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C {abbr}  :: cum laude approbatur
caddie {n}  :: caddie
caesarsalaatti {n}  :: Caesar salad (type of salad)
cafeteria {n}  :: cafeteria
Calmette-rokote {n} [medicine]  :: BCG (tuberculosis vaccine based on Bacillus Calmette-Guérin)
calvados {n}  :: calvados
camping {n}  :: camping
canasta {n}  :: canasta (card game)
canasta {n}  :: canasta (meld of seven cards in above)
cancan {n}  :: cancan
candomblé {n}  :: Candomblé (religion, mainly practised in Brazil)
cannelloni {n}  :: alternative form of kanneloni
cappuccino {n}  :: cappuccino (beverage and serving)
casanova {n}  :: casanova
cashewpähkinä {n}  :: cashew nut
catering {n}  :: catering
caunis {n}  :: obsolete spelling of kaunis
cayennepippuri {n}  :: cayenne pepper (hot chilli pepper bulb and the spice made of it)
CD-levy {n}  :: A compact disc (optical disc used to store data)
CD-soitin {n}  :: CD player
C-duuri {n} [music]  :: C major
cee {n}  :: alternative spelling of see
celsius {n}  :: Alternative capitalization of Celsius (letter "C" in the Finnish standard spelling alphabet)
celsius {n}  :: Celsius (scale of temperature)
celsiusaste {n}  :: degree Celsius
cembalisti {n}  :: harpsichordist
cembalo {n}  :: harpsichord
cerium {n}  :: cerium
Ces-duuri {n} [music]  :: C-flat major
ceses {n} [music]  :: C double flat
cesium {n}  :: caesium, cesium
c'est la vie {phrase}  :: c'est la vie
ceyloninkaneli {n}  :: Cinnamon, Cinnamomum zeylanicum or Cinnamomum verum (tree)
cgs-järjestelmä {n} [physics]  :: The centimeter-gram-second system of units
cha-cha-cha {n}  :: cha-cha
chakra {n} [Hinduism]  :: chakra
Chandrasekharin raja {n} [astronomy]  :: Chandrasekhar limit
charleston {n} [dance]  :: Charleston
charmantti {adj}  :: charming
charmi {n}  :: charm (ability)
charmikas {adj}  :: charming
charterlento {n}  :: charter flight
chatata {v} [Internet, slang]  :: To chat
chateaubriand {n}  :: chateaubriand
chattailu {n} [Internet]  :: chatting
chatti {n} [Internet, informal]  :: chat
cheddar {n}  :: cheddar (cheese)
cheerleader {n}  :: cheerleader
cherokee {n}  :: A Cherokee (member of a native North American ethnic group)
cherokee {n}  :: Cherokee (their language)
chic {adj}  :: chic
chihuahua {n}  :: chihuahua
chikungunya {n}  :: Chikungunya
Chile {prop}  :: Chile
chileläinen {adj}  :: Chilean
chileläinen {n}  :: A Chilean person
chili {n}  :: chili
chilikastike {n}  :: chili sauce, hot sauce, pepper sauce
chilipata {n}  :: chili con carne
chilipippuri {n}  :: chili pepper, chilli (fruit)
chinchilla {n}  :: chinchilla
chipata {v} [sports, slang]  :: To chip (to play a shot where the ball goes predominantly upwards)
chippi {n} [sports]  :: chip (shot where the ball goes more upwards than a regular shot)
chips {n}  :: potato chips
chipsi {n}  :: alternative form of sipsi
chopperi {n} [informal]  :: A chopper (motorcycle style)
châteauviini {n}  :: chateau wine
ciabatta {n}  :: ciabatta bread
Cis-duuri {n} [music]  :: C-sharp major
city-maasturi {n}  :: alternative spelling of citymaasturi
citymaasturi {n}  :: SUV
clearing {n} [banking, finance]  :: clearing
clear-tila {n} [scientology]  :: The state of being "clear", i.e. free of the harmful influence of engrams; translated into English often with an expression involving adjective "clear"
cloisonné {n}  :: cloisonne (technique or material)
cloisonnee {n}  :: cloisonne (technique or material)
clou {n}  :: highlight (high point of an occasion)
cocktail {n}  :: cocktail (mixed drink)
cocktailkurkku {n}  :: A gherkin (small cucumber pickled whole)
cocktail-mekko {n}  :: cocktail dress
collie {n}  :: collie
collie {n}  :: rough collie
continuum {n} [music]  :: continuum (type of electronic instrument)
contra {n}  :: A fighter in the Contra movement
Cookinsaaret {prop}  :: Cook Islands (self-governing country in Oceania)
cooler {n}  :: cooler (chilled mixed drink)
cooperiitti {n} [geology]  :: cooperite
copy {n}  :: A copy (output of copywriter)
copy {n}  :: A copywriter
copyright {n}  :: copyright
corgi {n}  :: corgi (breed of dog)
Costa Rica {prop}  :: Costa Rica
coulombi {n}  :: coulomb (SI unit of electric charge)
coupé {n}  :: coupé
couscous {n}  :: alternative form of kuskus
cover {n}  :: cover, cover version (rerecording of a previously recorded song)
cowboy {n}  :: cowboy
Cowperin rauhanen {n} [anatomy]  :: bulbourethral gland
CP-vamma {n} [pathology]  :: cerebral palsy (group of non-contagious conditions)
crack {n}  :: crack (variety of cocaine)
crescendo {n}  :: crescendo (instruction to play gradually more loudly)
crescendo {n} [rare]  :: crescendo (gradual increase, especially to a dramatic climax)
crème fraîche {n} [rare]  :: crème fraîche; more commonly ranskankerma
croissant {n}  :: croissant
Cro-Magnonin ihminen {n}  :: Cro-Magnon
csárdás {n}  :: czardas
cum laude approbatur {n}  :: An academic grade used in Finnish abitur and university theses, the most common grade
cum laude approbatur {n}  :: The university syllabus in Finland, longer than approbatur but shorter than laudatur
cunnilingus {n}  :: cunnilingus
cup {n}  :: cup (contest)
curium {n}  :: curium
curling {n} [sports]  :: curling
curry {n}  :: a dish made using this spice mixture, curry (dish)
curry {n}  :: south Asian spice mix, curry powder, curry paste
currykastike {n}  :: A curry (sauce flavored with curry)
currypata {n}  :: A stew made with curry
C-vitamiini {n}  :: vitamin C
cyberpunk {n}  :: cyberpunk (sci-fi subgenre)