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mé- {prefix}  :: Reduced form of més-. See més-
M. {abbr}  :: monsieur. equivalent to the English Mr.
Mᵐᵉ {contraction}  :: contraction of mademoiselle
M {letter}  :: The thirteenth letter of the French alphabet, preceded by L and followed by N
{m}  :: contraction of monsieur
m'a {contraction}  :: me + a (third-person singular indicative present form of avoir)
ma {determiner}  :: feminine form of mon My
maboul {adj} [colloquial]  :: crazy
macabre {adj}  :: macabre
macache {adv}  :: none, nothing
macache {adv}  :: no, not at all, impossible
macadamiser {v}  :: to macadamize
macanais {adj}  :: Macanese
Macao {prop}  :: Macau (A Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China just west of Hong Kong)
macaque {m}  :: macaque
macareux {m}  :: puffin (seabird with a coloured beak)
macaron {m}  :: a sweet pastry made with almonds and egg white
macaron {m}  :: buns rolled over the ears and worn symmetrically
macaron {m}  :: round insignia
macaroni {m} [ethnic slur]  :: wop; a person of Italian descent
macaroni {m} [usually, in the plural]  :: macaroni
Maccabée {mf}  :: Maccabee
macchab {m} [slang]  :: stiff, dead body
macchabée {m} [informal]  :: stiff, corpse
MacDo {m}  :: (by metonymy) fast food
MacDo {m} [slang]  :: McDonald's
macédoine {f}  :: macédoine
Macédoine {prop}  :: Macedonia
macédonien {adj}  :: Macedonian (from, or pertaining to Macedonia)
macédonien {m}  :: Macedonian, the Macedonian language
Macédonien {m}  :: Macedonian (someone from Macedonia)
Macédonienne {f}  :: feminine form of Macédonien
machaon {m}  :: swallowtail (butterfly)
machette {f}  :: machete (a sword-like tool)
machiavélique {adj}  :: Machiavellian
machiavéliquement {adv}  :: In a Machiavellian manner
machiavélisme {m} [countable]  :: Machiavellianism (instance of application of the philosophy, or ruthless action in general)
machiavélisme {m} [uncountable]  :: Machiavellianism (philosophy)
machicoulis {m}  :: alternative form of mâchicoulis
machin {m}  :: thingy, thingamabob
machinal {adj}  :: machinal
machinalement {adv}  :: automatically, mechanically
machinateur {m}  :: agent noun of machiner; schemer
machination {f}  :: Undercover or underhanded plot; machination
machinatrice {f}  :: feminine form of machinateur
machine {f}  :: machine, device
machine {f} [slang]  :: very proficient person
machine à café {f}  :: coffee machine
machine à coudre {f}  :: A sewing machine
machine à écrire {f}  :: typewriter
machine de Turing {f} [computing theory]  :: Turing machine
machine à explorer le temps {f} [science fiction]  :: time machine
machine à laver {f}  :: washing machine
machine à plastifier {m}  :: laminator
machiner {vt}  :: to equip with machines
machiner {vt}  :: to machinate
machiner {vt}  :: to scheme
machinerie {f}  :: machinery, plant
machinerie {f} [nautical]  :: engine room
machine à voyager dans le temps {f} [science fiction]  :: time machine
machinisme {m}  :: mechanism
machinisme {m}  :: mechanization
machiniste {m}  :: machinist
machisme {m}  :: machismo
machiste {adj}  :: chauvinistic; macho
machiste {mf}  :: male chauvinist
machmètre {m}  :: Machmeter
macho {m}  :: One who is excessively or aggressively masculine or misogynistic; a chauvinist
maclage {m}  :: twinning (of crystals)
macle {f} [heraldiccharge]  :: mascle
macle {f}  :: twin crystal
macéré {adj}  :: macerated
macéré {adj}  :: soaked
macération {f}  :: maceration
macérer {v}  :: to macerate
macérer {v}  :: to soak
macreuse {f}  :: scoter
macrobiotique {adj}  :: macrobiotic
macroéconomie {f} [economics]  :: macroeconomics
macroéconomique {adj} [economics]  :: macroeconomic
macrocosme {m}  :: macrocosm
macrocosmique {adj}  :: macrocosmic (of or pertaining to the macrocosm)
macrocéphale {adj}  :: macrocephalic, macrocephalous
macrocéphalie {f} [pathology]  :: macrocephaly (a condition in which the head is abnormally large)
macrocristal {m}  :: macrocrystal
macrocyclique {adj} [chemistry]  :: macrocyclic
macrofossile {m}  :: macrofossil
macrographie {f}  :: macrography
macroélément {m} [biochemistry]  :: macroelement
macromoléculaire {adj} [chemistry]  :: macromolecular
macromolécule {f} [chemistry]  :: macromolecule
macron {m}  :: macron
macrophotographie {f}  :: macrophotography
macrophyte {f} [biology]  :: macrophyte
macropode {adj}  :: macropodous
macroscélidé {m}  :: elephant shrew (animal of the Macroscelidea order)
macroscopique {adj}  :: macroscopic
macrosismique {adj}  :: macroseismic
maculer {v}  :: to mark; to spoil (with a mark or marks)
macvin {m}  :: A fortified wine from the Jura region of France
madame {f}  :: a title or form of address for a woman, formerly for a married woman and now commonly for any adult woman regardless of marital status
madame {f}  :: madam, Mrs. or Ms.
Madame {f}  :: alternative capitalization of madame
madames {n}  :: alternative form of mesdames
Madame Watanabe {prop}  :: Mrs. Watanabe (personification of the Japanese housewife speculators)
madeleine {f} [cooking]  :: madeleine
Madeleine {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to English Magdalene
mademoiselle {f}  :: Miss (as a form of address)
mademoiselle {f}  :: Miss (as a title with a name)
Mademoiselle {f}  :: A title or form of address for a girl or a young woman, Miss
madone {f}  :: beautiful woman, an angel
Madone {f} [arts, religion]  :: Madonna
madré {adj}  :: crafty, sly
madré {adj} [rare, of wood]  :: mottled
madré {m}  :: crafty fox, sly devil, sly dog (person)
madras {m} [textiles]  :: madras
madère {m}  :: Madeira (wine)
Madère {prop}  :: Madeira (island)
Madrid {prop}  :: Madrid, Spanish capital city and province
madrier {m}  :: beam
madrigal {m} [music]  :: madrigal
madrilène {adj}  :: Madrilenian, of, in or relating to the Spanish capital Madrid
madrilène {adj}  :: Madrilenian, of, in or relating to the Spanish province Madrid, having the above as capital
Madrilène {mf}  :: Someone from Madrid
maelström {m}  :: alternative form of maëlstrom
maïeutique {adj}  :: maieutic, Socratic
maïeutique {f}  :: maieutics
maïeutiquement {adv}  :: maieutically, Socratically
Maeva {prop}  :: female given name
maffioso {m}  :: alternative spelling of mafioso
mafflu {adj}  :: chubby
mafia {f}  :: The Mafia
mafieux {adj} [attributive]  :: mafia
mafieux {m}  :: Mafioso (member of the mafia)
Magali {prop}  :: female given name, a Provençal variant of Marguerite ( =Margaret)
magané {adj}  :: damaged
magané {adj} [informal]  :: hungover
magasin {m}  :: magazine (repository of armaments, or part of a weapon)
magasin {m}  :: shop, store
magasinage {m} [Quebec]  :: shopping
magasinage {m}  :: stockroom, storeroom
magasin d’usine {m}  :: outlet, factory outlet (shop)
magasiner {v} [Canada]  :: To shop
magasinier {m}  :: shopkeeper; shop worker
magasinière {f}  :: feminine form of magasinier
magazine {m}  :: magazine [periodical publication]
magdalénien {adj}  :: Magdalenian
mage {m} [obsolete]  :: magus: priest of the Zoroaster religion, with the Persians and the Medes
mage {m}  :: spécialist in occult sciences foretelling the future
mage {m}  :: wise man (one of the three wise men that came from the East to Betlehem for Jesus Christ)
maghrébin {adj}  :: Maghrebi
maghrébin {m}  :: Maghrebi
magicien {m}  :: magician
magicienne {f}  :: feminine form of magicien
magie {f} [figurative]  :: A magical, surprising, fascinating ... feat
magie {f}  :: Occult magic
magie {f}  :: The art illusionism
magique {adj}  :: magic, magical
magiquement {adv}  :: magically
magistral {adj}  :: magistral (relating to or fitting for a master)
magistralement {adv}  :: brilliantly, masterfully
magistrat {m}  :: magistrate; judge
magistrat du siège {m} [legal]  :: judge
magistrature {f}  :: magistracy, magistrature
magistère {m}  :: magistery
magmatique {adj} [attributive]  :: magma, magmatic
magmatique {adj}  :: igneous
magmatisme {m} [geology]  :: magmatism
magnacide {m} [organic compound]  :: acrolein
magnanerie {f}  :: magnanerie
magnanime {adj}  :: magnanimous
magnanimement {adv}  :: magnanimously
magnanimité {m}  :: magnanimity
magnat {m}  :: magnate, tycoon
magner {v}  :: bump, hit into (accidentally)
magner {vr} [slang]  :: move
magnifier {v}  :: to exalt with praise; usually in reference to God
magnifique {adj}  :: magnificent
magnifiquement {adv}  :: magnificently
magnolia {m}  :: magnolia (tree, flower)
magnésie {f}  :: magnesia
magnésien {adj}  :: magnesian
magnésique {adj} [geology]  :: magnesic
magnésite {f} [mineralogy]  :: magnesite
magnésium {m}  :: magnesium
magnésémie {f} [pathology]  :: magnesemia
magnétar {m} [astronomy]  :: magnetar
magnétique {adj}  :: magnetic
magnétiquement {adv}  :: magnetically
magnétisation {f} [physics]  :: magnetization (the act of magnetizing, or the state of being magnetized)
magnétiser {v}  :: to magnetise (UK), to magnetize (US)
magnétiseur {m}  :: magnetiser
magnétisme {m}  :: magnetism (the property of being magnetic)
magnétite {f}  :: lodestone
magnéto {f}  :: magneto
magnéto {m}  :: tape recorder
magnéto {m}  :: videocassette recorder
magnéto- {prefix}  :: magneto-
magnétocalorique {adj} [physics]  :: magnetocaloric
magnétocassette {m}  :: cassette deck / cassette recorder
magnétochimie {f}  :: magnetochemistry
magnétodynamique {adj}  :: magnetodynamic
magnétohydrodynamique {adj}  :: magnetohydrodynamic
magnétomètre {m}  :: magnetometer
magnéton {m} [physics]  :: magneton
magnétophone {m}  :: tape recorder (an electromechanical device use to record and play back sound)
magnétorésistance {f} [physics]  :: magnetoresistance
magnétoscope {m}  :: videocassette recorder
magnétoscoper {v}  :: to record (using a videocassette recorder)
magnétosphère {f}  :: magnetosphere
magnétostatique {adj}  :: magnetostatic
magnétostratigraphie {f} [geology]  :: magnetostratigraphy
magnétostrictif {adj} [physics]  :: magnetostrictive
magnétostriction {f} [physics]  :: magnetostriction
magnétron {m}  :: magnetron
magnum {m} [wine]  :: A bottle of wine containing 1.5 liters of fluid, double the volume of a standard bottle
magot {m}  :: A commercial agent
magot {m} [colloquial]  :: pile (of money), hoard
magouillage {m}  :: trickery
magouillage {m}  :: wrangling
magouille {f}  :: trick, scheme, plot
magouille {f}  :: wrangling
magouiller {v} [informal]  :: to wangle, to achieve by contrivance or trickery
magouilleur {m}  :: schemer
magyar {adj}  :: Hungarian
Mahé {prop}  :: Its (former? renamed Victoria?) capital city
Mahé {prop}  :: Mahe, a city in Malabar, on the west coast of Deccan (India)
Mahé {prop}  :: The French overseas enclave comprising it and a few neigbouring towns, in the colonial part of French India
Mahé {prop}  :: The main island of the Seychelles
maharadja {m}  :: maharaja
Mahomet {prop} [Islam]  :: Muhammad (Islamic prophet)
mahometan {m}  :: obsolete form of mahométan
mahométan {adj}  :: Muslim
mahométan {m}  :: Muslim
mahorais {adj}  :: Mahoran
mahratte {m}  :: Marathi (language)
mai {m}  :: May (month)
maigre {adj}  :: lean, thin
maigre {adj}  :: meagre
maigre {m}  :: meagre (fish)
maigrelet {n}  :: skinny
maigrement {adv}  :: poorly, weakly
maigreur {f}  :: meagreness
maigreur {f}  :: thinness (state of being thin)
maigrichon {adj}  :: skinny
maigriot {adj}  :: slimmish
maigrir {v}  :: to slim, to get slim, to lose weight
mail {m}  :: email
mail {m}  :: mallet
mail {m}  :: mall, promenade
mail {m} [Quebec]  :: mall, shopping mall
mail {m} [sports, historical]  :: pall mall
mailer {v}  :: to email (send an email)
mailing {m}  :: mailing list
maillage {m}  :: meshing (of a net)
maille {f}  :: link (in chainmail etc.)
maille {f}  :: mesh
maille {f} [sewing]  :: stitch
maillechort {m}  :: nickel silver
mailler {v}  :: to mesh
maillet {m}  :: A mallet hammer
maillet {m} [archaic]  :: A door hammer
maillet {m} [archaic]  :: A hammer for striking nails
maillet {m} [sports]  :: The mallet used to play croquet and polo
mailloche {f}  :: a large wooden mallet
mailloche {f} [music]  :: a mallet drumstick
maillocher {vt}  :: to hit with a mailloche
maillon {m}  :: link (of a chain)
maillon faible {m} [idiomatic]  :: weakest link (part most likely to fail or be inadequate)
maillot {m}  :: bikini line
maillot {m} [historical]  :: swaddling clothes
maillot {m}  :: leotard (of dancer); shirt, jersey (of footballer); singlet (of runner, basketball player)
maillot {m}  :: vest
maillot blanc {m} [cycling]  :: white jersey
maillot de bain {m}  :: swimsuit
maillot jaune {m} [cycling]  :: yellow jersey
maillot vert {m} [cycling]  :: green jersey
main {f}  :: hand
main {f} [poker]  :: hand
main {f} [soccer]  :: handball
mainate {m}  :: myna / mynah (bird)
main de fer {f} [figurative]  :: iron fist
main-d'œuvre {f}  :: labour
Maine {prop}  :: Maine
maine coon {m}  :: Maine Coon (cat)
main-forte {f}  :: aid, support
mainlevée {f} [legal]  :: withdrawal; release
mainmise {f}  :: domination, control
mainmise {f} [legal]  :: seizure
mainmorte {f}  :: mortmain
maint {adj} [archaic, or, literary]  :: many
maint {pron} [rare, or, literary]  :: many
maintefois {adv} [dated, literary]  :: often
maintenance {f}  :: maintenance
maintenant {adv}  :: now, currently
maintenant que {conj}  :: now that
maintenir {vr} [se maintenir, of the weather]  :: to stay fair
maintenir {vr} [se maintenir]  :: to keep up
maintenir {vr} [se maintenir]  :: to persist
maintenir {v}  :: to maintain
maintenir {v}  :: to stick to
maintien {m}  :: demeanor, behavior
maintien {m}  :: maintaining
maintien {m}  :: upkeep
main verte {f} [idiomatic]  :: green thumb
maire {m}  :: [by restriction] male mayor
maire {m}  :: mayor
mairesse {f} [obsolete]  :: the wife of a mayor
mairesse {f} [Quebec, Switzerland]  :: feminine form of maire; A mayoress, female mayor
mairie {f}  :: mayor’s office, town hall
mais {conj}  :: but
mais {interj}  :: an expression of surprise, disbelief, or frustration roughly equivalent to the English "well", or sometimes "yeah"
mais où est donc Ornicar {phrase} [mnemonic]  :: A mnemonic phrase to help remember the seven coordinating conjunctions in French
maison {f}  :: house
Maison Blanche {prop}  :: White House (The official residence of the President of the United States of America)
Maison Blanche {prop}  :: White House (The United States government)
maison close {f}  :: brothel
maison d'édition {f}  :: publishing house
maison de passe {f}  :: maison de passe, love hotel
maison de tolérance {f}  :: (licensed) brothel, maison de tolérance
maison du tourisme {f}  :: A municipal French regulatory body of tourism; i.e., Maison du Tourisme de Grenoble
maison en bande {f}  :: terraced house, row house
maison mère {f}  :: motherhouse
maisonnée {f}  :: household
maisonnette {f}  :: a low, small house
mais oui {interj}  :: Of course
maistresse {f}  :: obsolete form of maîtresse
maitre {m}  :: alternative spelling of maître
maitre-chanteur {m}  :: blackmailer (someone who blackmails)
maitre-nageur {m}  :: lifeguard (attendant employed to save swimmers in trouble or near drowning)
maitresse {f}  :: alternative spelling of maîtresse
maitresse de maison {f}  :: alternative spelling of maîtresse de maison
maitrise {f}  :: alternative spelling of maîtrise
maitriser {v}  :: alternative spelling of maîtriser
majesté {f}  :: majesty (greatness)
majesté {f}  :: majesty (quality of being majestic)
majesté {f}  :: majesty (title of a sovereign)
majestueusement {adv}  :: majestically
majestueux {adj}  :: majestic
majeur {adj}  :: main, major
majeur {m}  :: an adult (as defined by the age of majority)
majeur {m}  :: middle finger
majolique {f}  :: majolica
major {m}  :: major, the upper rank of French non-commissioned officers
majorant {adj}  :: increasing
majorat {m}  :: majorat
majoration {f}  :: increase
majordome {m}  :: majordomo
majorer {vt}  :: to increase
majorer {vt}  :: to overestimate, to exaggerate
majorité {f}  :: adulthood (legal)
majorité {f}  :: majority (more than half)
majorité absolue {f}  :: absolute majority (a number of votes totalling over 50 per cent)
majoritaire {adj}  :: majority (attributive form)
majoritairement {adv}  :: mostly, majoritarily (as a majority)
majorquais {adj}  :: Mallorcan
Majorquais {m}  :: Mallorcan
Majorquaise {f}  :: feminine form of Majorquais
Majorque {prop}  :: Majorca (island)
majorquin {adj}  :: Majorcan
majusculation {n}  :: The act or practice of beginning a word with a capital letter when it is not the beginning of a sentence
majuscule {f}  :: capital letter (uppercase letter)
mal {adj} [in set phrases and limited constructions]  :: bad
mal {adv}  :: badly
mal {m}  :: evil
mal {m}  :: pain
mal {m}  :: trouble, difficulty
malachite {f}  :: malachite
malacie {f} [medicine]  :: malacia
malade {adj}  :: ill, unwell, sick
malade {adj} [informal]  :: Mentally disturbed; crazy; nuts; mental
malade {mf}  :: An ill or sick person; a patient
malade {mf} [informal]  :: Somebody who is crazy; a nutcase
malade de la gâchette {adj}  :: trigger-happy (with firearms)
malade de la gâchette {mf}  :: a trigger-happy person (with firearms)
maladie {f}  :: disease
maladie {f}  :: illness
maladie cœliaque {f}  :: coeliac disease
maladie d'Alzheimer {f}  :: Alzheimer's disease
maladie de la vache folle {f}  :: mad cow disease
maladie d'Heberden {f} [disease]  :: angina pectoris
maladif {adj}  :: diseased (having ill character)
maladif {adj}  :: pathological
maladif {adj}  :: poorly (not well, sick)
maladif {adj}  :: sickly (habitually sick)
maladivement {adv}  :: pathologically
maladivement {adv}  :: sickly
maladresse {f}  :: awkwardness
maladresse {f}  :: clumsiness
maladresse {f}  :: mistake, blunder
maladresse {f}  :: tactlessness
maladroit {adj}  :: awkward; clumsy; maladroit
maladroitement {adv}  :: awkwardly; maladroitly
malais {adj}  :: Malay
malaisé {adj}  :: difficult, awkward
malais {m}  :: Malay language
Malais {m}  :: Malay (Malay person)
malaise {m}  :: malaise, uneasiness
Malaisie {prop}  :: Malaysia
malaisien {adj}  :: Malaysian
Malaisien {m}  :: Malaysian (someone from Malaysia)
malaisément {adv}  :: uneasily
malandrin {m}  :: brigand
malandrin {m}  :: robber
malappris {adj}  :: uncivilized, uneducated, ill-mannered
malappris {m}  :: rascal, troublemaker
malaria {f}  :: malaria
malavisé {adj}  :: unwise, injudicious, unadvised
malavisément {adv}  :: unwisely, injudiciously, unadvisedly
malawien {adj}  :: Malawian
Malawien {m}  :: Malawian
malaxer {v}  :: to knead
malaxer {v}  :: to massage
malaxeur {m}  :: malaxator, mixer
malayalam {m}  :: Malayalam (language)
mal baisé {adj} [slang]  :: in need of a good seeing-to; irritable, frustrated etc. from lack of sex
malbouffe {f}  :: junk food (food with little or no nutritional value)
malchance {f}  :: misfortune, bad luck
malchanceux {adj}  :: unlucky; unfortunate
malcommode {adj}  :: impractical
malcommode {adj}  :: inconvenient
mal de gorge {m}  :: sore throat
mal de l'air {m}  :: airsickness
mal de mer {m}  :: seasickness
mal de tête {m}  :: A headache
malédiction {f}  :: spell, curse (supernatural detriment)
maldivien {adj}  :: Maldivian
Maldivien {m}  :: Maldivian
maldonne {f} [card games]  :: misdeal
maldonne {f}  :: misunderstanding, misconception
mal du pays {m}  :: homesickness
malemort {f} [literary, archaic]  :: a cruel or horrible death
malencontre {f} [dated]  :: bad luck; misfortune
malencontreusement {adv}  :: unfortunately (happening through bad luck)
malencontreux {adj}  :: unfortunate
malentendant {adj}  :: hard of hearing; somewhat deaf
malentendant {m}  :: person who is hard of hearing ; a hearing-impaired
malentendante {f}  :: feminine form of malentendant
malentendu {m}  :: misunderstanding
malepeste {interj} [dated]  :: An expression of surprise
malfaire {v}  :: do wrong
malfaisance {f} [literary]  :: wrongdoing
malfaisant {adj}  :: evil, harmful, malfeasant
malfaiteur {m}  :: malefactor, wrongdoer
malfamé {adj}  :: disreputable
malfamé {adj}  :: infamous
malfaçon {f}  :: fault
malfaçonné {adj}  :: faulty
maléfice {m}  :: evil spell, wicked spell
maléfique {adj}  :: maleficent, malevolent
malfortune {f}  :: misfortune
malfrat {m}  :: crook, outlaw, criminal
malgache {adj}  :: Malagasy (from, or pertaining to Madagascar)
malgache {m}  :: Malagasy, the Malagasy language
Malgache {mf}  :: Malagasy (nationality)
malgré {prep}  :: despite, in spite of
malgré {prep}  :: [with a pronoun] against (one's) will, despite (one's) protest
malgracieusement {adv}  :: ungraciously
malgracieux {adj}  :: ungracious
malgré-nous {m} [historical]  :: Soldiers from Alsace and Lorraine forced into German military service during WWI and WWII
malgré-nous {m}  :: Somebody forced into military service
malgré que {conj} [proscribed]  :: Even though; despite that; although
malgré tout {adv} [archaic]  :: Come what may; in spite of everything
malgré tout {adv}  :: Still; nevertheless
malhabile {adj}  :: clumsy
malhabilement {adv}  :: clumsily
malheur {m}  :: misfortune
malheur {m}  :: sadness, unhappiness
malheureusement {adv}  :: sadly
malheureusement {adv}  :: unfortunately
malheureux {adj}  :: unhappy; miserable
malhonnête {adj}  :: dishonest (not honest)
malhonnêtement {adv}  :: dishonestly
malhonnêteté {f}  :: dishonesty
malice {f}  :: malice
malice {f}  :: mischief
maliciel {m} [computing]  :: malware (software developed to cause harm to a computer system)
malicieusement {adv}  :: maliciously
malicieusement {adv}  :: mischievously
malicieux {adj}  :: malicious
malicieux {adj}  :: mischievous
malien {adj}  :: from Mali; Malian
Malien {m}  :: Malian (person from Mali)
Malienne {f}  :: feminine form of Malien
malignement {adv}  :: malignantly
malignité {f}  :: malice, spite
malignité {f} [medicine]  :: malignancy
malin {adj} [chiefly, dated, or, biblical]  :: Malicious, sadistic; which likes to do or say hurtful things for fun
malin {adj}  :: Intelligent, bright
malin {adj} [medicine]  :: Malignant
malin {adj} [obsolete]  :: Nocive; pernicious
malin {adj} [Quebec]  :: Said of an aggressive animal or a petulant person
malin {adj}  :: Which is smart and quick-thinking, and often a trickster
Malin {prop}  :: the Devil
maline {f}  :: spring tide
malingre {adj}  :: delicate, fragile, puny
malintentionné {adj}  :: ill-intentioned
maléique {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: maleic
malique {adj}  :: malic
malléabilité {f}  :: malleability
malléable {adj}  :: malleable (able to be hammered into thin sheets)
mallarméen {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Stéphane Mallarmé, French poet and critic
malle {f}  :: large suitcase; trunk
mallette {f} [Belgium]  :: schoolbag
mallette {f}  :: briefcase
malléus {m}  :: malleus (small bone in the middle ear)
malmener {v}  :: to manhandle, mistreat
malmener {v}  :: to misuse, use incorrectly
malodorant {adj}  :: smelly, malodorous
malolactique {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: malolactic
malonique {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: malonic
malotru {adj}  :: crude, boorish
malotru {m}  :: lout, boor
Malou {prop}  :: female given name
malouin {n}  :: of or from Saint-Malo
Malouin {m}  :: someone of or from Saint-Malo
Malouines {prop}  :: Falklands
malpighien {adj} [anatomy, pathology]  :: Malpighian
malpoli {adj}  :: rude, impolite
malpoli {m}  :: a rude person
mal à propos {adv}  :: inappropriately
malpropre {adj}  :: unclean
malproprement {adv}  :: uncleanly
malpropreté {f}  :: uncleanliness, dirtiness, filthiness
malrucien {adj}  :: Malrucian
malsain {adj}  :: unhealthy, sick
malséant {adj}  :: unseemly
malsonnant {adj}  :: offensive
maëlstrom {m}  :: maelstrom
maltage {m}  :: malting (brewing process)
maltais {adj}  :: Maltese
maltais {m}  :: Maltese, the Maltese language
Maltais {m}  :: Maltese (someone from Malta)
Maltaise {f}  :: (female) Maltese (someone from Malta)
Malte {prop}  :: Malta (island), Malta Island
Malte {prop}  :: Malta (republic)
malter {v}  :: to malt
malteur {m}  :: maltster
malthusianisme {m}  :: Malthusianism
maltraitance {f}  :: maltreatment, ill-treatment
maltraiter {v}  :: to mistreat
mal-être {m}  :: malaise, ill feeling, emotional suffering
maltôte {f}  :: A tax, especially a harsh or illegal one
malvacées {n} [botany]  :: Malvaceae, mallows
malveillamment {adv}  :: maliciously, malevolently
malveillance {f}  :: malevolence
malveillant {adj}  :: malicious, malevolent
malvenu {adj}  :: inopportune, untimely
malvidine {f} [organic compound]  :: malvidin
malvoyant {adj}  :: visually impaired
mamamouchi {m}  :: A pompous title, supposedly Turkish
maman {f} [informal, or, childish]  :: mummy, mom, mum
mamba noir {m}  :: black mamba
mambo {m}  :: mambo (dance)
mambo {m}  :: mambo (music)
mamelle {f}  :: breast
mamelle {f}  :: nipple
mamelon {m}  :: hillock, knoll
mamelon {m}  :: nipple
mamelouk {adj}  :: of or relating to the mameluks
mamelouk {m}  :: mameluk
mamelu {adj}  :: heavy-breasted
mameluk {adj}  :: alternative spelling of mamelouk
mameluk {m}  :: alternative spelling of mamelouk
mamie {f} [usually childish]  :: granny, grandma
mammaire {adj}  :: mammary
mammalien {adj}  :: mammalian
mammectomie {f} [surgery]  :: mammectomy, mastectomy
mammifère {m}  :: mammal
mammogramme {m}  :: mammogram
mammographie {f}  :: mammography
mammoplastie {f} [surgery]  :: mammoplasty
mammout {m}  :: obsolete spelling of mammouth
mammouth {m}  :: mammoth (elephant-like mammal)
mamour {mf} [chiefly, in the plural]  :: sweet nothings
mamzelle {f}  :: alternative form of mam'zelle
mam'zelle {f}  :: apocopic form of mademoiselle
-man {suffix}  :: used to form names of male professions or sportspersons
manade {f} [Provence, Camargue]  :: herd (of bulls or horses)
manager {m} [sports, Europe]  :: manager
manageur {m} [rare]  :: manager
manageuse {f}  :: feminine form of manageur
managérial {adj}  :: managerial
manant {m} [historical]  :: peasant
manant {m}  :: yokel, bumpkin
Manassé {prop}  :: Manasses
manceau {adj}  :: relating to Le Mans, France, to its inhabitants or its culture
Manceau {m}  :: An inhabitant of Le Mans
Mancelle {f}  :: feminine form of Manceau
manche {f}  :: begging (for money)
manche {f}  :: sleeve (clothing)
manche {f} [sports]  :: round
manche {m}  :: handle
manche {m} [popular]  :: unhandy person
Manche {prop}  :: A département of France
Manche {prop}  :: The English Channel
manche à balai {m}  :: broomstick
manche à balai {m}  :: joystick
manchette {f}  :: cuff
manchette {f} [journalism]  :: headline
manchette {f}  :: marginal note; note in the margin
manchette {f}  :: oversleeve, manchette
manchon {m}  :: conserve (jam) of poultry wing
manchon {m}  :: muff (article of clothing)
manchon {m}  :: snow gaiter
manchon {m} [technology]  :: coupler
manchot {adj}  :: armless
manchot {adj}  :: handless
manchot {adj}  :: one-armed
manchot {adj}  :: one-handed (having one hand)
manchot {m}  :: one-armed or no-armed person
manchot {m}  :: penguin
manchot Adélie {m}  :: Adelie penguin
manchot à ailerons blancs {m}  :: white-flippered penguin
manchot antipode {m}  :: yellow-eyed penguin
manchot de Humboldt {m}  :: Humboldt penguin
manchot de Magellan {m}  :: Magellanic penguin
manchot des Galapagos {m}  :: Galapagos penguin
manchot du Cap {m}  :: African penguin
manchote {f}  :: feminine form of manchot
manchot empereur {m}  :: emperor penguin
manchot à jugulaire {m}  :: chinstrap penguin
manchot papou {m}  :: gentoo penguin
manchot pygmée {m}  :: little penguin
manchot royal {m}  :: king penguin
-mancie {suffix}  :: -mancy
mancunien {adj}  :: Mancunian
mandale {f} [informal]  :: a punch, a jab, especially one that's quick and hard to dodge
mandarin {adj}  :: mandarin (of the former Chinese empire)
mandarin {m}  :: Mandarin (language)
mandarine {f}  :: mandarin
mandarinier {m}  :: mandarin orange (tree)
mandat {m} [legal]  :: power of attorney, proxy
mandat {m}  :: mandate
mandat {m}  :: (police) warrant
mandat {m}  :: postal order, money order
mandat {m}  :: term in office
mandataire {m}  :: mandatary
mandataire {m}  :: proxy (agent or substitute authorized to act for another person)
mandater {vt}  :: to appoint, elect, commission
mandchou {adj}  :: Manchu (from Manchuria)
mandchou {m}  :: Manchu (language)
Mandchou {m}  :: Manchu (person)
Mandchoue {f}  :: feminine form of Mandchou
Mandchourie {prop}  :: Manchuria
mander {v} [obsolete]  :: to command, summon
mander {vt} [formal]  :: to inform, to send news of
mandibule {m}  :: mandible
mandingue {adj}  :: Mandingo (attributive)
mandélique {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: mandelic
mandoline {f} [musical instruments]  :: mandolin
mandoline {f}  :: vegetable slicer, mandoline
mandore {f} [musical instruments]  :: mandore
méandre {m}  :: meander (winding, crooked or involved course)
méandrer {v}  :: to meander (wind, turn or twist)
-mane {suffix}  :: -mane, -maniac; Used to form adjectives and nouns describing sufferers of a mania
manette {f} [gaming]  :: joystick, (console) controller
manette {f}  :: lever
manga {m}  :: A manga (a Japanese comic )
mangaka {m}  :: mangaka (the author/artist/writer/creator of a manga (Japanese comic ) )
manganimétrie {f} [inorganic chemistry]  :: manganimetry
manganèse {m}  :: manganese
manége {m}  :: alternative form of manège
manège {m}  :: fairground attraction; merry-go-round (UK), carousel (US)
manège {m} [figuratively]  :: game, ploy
manège {m} [horse riding]  :: ring, school
mangeable {adj}  :: edible, that can be eaten without disgust
mangeaille {f} [informal]  :: grub (food)
mange-merde {mf}  :: gobshite (person of very poor judgment)
mangeoire {f}  :: feeder (e.g. for birds)
mangeoire {f}  :: manger
manger {m}  :: food, foodstuff
manger {vi}  :: To eat
manger {vt}  :: To eat
manger maigre {v}  :: to abstain from meat on certain days appointed by the Roman Catholic Church
manger son chapeau {v}  :: to eat one's hat
manger à tous les râteliers {v} [idiomatic]  :: to run with the hare and hunt with the hounds, to support both sides of an argument
manger une volée {v} [slang, Quebec]  :: to get a hiding, to get beaten up
mangeur {m}  :: eater
mangeuse {f}  :: eater (female)
mangoustan {m}  :: mangosteen (fruit)
mangoustanier {m} [obsolete]  :: mangosteen (trees)
mangouste {f}  :: mangosteen
mangouste {f}  :: mongoose
mangrove {f}  :: A mangrove forest
mangue {f}  :: A carnivorous mammal related to the mongoose
mangue {f}  :: mango (fruit of the mango tree)
manguier {m}  :: mango tree
manhua {m}  :: manhua; Chinese comics ( 漫畫 / 漫画 / mànhuà )
manhwa {m}  :: Korean comics
maniabilité {f}  :: manoeuvrability
maniable {adj}  :: handy
maniable {adj}  :: manageable, manoeuvrable
maniaco-dépressif {adj}  :: manic-depressive
maniaco-dépressif {m}  :: manic-depressive person
maniaque {adj}  :: maniacal
maniaque {mf}  :: maniac (insane person)
manichéen {adj}  :: Manichaean
manichéen {m}  :: Manichaean
manichéisme {m} [religion]  :: Manichaeism
manichéiste {adj}  :: Manichaean
manichéiste {mf}  :: Manichaean
manicou {m}  :: manicou, common opossum
manie {f}  :: habit; idiosyncrasy
manie {f} [psychology]  :: mania
-manie {suffix}  :: -mania
maniement {m}  :: manipulation, handling
manier {v}  :: to handle, manipulate, wield (an object)
manier {v}  :: to knead
manier {v}  :: to use (software)
manif {f}  :: protest
manifesté {adj}  :: demonstrated
manifesté {adj}  :: manifested
manifestant {m}  :: protester (someone participating in a protest)
manifestation {f}  :: assembly, gathering (of people for an event)
manifestation {f}  :: creation
manifestation {f}  :: expression
manifestation {f}  :: protest, demonstration
manifeste {adj}  :: manifest
manifeste {m}  :: manifest
manifeste {m}  :: manifesto
manifestement {adv}  :: obviously
manifester {v}  :: to manifest or demonstrate
manifester {v}  :: to protest (to speak out against something)
manigance {f}  :: trick, scheme
manigancer {v}  :: to conspire
maniguette {f}  :: grains of paradise (plant)
manille {f} [cards]  :: manille
manille {f}  :: manilla
manille {f}  :: ring, bracelet (as worn by a slave or convict)
Manille {prop}  :: Manila (capital of the Philippines)
manioc {m}  :: cassava, manioc
manipulateur {m}  :: manipulator
manipulateur {m}  :: technician, operator
manipulation {f}  :: manipulation
manipulatrice {f}  :: feminine form of manipulateur
manipuler {v}  :: to manipulate
manique {f} [Belgium]  :: , (Ardennes, Lorraine) oven mitt
manique {f}  :: protective glove used by workers
maniéré {adj}  :: affected, mincing
maniéré {adj}  :: mannered
manière {f}  :: manner, way
maniérisme {m}  :: mannerism (all senses)
maniériste {adj} [art]  :: mannerist
maniériste {m} [art]  :: mannerist (painter)
Manitoba {prop}  :: Manitoba
manitobain {adj}  :: Manitoban (from Manitoba)
Manitobain {m}  :: Manitoban (someone from Manitoba)
Manitobaine {f}  :: feminine form of Manitobain
manitou {m}  :: manitou
manivelle {f}  :: crank
mannane {m} [carbohydrate]  :: mannan
manne {f}  :: godsend
manne {f}  :: large wicker basket
manne {f}  :: manna
mannequin {m}  :: dummy, mannequin
mannequin {m}  :: (fashion) model
mannequinat {m}  :: modelling (working as a model)
mannois {adj}  :: of or relating to the Isle of Man
mannois {m}  :: Manx (language)
Mannois {m}  :: Manx, person from the Isle of Man
Mannoise {f}  :: feminine form of Mannois
mannoprotéine {f} [protein]  :: mannoprotein
manoir {m}  :: manor
manomètre {m}  :: manometer
Manon {prop}  :: female given name, popular in the 1990s and the 2000s
manouche {mf}  :: gypsy, Roma
manquant {adj}  :: missing
manque {m}  :: lack
manquement {m}  :: dereliction
manquement {m}  :: lack
manquer {v} [followed by preposition de]  :: to lack, to be lacking in
manquer {vi} [with the preposition à or indirect object]  :: to be missed by, to miss out
manquer {vt}  :: to miss
Mans {prop}  :: See Le Mans
mansardé {adj}  :: attic (attributive)
mansarde {f}  :: attic
mansionnaire {m}  :: A palace official, in medieval France, responsible for the royal apartments
mansuétude {f}  :: calmness, serenity
mansuétude {f}  :: indulgence, leniency
mante {f}  :: mantis (any of various large insects of the order Mantodea)
manteau {m} [biology]  :: mantle (of molluscs)
manteau {m}  :: coat
manteau {m} [geology]  :: mantle
manteau {m} [heraldry]  :: pavilion
manteau {m}  :: mantle (garment worn by Orthodox bishops)
mantelet {m}  :: mantle (piece of clothing)
mantelet {m} [military]  :: mantelet, shielding
mante religieuse {f}  :: praying mantis
manticore {f}  :: manticore
mantille {f}  :: mantilla
Mantoue {prop}  :: Mantua
manucuré {adj}  :: manicured
manucure {f}  :: manicure
manucure {mf}  :: manicurist
manuel {adj}  :: manual
manuel {m}  :: manual, handbook
Manuel {prop}  :: male given name borrowed from Spanish and Portuguese
manuellement {adv}  :: manually, by hand
manufacture {f}  :: factory
manufacturer {v} [dated]  :: to manufacture
manufacturier {adj} [attributive]  :: manufacturing
manuscrit {adj}  :: manuscript (handwritten, or by extension typewritten)
manuscrit {m}  :: a manuscript
manutention {f} [obsolete]  :: maintenance; manutention
manutention {f}  :: storehouse, depot
manutention {f} [technology, commercial]  :: handling
manutentionnaire {m}  :: warehouseman
manutentionner {vt}  :: to handle
manœuvrabilité {f}  :: handling (driving characteristic of a vehicle)
manœuvrabilité {f}  :: manoeuvrability
manœuvre {f} [military, in the plural]  :: manoeuvres
manœuvre {f}  :: move, movement
manœuvre {f}  :: operation, manoeuvre
manœuvre {m}  :: labourer
manœuvrer {v}  :: to maneuver
manœuvrier {adj}  :: manipulative
manœuvrier {adj}  :: tactical
manœuvrier {m}  :: manipulator
manœuvrier {m}  :: tactician
manx {m}  :: The Manx language
manxois {adj}  :: Manx
manxois {m}  :: Manx (a Goidelic language spoken on the Isle of Man)
maçon {m} [freemasonry]  :: Mason, Freemason
maçon {m}  :: mason, stonemason; builder
maçonner {vt}  :: to brick up
maçonner {vt}  :: to face, render [a wall, etc.]
maçonnerie {f}  :: Masonry: the art, profession, work, or product of a mason, or a thing constructed of stone, brick, or the like
maçonnique {adj}  :: masonic, Masonic
maori {adj}  :: Maori (of or relating to the Maori people or language)
maori {m}  :: a person of Maori descent
maoïste {adj}  :: Maoist
maoïste {mf}  :: Maoist
maous {adj}  :: massive
maous {adj}  :: remarkable
maous {m} [slang]  :: (type of large-calibre) cannon, shell
mappemonde {f}  :: A map of the world, showing the two hemispheres as separate circles
maquereau {m}  :: mackerel
maquereau {m}  :: pimp
maquerelle {f}  :: madam (keeper of a brothel)
maquette {f}  :: model, mock-up
maquettiste {mf}  :: scale modeler
maquignon {m}  :: horse dealer
maquillage {m}  :: makeup
maquiller {v}  :: to disguise, cover or apply makeup (to); dress up, embellish
maquiller {v}  :: to make up (a story, lie, scenario, etc.), fabricate; pretend
maquilleur {m}  :: makeup artist / technician
maquis {m} [figuratively]  :: resistance, underground (movement during World War II)
maquis {m}  :: macchia, Mediterranean brush
maquis {m}  :: thicket
maquisard {m}  :: maquisard
marabout {m} [religion]  :: marabout
marabout {m} [zoology]  :: marabou, stork of the Leptoptilos genus
marabouter {v}  :: to cast a spell; to enchant (magically)
maraîchage {m}  :: primeur farming
maraîcher {adj} [attributive]  :: vegetable-growing
maraîcher {m} [archaic]  :: someone who grows a vegetable garden
maraîcher {m}  :: a vegetable grower
maraîchin {adj}  :: Of or from the Marais breton
marais {m} [archaic]  :: land suitable for growing primeur or vegetable
marais {m}  :: swamp, marsh
Marais breton {prop}  :: A marshy region situated on the Atlantic coast between Brittany and the Vendée
marais salant {m}  :: salt marsh
maranta {mf}  :: arrowroot
marante {f}  :: alternative form of maranta
marasme {m} [politics, economics]  :: stagnation, the doldrums
marasquin {m}  :: maraschino liqueur
marathe {m}  :: Marathi, the Marathi language
Marathe {prop}  :: Marathi (people of Maharastra)
marathon {m}  :: marathon
marathonien {m}  :: marathoner
marathonienne {f}  :: feminine form of marathonien
maraude {f}  :: cruising (of a taxi)
maraude {f}  :: pilfering, scrumping
maraude {f}  :: prowling
marauder {vi}  :: to pilfer
marauder {vi}  :: to prowl
maraudeur {m}  :: marauder
maraudeur {m}  :: prowler
marbre {m} [baseball]  :: home plate
marbre {m}  :: marble (type of stone)
marbrer {v}  :: to marble (create a marbled effect)
marbrerie {f}  :: marble works
marbrier {m}  :: marble worker
marbrier {m}  :: monumental mason
marbrière {f}  :: marble quarry
marbrure {f} [chiefly, in the plural]  :: blotch(es)
marbrure {f}  :: marbling
Marc {prop}  :: male given name, cognate to English Mark
Marc {prop}  :: Mark [biblical character]
marécage {m}  :: marshland, swamp
marécageux {adj}  :: marshy; boggy
marcassin {m}  :: young wild boar, marcassin
marcassite {f} [mineralogy]  :: marcasite
Marcel {prop}  :: male given name traditionally popular in France, borne by a 3rd century saint
Marcelle {prop}  :: female given name, feminine form of Marcel; cognate to English Marcella
marché {m}  :: deal, contract
marché {m}  :: market
maréchal {m}  :: marshal (officer in the household of a medieval prince or lord)
Maréchal {prop}  :: French surname see Marechal
maréchal de camp {m} [military ranks]  :: field marshal
maréchale {f}  :: wife of a marshal
maréchalerie {f}  :: farriery
maréchalerie {f}  :: marshalry
maréchal-ferrant {m}  :: farrier (person who trims and shoes horses' hooves)
marchand {adj} [attributive]  :: merchant; mercantile
marchand {m}  :: seller; vendor; merchant
marchandage {m}  :: bargaining, haggling, negotiating a price
marchand d'art {m}  :: art dealer
marchander {v}  :: to bargain over, to haggle over
marchander {v}  :: to haggle, to dicker
marchandisage {m}  :: merchandising
marchandise {f}  :: merchandise
marchant {adj}  :: walking
maréchaussée {f} [historical]  :: maréchaussée
maréchaussée {f} [jocular]  :: constabulary
marché aux puces {m}  :: flea market (an outdoor market selling inexpensive antiques, curios)
marche {f}  :: functioning
marche {f}  :: marches (region near a border)
marche {f}  :: march (formal, rhythmic way of walking)
marche {f}  :: march (song in the genre of music written for marching)
marche {f}  :: movement (of a vehicle)
marche {f}  :: step (step of a stair)
marche {f}  :: walk (distance walked)
Marche {prop}  :: Marche (department of France)
marche arrière {f}  :: reverse
marche ou crève {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: comparable to the English idiom sink or swim
marche ou crève {phrase} [literally]  :: move/walk or expire
marchepied {m} [figuratively]  :: stepping-stone
marchepied {m} [railway]  :: step
marchepied {m}  :: running board (of car)
marcher {v}  :: to agree
marcher {v}  :: to believe
marcher {v}  :: to walk
marcher {v}  :: to work, to function
marcher à quatre pattes {phrase} [baby]  :: to crawl
marcher à quatre pattes {phrase} [literally]  :: to walk on four legs
marcher sur des œufs {v} [idiomatic]  :: to walk on eggshells
marcheur {m}  :: walker, hiker
marcheuse {f}  :: feminine form of marcheur
marché noir {m}  :: black market
marcophilie {f}  :: marcophily
marcotte {f}  :: cutting, layer (horticulture)
marcotter {vt}  :: to layer
marde {f} [Quebec, vulgar, slang]  :: alternative form of merde
mardi {m}  :: Tuesday
mardi gras {m}  :: The day when traditionally all fat and meat in the house were finished up, before Christians were banned from eating them during Lent, which commenced the following day on mercredi des cendres
mardi gras {m}  :: The last day of a carnival, traditionally the celebration immediately before the start of Lent when joy could be out of place for Christians
marée {f}  :: anything that forms a great crowd, a wave
marée {f}  :: catch (of fish)
marée {f}  :: tide
mare {f}  :: pool
mare {f}  :: puddle
marée de morte eau {f}  :: neaps, neap tide
marelle {f} [games]  :: hopscotch
marennes {n}  :: Marennes oysters
marée noire {f}  :: an oil spill; a huge disbursement of oil on or near the coast
mareyeur {m}  :: wholesale fish merchant
margarique {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: margaric
margaritifère {adj}  :: margaritiferous
Margaux {prop}  :: A village in SW France, and the brand name of a red wine produced there
Margaux {prop}  :: female given name popular in the 1990s and the 2000s
marge {m}  :: margin (of paper, etc)
marge de manœuvre {f}  :: elbow room (freedom or leeway)
margelle {f}  :: brink, edge
margelle {f}  :: stone forming the edge of a well or fountain
marger {v}  :: to margin (to give something a margin)
marginal {adj}  :: Of lesser importance; secondary
marginal {adj}  :: Of, relating to, or located at a margin or an edge; marginal
marginal {adj}  :: Outside the mainstream; fringe, fringy
marginal {adj}  :: Written in the margin of a book; marginal
marginal {m}  :: A man that chose to live on the fringes of society; dropout, misfit
marginale {f}  :: A woman that chose to live on the fringes of society; dropout, misfit
marginalement {adv}  :: marginally
marginaliser {vt}  :: to marginalise
marginalité {f}  :: marginality
marginalité {f}  :: nonconformism
Margot {prop}  :: female given name
marégraphe {m}  :: tide gauge
marégraphique {adj}  :: of or relating to tide gauge
margrave {f}  :: margravine
margrave {m}  :: A margrave
marguerite {f}  :: marguerite
Marguerite {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to Margaret
marguiller {m}  :: churchwarden
marguillier {m}  :: churchwarden
marié {adj}  :: married
mari {f}  :: cannabis
mari {m}  :: husband
Maria {prop}  :: female given name
mariage {m}  :: marriage
mariage {m}  :: wedding
mariage homosexuel {m}  :: gay marriage
mariage homosexuel {m}  :: gay wedding
mariage républicain {m}  :: Republican marriage
Marian {prop}  :: male given name
Marianne {prop}  :: female given name, a combination of Marie and Anne
mari complaisant {m}  :: mari complaisant
Marie {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to Mary. Also a very common part in hyphenated female given names such as Anne-Marie or Marie-Pierre
Marie {prop}  :: Mary (Biblical figure)
Marie {prop}  :: Used as the latter part of hyphenated male given names such as Jean-Marie or Pierre-Marie
Marie-Ange {prop}  :: female given name, combination of Marie and Ange
Marie-Christine {prop}  :: female given name
Marie-Claire {prop}  :: female given name
Marie-Claude {prop}  :: female given name, combination of Marie and Claude
Marie-France {prop}  :: female given name
Marie-Françoise {prop}  :: female given name
Marie-Hélène {prop}  :: female given name
Marie-José {prop}  :: female given name, combinatione of Marie and José
Marie-Laure {prop}  :: female given name
Marielle {prop}  :: female given name, a diminutive of Marie
Marie-Louise {prop}  :: female given name; made popular by 18th century royalty
Marie-Madeleine {prop}  :: female given name
Marie-Madeleine {prop}  :: Mary Magdalene [biblical character]
Marie-Noëlle {prop}  :: female given name
Marie-Paule {prop}  :: female given name, combination of Marie and Paule
Marie-Pierre {prop}  :: female given name, a combination of Marie and Pierre
marier {vr} [se marier]  :: to get married, to wed
marier {vt}  :: to wed, to marry
Marie-Thérèse {prop}  :: female given name, made famous by 18th century royalty
Mariette {prop}  :: female given name, a diminutive of Marie
Marignac {prop}  :: Any of several small communes in France
Marignac {prop}  :: French surname
marigot {m}  :: creek (in West Africa), marigot
marimba {m}  :: marimba
marin {adj}  :: marine
marin {adj}  :: maritime
marin {f}  :: navy
marin {m}  :: seaman
Marina {prop}  :: female given name
marinade {f}  :: Marinade
marin d'eau douce {m} [nautical, usually mildly derogatory]  :: landlubber [literally "freshwater mariner"]
marine {f}  :: A navy
Marine {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to Marina
marine de guerre {f} [military]  :: navy
marine marchande {f}  :: merchant navy
marine militaire {f} [military]  :: navy
mariner {v}  :: to marinate
Marinette {prop}  :: female given name, a diminutive of Marine ( =Marina)
maringouin {m}  :: gallinipper
maringouin {m} [Quebec]  :: mosquito
marinier {adj}  :: sea (attributive), marine
marinier {m}  :: bargeman
marinière {f}  :: A sauce of white wine and onions served especially with mussels
marinière {f}  :: French sailor shirt
mariole {adj} [informal]  :: astute, intelligent, discerning
mariole {mf} [informal]  :: someone who is intelligent and astute
Marion {prop}  :: female given name
Marion {prop}  :: French surname
marionnette {f} [figuratively]  :: puppet (someone who is easily influenced or controlled by another)
marionnette {f}  :: marionette
marionnettiste {mf}  :: puppeteer (person who uses a puppet)
mariste {adj}  :: Marist
Mariste {mf}  :: Marist
marital {adj}  :: marital
maritalement {adv}  :: maritally (with respect to marriage)
maritime {adj}  :: maritime
Marius {prop}  :: male given name of Latin origin
marjolaine {f} [plant]  :: marjoram
mark {m}  :: mark (currency)
marketer {vt}  :: To market
marketing {m}  :: marketing
Marlène {prop}  :: female given name borrowed from German Marlene
marmaille {f}  :: rabble of kids
marmite {f} [military slang]  :: (heavy) shell
marmite {f}  :: pot, cooking-pot, marmite
marmiton {m}  :: marmiton
marmonnement {m}  :: mumbling, muttering
marmonner {v}  :: to murmur, mumble
marmoréen {adj}  :: marmoreal
marmot {m} [colloquial]  :: kid, brat
marémoteur {adj}  :: tidal
marémoteur {adj}  :: wave (attributive)
marmotte {f}  :: marmot (rodent of the genus Marmota)
marmotter {vit}  :: to mumble, mutter
marmouset {m} [colloquial, pejorative]  :: brat, kid
marmouset {m}  :: grotesque, gargoyle
marne {f}  :: marl (mixed earthy substance)
Marne {prop}  :: Marne
marner {vi} [colloquial]  :: to slog (work hard)
marner {vt} [agriculture]  :: to marl
Maroc {prop}  :: Morocco
marocain {adj}  :: Moroccan (pertaining to Morocco's people, language or culture)
Marocain {m}  :: Moroccan
Marocaine {f}  :: feminine form of Marocain
maroilles {m}  :: A French cheese made from cow's milk
maréomètre {m}  :: tide gauge
maroquin {m} [figuratively, by extension]  :: ministerial briefcase
maroquin {m}  :: marocain (type of leather)
maroquin {m}  :: Object made of marocain
maroquinerie {f}  :: leather-making, specifically the production of maroquin
maroquinerie {f}  :: leather-shop; shop primarily selling leather goods
maroquinier {m}  :: leather / morocco craftsman or trader
marotique {adj}  :: Marotic; graceful, elegant
marotte {f}  :: a grotesque sceptre carried by a jester
marotte {f}  :: an obsession
marotte {f}  :: a wooden head used to model hats etc
maroufle {m} [colloquial, archaic]  :: rascal, rogue
marquage {f}  :: branding (e.g. of cattle)
marquage {f}  :: marking (action of e.g. marking a page)
marquage {f}  :: marking (action of making a mark)
marquage {f}  :: marking (coloration of an animal)
marquage {f}  :: mark, marking (the sign marked)
marquage {f} [sports]  :: marking (of another player)
marquage {f} [sports]  :: scoring (of e.g. a goal)
marquant {adj}  :: outstanding
marquant {adj}  :: prominent
marque {f}  :: brand (of a company)
marque {f}  :: mark (on one's body, e.g. a birthmark)
marque {f}  :: mark (spot)
marque commerciale {f}  :: trademark
marque déposée {f}  :: registered trademark
marque-page {m}  :: a bookmark (object or Internet tool)
marquer {vt} [sports]  :: To score (e.g. a point or a goal)
marquer {vt}  :: To brand (brandish someone's skin with a mark)
marquer {vt}  :: To mark, mark down (to add a mark or a spot to something)
marquer {vt}  :: To mark (to feature as a highlight of something)
marquer {vt}  :: To mark (to place a mark in something as a reminder)
marqueté {adj}  :: inlaid
marqueter {v}  :: to checker
marqueterie {f}  :: marquetry
marqueur {m}  :: marker; marker pen
marqueur {m}  :: marker, scorer (someone who keeps score)
marqueur {m}  :: marker (something that marks)
marqueur {m}  :: paintball gun
marquis {m}  :: marquess (title of nobility)
marquise {f}  :: a marchioness, a member of foreign nobility
marquise {f} [archaic]  :: marquee
marquise {f}  :: a type of finger-ring
Marquises {prop}  :: Marquesas
marraine {f}  :: godmother (woman present at the christening of a baby who promises to help raise the child in a Christian manner)
Marrakech {prop}  :: Marrakech, Marrakesh
marrane {mf}  :: Marrano
marranique {adj}  :: Marranic
marranisme {m}  :: Marranism
marrant {adj}  :: funny, amusing
marre {adv} [colloquial]  :: enough
marre {f}  :: a sort of hoe (gardening tool)
marrer {vr} [se marrer]  :: to laugh; to be amused
marrer {v}  :: to hoe (dig using a hoe)
marri {adj} [archaic]  :: ruthful, rueful, contrite
marri {adj} [archaic]  :: saddened, sad; despondent
marri {adj} [obsolete]  :: flustered, angry
marron {adj}  :: brown
marron {adj}  :: illicit, crooked (of professions)
marron {adj}  :: that has become wild again (used of a slave or animal who has returned to a free or wild state)
marron {m}  :: A token used as a control of the presence of someone at his post
marron {m}  :: chestnut
marron {m}  :: chestnut brown
marron {m}  :: horse-chestnut
marron {m} [informal]  :: head
marron {m} [informal]  :: punch (with the fist)
marron {m}  :: maroon (a slave or animal who has run away to live free)
marron {m} [pyrotechnics]  :: firecracker (on a rocket)
marron glacé {m}  :: A marron glacé
marronnier {m}  :: chestnut tree
marronnier {m}  :: horse-chestnut tree
mars {m}  :: March (month)
Mars {prop}  :: Mars (planet)
Mars {prop} [Roman god]  :: Mars
marsanne {f}  :: A variety of white grape used to make ermitage wine
marseillais {adj}  :: From, or pertaining to Marseille
Marseillais {m}  :: Marseillais
Marseillaise {f}  :: (Female) inhabitant of Marseille
Marseille {prop}  :: Marseilles
marshallais {m}  :: Marshallese (language)
marsouin {m}  :: porpoise
marsupial {m}  :: marsupial
marte {m}  :: marten
marteau {adj} [dated, informal]  :: crazy; deranged
marteau {m}  :: A hammer-shaped tool used to hit thing, such as a gavel
marteau {m}  :: A hammer used for pounding
marteau {m}  :: A machine tool working by pounding
marteau {m} [anatomy]  :: The malleus
marteau {m}  :: A rapper; a door knocker
marteau {m} [athletics]  :: A throwing hammer
marteau {m} [clockmaking]  :: A piece that strike the bell in a clock
marteau {m} [curling]  :: Advantage of throwing the last stone
marteau {m} [music]  :: A piano or dulcimer hammer
marteau {m} [technical]  :: A hammer with bas relief marks used to imprint on wood, leather etc
marteau d'armes {m}  :: A war hammer
marteau-pilon {m}  :: A mechanical pounding tool where a heavy mass moves vertically; a steam or power hammer
marteau-piolet {m} [climbing]  :: An ice axe where the adze has been replaced with a hammering tool
marteau-piqueur {m}  :: jackhammer
marteau à réflexes {m} [medicine]  :: A reflex hammer
martelage {m}  :: Forging of metals by hitting them with a hammer
martelage {m}  :: Marking of trees that must or must not be cut, usually with a special hammer
martelage {m}  :: The act of marteler
marteler {v}  :: to emphasise individual elements such as words or notes
marteler {v}  :: to repeat insistently
marteler {v}  :: to shape or forge with a hammer
marteler {v}  :: to strike with a hammer; to hammer
marteleur {m}  :: A hammersmith
marteleur {m}  :: Someone who controls or works with a power hammer
martensitique {adj}  :: martensitic (all senses)
Marthe {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to Martha
Marthe {prop}  :: Martha [biblical character]
martial {adj}  :: martial
Martial {prop}  :: male given name, in continuous use (though not particularly popular)
martien {adj}  :: Martian (of Mars)
Martien {m}  :: Martian (any extra-terrestial)
Martien {m}  :: Martian (imaginary inhabitant of the planet Mars)
Martienne {f}  :: feminine form of Martien
martin {m}  :: Bird of either the starling family, or of the kingfisher family
Martin {prop}  :: French surname
Martin {prop}  :: male given name. Feminine form: Martine
Martine {prop}  :: female given name, feminine form of Martin. English equivalent: Martina
martinet {m}  :: a mechanical hammer on a motor-driven cogwheel, as used to beat metal
martinet {m}  :: a multi-tail whip, comprising leather or whipcord thongs fixed on a handle, to dust off or to administer a beating (usually to a child's bottom)
martinet {m}  :: swift (bird)
martinet {m}  :: the swallow-like bird species martin, black with a white throat
martiniquais {adj}  :: Martinican, Martiniquais
Martiniquais {m}  :: A Martinican
Martiniquaise {f}  :: feminine form of Martiniquais
martin-pêcheur {m}  :: kingfisher (any of various birds of the suborder Alcedines)
martèlement {m}  :: A repeated round reminding of hammering
martèlement {m}  :: The sound of a hammer hitting metal
marâtre {f}  :: An abusive, wicked birth mother
marâtre {f}  :: A stepmother (especially an evil one, as the -âtre suffix came to be a pejorative)
martre {f}  :: marten (animal)
martyr {m}  :: martyr
martyre {f}  :: a female martyr; feminine form of martyr
martyre {m}  :: martyrdom
martyriser {v} [by extension]  :: To cause a great a deal of pain to somebody; torture, bully, torment
martyriser {v} [rare]  :: To martyr (to make someone a martyr)
martyrologie {f}  :: martyrology
marxien {adj}  :: Marxian
marxisme {m} [philosophy]  :: Marxism
marxiste {adj}  :: Marxist
marxiste {mf}  :: a Marxist
marxiste-léniniste {adj}  :: Marxist-Leninist
maryland {m}  :: type of tobacco originating from Maryland
Maryvonne {prop}  :: female given name popular in the 1940s and the 1950s, a combination of Marie and Yvonne
maïs {m}  :: corn, maize
mas {m} [Provence]  :: farm, ranch, (country) house (a type of rural farmstead in southern France)
mascara {m}  :: mascara
mascarade {f}  :: farce
mascarade {f}  :: masquerade, masque
mascaret {m}  :: bore (of a tidal river)
mascaret {m}  :: streaming crowd of people
mascatais {adj}  :: Muscatian; from Muscat
Mascatais {m}  :: Muscatian; someone from Muscat
Mascataise {f}  :: feminine form of Mascatais
Mascate {prop}  :: Muscat
maïs éclaté {m} [Canada]  :: popcorn
mascotte {f}  :: mascot (something used to symbolize a sports team or other group)
masculin {adj} [grammar]  :: masculine
masculin {adj}  :: male
masculin {adj}  :: masculine
masculin {m} [grammar]  :: masculine (masculine word)
masculinement {adv}  :: masculinely (in a masculine way)
masculinisation {f}  :: masculinization (act of making masculine)
masculiniser {v}  :: to masculinize (make (more) masculine)
masculinité {f}  :: masculinity
maso {adj} [colloquial]  :: masochistic
maso {mf} [colloquial]  :: masochist
masochisme {m}  :: masochism (the enjoyment of receiving pain)
masochiste {mf}  :: masochist
Masovie {prop}  :: Masovia
masovien {adj}  :: Masovian
Masovien {m}  :: Masovian
Masovienne {f}  :: feminine form of Masovien
masqué {adj}  :: masked
masque {m}  :: mask (a cover, or partial cover, for the face, used for disguise or protection)
masque de nuit {f}  :: sleep mask
masque à oxygène {f}  :: oxygen mask
masquer {v}  :: to mask; to hide
massé {m} [billiards]  :: massé
massacre {m}  :: massacre
massacrer {v} [figuratively]  :: to do something badly
massacrer {v}  :: to massacre (kill)
massacreur {m}  :: slaughterer
massacreuse {f}  :: slaughterer (female)
massage {m}  :: physical massage
massage cardiaque {m}  :: CPR (heart massage)
massala {m}  :: masala [type of curry]
massaliote {adj}  :: Marseilles (attributive)
masse {f}  :: a majority, especially of people
masse {f}  :: an archaic unit of count
masse {f}  :: a paste, a dough
masse {f}  :: a sledgehammer
masse {f}  :: a sum or combination of things treated as a whole
masse {f} [electronics]  :: earth, ground (of e.g. a plug)
masse {f} [finance, legal]  :: a sum of allotted money
masse {f}  :: large amount or quantity of something; mass
masse {f}  :: mace (weapon)
masse {f} [physics]  :: mass
masse {f}  :: something perceived as a whole, without distinguishing its parts
massepain {m}  :: marzipan
masser {v}  :: to massage
masses {f} [plurale tantum]  :: The commoners, the people
massette {f}  :: bulrush (plant)
massette {f}  :: mallet (tool)
masseur {m} [massage]  :: masseur
masseuse {f}  :: feminine form of masseur
massicot {m}  :: guillotine, a machine for cutting paper and sheet metal
massicotier {m}  :: guillotine operator (in printing)
massif {adj}  :: massive
massif {m}  :: massif
massiot {m}  :: spongy mass
massique {adj} [physics, chemistry]  :: mass (attributive), specific
massivement {adv}  :: massively, enormously
massue {f} [combat]  :: club
massue {f} [juggling]  :: club
master {m}  :: master (golf tournament)
master {m}  :: master, master copy
master {m}  :: master's degree, master's (postgraduate degree)
masterisation {f}  :: mastering (uniting sound and vision on a film etc)
masticage {m}  :: filling
masticage {m}  :: puttying
mastiquer {v}  :: to masticate (to chew)
mastoc {adj}  :: beefy; hulky
mastoc {m} [dated]  :: beefcake; hulk
mastodonte {m}  :: mastodon
mastodynie {f} [pathology]  :: mastodynia
mastère {m}  :: master's degree
masturbateur {m}  :: masturbator
masturbation {f}  :: masturbation
masturbation intellectuelle {f}  :: Reasoning or thought processes which are considered to be a waste of time
masturbatoire {adj}  :: masturbatory (pertaining to masturbation)
masturbatrice {f}  :: feminine form of masturbateur
masturber {vtr} [transitive or reflexive]  :: to masturbate
masure {f} [Cauchois dialect]  :: orchard
masure {f}  :: dilapidated house, hovel
mat {adj}  :: checkmated
mat {adj}  :: matt
mat {adj}  :: pale
maté {n}  :: maté
mat {m}  :: checkmate
mat' {m} [slang]  :: morning
méat {m} [anatomy]  :: meatus
Maïté {prop}  :: female given name borrowed from Basque and Spanish Maite
matador {m} [bullfighting]  :: matador
matamore {m}  :: braggart, blusterer
matassin {m}  :: matachin
match {m} [sports]  :: match
match nul {m}  :: A tie, a draw in a competition or match
matelas {m} [colloquial]  :: wad (of notes)
matelas {m}  :: mattress
matelas pneumatique {m}  :: air bed (a bed that inflated with air)
matelasser {vt}  :: to pad, cushion
matelot {m}  :: seaman
mater {v}  :: checkmate
mater {v} [slang]  :: to ogle, to check out, to watch (eg. an attractive person)
mater {v}  :: to make rigid
Matera {prop}  :: Matera (province)
Matera {prop}  :: Matera (town)
maternaliser {v}  :: to maternalize
maternel {adj}  :: maternal
maternel {adj}  :: native
maternelle {f}  :: nursery school, kindergarten
maternellement {adv}  :: maternally
materner {vt}  :: to mother, mollycoddle
maternisé {adj}  :: formula (milk for babies)
maternité {f}  :: maternity (state of being a mother)
maternité {f}  :: maternity ward (in a hospital)
matheux {m}  :: mathematician
Mathias {prop}  :: male given name, variant spelling of Matthias
Mathieu {prop}  :: male given name, a spelling variant of Matthieu ( = Matthew)
Mathilde {prop}  :: female given name, equivalent to the English-language Matilda
Mathis {prop}  :: French surname
Mathis {prop}  :: male given name revived since the 1990s
mathématicien {m}  :: mathematician
mathématicienne {f}  :: mathematician (female)
mathématique {adj}  :: mathematical
mathématiquement {adv}  :: mathematically (according to or using mathematics)
mathématiques {fp} [plurale tantum]  :: mathematics (study)
mathématisable {adj}  :: mathematizable (able to be transcribed in mathematical concepts)
mathématiser {v}  :: mathematize (describe in terms of a mathematical equation)
Mathéo {prop}  :: male given name
Matignon {prop} [by extension]  :: The French government
Matignon {prop}  :: Hôtel Matignon, the official residence of the prime minister of France
matin {m}  :: morning
matinal {adj} [attributive]  :: morning; matinal
matinale {f} [radio]  :: morning show
matinalement {adv}  :: matinally (in the morning)
matinalier {m}  :: A presenter of a morning radio show
matinée {f}  :: morning
matineux {adj}  :: That is habitually an early riser; early-rising
matière {f}  :: content, matter (the thing in question)
matière {f}  :: material (substance of which something is made)
matière {f}  :: matter (material things, things in general)
matière {f}  :: matter (that which is thought)
matière {f} [physics]  :: matter
matière {f}  :: subject (at school)
matière grasse {f}  :: fat (refined substance chemically resembling the oils in animal fat)
matière noire {f} [astronomy]  :: dark matter
matois {adj}  :: sly (artfully cunning; secretly mischievous; wily)
matois {m}  :: sly fox
matoisement {adv}  :: slyly
matou {m}  :: tom (male cat)
matraquage {m}  :: bashing, beating up
matraquage {m}  :: brainwashing
matraque {f}  :: truncheon (weapon)
matraquer {v}  :: to club
matraquer {v}  :: to hype
matras {m}  :: a crossbow's square, with a cylindric or quadrangualar head
matras {m}  :: an alchemist's long-necked glass receiver
maître {m}  :: leader
maître {m}  :: master
Maître {m}  :: A title given to lawyers and notaries public in France, Belgium, and Canada. Abbreviation: Me
maître-autel {m}  :: high altar
maître-chien {m}  :: dog handler
maître de maison {m}  :: host (person who allows a guest)
maître d'hôtel {m}  :: a headwaiter; major-domo
maître d'hôtel {m}  :: the person in charge of the team of waiters in a restaurant or hotel
maître d'ouvrage {m}  :: client, customer, user
maître d'ouvrage {m}  :: [IT] project leader, process manager; [construction industry] contracting authority
maîtresse {f}  :: mistress
maîtresse de maison {f}  :: hostess
maîtresse de maison {f}  :: housewife
maîtresse de maison {f} [obsolete]  :: bawd, mistress of a brothel (see maison close, maison de tolérance)
matérialisation {f}  :: materialization
matérialiser {vr}  :: to materialise
matérialiser {v}  :: to realize, make happen
matérialisme {m} [concern over material possession]  :: materialism
matérialisme {m} [philosophy]  :: materialism
matérialiste {adj}  :: materialistic
matérialiste {mf}  :: materialist
matriarcal {adj}  :: matriarchal
matriarche {f}  :: matriarch
matériau {m}  :: material (generic material)
matricaire {f}  :: mayweed (of the genus Matricaria)
matrice {f}  :: matrix
matriciel {adj} [mathematics]  :: matrix (attributive)
matrie {f}  :: homeland
matériel {adj}  :: material
matériel {m}  :: equipment, supplies
matériel {m}  :: hardware
matériellement {adv}  :: materially (with respect to material(s))
matrilatéralement {adv}  :: matrilaterally
matrimonial {adj}  :: matrimonial
matrimonialement {adv}  :: matrimonially
maîtrise {f}  :: control
maîtrise {f}  :: (in Canada) master's degree
maîtrise {f}  :: mastery
maîtriser {v} [figuratively]  :: be master of
maîtriser {v}  :: to dominate, overcome, conquer, control
maîtriser {v}  :: to master, have authority over somebody
maîtriser {v}  :: to master, to be able to, to know how to accomplish very well
matronalement {adv}  :: matronly
matrone {f}  :: matriarch
matrone {f}  :: matron
matter {v}  :: alternative spelling of mater
Matthias {prop} [biblical character]  :: Matthias
Matthias {prop}  :: male given name. Variant spelling: Mathias
Matthieu {prop} [biblical character]  :: Matthew
Matthieu {prop}  :: male given name of biblical origin
maturation {f}  :: maturation
mature {adj} [of a person]  :: mature
maturité {f}  :: maturity
maturité {f} [Switzerland]  :: baccalaureat (≈ A-level, high school diploma)
matutinalement {adv}  :: matutinally (in the early morning)
Maud {prop}  :: female given name, variant of Mathilde
maudire {vt}  :: to curse
maudit {adj}  :: damn; cursed; goddam
maudit {adj} [Quebec]  :: damn [used in a positive way]
maugrebleu {interj} [dated]  :: bother!, drat!, blow!
maugréer {vi}  :: to grumble
maure {adj}  :: Moorish
Maure {mf}  :: Moor (A member of a certain mixed race of Arab and Berber people)
mauresque {adj}  :: Moorish
Mauriac {prop}  :: French surname
Maurice {prop}  :: male given name
Maurice {prop}  :: The country Mauritius
Mauriceau {prop}  :: French surname
mauricien {adj}  :: Mauritian
Mauricien {m}  :: Mauritian, someone from Mauritius
Mauricienne {f}  :: Mauritian, someone from Mauritius
Mauritanie {prop}  :: Mauritania
mauritanien {adj}  :: Mauritanian
Mauritanien {m}  :: Mauritanian
mausolée {f}  :: mausoleum
maussade {adj}  :: dull, dreary (landscape, weather etc.)
maussade {adj}  :: sullen (mood)
maussadement {adv}  :: sullenly
mauvais {adj}  :: bad
mauvais {adj}  :: wrong, incorrect
mauvaise herbe {f}  :: weed (unwanted plant)
mauvaise honte {f}  :: bashfulness
mauvaisement {adv}  :: badly, wrongly
mauvaisement {adv}  :: wickedly
mauvaiseté {f}  :: wickedness
mauvais sort {m}  :: curse (supernatural detriment)
mauve {adj}  :: mauve
mauve {f}  :: mallow
mauve {f}  :: mew, gull, seagull
mauve {m}  :: mauve
mauviette {f}  :: wimp
mauvéine {f} [organic compound]  :: mauveine
Maéva {prop}  :: female given name, variant spelling of Maeva
Max {prop}  :: male given name, diminutive of Maxime and Maximilien
Maxence {prop}  :: male given name
maxi {adv} [colloquial]  :: maximum; maximally
maxidiscompte {adj}  :: discount, low-cost (used especially to describe shops that sell basic items at a heavy discount)
maxidiscompteur {m}  :: discount store
maxillaire {adj}  :: maxillary
maxillaire {m}  :: maxilla
maximal {adj}  :: maximal
maximaliser {v}  :: to maximize
maxime {f}  :: maxim
Maxime {prop}  :: male given name derived from Latin Maximus
Maximilien {prop}  :: male given name, cognate to Maximilian
maximiser {vt}  :: to maximize
maximum {m}  :: maximum
maya {adj}  :: Mayan (relating to the Mayan language)
maya {adj}  :: Mayan (relating to the Mayans)
Maya {mf}  :: Mayan (person)
Mayence {prop}  :: Mainz (capital of Rhineland-Palatinate)
mayennais {adj}  :: relating to Mayenne
Mayennais {m}  :: person from Mayenne
Mayennaise {f}  :: feminine form of Mayennais
Mayenne {prop}  :: Mayenne
mayonnaise {f}  :: mayonnaise
mazarinade {f} [historical]  :: mazarinade
maïzena {f}  :: cornflour / cornstarch
mazouté {adj}  :: polluted with oil
mazout {m} [Belgium]  :: A cocktail made with beer and cola
mazout {m} [France]  :: A cocktail made with pastis and cola
mazout {m}  :: heating oil
mazouter {v}  :: to pollute with petrol or oil
mbalakh {m} [music]  :: mbalax (music style)
mbalax {m} [music]  :: mbalax (music style)
mébioctet {m}  :: mebibyte
mécanicien {m}  :: mechanic (a skilled worker capable of building or repairing machinery)
mécanicienne {f}  :: feminine form of mécanicien
mécanique {adj}  :: mechanic
mécanique {adj}  :: mechanical
mécanique {f}  :: mechanics (the area of study)
mécanique {f}  :: mechanics (the science)
mécaniquement {adv}  :: mechanically
mécanique quantique {f}  :: quantum mechanics
mécanisé {adj}  :: mechanized
mécanisation {f}  :: mechanization
mécaniser {v}  :: to mechanize
mécanisme {m}  :: mechanism
mécaniste {adj}  :: mechanistic
mécano {m} [informal]  :: mechanic
mécanographie {f}  :: mecanography
mécanothérapie {f}  :: mechanotherapy
mécanothérapique {adj}  :: mechanotherapeutic
mécanothérapiste {mf}  :: mechanotherapist
méchamment {adv}  :: nastily; meanly; cruelly
méchanceté {f}  :: nastiness, malice
méchant {adj}  :: evil, wicked
méchant {m}  :: baddie, villain (in a story)
méchantement {adv}  :: wickedly
mâche {f}  :: A plant, Valerianella locusta, corn salad, lamb's lettuce
mèche {f}  :: (drill) bit
mèche {f}  :: fuse (of a bomb)
mèche {f}  :: lock, tuft (of hair); streak (of colour etc in hair)
mèche {f} [medicine]  :: packing
mèche {f}  :: wick (of candle)
mâchefer {m}  :: cinders
mâchefer {m}  :: clinker
mâcher {v} [informal]  :: to begin or prepare some work
mâcher {v}  :: to chew
mâchicoulis {m} [architecture]  :: machicolation
mâchoire {f}  :: jaw; jawbone
mâchonner {vt}  :: to chew
méchoui {m}  :: spit-roasted sheep (whole animal)
mâchouiller {v}  :: to chew, chomp
mécénat {m}  :: sponsorship, patronage
mécène {m}  :: patron (of arts)
mécompte {m}  :: disappointment
mécompte {m}  :: miscalculation
méconnaissable {adj}  :: unrecognizable
méconnaissance {f}  :: unawareness
méconnaitre {v}  :: alternative spelling of méconnaître
méconnaître {v} [by extension]  :: To ignore someone by pretending not to know them
méconnaître {v} [figuratively]  :: Fail to treat someone in the way they deserve; not appreciate a quality, something they merit
méconnaître {v}  :: to not recognize or be unaware of
mécontent {adj}  :: discontented
mécontent {adj}  :: dissatisfied
mécontentement {m}  :: discontent
mécontenter {v}  :: to displease, disgruntle
mécréant {adj}  :: atheistic
mécréant {adj}  :: infidel
mécréant {m}  :: infidel
mécréant {m}  :: unbeliever
médaille {f}  :: medal
médaille d'argent {f}  :: silver medal
médaille de bronze {f}  :: bronze medal
médaille d'or {f}  :: gold medal
médaille en chocolat {f} [humorous]  :: a non-existent prize for finishing fourth (as opposed to the actual gold, silver and bronze medals for finishing first, second, and third)
médaille en chocolat {f} [literally]  :: a chocolate medal; a chocolate disc wrapped in metal foil
médailler {vt}  :: To medal, to award a medal (to)
médailleur {m}  :: medallist
médaillon {m} [architecture]  :: medallion
médaillon {m}  :: medallion (cut of meat)
médaillon {m}  :: medallion (large decorative medal)
Médard {prop}  :: male given name
médecin {f}  :: medic; doctor
médecine {f}  :: medicine (field of study)
médecine légale {f}  :: forensic pathology
médeciner {vt} [obsolete]  :: to treat medically; with medicines
médecin légiste {m}  :: coroner
médecin légiste {m}  :: forensic scientist, medical examiner
médecin traitant {m}  :: general practitioner (GP)
Mèdes {prop}  :: Medes
média {m}  :: media
médial {adj}  :: central; middle (relating to the middle)
médialement {adv}  :: centrally
médian {adj}  :: median, medial
médiat {adj}  :: mediate
médiatement {adv}  :: mediately
médiateur {m}  :: a mediator
médiateur {m} [politics, France]  :: ombudsman
médiathèque {f}  :: media library
médiation {f}  :: mediation
médiatique {adj}  :: media (attributive), journalistic
médiatiquement {adv}  :: in the media
médiatisé {adj}  :: mediatized
médiatisé {adj}  :: publicized
médiatisation {f}  :: media coverage
médiatisation {f}  :: mediatization
médiatiser {v}  :: to mediatize
médiatiser {v}  :: to show to the media
médiator {m}  :: a guitar pick, a plectrum
médiatrice {f}  :: feminine form of médiateur
médicalement {adv}  :: medically
médicalisé {adj}  :: medicalized
médicalisation {f}  :: medicalization
médicamenté {adj}  :: medicated
médicament {m}  :: drug, medication, medicine, pharmaceutical, prescription
médicamenteux {adj}  :: medicinal
médication {f}  :: medication
médicéen {adj}  :: Medician
médicinal {adj}  :: medicinal
médicolégal {adj}  :: forensic (relating to the use of science and technology in the investigation and establishment of facts or evidence in a court of law)
médicolégal {adj}  :: medicolegal
médicosocial {adj}  :: medical and social
médina {f}  :: medina (old town of arabic cities)
médiocre {adj}  :: mediocre
médiocrement {adv}  :: mediocrely (in a mediocre way)
médiocrité {f}  :: mediocrity
médique {adj}  :: Median, Medean
médique {adj}  :: Persian
médire {v}  :: to slander, to speak badly of
médisance {f}  :: scandal, scandalous gossip
médisant {adj}  :: slanderous, defamatory
méditatif {adj}  :: meditative, thoughtful
méditation {f}  :: meditation
méditativement {adv}  :: meditatively, thoughtfully
méditer {vi}  :: to meditate
méditer {vt}  :: to think over, ponder, reflect on
méditerrané {adj}  :: Mediterranean
Méditerranée {prop}  :: Mediterranean
méditerranéen {adj}  :: Mediterranean (of or pertaining to the Mediterranean Sea and the region around it)
médium {m}  :: medium (a person who contacts the dead)
médium {m} [music]  :: middle register
médiumnique {adj}  :: mediumistic
médius {m}  :: middle finger
médiéval {adj}  :: medieval (of or relating to the Middle Ages)
médiéviste {mf}  :: medievalist (one who studies culture and history in the Middle Ages)
médoc {m} [informal, usually, in the plural]  :: medication
Médoc {m}  :: Médoc (wine)
Médoc {prop}  :: Médoc (region)
Médor {prop}  :: Fido, Rover; a name stereotypically given to dogs
mdr {interj} [Internet slang, texting]  :: initialism of mort de rire (literally dead of laughter; used in chat settings in a manner similar to the English lol)
MDR {interj} [Internet slang, initialism]  :: alternative capitalization of mdr
méduse {f}  :: jellyfish
Méduse {prop} [mythology]  :: Medusa
méduser {vt}  :: to dumbfound, stupefy
me {pron} [direct object]  :: me
me {pron} [indirect object]  :: to me
Me. {abbr}  :: Maître
Me {abbr}  :: shortened form of Maître, a title given to lawyers and notaries public
mea culpa {interj}  :: mea culpa
mec {m} [obsolete, slang]  :: pimp
mec {m} [slang]  :: guy, fellow, bloke, chap, dude
mecklembourgeois {adj}  :: Of or from Mecklenburg
Mecklembourgeois {m}  :: Native or inhabitant of Mecklenburg
meeting {m}  :: meeting, meet
meilleur {adj}  :: better (comparative of bon, literally meilleur means plus bon)
meilleur {m}  :: best
meilleure {f}  :: feminine singular form of meilleur
meistre {m}  :: archaic spelling of maître
meitnérium {m}  :: meitnerium
melancholie {f}  :: obsolete form of mélancolie
melancolie {f}  :: obsolete form of mélancolie
melchior {m}  :: obsolete spelling of maillechort
Melchisédek {prop}  :: Melchizedek
melæna {m}  :: alternative form of méléna
melon {m}  :: melon (fruit)
melon d'eau {m}  :: watermelon
membré {adj}  :: well-hung
membranaire {adj}  :: membrane (attributive), membranal
membrane {f}  :: membrane
membrane déciduale {f}  :: decidua
membraneux {adj}  :: membranous (composed of, or relating to membrane)
membre {m}  :: limb, member
membre {m}  :: member (of a group or organization)
membre {m}  :: member, penis
membre viril {m}  :: male member (penis)
membrure {f}  :: frame (of a person)
membrure {f} [nautical, especially in plural]  :: spars of a vessel
m'en {contraction}  :: me + en
menaçant {adj}  :: menacing, threatening
menace {f}  :: threat
menacer {v}  :: to endanger, to menace
menacer {v}  :: to threaten, to jeopardise
mendiant {m}  :: A beggar
mendiant {m}  :: A pastry from Alsace and Franche-Comté
mendiant {m}  :: A traditional Christmas confection, a chocolate disc studded with nuts and dried fruits representing the various mendicant monastic orders
mendicité {f}  :: begging, panhandling
mendier {v}  :: to beg (plead for money or goods)
mendigot {m}  :: beggar
mendélévium {m}  :: mendelevium
meneau {m}  :: mullion
mener {v}  :: to lead, to be leading, to be in the lead
mener {v}  :: to lead, to run, to take charge
mener {vt}  :: to lead, to take
mener en bateau {v} [idiomatic]  :: to mislead; to trick; to dupe
meneur {m} [basketball]  :: point guard
meneur {m}  :: leader (someone in charge)
meneur {m}  :: leader (someone who is leading e.g. a race)
meneuse {f}  :: feminine form of meneur
menhir {m}  :: menhir
menologe {m}  :: Menologium
menotte {f} [in the plural]  :: handcuffs
menotte {f}  :: small hand (especially the hand of a child)
menotter {v}  :: to handcuff
mensonge {m}  :: a lie or falsehood
mensonger {adj}  :: false, mendacious, deceitful, untruthful
mensongèrement {adv}  :: falsely, mendaciously, deceitfully, untruthfully
menstruel {adj}  :: menstrual
menstruel {adj}  :: monthly; mensural
menstruer {v}  :: to menstruate
mensualisation {f}  :: monthly payment (salary, hire purchase etc)
mensualiser {vt}  :: to pay monthly
mensualité {f}  :: monthly payment or salary
mensuel {adj}  :: Monthly
mensuel {m}  :: A monthly: a newspaper or magazine that is published monthly
mensuellement {adv}  :: monthly (once a month)
mensuration {f} [in the plural]  :: the size of a person or animal etc
mensuration {f}  :: measurement
-ment {suffix}  :: Used to form adverbs (from the feminine form of an adjective), most of the time equivalent to the English -wise, -ly
-ment {suffix}  :: Used to form nouns from verbs, usually of action or state resulting of them. Equivalent to the English -hood
mental {adj}  :: mental (relating to the mind)
mental {m}  :: mind
mentalement {adv}  :: mentally
mentalité {f}  :: mentality
menterie {f}  :: untruth, lie
menteur {m}  :: liar (one who tells lies)
menteuse {f}  :: feminine form of menteur
menteusement {adv}  :: falsely
menteusement {adv}  :: misleadingly
menthe {f}  :: mint
mentholé {adj}  :: mentholated
menthylé {adj}  :: mentholated
mention {f}  :: mention (act of mentioning)
mention {f}  :: slogan
mentionner {v}  :: to mention
mentir {v}  :: to lie (say something untrue)
menton {m}  :: chin
mentonnière {f} [historical]  :: beaver (lower part of a helmet)
mentonnière {f} [music, lutherie]  :: chinrest
mentor {m}  :: mentor, guide
menu {adj}  :: minor, trifling
menu {adj}  :: slim, small, fine
menu {m}  :: detailed list
menu {m}  :: menu; a set meal on a menu
menuet {m}  :: minuet
menu fretin {m}  :: small fry
menuiser {v}  :: to do craftwork or small handiwork
menuiserie {f}  :: carpentry, joinery, woodwork
menuisier {m}  :: carpenter, joiner
MEQ {m} [Quebec, education]  :: Ministre d'Éducation du Québec
mer {f}  :: sea (large body of water)
mer Adriatique {prop}  :: Adriatic Sea (sea that stretches from the Ionian Sea to the Gulf of Venice)
mer Baltique {prop}  :: Baltic Sea
mer à boire {phrasef}  :: An insurmountable task, an endeavour too large to handle
merbromine {f} [medicine]  :: merbromin
mercantilisme {m}  :: mercantilism
mercantiliste {adj}  :: mercantilist
mercantiliste {m}  :: mercantilist
mercaptan {m} [chemistry]  :: mercaptan
mercaptopropanoïque {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: mercaptopropanoic, mercaptopropionic
mercaptoéthanol {m} [organic compound]  :: mercaptoethanol
mercatique {f}  :: marketing
mercenaire {adj}  :: mercenary
mercenaire {m}  :: mercenary (person employed to fight)
mercenairement {adv}  :: mercenarily
mercerie {f}  :: haberdashery (goods)
mercerie {f}  :: haberdashery (shop)
merchandiser {v}  :: to optimize the profitability of a point of sale and of its merchandise
merci {f}  :: mercy, grace
merci {m} [interjection]  :: thank you
merci beaucoup {interj}  :: thank you very much
mercier {m}  :: mercer
merci mille fois {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: Thanks a great many times
merci mille fois {phrase} [literally]  :: thank you a thousand times
merci pour ton aide {phrase}  :: [familiar] thanks for your help
merci pour votre aide {phrase}  :: [polite or plural] thanks for your help
Merco {prop} [slang]  :: Merc
mercredi {m}  :: Wednesday
mercure {m}  :: mercury
Mercure {prop}  :: Mercury (Roman god)
Mercure {prop}  :: Mercury (the planet)
mercureux {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: mercurous
mercuriale {f} [historical]  :: A session of the French Parliament held on a Wednesday where the First President would denounce any injustices
mercuriale {f}  :: reprimand, scolding
mercuriel {adj}  :: mercurial
mercurique {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: mercuric
mercurochrome {m}  :: antiseptic
merde {f} [pejorative]  :: a dickhead, a fuckhead, a bastard
merde {f}  :: shit (something of poor quality)
merde {f}  :: shit (something undesirable or unwanted)
merde {f} [vulgar]  :: turd, piece of feces, shit
merde {interj} [theatre]  :: break a leg!
merde {interj} [vulgar]  :: shit!, crap!
merde alors {interj} [somewhat, vulgar]  :: Damn! Bugger! Dammit!
merder {v} [vulgar]  :: to fuck up, to screw up (make errors)
mer des Caraïbes {prop}  :: Caribbean Sea (a tropical sea in the Western Hemisphere)
merdeuse {f}  :: feminine form of merdeux
merdeux {adj} [slang, literally and figuratively, vulgar]  :: shitty; crap; shit
merdeux {m} [slang, vulgar]  :: a little shit; a little bastard
merdier {m} [vulgar]  :: bad, tricky situation, shitstorm
merdier {m} [vulgar]  :: mess, jumble
merdique {adj} [slang]  :: shitty, crappy
merdiquer {v} [vulgar]  :: to mess up, to screw up
merdu {adj} [slang, vulgar]  :: fucked, fucked up (not working or workable)
mer du Japon {prop}  :: Sea of Japan
merelle {f}  :: obsolete form of marelle
mer Égée {prop}  :: Aegean Sea
merguez {f}  :: Elsewhere in France merguez may be used to define a used car that has been involved in an accident and then repaired in a way that conceals the accident damage, in order to avoid a diminution in the vehicle's value. By extension, the term is sometimes used to describe a seemingly normal transaction that later turns out to be a scam
merguez {f}  :: In French police slang, the word merguez is used to describe a car that has been modified—such as filing away its engine number, or the inclusion of components from different cars—to make it hard to identify and correspondingly enhance its suitability for use in crimes.[1]

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