n}  :: bar attendant
baarijakkara {n}  :: bar stool, barstool
baarikaappi {n}  :: bar (closet containing alcoholic beverages)
baarikeittiö {n}  :: bar kitchen (type of kitchen in which the kitchen area is separated from dining room by a bar counter)
baarikärpänen {n}  :: bar fly
baarimestari {n}  :: bartender
baarimikko {n}  :: bartender
baarinpitäjä {n}  :: barkeeper (person preparing and serving drinks at a bar, especially one who also owns the bar)
baaripöytä {n}  :: bar table (relatively high table suitable for sitting around while seated on a barstool)
baaritiski {n}  :: bar, bar counter (counter over which drinks and snacks are served at a bar)
baarituoli {n}  :: bar stool, barstool
baasis {n} [rare]  :: basis (starting point, base or foundation for an argument or hypothesis)
baasis {n}  :: (rare) basis (underlying condition or circumstance)
baathisti {n}  :: Baathist, Ba'athist (supporter of a Baath party)
baba {n}  :: Baba, babka, a type of cake
babesioosi {n} [disease]  :: babesiosis
babirussa {n}  :: babirusa (Babyrousa babyrussa)
baby {n}  :: baby (term of endearment)
baby {n}  :: baby (very young human)
babylonialainen {adj}  :: Babylonian
babylonialainen {n}  :: A Babylonian person
Babylonin riippuvat puutarhat {prop}  :: The Hanging Gardens of Babylon (one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World)
babysitter {n}  :: babysitter
bagatelli {n} [music]  :: bagatelle
bagatellisoida {v}  :: To regard as a bagatelle; to belittle, ridicule, disparage, disdain, detract
bagatellisointi {n}  :: The action of the verb bagatellisoida; belittling
Bagdad {prop}  :: Baghdad
bagdadilainen {adj}  :: Baghdadi, Baghdadian
bagdadilainen {n}  :: Baghdadi, Baghdadian
bagelrinkeli {n}  :: bagel
bahai {n}  :: Bahá'í (follower of the Bahá'í Faith or Bahá'u'lláh)
bahaismi {n}  :: Bahá'í Faith
bahaisti {n}  :: Bahá'í (follower of the Bahá'í Faith or Bahá'u'lláh)
baha'i-usko {n}  :: Bahá'í Faith
bahamalainen {adj}  :: Bahamian
bahamalainen {n}  :: Bahamian
bahamanhutia {n}  :: Bahamian hutia, Ingraham's hutia Geocapromys ingrahami (rodent endemic to the Bahamas)
bahamansupi {n}  :: Bahaman raccoon, Procyon lotor maynardi
bahamasaarelainen {adj}  :: Bahamian
bahamasaarelainen {n}  :: Bahamian
bahamasaartensupi {n}  :: alternative form of bahamansupi
Bahrain {prop}  :: Bahrain
bahrainilainen {adj}  :: Bahraini
bahrainilainen {n}  :: Bahraini
Baijeri {prop}  :: Bavaria
baijerilainen {adj}  :: Bavarian
baijerilainen {n}  :: A Bavarian person
baijerintunnelimyyrä {n}  :: Bavarian pine vole, Microtus bavaricus; an extinct species
baijerinvuoristovihikoira {n}  :: Bavarian mountain hound (breed of dog)
baikalinhylje {n}  :: Baikal seal Phoca sibirica
bailata {vi} [slang]  :: To party
bailaus {n} [slang]  :: partying
bailausmusiikki {n}  :: partying music
bailut {n} [colloquial]  :: party
bairdintapiiri {n}  :: Baird's tapir, Tapirus bairdii
baitata {v} [slang]  :: To imitate, copy, ape
baittari {n} [slang]  :: copycat
baittaus {n}  :: imitation, aping (act)
bakeliitti {n}  :: Bakelite
baškiiri {n}  :: A Bashkir
baškiiri {n}  :: The Bashkir language
Baškiria {prop}  :: Bashkiria
bakkanaali {n}  :: bacchanal
bakteeri {n}  :: bacterium
bakteerifloora {n}  :: bacterial flora (all the bacteria inside, or on the surface of an organism)
bakteerikanta {n}  :: bacterial flora (all the bacteria inside, or on the surface of an organism)
bakteerikasvusto {n}  :: bacterial growth
bakteerimyrkky {n}  :: bacterial toxin (toxic substance produced by bacteria)
bakteeritartunta {n}  :: bacterial infection
bakteeritauti {n}  :: bacterial disease (disease caused by bacteria)
bakteeriton {adj}  :: abacterial, sterile
bakteerittomuus {n}  :: The state of having no bacteria
bakteeriviljelys {n}  :: bacterial culture
bakteriofagi {n} [microbiology, virology]  :: bacteriophage
bakteriologi {n}  :: bacteriologist
bakteriologia {n}  :: bacteriology
bakteriologinen {adj}  :: bacteriological
bakteriologisesti {adv}  :: bacteriologically
bakterioplankton {n}  :: bacterioplankton (bacterial component of plankton)
bakterisidi {n}  :: bactericide
Baktria {prop}  :: Bactria
bakulovirus {n}  :: baculovirus
balagaani {n} [archaic]  :: (building for folk theater performances)
balagaani {n}  :: (archaic) temporary storage building
balalaikansoittaja {n}  :: balalaika player
balalaikka {n} [musical instruments]  :: balalaika
balalaikkakonsertto {n}  :: balalaika concerto
balalaikkamusiikki {n}  :: balalaika music
balalaikkaorkesteri {n}  :: balalaika orchestra
balaniitti {n} [pathology]  :: balanitis
balanopostiitti {n} [pathology]  :: balanoposthitis
balansoida {vt}  :: To balance
balansointi {n}  :: balancing
balanssi {n}  :: balance
balanssiteoria {n} [social psychology]  :: balance theory (motivational theory proposed by Fritz Heider that conceptualizes the cognitive consistency motive as a drive toward psychological balance)
baldakiini {n}  :: baldacchin, baldachin (canopy suspended over an altar, throne, pulpit, bed etc.)
Baleaarienmeri {prop}  :: The Balearic Sea
Baleaarit {prop} [pluralonly]  :: Balearic Islands
baletinopettaja {n}  :: ballet teacher
baletti {n}  :: ballet
balettiesitys {n}  :: ballet performance
balettikoulu {n}  :: ballet school
balettikoulutus {n}  :: ballet training
balettikuoro {n}  :: ballet choir
balettimestari {n}  :: ballet master (person responsible for the level of competence of the dancers in a ballet company)
balettimusiikki {n}  :: ballet music
balettipantomiimi {n}  :: ballet-pantomime, pantomime ballet (style of ballet developed by Paris Opera in mid 1800's, characterized by extensive use of mime along with dance)
balettiryhmä {n}  :: ballet group
balettisarja {n}  :: ballet suite (ballet music arranged for presentation by an orchestra in a concert)
balettitanssi {n}  :: ballet dance
balettitanssija {n}  :: A ballet dancer
balettitanssijatar {n}  :: A ballerina (female ballet dancer)
balettiteatteri {n}  :: ballet theater
balettitossu {n}  :: ballet shoe, ballet slipper (shoe designed for ballet dancing)
balettitulkinta {n}  :: ballet interpretation
balettityttö {n}  :: ballet girl (young female ballet dancer)
bali {n}  :: The Balinese language
Bali {prop}  :: Bali (island)
baliisi {n}  :: balise
balilainen {adj}  :: Balinese
balilainen {n}  :: A Balinese person
balin kieli {n}  :: The Balinese language
balinkielinen {adj}  :: Balinese, Balinese-language (expressed in Balinese)
balintiikeri {n}  :: Bali tiger, Panthera tigris balica
balinvuoristokoira {n}  :: kintamani (Balinese breed of dog)
Balkan {prop}  :: The Balkans
balkanilainen {adj}  :: Balkan, Balkanic, Balkanian
balkaninhevoskastanja {n}  :: common horse chestnut, horse chestnut, conker tree, Aesculus hippocastanum
balkaninmyyrä {n}  :: Martino’s snow vole, Dinaromys bogdanovi
balkaninnäsiä {n}  :: Daphne blagayana
balkaninsieppo {n}  :: semi-collared flycatcher, Ficedula semitorquata
balkanintiainen {n}  :: sombre tit, Parus lugubris
balkanintunnelimyyrä {n}  :: Thomas’s pine vole, Microtus thomasi
balkanisaatio {n}  :: Balkanization
balkanisoida {vt}  :: To balkanize
balkanisoitua {vi}  :: To become balkanized
balkanisoituminen {n}  :: Balkanization
balladi {n}  :: A ballad (song, poem or romantic pop song)
balladipelimanni {n}  :: ballad musician
balladirunous {n}  :: ballad poetry
ballerina {n}  :: ballerina (female ballet dancer)
ballerina {n}  :: ballet flat, dolly flat (type of women's shoes, with a very low heel, low sides and covering only the toes)
ballerinakenkä {n}  :: ballet flat (type of women's shoes, with a very low heel, low sides and covering only the toes)
ballerinatossu {n}  :: ballet flat (type of women's shoes, with a very low heel, low sides and covering only the toes)
ballista {n}  :: ballista (military engine)
ballistiikka {n}  :: ballistics
ballistiitti {n} [chemistry]  :: ballistite
ballistinen {adj}  :: ballistic
ballistisesti {adv}  :: ballistically
balsa {n}  :: balsa (wood)
balsami {n}  :: alternative form of palsami
balsamiviinietikka {n}  :: balsamic vinegar
balsamoida {v}  :: alternative form of palsamoida
balsamoija {n}  :: alternative form of palsamoija
balsamointi {n}  :: alternative form of palsamointi
balsapuu {n}  :: balsa tree, balsa, Ochroma pyramidale (tropical tree with very lightweight wood)
Baltia {prop}  :: Baltic (areas on the southeastern coast of the Baltic Sea, commonly understood to consist of the territories of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and often Kaliningrad Oblast)
Baltian jääjärvi {prop}  :: Baltic Ice Lake (historic phase of the Baltic Sea)
Baltian meri {prop} [rare]  :: Baltic Sea
baltti {n}  :: A Balt; a Baltic person
balttilainen {adj}  :: Baltic
balttilaisuus {n}  :: The property of being Baltic
balustradi {n} [architecture]  :: A balustrade
bambu {n}  :: bamboo
bambuhai {n}  :: bamboo shark (shark of the family Hemiscylliidae)
bambukeppi {n}  :: bamboo stick
bambukori {n}  :: bamboo basket
bambulepakko {n}  :: common thick-thumbed bat, Glischropus tylopus
bambulepakko {n}  :: thick-thumbed bat (bat of the genus Glischropus endemic to SE Asia)
bamburuoko {n}  :: bamboo cane
bambusauva {n}  :: bamboo pole
bambusauva {n}  :: bamboo ski pole (ski pole made of bamboo)
bambuvapa {n}  :: bamboo rod (fishing rod made of bamboo)
bambuverso {n}  :: bamboo shoot
bamlata {v} [slang]  :: To speak
banaaleimmin {adv}  :: superlative form of banaalisti
banaali {adj}  :: banal
banaalimmin {adv}  :: comparative form of banaalisti
banaalistaa {vt}  :: to banalize
banaalisti {adv}  :: banally
banaalistua {vi}  :: To become banal
banaalius {n}  :: banality
banaani {n}  :: (fruit) banana
banaani {n} [Internet slang]  :: a ban
banaanijäätelö {n}  :: banana ice cream (ice cream flavored with banana or artificial banana flavor)
banaanikauppa {n}  :: banana trade
banaanikerttuli {n}  :: bananaquit, Coereba flaveola (New World passerine bird, the only species in the family Coerebidae)
banaanikotelo {n}  :: banana case (small case for carrying an individual banana for lunch etc.)
banaanikärpänen {n}  :: common fruit fly (Drosophila melanogaster)
banaanilaatikko {n}  :: banana box (box or case of bananas)
banaanilehto {n}  :: banana grove
banaaninkuori {n}  :: banana skin [UK], banana peel [US]
banaaninviljely {n}  :: banana cultivation
banaaniorava {n}  :: plantain squirrel, Callosciurus notatus
banaanipistoke {n}  :: banana plug
banaaniplantaasi {n}  :: banana plantation
banaanipotku {n} [soccer]  :: banana kick
banaanitasavalta {n}  :: banana republic
banaanivaltio {n}  :: banana republic
banaaniviljelmä {n}  :: banana plantation
banalisoida {vt}  :: To banalize
banalisointi {n}  :: banalizing
banalisoitua {vi}  :: To become banal
banaliteetti {n}  :: banality
bandanahuivi {n}  :: bandana (large, often decorated kerchief)
banderolli {n}  :: banner (large sign constructed of fabric)
bandiitti {n}  :: bandit
Bangladesh {prop}  :: Bangladesh
bangladeshilainen {adj}  :: Bangladeshi
bangladeshilainen {n}  :: Bangladeshi
bangladeshiläinen {adj}  :: alternative form of bangladeshilainen
banian {n}  :: banyan (Ficus benghalensis)
banianviikuna {n}  :: banyan, banyan tree (Ficus benghalensis)
banja {n}  :: Russian banya
banjisti {n}  :: banjoist, banjo player (one who plays a banjo)
banjo {n}  :: banjo
banjomonni {n}  :: banjo catfish, aspredinid (fish of the family Aspredinidae, a small South American family of catfishes)
banjosoolo {n}  :: banjo solo
banketti {n}  :: banquet
bankrotti {n} [archaic, dialectal]  :: bankruptcy
banksinmänty {n}  :: jack pine, Pinus banksiana
banneri {n}  :: banner
bansku {n} [colloquial, childish]  :: banana
bantengi {n}  :: banteng, Bos javanicus
bantu {n}  :: Bantu
bantukieli {n}  :: Bantu language (any of the hundreds of related languages of Bantu family spoken in central and southern Africa)
bantustan {n}  :: bantustan
baptismi {n}  :: baptism
baptisti {n}  :: A Baptist
baptistikirkko {n}  :: Baptist church
baptistisaarnaaja {n}  :: Baptist preacher
baptistiseurakunta {n}  :: Baptist parish
baraali {n}  :: bharal, blue sheep (caprid of the genus Pseudois)
baraali {n}  :: bharal, Himalayan blue sheep, naur, Pseudois nayaur
barbaari {n}  :: barbarian
barbaariheimo {n}  :: barbarian tribe
barbaarikyyhky {n}  :: ringneck dove (Streptopelia risoria)
barbaarimainen {adj}  :: barbarous, barbaric, barbarian
barbaarimaisesti {adv}  :: barbarically
barbaarimaisuus {n}  :: barbarousness
barbaarinen {adj}  :: barbaric
barbaarisesti {adv}  :: barbarically
barbaarisuus {n}  :: barbarity
barbaarius {n}  :: barbarism
Barbados {prop}  :: Barbados
barbadosinsupi {n}  :: Barbados raccoon, Procyon lotor gloveralleni
barbadoslainen {adj}  :: Barbadian
barbadoslainen {n}  :: Barbadian
barbaria {n}  :: barbarism
barbarismi {n}  :: barbarism
barbenlanguri {n}  :: Phayre's leaf monkey, Trachypithecus phayrei
barbi {n}  :: A barb fish
barbi {n}  :: The Barbie doll
barbituraatti {n}  :: barbiturate
barbituurihappo {n} [chemistry]  :: barbituric acid
bardi {n}  :: A bard
bareesi {n}  :: barège
Barentsinmeri {prop}  :: The Barents Sea
baretti {n}  :: beret (only in military use)
barista {n}  :: barista
baritoni {n}  :: baritone (male voice)
baritoniaaria {n}  :: baritone aria
baritonikitara {n} [musical instruments]  :: baritone guitar
baritonilaulaja {n}  :: baritone singer
baritonisaksofoni {n}  :: baritone saxophone, bari sax
baritonisolisti {n}  :: baritone soloist
baritonisoolo {n}  :: baritone solo
baritonitorvi {n} [musical instruments]  ::  euphonium
baritoniukulele {n}  :: baritone ukulele
barium {n}  :: barium
bariumpuuro {n} [medicine]  :: barium meal (peparation of barium sulfate which a patient ingests to allow clear radiographs of the esophagus, stomach and duodenum)
bariumsulfaatti {n} [chemistry]  :: barium sulfate
Barnabas {prop}  :: Barnabas [biblical character]
barokki {n}  :: baroque
barokkiaika {n}  :: The baroque period
barokkihuilu {n} [musical instruments]  :: traverso, baroque flute
barokkikaappi {n}  :: baroque cabinet, baroque cupboard
barokkikitara {n}  :: baroque guitar
barokkikonsertto {n}  :: baroque concerto
barokkimusiikki {n} [music]  :: baroque music
barokkinen {n}  :: Baroque (from the Baroque period)
barokkioboe {n}  :: baroque oboe
barokkipoikkihuilu {n}  :: baroque flute, traverso
barokkipuku {n}  :: baroque costume
barokkisello {n} [musical instrument]  :: baroque cello
barokkisolisti {n}  :: baroque soloist
barokkitanssi {n}  :: baroque dance
barokkitrio {n}  :: baroque trio
barokkitrumpetti {n}  :: baroque trombone
barokkituoli {n}  :: baroque chair
barokkityyli {n}  :: Baroque (style of the baroque period as expressed in art, architecture and music)
barokkityylinen {n}  :: Baroque-style
barokkiurku {n} [normally in plural]  :: baroque organ
barokkiviulu {n} [musical instruments]  :: baroque violin
barokkiyhtye {n}  :: baroque ensemble
barokliininen {adj}  :: baroclinic (describing an atmospheric system in which the isobars are at an angle to the isopycnals or isotherms)
barometri {n} [figuratively]  :: Any indicator
barometri {n} [meteorology]  :: barometer
baronetti {n}  :: baronet
baroreseptori {n} [ anatomy]  :: baroreceptor (nerve ending that is sensitive to changes in blood pressure)
barotiitti {n} [pathology]  :: barotitis, aerotitis (otitis caused by a change in atmospheric pressure)
barotrauma {n}  :: barotrauma
barrakuda {n}  :: barracuda (Sphyraena barracuda)
barreli {n}  :: A barrel (the unit of measure)
barrikadi {n}  :: barricade
Bartholinin rauhanen {n} [anatomy]  :: Bartholin's gland
baryoni {n} [physics]  :: A baryon
baryoninen {adj} [physics]  :: baryonic
barysentrinen {adj}  :: barycentric
barytoni {n}  :: alternative form of baritoni
barytonilaulaja {n}  :: alternative form of baritonilaulaja
baryytti {n} [mineral]  :: barite
basaaliganglio {n} [anatomy]  :: basal ganglion
basaari {n}  :: bazaar
basaarikauppias {n}  :: bazaar trader (shopkeeper in a bazaar)
basaarimyymälä {n}  :: bazaar shop (shop in a bazaar)
basaliooma {n} [oncology]  :: basal cell carcinoma
basaltti {n}  :: basalt
basalttinen {adj}  :: basaltic
baseball {n}  :: baseball
base-hyppy {n}  :: base jump
basenji {n}  :: Basenji
basettiklarinetti {n} [musical instruments]  :: basset clarinet
basettitorvi {n} [musical instruments]  :: basset horn
basilika {n}  :: basil [herb]
basilika {n}  :: basilica [church]
basiliski {n} [mythology]  :: basilisk
basilli {n}  :: bacillus
basilli {n}  :: germ
basillikauhu {n}  :: bacillophobia, germaphobia (fear of microbes)
basillinkantaja {n} [informal] [alternative term for, taudinkantaja]  ::
basisti {n}  :: bassist
basistivitsi {n}  :: A class of jokes where the target of ridicule is the alleged stupidity of bassists
baskeri {n}  :: A beret
baski {n}  :: a Basque
baski {n}  :: the Basque language
baskikansa {n}  :: Basque people
baskilainen {adj}  :: Basque
baskilaisuus {n}  :: The property of being Basque
Baskimaa {prop}  :: Basque Country
baskimaakunta {n}  :: Basque province (any of the seven provinces of Spain and France which belong to the Basque Country)
baskimaalainen {adj}  :: of or relating to the Basque Country
baskin kieli {n}  :: the Basque language
baskinkielinen {adj}  :: Basque (relative to the Basque language)
baskivähemmistö {n}  :: Basque minority
basmatiriisi {n}  :: basmati rice
bassaminkaijamahonki {n}  :: African mahogany, Lagos mahogany, Khaya ivorensis
bassetti {n}  :: basset hound
bassi {n}  :: bass
basso {n} [musical instruments]  :: bass guitar
basso {n} [music]  :: bass (voice)
bassoaaria {n}  :: bass aria
bassoalue {n}  :: bass register
bassoavain {n} [music]  :: bass clef
bassobaritoni {n} [music]  :: bass-baritone
bassokaiutin {n}  :: woofer
bassokitara {n}  :: bass guitar
bassoklarinetti {n} [musical instruments]  :: bass clarinet
bassolaulaja {n}  :: bass singer
bassoääni {n}  :: bass sound
bassoääni {n}  :: bass voice
bassorooli {n}  :: bass role
bassorumpu {n}  :: bass drum
bassosaksofoni {n}  :: bass saxophone
bassosäädin {n}  :: bass control
bassosolisti {n}  :: bass soloist
bassoviulu {n}  :: double bass, bass viol
bastardi {n}  :: A bastard (especially a child of a nobleman and a common woman)
bastardijänne {n} [heraldry]  :: baton, baton sinister
Bastilji {prop}  :: Bastille
bastioni {n}  :: bastion
bataatti {n}  :: sweet potato
bataattilaatikko {n}  :: sweet potato casserole
batenlepakko {n}  :: Bate's slit-faced bat, Nycteris arge (African species of bat)
batiikki {n}  :: alternative form of batikki
batikki {n}  :: batik
batisti {n}  :: batiste
batistinen {adj} [textiles]  :: made of batiste
batonki {n}  :: baguette (the type of bread)
battarismi {n}  :: cluttering, battarism
batyskafi {n}  :: bathyscaphe
baudi {n}  :: baud
bauksiitti {n} [mineral]  :: bauxite
bavaroise {n}  :: bavaroise (drink)
bavaroise {n}  :: bavaroise (dessert)
bébé {n}  :: A type of cake
B-duuri {n} [music]  :: B-flat major
beagle {n}  :: beagle (dog)
beat {n}  :: A beat (in music)
beatmusiikki {n} [music]  :: beat music
beatnik {n}  :: beatnik
Beaufortin asteikko {n} [nautical]  :: the Beaufort scale
beaujolaisviini {n}  :: Beaujolais
bebee {n}  :: bébé (cake)
bebop {n}  :: bebop
becquerel {n}  :: becquerel
beduiini {n}  :: A bedouin
beduiiniheimo {n}  :: Bedouin tribe
bees {n}  :: alternative form of beesi
beesi {adj}  :: beige
beesi {n}  :: beige
beessi {adj}  :: alternative form of beesi
beessi {n}  :: alternative form of beesi
beeta {n}  :: beta (Greek letter)
beetakaroteeni {n}  :: beta-carotene
beeta-karoteeni {n} [chemistry]  :: beta-carotene
beetalaktamaasi {n} [enzyme]  :: beta-lactamase
beetasalpaaja {n}  :: beta blocker
beetasäteily {n}  :: beta radiation
Beetlehem {prop}  :: alternative spelling of Betlehem
begonia {n}  :: begonia
beguine {n}  :: beguine (dance and music)
behaviorismi {n} [psychology]  :: behaviourism/behaviorism
behavioristi {n}  :: behaviorist
behavioristinen {adj}  :: behavioristic
beibi {n} [colloquial]  :: baby (attractive woman)
beige {adj}  :: beige
beige {n}  :: beige (color)
beignet {n}  :: beignet
Beijing {prop}  :: Beijing (alternative form of Peking)
belemniitti {n}  :: belemnite
Belgia {prop}  :: Belgium
belgialainen {adj}  :: Belgian
belgialainen {n}  :: A Belgian person
Belgian kuningaskunta {prop}  :: The Kingdom of Belgium
Belgrad {prop}  :: Belgrade (capital of Serbia)
Belize {prop}  :: Belize
belizeläinen {adj}  :: Belizean
belizeläinen {n}  :: Belizean (person)
belladonna {n}  :: belladonna
belutši {n}  :: Balochi language
bemari {n} [colloquial]  :: A beemer (BMW car or motorcycle)
bemari {n} [military slang]  :: Soviet BMP-1 or BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicle
benediktiini {n}  :: Benedictine
benfotiamiini {n} [chemistry]  :: benfotiamine
bengali {n}  :: Bengali (language)
Bengali {prop}  :: alternative spelling of Bengal (region)
bengalinkissa {n}  :: leopard cat (Prionailurus bengalensis)
Bengalinlahti {prop}  :: The Bay of Bengal
bengalintiikeri {n}  :: Bengal tiger (Panthera tigris tigris)
benigni {adj}  :: benign
Benin {prop}  :: Benin
beniniläinen {adj}  :: Beninese
beniniläinen {n}  :: Beninese
benitoiitti {n} [mineral]  :: benitoite
Benjam {prop}  :: male given name
Benjamin {prop}  :: Benjamin (Biblical figure)
Benjamin {prop}  :: male given name
bensa {n} [colloquial]  :: gas, gasoline, petrol
bensiini {n}  :: gasoline (US), petrol (UK)
bensiiniasema {n}  :: gas station, petrol station
bentoniitti {n} [mineral]  :: bentonite
bentsaldehydi {n}  :: benzaldehyde
bentseeni {n} [organic chemistry]  :: benzene
bentseenitioli {n} [chemistry]  :: thiophenol
bentsiini {n} [archaic]  :: bensiini
bentsoehappo {n} [chemistry]  :: benzoic acid
bentsofenoni {n} [chemistry]  :: benzophenone
bentsofuraani {n} [chemistry]  :: benzofuran
bentsonitriili {n} [chemistry]  :: benzonitrile
bentsoyyliperoksidi {n} [chemistry]  :: benzoyl peroxide
bentsyylialkoholi {n} [chemistry]  :: benzyl alcohol
bentsyyliasetaatti {n} [chemistry]  :: benzyl acetate
bentsyylikloridi {n} [chemistry]  :: benzyl chloride
bentsyylipiperatsiini {n}  :: benzylpiperazine
benttinen {adj}  :: benthic
benzokaiini {n} [pharmaceutical drug]  :: benzocaine (local anesthetic)
berberi {n}  :: A trench coat
berberi {n}  :: Berber
berberiini {n} [organic chemistry]  :: berberine
Bereniken hiukset {prop} [constellation]  :: The constellation Coma Berenices, the Hair of Berenice
beriberi {n} [pathology]  :: beriberi
Beringinmeri {prop}  :: The Bering Sea
berkelium {n}  :: berkelium
Berliini {prop}  :: Berlin (capital of Germany)
berliiniläinen {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Berlin
berliiniläinen {n}  :: Berliner (native or inhabitant of Berlin)
berliininlehmus {n}  :: A lime or linden, Tilia moltkei
berliininpoppeli {n}  :: A poplar, Populus x berolinensis
bermudalainen {adj}  :: Bermudian, Bermudan
bermudalainen {n}  :: Bermudian, Bermudan
Bermudan kolmio {prop}  :: a Bermuda triangle (area where things mysteriously disappear)
Bermudan kolmio {prop}  :: Bermuda Triangle (area in the Atlantic Ocean)
bermudat {n}  :: Bermuda shorts
bernhardilainen {n}  :: Saint Bernard
bernhardilaiskoira {n}  :: Saint Bernard
berninpaimenkoira {n}  :: Bernese Mountain Dog
Bertta {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to English Bertha
Bertta {prop}  :: The letter "B" in the Finnish tavausaakkoset, a spelling system similar to ICAO spelling alphabet
berylli {n}  :: beryl
beryllium {n}  :: beryllium
berylliumfluoridi {n} [chemistry]  :: beryllium fluoride
berylliumkloridi {n} [chemistry]  :: beryllium chloride
berylliumoksidi {n} [chemistry]  :: beryllium oxide
besserwisser {n}  :: know-it-all
bestis {n} [slang]  :: best friend
bestman {n}  :: best man
bestseller {n}  :: bestseller
betaiini {n}  :: betaine
Betlehem {prop}  :: Bethlehem
betoni {n}  :: concrete (material)
betonimylly {n}  :: concrete mixer
betoninen {adj}  :: Made of concrete
betoniporsas {n}  :: A roadblock made of concrete
betonirakenteinen {adj}  :: Built of concrete blocks
betonitalo {n}  :: concrete house
betonitiili {n}  :: concrete brick (brick that is made of concrete)
betoniviidakko {n}  :: concrete jungle
betonoida {v} [finance]  :: To secure the ownership of a company against a real or hypothetical threat of a takeover
betonoida {v}  :: To concrete (cover with concrete)
betonointi {n}  :: concreting
Betšuanamaa {prop} [historical]  :: Bechuanaland
böhminseepra {n} [zoology]  :: Grant's zebra, Equus quagga boehmi, a subspecies of plains zebra, Equus quagga
bhodžpuri {n}  :: Bhojpuri (lIndo-Aryan anguage originating from northern India and Nepal)
Bhutan {prop}  :: Bhutan
bhutanilainen {adj}  :: Bhutanese
bhutanilainen {n}  :: A Bhutanese person
biblia {n}  :: bible
Biblia {prop} [archaic]  :: the Bible
bibliofiili {n}  :: bibliophile
bibliofilia {n}  :: bibliophilia
bibliografi {n}  :: bibliographer
bibliografia {n}  :: bibliography
bibliografinen {adj}  :: bibliographic
bibliomaani {n}  :: bibliomaniac
bidee {n}  :: bidet
biennaali {n}  :: biennial
bifenyyli {n} [organic compound]  :: biphenyl
bifurkaatio {n}  :: bifurcation
bigaaminen {adj}  :: bigamous
bigamia {n}  :: bigamy
biisi {n} [colloquial]  :: song
biisoni {n}  :: buffalo, Bison bison
biitsi {n} [slang]  :: beach
biitti {n} [music, colloquial]  :: beat
bijektio {n} [mathematics]  :: bijection
bikarbonaatti {n} [chemistry]  :: bicarbonate
Biškek {prop}  :: Bishkek (capital of Kyrgyzstan)
bikinit {n}  :: bikini swimwear
bilabiaali {n} [phonetics]  :: bilabial
bilanssi {n}  :: balance
bilateraalinen {adj}  :: bilateral
bilateraalisuus {n}  :: bilaterality
bileet {n} [slang, colloquial]  :: party
bilineaarinen {adj}  :: bilinear
bilirubiini {n} [biochemistry]  :: bilirubin
bilis {n} [billiards, slang]  :: billiards, pool (game)
biljardi {n}  :: billiards (game)
biljardi {num} [cardinal]  :: quadrillion, billiard (1015)
biljardihai {n}  :: pool shark
biljardikeppi {n}  :: billiard cue
biljardipallo {n}  :: billiard ball
biljardipöytä {n}  :: billiard table, pool table
biljonääri {n}  :: trillionaire (one whose fortune is valued to more than 1012 monetary units)
biljoona {n} [cardinal]  :: A long scale billion, 1012; a short scale trillion
bilsa {n} [slang, school]  :: biology (as a school subject)
biltsi {n} [slang]  :: hashish (cannabis extract)
bimetallismi {n}  :: bimetallism
binaarinen {adj}  :: binary
bingo {interj}  :: bingo
bingo {n}  :: bingo
bingota {vi}  :: To play bingo
binomi {n} [algebra]  :: binomial
binomijakauma {n}  :: binomial distribution
binomikerroin {n}  :: binomial coefficient
binomilause {n}  :: binomial theorem
binääriluku {n}  :: binary number
binäärinen {adj}  :: binary
bio- {prefix}  :: bio-
bioase {n}  :: bioweapon
biodiesel {n}  :: biodiesel
biodiversiteetti {n} [biology]  :: biodiversity
biodynaaminen {adj}  :: biodynamic
biodynaamisesti {adv}  :: biodynamically
biodynaamisuus {n}  :: The property of being biodynamic
bioetiikka {n} [philosophy]  :: bioethics
biofysiikka {n}  :: biophysics
biofyysikko {n}  :: biophysicist
biogeeninen {adj}  :: biogenic
biogeenisuus {n}  :: The property of being biogenic
biogeneesi {n}  :: biogenesis
biogeografia {n}  :: biogeography
biogerontologia {n}  :: biogerontology
biografi {n}  :: biographer
biografia {n}  :: biography
biografinen {adj}  :: biographic
bioinformatiikka {n}  :: bioinformatics
biojäte {n}  :: biodegradable waste, organic waste
biokaasu {n}  :: biogas (combustible gas produced from organic matter)
biokatalysaattori {n}  :: biocatalyst
biokemia {n}  :: The biochemistry
biokemiallinen {adj}  :: biochemical
biokemisti {n}  :: biochemist
biokenoosi {n}  :: biocoenosis
biokompatibiliteetti {n} [medicine]  :: biocompatibility
biologi {n}  :: biologist
biologia {n}  :: biology
biologinen {adj}  :: biological
biologinen kello {n}  :: biological clock
biologinen sodankäynti {n}  :: biological warfare
biologisesti {adv}  :: biologically
biomassa {n}  :: biomass
biomekaniikka {n}  :: biomechanics
biometrinen {adj}  :: biometric
biomi {n}  :: biome
biomimeettinen {adj}  :: biomimetic (of or pertaining to biomimetics)
biomimetiikka {n}  :: biomimetics
biomolekyyli {n} [chemistry]  :: biomolecule
bioottinen {adj}  :: biotic
biopankki {n}  :: biobank
biopsia {n} [medicine]  :: biopsy
biopuhdistus {n}  :: bioremediation
bioreaktori {n}  :: bioreactor
bioremediaatio {n}  :: bioremediation
biorytmi {n}  :: biorhythm
biosemiotiikka {n}  :: biosemiotics
biosfääri {n}  :: biosphere
biosidi {n}  :: biocide
biotekniikka {n}  :: biotechnology
bioteknologia {n}  :: biotechnology
bioteollisuus {n}  :: bioindustry
bioterrorismi {n}  :: bioterrorism
biotiini {n}  :: biotin
biotiitti {n} [mineral]  :: biotite
biotooppi {n}  :: biotope
biotuote {n}  :: bioproduct
biotyyppi {n} [biology]  :: biotype
bioyhteensopiva {adj} [medicine]  :: biocompatible
bioyhteensopivuus {n} [medicine]  :: biocompatibility
bipolaarinen {adj}  :: bipolar
biraminen {adj}  :: biramous
birgittalainen {adj}  :: Bridgettine, Birgittine (of or pertaining to this order, its teachings or its members)
birgittalainen {n}  :: Bridgettine, Birgittine (member of the Order of the Most Holy Savior, an Augustinian monastic order of nuns, religious sisters and monks founded by Saint Birgitta a.k.a. Saint Bridget of Sweden in 1344, and approved by Pope Urban V in 1370)
birgittalaisluostari {n}  :: Bridgettine monastery
birgittalaisnunna {n}  :: Bridgettine nun
Birobidžan {prop}  :: Birobidzhan
bisarri {adj}  :: bizarre
biseksuaali {n}  :: a bisexual
biseksuaalinen {adj}  :: bisexual
biseksuaalisesti {adv}  :: bisexually
biseksuaalisuus {n}  :: bisexuality
Biskajanlahti {prop}  :: The Bay of Biscay
bismarck {n} [cards]  :: A certain card game
bisnes {n}  :: business class
bisnes {n}  :: business (commercial, industrial, or professional activity)
bisnes {n}  :: business (management of commercial enterprises, or the study of such management)
bisnes {n}  :: business (volume or amount of commercial trade)
bisnesmies {n} [colloquial]  :: businessman
bisse {n} [colloquial]  :: beer
bisse {n} [slang]  :: bisexual
bistro {n}  :: bistro
bitonaalinen {adj}  :: bitonal
bitti {n} [computing]  :: bit
bittikartta {n} [computing]  :: bitmap
bittinopeus {n} [computing]  :: bitrate
bittisyvyys {n} [computing]  :: bit depth
bitumi {n}  :: bitumen
bitumilakka {n}  :: bitumen varnish
bitumipaperi {n}  :: tar paper
bitumipäällyste {n}  :: bitumen coat
bitumisora {n}  :: tarmac
bitumoida {vt}  :: To apply bitumen on
bjarmi {n}  :: Bjarmian (inhabitant of Bjarmaland)
Bjarmien maa {prop}  :: Bjarmaland
bkt {initialism}  :: GNP (gross national product)
BKT {initialism}  :: The abbreviation of bruttokansantuote, GDP (gross domestic product)
BKT {initialism}  :: The abbreviation of bruttokansantuote, GNP (gross national product)
blainvillenvalas {n} [obsolete]  :: Blainville's beaked whale, dense-beaked whale, Mesoplodon densirostris
blandata {vt} [slang]  :: To blend or mix with sthg, especially to make an alcoholic beverage weaker
blandaus {n}  :: blending, mixing (especially of drinks)
blandinki {n}  :: Non-alcoholic beverage in a punch
blandis {n} [slang]  :: A mixer (non-alcoholic drink that is added to spirits to make cocktails)
blanfordinkettu {n}  :: Blanford's fox, Vulpes cana (small fox found in certain regions of the Middle East)
blanketti {n}  :: form (document)
blanseerata {v} [cooking]  :: To blanch
blantrata {vt}  :: To dilute (liquid)
blasaari {n} [astronomy]  :: blazar (very compact quasar associated with a presumed supermassive black hole at the center of an active, giant elliptical galaxy)
blasinhevosenkenkäyökkö {n}  :: Blasius's horseshoe bat, Rhinolophus blasii (species of bat in the Rhinolophidae family found throughout large parts of the Mediterranean, Middle East and Northern Africa)
blastula {n} [embryology]  :: blastula
blefarospasmi {n} [pathology]  :: blepharospasm (professional term for spasm of the eyelid)
bleiseri {n}  :: blazer
bling-bling {n} [military slang]  :: dog tag
blini {n}  :: blini
bliss-kieli {n}  :: Blissymbols (constructed language using ideographs)
bläkkäri {n} [slang]  :: A person, who listens to black metal
blogata {v}  :: to blog
blogi {n}  :: blog (personal or corporate website)
blokadi {n} [rare]  :: blockade
blokata {vt} [colloquial]  :: To block
blokkaus {n}  :: blocking
blokki {n}  :: bloc
blokkiintua {vi}  :: To form a bloc
blokkikauppa {n} [finance]  :: block trade (noncompetitive, privately negotiated transaction of securities which is executed apart and away from the open markets)
blokkiutua {vi}  :: To form a bloc
blondata {v}  :: To dye one's hair to blond color
blondi {n}  :: blonde
blondiini {n}  :: A blonde
blondivitsi {n}  :: blonde joke (joke based on a stereotype of dumb blonde women)
blosis {n} [Helsinki slang]  :: wind (movement of air)
blues {n} [music]  :: blues
blueskappale {n}  :: blues piece
blueslaulaja {n}  :: blues singer
bluesmusiikki {n}  :: blues music
bluetooth {n} [telecommunication]  :: Bluetooth
bluffata {vi} [colloquial]  :: To bluff
bluffaus {n}  :: bluffing
bluffi {n}  :: bluff
Böömi {prop}  :: Bohemia
böömiläinen {adj}  :: Bohemian
böömiläinen {n}  :: A Bohemian person
bööna {n} [dialectal]  :: bean, especially a coffee bean
bööna {n} [slang]  :: woman, girl
bändi {n} [music, colloquial]  :: band, group
bänet {n} [slang]  :: bänksit (event of breaking up a relationship)
bänks {n} [colloquial]  :: breakup (of relationship)
boa {n}  :: boa (snake)
boakäärme {n}  :: boa (any of large American snakes of the genus Boa)
bodaaja {n} [colloquial]  :: bodybuilder
bodari {n} [colloquial]  :: bodybuilder
bodata {vit} [intransitive, colloquial]  :: To build body (as in bodybuilding)
bodaus {n} [colloquial]  :: bodybuilding
bodi {n} [colloquial]  :: body
bodi {n}  :: onesie
body {n}  :: snapsuit, diaper shirt, onesies (infant bodysuit)
bodybuilding {n}  :: bodybuilding
bofori {n}  :: A unit of the Beaufort scale
boforiasteikko {n} [nautical, wind]  :: The Beaufort scale
boga {n}  :: bogue, Boops boops
boheemi {adj}  :: bohemian
boheemi {n}  :: a bohemian
bohrium {n}  :: bohrium
boikotoida {vt} [transitive + partitive]  :: To boycott
boikotointi {n}  :: boycotting
boikotti {n}  :: boycott
boileri {n}  :: boiler
bokseri {n}  :: boxer (dog breed)
bokseri {n}  :: short for bokserimoottori (type of internal combustion engine)
bokserimoottori {n}  :: boxer, boxer engine, flat engine (type of internal combustion engine)
bokserit {n}  :: boxer briefs, boxer shorts, boxers (type of briefs)
boksi {n}  :: box
bolševikki {n}  :: A Bolshevik
bolševismi {n}  :: Bolshevism
bolševistinen {adj}  :: Bolshevist, pertaining to Bolshevism
bolidi {n} [astronomy]  :: bolide
Bolivia {prop}  :: Bolivia
bolivialainen {adj}  :: Bolivian
bolivialainen {n}  :: A Bolivian person
bolivianpuumuura {n}  :: Bolivian slaty antshrike
bolivianvyötiäinen {n}  :: screaming hairy armadillo (Chaetophractus vellerosus)
bolla {n} [slang]  :: head
bolsevikki {n}  :: alternative spelling of bolševikki
bolsevismi {n}  :: alternative spelling of bolševismi
bolsevistinen {adj}  :: alternative spelling of bolševistinen
bombykoli {n}  :: bombykol
bongailla {v} [slang]  :: To spot [to see, find; to pick out, notice, locate or identify]
bongailla {v}  :: To twitch [to spot or seek out a bird, especially a rare one]
bongari {n} [by extension]  :: someone who spots for hobby or pastime (birds, airplane types, beautiful chicks etc.)
bongari {n} [slang]  :: twitcher (birdwatcher)
bongata {v} [slang]  :: To spot (to see, find; to pick out, notice, locate or identify)
bongata {v}  :: To twitch (to spot or seek out a bird, especially a rare one)
bongaus {n}  :: twitch, twitching
bongo {n}  :: bongo, Taurotragus euryceros
bongo {n} [musical instruments]  :: bongo
bonjata {vt} [Helsinki slang]  :: To understand
bonus {n}  :: A bonus (extra payment to an employee)
bonus {n}  :: A bonus (something extra)
booli {n}  :: punch (beverage)
boomi {n}  :: A boom (a period of prosperity)
booraksi {n} [chemistry]  :: borax
boordi {n}  :: A border (decorative strip around the edge of something)
boori {n}  :: boron
boorihappo {n} [chemistry]  :: boric acid
booritribromidi {n} [chemistry]  :: boron tribromide
booritrifluoridi {n} [inorganic compound]  :: boron trifluoride
boosteri {n}  :: booster
bootata {vt} [computing, slang]  :: to boot, reboot
bootsi {n} [colloquial]  :: A boot (shoe)
boraani {n} [chemistry]  :: borane
boraatti {n} [chemistry]  :: borate
bordeaux {n}  :: Bordeaux (wine)
Bordeaux {prop}  :: Bordeaux
bordeauxviini {n}  :: Bordeaux (wine)
bordelli {n}  :: A bordello, brothel
bordunapilli {n} [music]  :: drone, bourdon (fixed-pitch pipe on a bagpipe)
bordyyri {n}  :: embroidery
boreaalinen {adj}  :: boreal
Borneo {prop}  :: Borneo
borneoli {n} [biochemistry]  :: borneol
borrelioosi {n} [medicine]  :: Lyme disease, Lyme neuroborreliosis
borssi {n}  :: borscht
borštš {n}  :: alternative form of borssi
bosnia {n}  :: Bosnian (the language)
bosniahertsegovinalainen {adj}  :: Bosnian and Herzegovinian
bosniahertsegovinalainen {n}  :: A Bosnian or Herzegovinian person
Bosnia ja Hertsegovina {prop}  :: Bosnia and Herzegovina
bosnialainen {adj}  :: Bosnian
bosnialainen {n}  :: Bosnian, Bosniak (person)
bosnianmänty {n}  :: Bosnian pine, Pinus heldreichii syn. P. leucodermis
bosoni {n} [particle]  :: boson
botaanikko {n}  :: botanist
botaaninen {adj}  :: botanic
botaanisesti {adv}  :: botanically
botaniikka {n}  :: botany
botanisti {n}  :: botanist
botox {n}  :: Botox
botski {n} [slang]  :: boat, ship
Botswana {prop}  :: Botswana
botswanalainen {adj}  :: Botswanan
botswanalainen {n}  :: Botswanan
botuliini {n}  :: botulin
botulismi {n} [pathology]  :: botulism
bougainvillea {n}  :: bougainvillea
bounssata {v} [slang]  :: to bounce (slang: to leave)
bourgogneviini {n}  :: Burgundy (wine)
boyfriend {n} [rare]  :: boyfriend
boysenmarja {n}  :: boysenberry
braani {n} [physics]  :: brane
braatvursti {n}  :: bratwurst
bradykardia {n} [pathology]  :: bradycardia (condition of having a slow heartbeat)
brahma {n}  :: Brahman (concept of Hinduism)
brahmaani {n}  :: brahman, brahmin (member of the first of the four castes of Hinduism)
brahmalainen {adj}  :: brahmin, brahminic (of or relating to the caste of brahmins)
brahmalaisuus {n}  :: Brahmanism, Brahminism
brahmanismi {n}  :: Brahmanism
brakistokroni {n}  :: brachistochrone
brallobarbitaali {n} [pharmaceutical drug]  :: brallobarbital
bramaani {n}  :: alternative spelling of brahmaani
bramiini {n}  :: alternative form of brahmaani
brandi {n} [marketing]  :: A brand (intangible sum of a product's atrributes)
brandy {n}  :: brandy
Brasilia {prop}  :: Brazil
brasilialainen {adj}  :: Brazilian, related to Brazil
brasilialainen {n}  :: Brazilian person
brasiliankastanja {n}  :: brazil nut
brasilianpallovyötiäinen {n}  :: Brazilian three-banded armadillo (Tolypeutes tricinctus)
brasilianpähkinä {n}  :: brazil nut
brasilianportugali {n}  :: Brazilian Portuguese
brasilianpuumuura {n}  :: rufous-winged antshrike
brasilianterrieri {n}  :: Brazilian terrier (breed of dog)
brassailija {n} [slang]  :: bragger, boaster, show-off
brasserie {n}  :: brasserie
brassi {n} [colloquial]  :: A Brazilian person
bravuuri {n}  :: bravura
Brazzavillen Kongo {prop}  :: The Congo-Brazzaville, the Republic of the Congo
break-tanssi {n}  :: breakdancing
breikata {v} [billiards, slang]  :: To break (to make the first shot)
breikata {vi}  :: To breakdance
breikkaus {n}  :: breakdancing
breikkaus {n}  :: breakthrough
breikki {n} [slang]  :: break, pause
breksia {n} [geology]  :: breccia
brežneviläinen {adj}  :: Brezhnevian
brenkku {n} [slang]  :: Booze
breseerata {v} [cooking]  :: To braise (to cook in a small amount of liquid, in a covered pan)
bretoni {n}  :: The Breton language
breviaario {n}  :: breviary
brewsteriitti {n} [mineral]  :: brewsterite
bridge {n} [card games]  :: bridge
brie {n}  :: brie
brigadööri {n} [historical, military rank]  :: brigadier
brigadööri {n} [Salvation Army]  :: brigadier
brigantiini {n}  :: A brigantine
briiffaus {n}  :: briefing
briketti {n}  :: briquet
briljantti {adj}  :: brilliant
briljantti {n}  :: brilliant
briljeerata {v}  :: To show off (to demonstrate one's skill, talent, etc. for its own sake)
briljeeraus {n}  :: showing off (act of displaying one's brilliantness)
briossi {n}  :: brioche (not croissant)
britannium {n} [metallurgy]  :: Britannia metal
Britteinsaaret {prop}  :: The British Isles
britti {n}  :: a Briton
brittienglanti {n}  :: British English
brittiläinen {adj}  :: British
brittiläinen {n}  :: A British (person)
brittiläinen {n}  :: A British Shorthair (breed of cat)
Brittiläinen Guayana {prop} [historical]  :: British Guiana (colonial era name of current Guyana)
brittipop {n} [music]  :: Britpop
brändi {n}  :: A brand (intangible sum of a product's attributes)
bränikkä {adj} [slang]  :: brand new
brodeerata {v}  :: To embroider
brodeeraus {n}  :: embroidery
brodyyri {n}  :: embroidery
brodyyrikangas {n}  :: embroidery
broholminkoira {n}  :: Broholmer
broidi {n} [slang]  :: brother
broileri {n}  :: broiler
broilerinuija {n}  :: chicken drumstick
brokadi {n} [textiles]  :: brocade
brokkoli {n}  :: broccoli
bromaatti {n} [inorganic chemistry]  :: bromate
bromelaiini {n} [chemistry]  :: bromelain
bromi {n}  :: bromine
bromidi {n}  :: bromide
bromifenolisininen {n} [chemistry]  :: bromophenol blue
bromikloorimetaani {n} [chemistry]  :: bromochloromethane
bromikresolivihreä {n} [chemistry]  :: bromocresol green (pigment)
bromikresolivioletti {n} [chemistry]  :: bromocresol purple
bromitymolisininen {n} [chemistry]  :: bromothymol blue
bromoformi {n} [chemistry]  :: bromoform
bronkiitti {n} [disease]  :: bronchitis
brontosaurus {n}  :: brontosaur
Bronx {prop}  :: Bronx
brosyyri {n}  :: brochure
brovninki {n}  :: Browning (semi-automatic handgun)
Brownin liike {n}  :: Brownian motion
brunch {n} [rare]  :: brunch
Brunei {prop}  :: Brunei
bruneilainen {adj}  :: Bruneian
bruneilainen {n}  :: Bruneian
brunetti {n}  :: brunette
brunssi {n}  :: brunch
bruselloosi {n} [disease]  :: brucellosis
brutaali {adj}  :: brutal
brutaalisti {adv}  :: brutally
brutaalius {n}  :: brutality
brutto {n}  :: gross (net + tare)
bruttoansio {n}  :: gross earnings
bruttokansantuote {n}  :: gross domestic product
bruttokansantuote {n}  :: gross national product
bruttomäärä {n}  :: gross amount
bruttomyynti {n}  :: gross sales
bruttopaino {n}  :: The gross weight (total weight of a product and its package)
bruttopalkka {n}  :: gross income
bruttotulo {n} [economics]  :: gross income
bruttotuotanto {n} [ecology]  :: gross production
bruukata {v} [colloquial]  :: Alternative spelling of pruukata
brydenvalas {n}  :: Bryde's whale, Balaenoptera brydei , a species of rorqual
bryologi {n}  :: bryologist
bryologia {n} [botany]  :: bryology
bryssä {n} [humorous, neologism]  :: citizen of the EU, especially one who works in the bureaucracy of the union; when capitalized, the EU
Bryssel {prop}  :: Brussels
Brysseli {prop}  :: A deprecated version of the name Bryssel
brysseliläinen {adj}  :: Brusselian
brysseliläinen {n}  :: Brusselian
brysselinkaali {n}  :: Brussels sprout
buddhalainen {adj}  :: Buddhist
buddhalainen {n}  :: A Buddhist, follower of Buddhism
buddhalaisluostari {n}  :: Buddhist monastery
buddhalaismunkki {n}  :: Buddhist monk
buddhalaisuus {n}  :: Buddhism
buddhismi {n}  :: Buddhism
budjata {v} [slang]  :: To live, reside
budjetoida {v}  :: To budget
budjetointi {n}  :: budgeting
budjetti {n}  :: budget (itemized summary of intended expenditure revenue)
budjetti {n}  :: purse, budget (money allocated for particular purpose)
budjettiesitys {n}  :: budget proposal (budget that has not yet been formally approved by the relevant decision-making body)
budjettiriihi {n}  :: A workshop to finalize a budget; used especially of an annual few days' workshop in which the state budget is balanced
bufetti {n}  :: buffet
bufoteniini {n} [chemistry]  :: bufotenine
bugi {n} [computing, slang]  :: bug
Bukarest {prop}  :: Bucharest (capital of Romania)
bukee {n}  :: bouquet (scent of wine)
bukkaneeri {n}  :: buccaneer
buklee {n}  :: boucle
bulbouretraalirauhanen {n} [anatomy]  :: bulbourethral gland
bulbuli {n}  :: bulbul (any of several passerine songbirds of the family Pycnonotidae)
bulevardi {n}  :: boulevard
bulgaari {n}  :: A Bulgarian
bulgaria {n}  :: The Bulgarian language
Bulgaria {prop}  :: Bulgaria
bulgarialainen {adj}  :: Bulgarian (relating to Bulgaria, its people or the Bulgarian language)
bulgarialainen {n}  :: A citizen of, or a person originating from Bulgaria
bulgarian kieli {prop}  :: Bulgarian (language)
Bulgarian tasavalta {prop}  :: the Republic of Bulgaria
buliimikko {n}  :: A bulimic
bulimia {n}  :: bulimia
bulkki {n}  :: bulk (unpackaged goods)
bulkkitavara {n}  :: bulk (unpackaged goods)
bulkogi {n}  :: bulgogi (Korean dish of sliced beef)
bulla {n}  :: bull (papal bull)
bulldoggi {n}  :: bulldog
bullterrieri {n}  :: bull terrier
bulvaani {n}  :: (hunting) decoy
bulvaani {n}  :: (metaphorically) front, front organization, straw man, paper man, dummy (public face of covert organisation)
bumaga {n} [slang]  :: A document
bušmanni {n}  :: A bushman
bumerangi {n}  :: A boomerang
bumerangi {n}  :: A bullet (rejection letter)
bunderi {n} [rare]  :: A rhesus macaque
bungalow {n}  :: bungalow
bungata {vi} [Helsinki slang]  :: To cost
bunio {n} [pathology]  :: bunion
bunkata {v} [Helsinki slang]  :: to bunk, live, stay
bunkkeri {n}  :: A bunker
buprenorfiini {n} [pharmaceutical drug]  :: buprenorphine
Burgundi {prop}  :: Bourgogne
Burgundi {prop}  :: Burgundy
burgundinpata {n}  :: beef bourguignon
burjaatti {n}  :: A Buryat (person)
burjaatti {n}  :: Buryat (language)
Burjatia {prop}  :: Buryatia (Buryatia, Russia)
burka {n}  :: burka (female garment)
Burkina Faso {prop}  :: Burkina Faso
burkinalainen {adj}  :: Of, from, or pertaining to Burkina Faso or the Burkinabe people
burkinalainen {n}  :: Burkinabe
burkini {n}  :: A burqini
burleski {n}  :: burlesque
Burma {prop}  :: Burma
burmalainen {adj}  :: Burmese
burmalainen {n}  :: A Burmese person
burnout {n} [psychology]  :: burnout
bursiitti {n} [pathology]  :: bursitis
Burundi {prop}  :: Burundi
burundilainen {adj}  :: Burundian
burundilainen {n}  :: Burundian
bushel {n}  :: Alternative form of busheli
busheli {n}  :: bushel (imperial and U.S. customary unit of dry volume)
bushmanni {n}  :: alternative spelling of bušmanni
bushmannijänis {n}  :: riverine rabbit (Bunolagus monticularis)
business {n}  :: alternative spelling of bisnes
businessluokka {n}  :: business class
busmanni {n}  :: alternative spelling of bušmanni
bussi {n} [colloquial]  :: bus
bussikaista {n}  :: bus lane
bussikuski {n} [colloquial]  :: bus driver
bussilippu {n}  :: bus ticket
bussinkuljettaja {n} [colloquial]  :: A bus driver
bussionnettomuus {n}  :: bus accident
bussipysäkki {n}  :: bus stop
busuki {n} [musical instruments]  :: bouzouki
butaani {n} [organic compound]  :: butane
butaanihappo {n} [chemistry]  :: butyric acid
butadieeni {n} [chemistry]  :: butadiene
butalbitaali {n} [chemistry]  :: butalbital
butanaali {n} [chemistry]  :: butyraldehyde
butanoli {n}  :: butanol
butyloitu hydroksianisoli {n}  :: butylated hydroxyanisole
butyyni {n} [organic compound]  :: butyne
buu {interj}  :: boo! (disapproval in audience)
buuata {vi}  :: To boo
buuaus {n}  :: A booing, boo (derisive shout)
buukata {v} [colloquial]  :: To book, to reserve (to reserve something for future use)
buukkaus {n}  :: booking
buulaagi {n}  :: alternative form of buulaaki
buulaaki {n} [informal]  :: company, firm
buumi {n}  :: An economical boom
buuri {n}  :: A Boer
buutata {vt} [computing, slang]  :: to boot, reboot
buutsi {n} [slang]  :: boot (shoe)
buzuki {n} [musical instruments]  :: bouzouki
B-vitamiini {n}  :: vitamin B
bygga {n} [slang]  :: construction site
bylsiä {vt} [vulgar, slang + partitive]  :: To fuck, screw
byrnesinpussihiiri {n}  :: kowari, Dasyuroides byrnei (small carnivorous rat-like marsupial endemic to the dry grasslands and deserts of central Australia)
byrokraatisto {n} [rare, derogative]  :: bureaucrats; bureaucracy (bureaucrats collectively; bureaucrats understood as a class comparable to nobility, bourgeoisie etc.)
byrokraatti {n}  :: bureaucrat
byrokraattinen {adj}  :: bureaucratic
byrokraattisesti {adv}  :: bureaucratically
byrokraattistaa {vt}  :: to bureaucratize
byrokraattistua {vi}  :: To become bureaucratic
byrokraattisuus {n}  :: The property of being bureaucratic
byrokratia {n}  :: bureaucracy
byrokratisoida {v}  :: To bureaucratize
byrokratisointi {n}  :: bureaucratization
byrokratisoitua {vi}  :: To become bureaucratic
Bysantti {prop}  :: Byzantium, Byzantine Empire (empire)
Bysantti {prop}  :: Byzantium (city)
bysanttilainen {adj}  :: Byzantine
bysanttilainen {n}  :: A Byzantine person
bysanttilaisuus {n}  :: The state of being Byzantine
byssa {n} [slang, nautical]  :: galley, caboose (ship kitchen)
byte {n}  :: byte