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faabeli {n}  :: fable
faagi {n} [microbiology, virology]  :: phage
faanjunkkari {n} [military ranks]  :: fanjunkare
faarao {n}  :: pharaoh
faaraokoira {n}  :: pharaoh hound
faaraomuurahainen {n}  :: pharaoh ant (Monomorium pharaonis)
faaraorotta {n}  :: Egyptian mongoose, ichneumon, Herpestes ichneumon
faasi {n} [physics, chemistry]  :: A phase
fabrikaatti {n} [obsolete]  :: valmiste, tuote
fabuloida {v} [rare]  :: to fable (to fabricate a story)
fabulointi {n} [rare]  :: action noun of the verb fabuloida; fabling
factoringyhtiö {n} [finance]  :: factoring firm
fade {n} [slang]  :: father
fagi {n} [microbiology, virology]  :: phage
fagosytoida {v} [immunology, cytology]  :: to phagocytize [US], phagocytise [UK] (to ingest by phagocytosis)
fagosytoosi {n} [cytology]  :: phagocytosis
fagosyytti {n} [cytology]  :: phagocyte
fagotinsoittaja {n}  :: Alternative term for fagotisti
fagotisti {n}  :: bassoonist
fagotti {n} [musical instruments]  :: bassoon
fagottikonsertto {n} [music]  :: bassoon concerto
fahrenheitaste {n}  :: degree Fahrenheit (one degree on the Fahrenheit temperature scale)
fahrenheitasteikko {n}  :: Fahrenheit scale (scale for measuring temperature, using Fahrenheit as unit)
faija {n} [slang]  :: daddy, father
faili {n} [computing, slang]  :: A computer file
fajanssi {n}  :: faience
fajanssiastia {n}  :: faience dish (vessel such as a plate for holding or serving food, made of faience)
fajanssinen {n}  :: faience (made of faience)
fajanssiteollisuus {n}  :: faience industry
fakiiri {n}  :: fakir, faqir (ascetic or religious mendicant)
fakiiri {n}  :: wizard (person skilled or unusually talented in a particular field)
fakki {n}  :: box, compartment
fakki-idiootti {n}  :: Someone who is so specialized in his/her profession or trade that it limits their thinking; literally overspecialized idiot
fakkiintua {vi}  :: To overspecialize
fakkikieli {n}  :: alternative term for ammattikieli
fakkiutua {vi}  :: To overspecialize
faksata {vt}  :: to fax (to send a document via a fax machine)
faksi {n}  :: fax (document)
faksi {n}  :: fax, fax machine (machine)
faksimile {n}  :: facsimile, fax
faksimilejäljennös {n}  :: facsimile, facsimile copy
faksitse {adv}  :: By fax
fakta {n}  :: fact
faktatietokanta {n} [computing]  :: fact database (database of facts)
faktinen {adj}  :: factual
faktisesti {adv}  :: factually, in fact
faktori {n}  :: factor
faktorianalyysi {n} [math]  :: factor analysis
faktuaalinen {adj}  :: factual
faktuaalisuus {n}  :: factuality (state or quality of being factual)
faktumi {n} [rare]  :: fact
fakturoida {v} [archaic]  :: to invoice, bill (to issue an invoice, usually for delivery of goods or services)
faktuura {n}  :: invoice
fakultatiivinen {adj}  :: facultative (optional)
fakultatiivisesti {adv}  :: facultatively
fakultatiivisuus {n}  :: The quality of being facultative; faculty
fakulteetti {n} [dated]  :: faculty (a division of a university)
fakulteetti {n} [mathematics]  :: factorial
falafel {n}  :: falafel (foodstuff)
falangi {n}  :: phalanx (large group of people)
falangi {n}  :: phalanx (military unit)
falangisti {n}  :: A phalangist
falanukka {n}  :: alternative form of falanukki
falanukki {n}  :: falanouc, Euplerer goudotii (civet-like mammal native to Madagascar)
falklandilainen {adj}  :: Falkland [attributive use of proper noun]; Falklandic
falklandilainen {n}  :: Falklander, Falkland Islander
Falklandinsaaret {prop}  :: The Falkland Islands
falli {n} [nautical, slang]  :: A halyard
fallibilismi {n} [philosophy]  :: fallibilism
fallibilisti {n}  :: A fallibilist
fallinen {adj}  :: phallic
fallos {n}  :: phallus
fallosmainen {adj}  :: phallic (resembling phallos)
fallossymboli {n}  :: phallic symbol (object that by resembling phallos or otherwise is regarded as symbolizing masculinism)
falsetti {n}  :: falsetto
falsettiääni {n}  :: alternative term for falsetti
falsifikaatio {n}  :: alternative term for väärennös
falsifikaatio {n}  :: alternative term for väärennys
falsifioida {vt}  :: To falsify
falsifiointi {n}  :: falsification
falsifioitavuus {n} [science]  :: falsifiability
falsifioituva {adj} [sciences]  :: falsifiable
falskata {vi} [colloquial]  :: To leak
falski {adj}  :: false, spurious
falski {adj}  :: false, untrue
falski {adj}  :: insincere
falskisti {adv}  :: falsely
falskius {n}  :: Quality of being falski; falseness
familiaarinen {adj}  :: familial
familismi {n}  :: familism (form of social structure in which the needs of the family as a group are more important than the needs of any individual family member)
familistinen {adj}  :: familistic
fan {n}  :: fan, admirer, aficionado
fanaatikko {n}  :: fanatic
fanaattinen {adj}  :: fanatic
fanaattisemmin {adv}  :: comparative form of fanaattisesti
fanaattisesti {adv}  :: fanatically
fanaattisimmin {adv}  :: superlative form of fanaattisesti
fanaattisuus {n}  :: bigotry, fanaticism
fanaloka {n}  :: Malagasy civet, striped civet, Fossa fossana (civet-like mammal endemic to Madagascar)
fanalokki {n}  :: alternative form of fanaloka
fanatismi {n}  :: fanaticism
fan club {n}  :: fan club
faneeri {n} [dialectal]  :: plywood
fanerotsooinen {adj} [geology]  :: Phanerozoic
fanfaari {n}  :: fanfare
fani {n} [colloquial]  :: fan (e.g. a soccer fan)
fanikanta {n}  :: fandom, fan base (fans collectively)
fanikunta {n}  :: fandom, fan base (fans collectively)
fanittaa {v} [informal]  :: to admire, to be somebody's fan
fanius {n}  :: fandom, fanship (state of being fan)
fanklubi {n}  :: fan club
Fanni {prop}  :: female given name
fantasia {n}  :: fantasy
fantasiaelokuva {n}  :: fantasy film
fantasiakirjallisuus {n}  :: fantasy literature
fantasiamaailma {n}  :: fantasy world
fantasiaroolipeli {n}  :: fantasy role-playing game, fantasy role game
fantasiataiteilija {n}  :: fantasist, fantasy artist (artist who creates fantasies)
fantasiataru {n}  :: fantasy epic
fantasioida {v}  :: To fantasize
fantasti {n}  :: fantast
fantastinen {adj}  :: fantastic
fantastisesti {adv}  :: fantastically
fantastisuus {n}  :: fantasticity
fantisoida {v}  :: To fantasize
fantisointi {n}  :: fantasizing
fantomi {n} [medicine]  :: phantom pain
fantomi {n}  :: phantom (illusion)
fantomisärky {n} [medicine]  :: phantom pain
fapiaani {n} [dialectal, Lapua]  :: A lively and original person
Faraday-kiertymä {n} [physics]  :: Faraday rotation
faradi {n}  :: farad
farao {n}  :: alternative spelling of faarao
farao {n}  :: The letter "F" in the Finnish tavausaakkoset, a spelling system similar to ICAO spelling alphabet
faraokoira {n}  :: alternative spelling of faaraokoira
fariinisokeri {n}  :: brown sugar (refined sugar to which molasses has been added)
farisealainen {adj}  :: pharisaic
farisealainen {n}  :: Pharisee (person who values form over content)
farisealaisuus {n}  :: pharisaism (doctrines and practices of the Pharisees)
farisealaisuus {n}  :: pharisaism (rigid observance of external forms of religion)
fariseus {n} [biblical]  :: Pharisee (member of an ancient Jewish movement)
fariseus {n} [by extension]  :: Pharisee (person who values form over content)
farkku {n} [informal]  :: station wagon
farkkuhaalari {n}  :: jeans overall
farkkuhame {n}  :: denim skirt
farkkukangas {n}  :: [British] dungaree
farkkukangas {n}  :: denim
farkkukansa {n}  :: youth, collectively, especially as participants in music festivals etc
farkkupusakka {n}  :: jeans jacket
farkkupusero {n}  :: jeans jacket
farkkutakki {n}  :: jeans jacket, denim jacket
farkkuvaate {n}  :: jeans garment
farkut {n}  :: jeans, especially blue jeans
farkut {n}  :: pair of jeans
farmakodynamiikka {n}  :: pharmacodynamics
farmakognosia {n}  :: pharmacognosy
farmakokinetiikka {n}  :: pharmacokinetics
farmakologia {n}  :: pharmacology
farmakologinen {adj}  :: pharmacological
farmakologisesti {adv}  :: pharmacologically
farmanomi {n}  :: pharmacy assistant degree
farmari {n}  :: A farmer
farmari {n}  :: A station wagon
farmari {n}  :: In plural (farmarit) the jeans, as a short form of farmarihousut
farmariauto {n}  :: station wagon
farmarihame {n}  :: denim skirt
farmarihousut {n} [pluralonly]  :: jeans
farmarikangas {n}  :: denim
farmarikankainen {adj}  :: Made of denim
farmaripusero {n}  :: alternative term for farkkupusero
farmaritakki {n}  :: alternative term for farkkutakki
farmarivaate {n}  :: alternative term for farkkuvaate
farmaseutti {n}  :: pharmacist
farmaseuttinen {adv}  :: pharmaceutical
farmasia {n}  :: pharmacology, pharmacy (science of medicinal substances)
farmasia {n}  :: pharmacy (occupation of a pharmacist)
farmaus {n} [rare]  :: farming
farmi {n}  :: farm
farsi {n}  :: A person speaking Persian as his mother tongue
farsi {n}  :: In plural (farsit), the Persians collecively
farsi {n}  :: Persian (language)
farsin kieli {n}  :: Persian language
farssi {n}  :: farce
faryngiitti {n}  :: pharyngitis
fasaani {n}  :: pheasant (Phasianus colchicus)
fasaanikukko {n}  :: pheasant cock (male pheasant)
fasaanilintu {n}  :: pheasant (any bird species within the subfamily Phasianinae of the family Phasianidae)
fasadi {n}  :: facade
fasetti {n}  :: facet (surface cut into a gem)
fasiliteetti {n}  :: facility (physical means or contrivances to make something possible)
fasilitoida {v}  :: to facilitate (to lead a working group, meeting or seminar so that the creative input of each participant is taken into maximal use)
fasismi {n}  :: fascism
fasisti {n}  :: fascist
fasistinen {adj}  :: fascist
fasistipuolue {n}  :: fascist party
fasteri {n} [dialectal]  :: paternal aunt (father's sister)
fataali {adj}  :: fatal
fataalinen {adj}  :: fatal
fataalisesti {adv}  :: alternative form of fataalisti
fataalisti {adv}  :: fatally
fataalisuus {n}  :: alternative form of fataalius
fataalius {n}  :: fatalness] (quality of being fatal)
fatalismi {n}  :: fatalism
fatalisti {n}  :: fatalist
fatalistinen {adj}  :: fatalistic
fatalistisesti {adv}  :: fatalistically
fatalistisuus {n}  :: fatalism
fatsi {n} [slang]  :: dad, father
fauna {n}  :: fauna
fauni {n} [mythology]  :: faun
faunistiikka {n}  :: faunistics
fauvismi {n}  :: fauvism
favismi {n} [disease]  :: favism
favoriitti {n}  :: favorite
F-duuri {n} [music]  :: F major
federaalinen {adj}  :: federal
federaatio {n}  :: federation
federalismi {n}  :: federalism
federalisti {n}  :: federalist
federalistinen {adj}  :: federalist
federatiivinen {adj}  :: Federal (pertaining to a league or treaty; derived from an agreement or covenant between parties, especially between nations)
federatiivinen {adj}  :: Federal (pertaining to the national government level in a federal state)
federatiivinen {adj}  :: Federative (in the name of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic)
feedback {n}  :: feedback
feeniks {n}  :: phoenix
Feeniks {prop}  :: The constellation Phoenix
feeniks-lintu {n}  :: phoenix
feijoa {n}  :: feijoa
fellaatio {n}  :: fellatio (sexual act)
felonia {n}  :: felony
felsiitti {n} [mineral]  :: felsite
femakko {n} [pejorative]  :: feminist
feminiini {n} [grammar]  :: feminine
feminiininen {adj}  :: feminine (grammatical gender distinction)
feminismi {n}  :: feminism
feministi {n}  :: feminist
feministinen {adj}  :: feminist
femto- {prefix}  :: femto-
femtosekunti {n}  :: femtosecond
fenantroliini {n} [chemistry]  :: phenanthroline
fenatsoni {n} [chemistry]  :: phenazone
fenderi {n} [nautical, slang]  :: Same as lepuuttaja
fenkoli {n}  :: fennel (bulb, leaves, stalks, or seeds of the plant used as ingredients in cooking)
fenkoli {n}  :: fennel (plant Foeniculum vulgare')
fennekki {n}  :: fennec (Fennecus zerda)
fennismi {n}  :: Fennicism
fennisti {n}  :: Fennist
fennistiikka {n}  :: Study of the Finnish language
fennistinen {adj}  :: Fennistic
fenno- {prefix}  :: Fenno-
fennofiili {n}  :: Fennophile
fennomaani {n}  :: Fennoman
fennomania {n} [historical]  :: Fennomania
fennougristi {n}  :: Finno-Ugrist
fennougristiikka {n}  :: Study of Finno-Ugric languages and people
fennovegaani {n}  :: A Finnish variant of vegan, who out of philosophical and/or environmental reasons strives to follow a vegan diet which includes as much Finnish products as possible
fenobarbitaali {n} [pharmaceutical drug]  :: phenobarbital
fenoli {n} [organic compound]  :: phenol
fenoliftaleiini {n} [chemistry]  :: phenolphthalein
fenolipunainen {n} [chemistry]  :: phenol red
fenomenaalinen {adj}  :: phenomenal
fenomenologia {n}  :: phenomenology
fenomenologinen {adj}  :: phenomenological
fenotyyppi {n}  :: phenotype
fensyklidiini {n} [chemistry]  :: phencyclidine
fentanyyli {n} [chemistry]  :: fentanyl
fentermiini {n} [chemistry]  :: phentermine
fenyylialaniini {n} [chemistry]  :: phenylalanine
fenyyliasetaatti {n} [chemistry]  :: phenylacetate
fenyylietikkahappo {n} [chemistry]  :: phenylacetic acid
fenyylietyyliamiini {n} [chemistry]  :: phenethylamine
fenyylihydratsiini {n} [chemistry]  :: phenylhydrazine
fenyyliketonuria {n} [genetics, pathology]  :: phenylketonuria (genetic disorder affecting metabolism)
feodaali- {prefix}  :: feudal
feodaaliherra {n} [historical]  :: feudal lord
feodaalinen {adj}  :: feudal
feodaalivaltio {n} [historical]  :: feudal state
feodalismi {n}  :: feudalism
feodalisointi {n}  :: feudalization (introduction of a feudal system)
feodalistinen {adj}  :: feudalistic
fermaatti {n} [music]  :: fermata
fermentointi {n}  :: fermentation
fermentori {n}  :: fermentor
fermioni {n} [physics]  :: fermion
fermium {n}  :: fermium
feromoni {n}  :: pheromone
ferriitti {n}  :: ferrite
ferrikloridi {n} [chemistry]  :: iron(III) chloride
ferrioksidi {n}  :: ferric oxide
ferro- {prefix}  :: ferro-
ferrokloridi {n}  :: ferrochloride
ferrokromi {n} [metallurgy]  :: ferrochrome
ferroseeni {n} [chemistry]  :: ferrocene
fertiili {adj}  :: fertile
fertiiliys {n}  :: fertility
fertiliteetti {n}  :: fertility, fecundity
ferulahappo {n} [chemistry]  :: ferulic acid
fes {n} [music]  :: F-flat
festari {n} [colloquial, usually plural]  :: festival
festivaali {n}  :: festival
feta {n}  :: feta
fetišši {n}  :: alternative spelling of fetissi
fetisismi {n}  :: fetishism
fetisisti {n}  :: fetishist
fetisistinen {adj}  :: fetishistic
fetissi {n}  :: A fetish (something believed to possess magical powers)
fetissi {n}  :: A fetish (something nonsexual that arises sexual desire)
föhn {n}  :: foehn (wind)
föhn-tuuli {n}  :: alternative spelling of föhntuuli
föhntuuli {n} [meteorology, weather]  :: foehn
fiasko {n}  :: fiasco
fiba {n} [slang]  :: mistake
fibata {vi} [slang]  :: To make an error, to err (to make a mistake)
fibriini {n}  :: fibrin
fibrilli {n} [biology]  :: fibril
fibroosi {n} [medicine]  :: fibrosis
fideismi {n}  :: fideism
fidži {n}  :: The Fijian language
Fidži {prop}  :: Fiji
fiesta {n}  :: fiesta
fife {n} [musical instruments]  :: fife
figuratiivinen {adj}  :: figurative
figuuri {n}  :: figure
fii {n}  :: phi (Greek letter)
-fiili {suffix}  :: -phile
fiilinki {n} [colloquial]  :: feeling
fiilis {n} [colloquial]  :: vibe, feeling
fiini {adj} [colloquial]  :: fine
fikka {n} [slang]  :: A pocket
fikkari {n} [informal]  :: A torch
fiksaatio {n}  :: fixation
fiksatiivi {n}  :: fixative
fikseerata {v} [dated]  :: To fixate (to make something fixed)
fiksoida {v} [rare]  :: To fixate (to make something fixed)
fiksointi {n}  :: fixation
fiksoitua {vi}  :: To fixate (to attend to something to the exclusion of all others)
fiksoitua {v} [psychology]  :: To fixate (to attach oneself to a person or thing in a pathological or neurotic manner)
fiksu {adj} [colloquial]  :: clever, smart, sharp, bright
fiksumpi {adj}  :: comparative form of fiksu
fiksusti {adv}  :: wisely
fiktiivinen {adj}  :: fictional, fictive
fiktio {n}  :: fiction
filamentti {n}  :: filament
filantrooppi {n}  :: philanthropist
filantrooppinen {adj}  :: philanthropic
filantropia {n}  :: philanthropy
filateelinen {adj}  :: philatelic
filatelia {n}  :: philately
filatelisti {n}  :: philatelist
filee {n}  :: fillet
fileerata {v}  :: To fillet (to slice into fillets)
fileoida {v}  :: To fillet (to slice into fillets)
fileointi {n}  :: filleting
filharmonikko {n}  :: philharmonic musician
filharmoninen {adj}  :: philharmonic
-filia {suffix}  :: -philia
filigraani {n}  :: filigree
filippiinientulkku {n}  :: white-cheeked bullfinch, Pyrrhula leucogenis
Filippiinit {prop} [pluralonly]  :: The Philippines
Filippos {prop}  :: Philip [biblical character]
Filippus {prop}  :: Philip [biblical apostle]
filistealainen {adj}  :: Philistine (of or pertaining to the ancient Philistines)
filistealainen {n} [biblical]  :: A Philistine (person from Philistia)
filisteri {n} [archaic]  :: A term used by academics of those who have not studied in a university
filisteri {n} [pejorative, rare]  :: A philistine (person lacking appreciation of culture)
fillari {n} [slang]  :: bike (bicycle)
fillaroida {vi} [colloquial]  :: To ride a cycle
fillarointi {n} [colloquial]  :: biking
fillumenia {n} [rare]  :: phillumeny (hobby of collecting match-related items, like matchbox labels)
fillumenisti {n} [rare]  :: phillumenist (person who collects match-related items, like matchbox labels)
filmaaja {n}  :: filmer
filmaattinen {adj}  :: filmic
filmata {vt}  :: To film
filmata {vt}  :: To put on airs of, be affected
filmatisoida {v}  :: To make a movie of
filmatisointi {n}  :: filming
filmi {n} [colloquial]  :: movie
filmi {n}  :: film
filmintää {v} [rare]  :: alternative form of filmatisoida
filmitähti {n}  :: movie star, film star
filmografia {n}  :: filmography
filologi {n}  :: philologist
filologia {n}  :: philology
filologinen {adj}  :: philological
filosofi {n} [philosophy]  :: philosopher
filosofia {n}  :: philosophy (academic discipline)
filosofinen {adj}  :: philosophical
filosofisesti {adv}  :: philosophically
filosofoida {v}  :: To philosophize
filosofointi {n}  :: philosophizing
filtrata {v} [rare]  :: to filter
filtrum {n} [anatomy]  :: philtrum
filtteri {n}  :: filter
filtti {n}  :: alternative form of viltti
filu {n} [computing, slang]  :: file
filunki {n} [colloquial]  :: cheating
fimoosi {n} [medicine, jargon]  :: phimosis
finaali {n}  :: finale
finaalinen {adj}  :: final
finaalipaikka {n} [sports]  :: place in the finals
finalisti {n}  :: finalist
finansioida {v}  :: To finance
finansiointi {n}  :: financing
finanssikriisi {n}  :: financial crisis
finanssipolitiikka {n}  :: fiscal policy
finanssit {n}  :: finances
finessi {n}  :: finesse
fingerpori {n} [colloquial]  :: thimble
fingerporillinen {n}  :: thimbleful (of alcoholic spirits)
fingliska {n} [linguistics]  :: Finglish
finiittinen {adj} [grammar]  :: finite
finkkeliöljy {n}  :: fusel oil (byproduct of alcoholic fermentation)
Finnair {prop}  :: Finnair
finni {n}  :: pimple
finninen {adj}  :: pimpled, pimply
finnjeeveli {n} [sarcastic]  :: Finn, especially one who resides in Sweden
Finto {prop}  :: A terminology database jointly developed by the National Library of Finland, the Finnish Ministry of Finance, and the Ministry of Education and Culture
Fiona {prop}  :: female given name
Firenze {prop}  :: Florence (city)
firenzeläinen {adj}  :: Florentine
firenzeläinen {n}  :: Florentine
firma {n}  :: firm, company
firmware {n} [computing]  :: firmware
fis {n} [music]  :: F-sharp
Fis-duuri {n} [music]  :: F-sharp major
fisis {n} [music]  :: F double sharp
fissio {n} [physics]  :: fission
fissiopommi {n}  :: fission bomb
fissioreaktio {n} [physics]  :: fission reaction
fissioreaktori {n}  :: fission reactor
fisu {n} [slang]  :: fish
fiude {n} [Helsinki slang]  :: A car
flaami {n}  :: Fleming (person)
flaami {n}  :: Flemish (language)
flaamilainen {adj}  :: Flemish
flaamilainen {n}  :: Fleming (Flemish person)
flada {n} [geography]  :: flad
flaksi {n} [colloquial]  :: success among the opposing sex
flambeerata {v} [cooking]  :: To flambé
flamingo {n}  :: flamingo
Flanderi {prop}  :: Flanders (region and province)
flanelli {n}  :: flannel
flanellinen {adj}  :: Made of flannel fabric
flare {n} [astronomy]  :: solar flare
flavaspidiinihappo {n} [pharmacology]  :: flavaspidic acid
flavoni {n} [chemistry]  :: flavone
flavonoidi {n} [chemistry]  :: flavonoid
flavonoli {n} [chemistry]  :: flavonol
fleda {n}  :: (Helsinki slang) hair (collection of human head hair)
flegmaatikko {n}  :: phlegmatic
flegmaattinen {adj}  :: phlegmatic
flegmaattisesti {adv}  :: phlegmatically
flikka {n} [dialectal]  :: A girl
flimmeri {n} [pathology]  :: atrial fibrillation (Fibrillatio atriorum)
flipperi {n} [games]  :: pinball
flirtata {vi}  :: To flirt
flirttailla {vi}  :: To flirt, come on
flirttailu {n}  :: flirtation
flirttaus {n}  :: flirt
flirtti {n}  :: flirtation
flöitti {n} [nautical]  :: fluyt, fluit, flute
flogiston {n} [science]  :: phlogiston
flogopiitti {n} [mineral]  :: phlogopite
flokki {n}  :: flock (coarse tufts used in bedding)
floksi {n}  :: phlox
floora {n}  :: flora
flopata {vi} [colloquial]  :: To flop (fail)
floppi {n}  :: flop (failure)
floretti {n}  :: rapier, foil (sword)
floriini {n}  :: florin
floristi {n}  :: florist
fläppitaulu {n}  :: flipchart
fludroksikortidi {n} [pharmacology]  :: fludroxycortide
flufenaamihappo {n} [pharmaceutical drug]  :: flufenamic acid
flufenatsiini {n} [chemistry]  :: fluphenazine
fluidi {n} [physics]  :: fluid
flumatseniili {n} [pharmacology]  :: flumazenil
flumedroksoni {n} [pharmacology]  :: flumedroxone
flumetasoni {n} [pharmacology]  :: flumethasone
flumetriini {n} [pharmacology]  :: flumethrin
flunaritsiini {n} [pharmacology]  :: flunarizine
flunssa {n} [pathology]  :: common cold, flu
flunssainen {adj} [colloquial]  :: Affected by common cold, flu
flunssakausi {n}  :: flu season
fluorata {vt}  :: fluoridate
fluoraus {n}  :: fluoridation
fluoresenssi {n}  :: fluorescence
fluoresoida {v}  :: To make fluorescent
fluori {n}  :: fluorine
fluoriantimonihappo {n} [chemistry]  :: fluoroantimonic acid
fluoridi {n}  :: fluoride
fluoriitti {n} [mineral]  :: fluorite
fluoriloiste {n}  :: fluorescence
fluorisälpä {n} [mineral]  :: fluorite
fluorittaa {v}  :: alternative form of fluorata
fluorivetyhappo {n}  :: hydrofluoric acid
fluoroida {v}  :: alternative form of fluorata
fluorointi {n}  :: fluoridation
fluviaalinen {adj}  :: fluvial
flyygeli {n}  :: grand piano
flyygelitorvi {n} [musical instruments]  :: flugelhorn
fönari {n} [slang]  :: window
föönata {v} [colloquial]  :: To dry hairs using a hairdryer, blow-dry
föönaus {n} [colloquial]  :: blow-dry
fööni {n}  :: A blowdryer
fönäri {n} [slang]  :: window
fobia {n}  :: phobia (irrational or obsessive fear or anxiety)
-fobia {suffix}  :: -phobia
fogeli {n} [Helsinki slang]  :: A bird
foidi {n} [mineral]  :: feldspathoid
foinikialainen {adj}  :: Phoenician
foinikialainen {n}  :: a Phoenician person
fokka {n} [nautical]  :: A jib (triangular sail attached to the forestay of a sailboat, the clew of which reaches back about to the level of the mast)
foksi {n}  :: foxtrot
foksterrieri {n} [obsolete]  :: fox terrier
fokstrotti {n}  :: foxtrot
fokusoida {vt}  :: To focus
fokusointi {n}  :: focusing
folaatti {n} [biochemistry]  :: folate (salt or ester of folic acid)
foliaatio {n} [geology]  :: foliation
folio {n}  :: foil (very thin sheet of metal)
folioida {vt}  :: to cover or line with metal foil
foliointi {n}  :: The act of covering or lining with foil
foliokoko {n} [printing]  :: folio size
folk {n} [music]  :: folk, folk music
folklaulaja {n}  :: folksinger (person who sings folk songs)
folkloriikka {n}  :: alternative form of folkloristiikka
folkloristi {n}  :: A folklorist
folkloristiikka {n}  :: folkloristics (study of folklore)
folkmusiikki {n}  :: folk music (contemporary music in the style of traditional folk music)
folkrock {n}  :: folk rock (subgenre of rock music combining elements of folk music)
follikkeli {n} [anatomy]  :: A follicle
follikuliitti {n} [pathology, jargon]  :: folliculitis
fomiitti {n} [epidemiology, medicine]  :: fomite
fondue {n}  :: alternative form of fondyy
fondyy {n}  :: fondue
fondyypata {n}  :: fondue pot
foneemi {n} [linguistics]  :: A phoneme
foneetikko {n}  :: phonetist
foneettinen {adj}  :: phonetic
foneettisesti {adv}  :: phonetically (in the way it sounds)
fonetiikka {n}  :: phonetics (study of speech sounds and their representation by written symbols)
foniatri {n}  :: phoniatrist
foniatria {n}  :: phoniatrics
foniatrinen {adj}  :: phoniatric
fonologia {n}  :: phonology
fonologinen {adj}  :: phonological
fonologisesti {adv} [linguistics]  :: phonologically (in accordance with phonology)
fontanelli {n} [anatomy]  :: fontanelle
fontti {n}  :: font
foolihappo {n} [biochemistry]  :: folic acid
foorumi {n}  :: forum
forelli {n}  :: trout, especially subspecies Salmo trutta morpha fario of the brown trout
formaali {adj}  :: formal
formaali kieli {n}  :: formal language
formaali kielioppi {n}  :: formal grammar
formaalinen {adj}  :: alternative form of formaali
formaalistaa {vt}  :: to formalize
formaalisti {adv}  :: formally
formaatio {n}  :: formation
formaatti {n}  :: format
formaldehydi {n} [organic compound]  :: formaldehyde
formaliini {n}  :: formalin
formalismi {n}  :: formalism
formalisoida {vt}  :: To formalize
formalisointi {n}  :: formalization
formalisti {n}  :: formalist
formalistinen {adj}  :: formalist, formalistic
formatiivinen {adj}  :: formative
formatoida {vt} [computing]  :: to format
formatointi {n} [computing]  :: formatting (preparation of a mass storage medium)
formiaatti {n} [chemistry]  :: formate
formonitriili {n}  :: hydrogen cyanide
formu {n} [colloquial]  :: alternative form of vormu
formula {n} [motor racing]  :: a Formula One racing car
formuloida {v}  :: To formulate
formulointi {n}  :: formulation
fortuna {n}  :: bagatelle, pin bagatelle (table game)
fosfaatti {n}  :: phosphate
-fosfaattinen {adj}  :: -phosphatic
fosfiini {n} [chemistry]  :: phosphine
fosfoenolipalorypälehappo {n} [organic compound]  :: phosphoenolpyruvic acid
fosfoglyseraattikinaasi {n} [chemistry]  :: phosphoglycerate kinase
fosfokreatiini {n} [chemistry]  :: phosphocreatine
fosfolipidi {n} [organic chemistry]  :: phospholipid
fosfonaatti {n} [chemistry]  :: phosphonate
fosforesenssi {n}  :: phosphorescence
fosforesoida {v}  :: To make phosphorescent
fosfori {n}  :: phosphorus
fosforihappo {n} [chemistry]  :: phosphoric acid
fosforinsiirto {n} [microbiology]  :: phosphorelay
fosforipentoksidi {n} [chemistry]  :: phosphorus pentoxide
fosforoida {vt}  :: To phosphorize
fosforointi {n}  :: phosphorizing
fosforyloida {v} [microbiology]  :: to phosphorylate (to cause phosphorylation)
fosforyloitua {v} [microbiology]  :: to phosphorylate (to undergo phosphorylation)
fosgeeni {n} [chemistry]  :: phosgene
fossiili {n}  :: A fossil (both scientific and metaphorical)
fossiilinen {adj}  :: fossil
fossiilistua {vi}  :: alternative form of fossilisoitua
fossilisoitua {vi}  :: To fossilize
fotari {n} [slang]  :: Adobe Photoshop
fotiino {n} [physics]  :: A photino
foto {n}  :: photo
fotogeeninen {adj} [sciences]  :: photogenic (generated or caused by light)
fotoluminesenssi {n} [sciences]  :: photoluminescence
fotometri {n}  :: photometer
fotoni {n} [physics]  :: photon
fotorealismi {n}  :: photo-realism
fotosfääri {n} [astronomy]  :: photosphere
fotosynteesi {n}  :: photosynthesis
fototransistori {n}  :: phototransistor
fototrofi {n}  :: phototroph
fototypia {n}  :: phototype
fraasi {n}  :: phrase
fraasisanakirja {n}  :: phrase book
fragiliteetti {n}  :: fragility
fragmentaarinen {adj}  :: fragmentary
fragmentti {n}  :: fragment
frakki {n}  :: A dress coat, tailcoat (the festive evening tailcoat belonging to such dress)
frakki {n}  :: tails
frakki {n}  :: The jacket and the trousers of men's most formal evening dress
frakki {n}  :: white tie, evening dress, full evening dress (dress code indicating formal evening dress, full military dress or national costume)
frakkiliivi {n}  :: A normally white (on some occasions black) waistcoat designed to be used as part of men's formal evening dress
frakkitakki {n}  :: A dress coat
fraktaali {n} [mathematics]  :: A fractal
fraktaaligeometria {n} [geometry]  :: fractal geometry
fraktaalikuvio {n}  :: fractal pattern
fraktaalinen {adj} [mathematics]  :: fractal
fraktiili {n} [statistics]  :: fractile
fraktio {n}  :: A fraction or part
fraktioida {vt}  :: To fraction (to divide intio fractions)
fraktiointi {n}  :: fractioning (act of dividing into fractions)
fraktuura {n}  :: Fraktur script
franchise {n}  :: franchise (authorization granted by a company to sell or distribute its goods or services in a certain area)
franchising {n}  :: franchising
franchising-antaja {n} [commercial]  :: franchisor (one who grants franchises)
franchising-ottaja {n} [commercial]  :: A franchisee (holder of a franchise)
frangi {n}  :: franc
frankeerata {v}  :: To stamp (apply postage stamps to, especially by a postage meter)
frankeerattu kirje {n}  :: franked letter
frankeerauskone {n}  :: A postage meter
frankium {n}  :: francium
frankki {n}  :: Frank (a member of the Frankish people)
franseesi {n} [dance]  :: contra dance, contradanse française
fransiskaani {n}  :: Franciscan
fraseerata {v} [music]  :: to phrase
fraseologia {n}  :: phraseology
fraseologinen {adj}  :: phraseological
freegani {n}  :: A freegan
freesia {n}  :: freesia
fregatti {n}  :: frigate
fregattilintu {n}  :: frigatebird (sny of five species of bird in the family Fregatidae)
frekvenssi {n}  :: frequency
frekvenssimodulaatio {n}  :: frequency modulation
-frekvenssinen {adj}  :: -frequency
frekventatiivi {n} [grammar]  :: frequentative
frekventatiiviverbi {n} [grammar]  :: frequentative verb
frekventti {adj}  :: frequent
freneettinen {adj}  :: frenetic
frenologia {n}  :: phrenology
freoni {n}  :: Freon
fresko {n}  :: fresco
fretsi {n} [slang]  :: teacher
fretti {n}  :: ferret (Mustela putorius furo)
freudilainen {adj}  :: Freudian
freudilaisuus {n} [psychology]  :: Freudianism
fääri {n}  :: The Faroese language
frigidi {adj}  :: frigid
frigiditeetti {n}  :: Sexual frigidity of women
frigidiys {n}  :: frigidity
friidu {n} [slang]  :: girl
friikata {vi} [slang]  :: to freak out
friikki {n}  :: A freak
friikki {n}  :: A geek
friisi {n} [dated]  :: West Frisian (language)
friisi {n}  :: frieze (architecture: ornamented band in a building)
friisi {n}  :: frieze (classical architecture: space between architrave and cornice)
friisi {n}  :: frieze (type of cloth)
friisi {n}  :: Frisian (member of the Germanic ethnic group native to the region of Frisia)
friisi {n}  :: West Frisian (person)
friisiläinen {adj}  :: Frisian
friisiläinen {n}  :: A Frisian person
Friisinmaa {prop}  :: Friesland (province of the Netherlands)
frikadelli {n}  :: frikadelle
frikatiivi {n} [phonetics]  :: fricative
fäärinkielinen {adj}  :: Faroese, of or pertaining to the Faroese language
fäärintää {v}  :: to translate into Faroese
frisbee {n}  :: frisbee
friteerata {v} [cooking]  :: To deep-fry food coated in batter
friteeraus {n}  :: deep-frying in batter (method of cooking)
fritsu {n} [colloquial]  :: hickey, love-bite; A bruise-like mark on the skin caused by sucking
frontaali- {prefix}  :: frontal
frontaalilohko {n} [anatomy]  :: frontal lobe
frontaalinen {adj}  :: frontal
frontaalisesti {adv}  :: frontally
frotee {n}  :: terry, terry cloth
froteekangas {n}  :: terry
froteepyyhe {n}  :: terry towel
froteinen {adj}  :: Made of terry fabric
frotterismi {n}  :: frotteurism
färsaarelainen {adj}  :: Faroese, of or pertaining to the Faroe Islands or the Faroese people
färsaarelainen {n}  :: A person or people from the Faroe Islands, Faroe Islander
Färsaaret {prop} [pluralonly]  :: The Faroe Islands
förskotti {n}  :: prepayment
förstaagi {n} [nautical, slang]  :: forestay (stay that extends from the top of the foremast to the bow or bowsprit of a sailing ship)
försti {n}  :: first officer, chief officer
fruitariaani {n}  :: A fruitarian
fruktoosi {n}  :: fructose
frustraatio {n}  :: frustration
frustroida {vt} [psychology]  :: To frustrate
frustroitua {vi} [psychology]  :: To get frustrated
ftaalianhydridi {n} [chemistry]  :: phthalic anhydride
ftaalihappo {n}  :: phthalic acid
ftalaatti {n} [chemistry]  :: phthalate
fudata {v} [slang]  :: To play football, soccer
fudia {v} [slang]  :: To play football, soccer (sometimes tennis)
fudis {n}  :: alternative form of futis
fudut {p} [slang]  :: dismissal, axing, sack
fuksi {n}  :: freshman (in a university)
fulguriitti {n}  :: fulgurite
fullereeni {n}  :: fullerene
fumaarihappo {n} [chemistry]  :: fumaric acid
fumaroli {n} [geology]  :: fumarole
fumigaatio {n}  :: fumigation
fundamentaalinen {adj}  :: fundamental
fundamentalismi {n}  :: fundamentalism
fundamentalisti {n}  :: A fundamentalist
fundamentalistinen {adj}  :: fundamentalistic
fundeerata {v} [informal]  :: To think
fungisidi {n}  :: fungicide
funikulaari {n}  :: funicular
funktio {n} [mathematics]  :: function
funktioavaruus {n} [mathematics]  :: function space
funktionaali {n} [mathematics]  :: functional
funktionaalianalyysi {n} [mathematics]  :: functional analysis
funktionaalinen {adj}  :: functional
funktionaalinen ryhmä {n} [chemistry]  :: functional group
funktionalismi {n}  :: functionalism
funktionalistinen {adj}  :: functionalist
funktori {n} [mathematics]  :: functor
funtsata {v} [slang]  :: To think
funtsia {vt} [slang + partitive]  :: To think about
furaani {n}  :: furan
furfuraali {n} [chemistry]  :: furfural
furfuryylialkoholi {n} [chemistry]  :: furfuryl alcohol
fusidiinihappo {n} [pharmacology]  :: fusidic acid
fuskata {vi} [colloquial]  :: To cheat
fusku {n} [dance]  :: A type of dance derived from jive
fusku {n}  :: jive (deceptive talk)
futaaja {n} [slang]  :: footballer
futari {n} [slang]  :: footballer
futata {vi} [slang]  :: To work (usually in the negative)
futata {v} [slang]  :: To play football, soccer
futia {v} [slang]  :: To play football, soccer
futis {n} [slang]  :: football, soccer
futismatsi {n} [slang]  :: soccer match
futuna {n}  :: The Futuna language
futurismi {n}  :: futurism
futuristi {n}  :: futurist
futuristinen {adj}  :: futuristic
futurologi {n}  :: futurologist
futurologia {n} [sciences]  :: futurology
futurologinen {adj}  :: futurological
futuuri {n} [economics]  :: future
futuuri {n} [grammar]  :: future tense
fuuga {n}  :: fugue
fuusio {n} [economics]  :: merger, fusion
fuusio {n} [physics]  :: fusion
fuusioida {vt}  :: to merge
fuusiointi {n}  :: fusion
fuusioitua {vi} [economics, of two or more companies]  :: To fuse, merge
fuusioitua {v} [physics]  :: To form more massive nuclei with fusion reaction
fuusiojazz {n} [music]  :: fusion jazz
fuusiomusiikki {n}  :: fusion music
fuusiopommi {n}  :: fusion bomb
fuusioreaktio {n} [physics]  :: fusion reaction
fuusioreaktori {n}  :: fusion reactor
fyffe {n} [slang]  :: money
fyllata {v} [dialectal]  :: täyttää
fylli {n}  :: filling
fylliitti {n} [mineral]  :: phyllite
fyllinki {n} [dialectal]  :: täyte
fyllokinoni {n} [organic chemistry]  :: phylloquinone, vitamin K1 (a polycyclic aromatic ketone)
fylogeneesi {n}  :: phylogenesis
fylogeneettinen {adj}  :: phylogenetic
fylogeneettisesti {adv}  :: phylogenetically
fymi {n} [slang]  :: hashish (cannabis extract)
fyrkanttinen {adj} [dialectal, figuratively]  :: Of a charecter, very straightforward, approaching rudeness, square
fyrkanttinen {adj} [dialectal]  :: Having four corners; especially square
fyrkka {n} [slang]  :: money, dough
fysiatri {n}  :: physiatrist
fysiatria {n}  :: physiatrics, physical therapy
fysiatrinen {adj}  :: physiatric
fysiatrisesti {adv}  :: physiatrically
fysiikanluokka {n}  :: physics class (classroom specifically equipped for teaching physics)
fysiikanopettaja {n}  :: physics teacher
fysiikantunti {n}  :: physics lesson, physics class
fysiikka {n}  :: physics
fysiikka {n}  :: physique
fysikaalinen {adj}  :: physical
fysikaalisesti {adv}  :: physically
fysikalismi {n} [philosophy]  :: physicalism
fysiognomia {n} [superstition]  :: physiognomy
fysiokratia {n}  :: physiocracy
fysiologi {n}  :: physiologist
fysiologia {n}  :: physiology
fysiologinen {adj}  :: physiological
fysiologisesti {adv}  :: physiologically
fysiologisuus {n}  :: state of being physiological
fysionomia {n}  :: physiognomy
fysioterapeutti {n}  :: physiotherapist
fysioterapia {n}  :: physiotherapy
fyssa {n} [slang]  :: physics as a school subject
fytiinihappo {n} [organic chemistry]  :: phytic acid
fytoestrogeeni {n} [biochemistry]  :: phytoestrogen
fytokemia {n}  :: phytochemistry
fytologia {n}  :: phytology
fytonomi {n}  :: natural product vendor degree
fytopatologia {n}  :: phytopathology
fytoterapia {n} [medicine]  :: phytotherapy
fytska {n} [slang]  :: hashish (cannabis extract)
fyysikko {n}  :: physicist
fyysillinen {adj}  :: dated form of fyysinen
fyysillisesti {adv}  :: physically
fyysinen {adj}  :: physical
fyysisemmin {adv}  :: comparative form of fyysisesti
fyysisesti {adv}  :: physically
fyysisimmin {adv}  :: superlative form of fyysisesti
fyysisyys {n}  :: physicality (physical attributes)