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à {contraction}  :: contraction of a a
á {f} [archaic, usually in plural]  :: wing
â {letter}  :: A letter "a" which is stressed and placed in the penultimate syllable of a noun that ends in another a
ã {letter}  :: The letter a with a tilde
à {letter}  :: the letter A with a tilde
Á {m}  :: alternative form of á
{suffix}  :: forms the feminine of nouns and adjectives ending in gloss=-an: of or pertaining to
{suffix}  :: forms the third-person singular future indicative form of verbs
{suffix}  :: obsolete spelling of -á
{adv}  :: in this case; in this situation
{adv}  :: then (soon afterwards)
{adv}  :: there (close to the second person (you))
{adv}  :: towards the second person
{interj}  :: yeah! (expressing joy, celebration, glee, etc.)
a {interj}  :: oh
a {letter}  :: The first letter of the Portuguese alphabet, written in the Latin script
a {m}  :: alternative spelling of á
-aõ {suffix}  :: obsolete spelling of -ão
a- {prefix}  :: added to adjective X, forms verbs meaning to make/turn X
a- {prefix}  :: added to noun X, forms verbs meaning to cause or make X or to cause something to have X
a- {prefix}  :: a- (not; without)
a {prep}  :: at
a {prep}  :: Indicates the direct object, mainly to avoid confusion when it, the subject, or both are displaced
a {prep} [lb, pt, Portugal, followed by a verb in the infinitive form]  :: forms the present participle. In Brazil, the gerund is used instead
a {prep}  :: to
a {pron}  :: Her, it (as a direct object; as an indirect object, see lhe; after prepositions, see ela)
-a {suffix}  :: forms feminine nouns and adjectives
-a {suffix}  :: forms the first-person singular present subjunctive of verbs ending in -er and -ir
-a {suffix}  :: forms the second-person singular affirmative imperative of verbs ending in -ar
-a {suffix}  :: forms the third-person singular affirmative imperative of verbs ending in -er and -ir
-a {suffix}  :: forms the third-person singular negative imperative of verbs ending in -er and -ir
-a {suffix}  :: forms the third-person singular present indicative of verbs ending in -ar
-a {suffix}  :: forms the third-person singular present subjunctive of verbs ending in -er and -ir
A {m}  :: alternative form of á
açaí {m}  :: açai, the fruit of the açaizeiro
AAC {abbr}  :: initialism of Associação Académica de Coimbra
açacalar {v}  :: to polish; to burnish
açafrão {m}  :: saffron
açafroada {adj}  :: feminine form of açafroado
açafroadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of açafroado
açafroado {adj}  :: saffron (colour)
açafrão-da-índia {m}  :: turmeric (Curcuma longa, a plant of India)
açafrão-da-índia {m}  :: turmeric (spice made from the rhizome of the turmeric plant)
açafrão-das-índias {m}  :: alternative form of açafrão-da-índia
açaizeiro {m}  :: açai (south American palms of the genus Euterpe)
aaquela {contraction}  :: obsolete spelling of àquela
aaquelas {contraction}  :: obsolete spelling of àquelas
aaquele {contraction}  :: obsolete spelling of àquele
aaqueles {contraction}  :: obsolete spelling of àqueles
aaquilo {contraction}  :: obsolete spelling of àquilo
aardvark {m}  :: aardvark (mammal)
Aarão {prop}  :: male given name. Equivalent of English Aaron
aas {contraction}  :: obsolete spelling of às
aba {f}  :: brim (of a hat)
aba {f}  :: tab (navigational widget in a GUI)
Ababa {prop}  :: Addis Ababa
abacá {m}  :: abaca
abacá {m}  :: Manilla hemp
abacate {m}  :: avocado (fruit)
abacateiro {m}  :: avocado (tree)
abacaxí {m}  :: obsolete spelling of abacaxi
abacaxi {m} [Brazil, military slang]  :: pineapple (hand grenade)
abacaxi {m} [Brazil]  :: pineapple (fruit)
abacaxi {m} [Brazil]  :: pineapple (plant)
abacaxi {m} [Brazil, slang]  :: a difficult situation
abacaxi {m} [Portugal]  :: a certain fragrant, sweet cultivar of pineapple
abacaxizeiro {m} [Brazil]  :: pineapple (plant)
abacharelada {adj}  :: feminine form of abacharelado
abachareladas {adj}  :: feminine plural of abacharelado
abacharelado {adj} [pejorative]  :: logorrheic; excessively talkative
abacharelado {adj}  :: who is a bachelor (someone has a bachelor’s degree)
abacharelando {v}  :: gerund of abacharelar
abacharelar {v}  :: to give someone a bachelor’s degree
abacial {adj}  :: abbatial (of, relating to, or proper for an abbot or abbey)
abacisco {m}  :: diminutive form of ábaco
abacista {mf}  :: abacist (one who calculates using an abacus)
abacote {m} [historical]  :: bycoket (type of ancient cap or headdress)
abactor {m}  :: abactor (cattle thief)
abadado {m} [rare]  :: abbotship (the state or office of an abbot)
abade {m}  :: abbot (superior or head of an abbey or monastery)
abadessa {f}  :: abbess (female superior of a nunnery)
abadia {f}  :: abbey
abadia {f}  :: abbeystead
abadiado {m}  :: abbotship (the state or office of an abbot)
abadêssa {f}  :: obsolete spelling of abadessa
abañeenga {m}  :: obsolete spelling of abanheenga
abafadamente {adv}  :: displaying shortness of breath, dyspnea
abafadamente {adv} [figurative]  :: covertly, in secret
abafadiça {adj}  :: feminine form of abafadiço
abafadiças {adj}  :: feminine plural of abafadiço
abafadiço {adj} [of weather or a location]  :: likely to become, or which often becomes muggy, sultry (hot and humid)
abafado {adj} [Brazil, slang]  :: stolen (that has been stolen)
abafado {adj} [figurative, of a facial expression]  :: which the person attempted to prevent
abafado {adj} [figurative, of a scandal]  :: which has been hidden from the public
abafado {adj} [oenology, of wine]  :: whose fermentation process has been interrupted by the addition of a spirit
abafado {adj} [of sound]  :: muffled (almost mute; deadened)
abafado {adj} [of weather or a location]  :: muggy, sultry (hot and humid)
abafador {m}  :: any person or device which snuffs or prevents the spread of fire
abafador {m}  :: anything that muffles sound
abafador {m} [Brazil, slang]  :: thief; robber
abafador {m}  :: cosy (covering put on an item to keep it warm)
abafador {m} [Portuguese folklore]  :: a person whose job is to smother the moribund on their deathbed
abafador {m}  :: the biggest marble used in a marble game
abafação {f}  :: an episode of dyspnea
abafação {f} [uncountable]  :: dyspnea (difficult or laboured respiration)
abafar {vt} [informal]  :: to ignore someone's mistakes
abafar {vt}  :: to interrupt
abafar {vt}  :: to suffocate
abainhar {v}  :: alternative form of embainhar
abaixado {v}  :: past participle of abaixar
abaixamento {m}  :: depression, lowering
abaixamento {m}  :: subsidence
abaixando {v}  :: gerund of abaixar
abaixar {v}  :: to lower; to cause something to become shorter
abaixar {v}  :: to lower; to cause something to move downwards
abaixar {v}  :: to lower; to humble
abaixar {v}  :: to lower; to reduce the degree, intensity, strength, etc
abaixo {adv}  :: down, downwards (towards a lower place)
abaixo {interj}  :: down with (expresses protest)
abaixo-assinado {m}  :: petition (compilation of signatures)
abaixo de {prep}  :: less than; a lower value or amount than
abaixo de {prep}  :: under; below; underneath
abaju {m}  :: alternative form of abajur
abajur {m}  :: lampshade (cover over a lamp)
Abakan {prop}  :: Abakan (city in Russia)
abalada {adj}  :: feminine form of abalado
abaladas {adj}  :: feminine plural of abalado
abalado {adj}  :: confused
abalado {adj}  :: shaken, stunned, dazed
abalado {adj}  :: upset, perturbed, unsettled
abalando {v}  :: gerund of abalar
abalar {v}  :: to affect, unsettle, shock
abalar {v}  :: to shake
abalizada {adj}  :: feminine form of abalizado
abalizadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of abalizado
abalizado {adj}  :: authoritative, expert
abalizado {adj}  :: respectable
abalroando {v}  :: gerund of abalroar
abalroar {v}  :: to collide (with)
abalroar {v}  :: to ram
abanado {v}  :: past participle of abanar
abanando {v}  :: gerund of abanar
abanar {v}  :: to fan
abanar {v}  :: to wag
abandando {v}  :: gerund of abandar
abandar {v}  :: to flock together
abandar {v}  :: to join a gang, band or party
abandonada {adj}  :: feminine form of abandonado
abandonadamente {adv}  :: abandonedly
abandonado {adj}  :: abandoned
abandonado {adj}  :: dirty
abandonar {v}  :: to abandon
abandonar-se {v}  :: to indulge in
abandono {m}  :: abandonment (act of abandoning)
abandono {m} [uncountable]  :: the state of abandonment
abaneenga {m}  :: alternative form of abanheenga
abanheenga {m}  :: Old Tupi (Tupian language spoken as a lingua franca in colonial Brazil)
abanico {m}  :: fan (anything resembling a hand-held fan)
abano {m}  :: fan (hand-held device waved back and forth in order to move air or cool oneself)
abano {m}  :: the act of waving (moving something back and forth repeatedly)
abantesma {f}  :: ghost (spirit appearing after death)
abarbado {v}  :: past participle of abarbar
abarbando {v}  :: gerund of abarbar
abarbar {v}  :: to be very busy
abarbar {v}  :: to run one's hands through the beard
abarcar {v}  :: to encompass (include)
abarregada {adj}  :: feminine form of abarregado
abarregadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of abarregado
abarregado {adj} [archaic]  :: living with one’s partner, but not married
abarregado {adj} [obsolete, of a property]  :: whose owner doesn’t live in
abarrotado {adj}  :: packed; overfull (filled excessively)
abasia {f} [medical]  :: abasia (incapacity to walk)
abastada {adj}  :: feminine form of abastado
abastadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of abastado
abastado {adj}  :: abundant
abastado {adj}  :: hearty
abastado {adj}  :: wealthy, rich, well-off
abastança {m}  :: abundance
abastança {m}  :: adequacy
abastando {v}  :: gerund of abastar
abastar {v}  :: to suffice, be enough
abastar {v}  :: to supply
abastardar {v}  :: abastardize (to render bastard)
abastecendo {v}  :: gerund of abastecer
abastecer {v}  :: to fuel
abastecer {v}  :: to supply, provide, provision
abastecido {v}  :: past participle of abastecer
abastecimento {m}  :: provisions
abastecimento {m}  :: supply
abastimento {m}  :: dispensing
abatedouro {m}  :: slaughterhouse (place where animals are slaughtered)
abatendo {v}  :: gerund of abater
abater {v}  :: to abate, weaken
abater {v}  :: to collapse
abater {v}  :: to slaughter
abater {v}  :: to topple
abatido {v}  :: past participle of abater
abatimento {m}  :: discount, rebate
abayxo {adv}  :: obsolete spelling of abaixo
abayxo {v}  :: obsolete spelling of abaixo
abayxo de {prep}  :: obsolete spelling of abaixo de
abbacial {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of abacial
abóbada {f} [architecture]  :: vault (arched ceiling)
abbade {m}  :: obsolete spelling of abade
abbadessa {f}  :: obsolete spelling of abadessa
abóbeda {m}  :: alternative form of abóbada
abóbora {f}  :: pumpkin, squash, gourd
abóbora {m}  :: pumpkin (colour)
abóbora-menina {f}  :: cushaw (cucurbita mixta, the winter squash)
abc {m}  :: ABC (alphabet)
abc {m}  :: ABC (rudiments)
ABC {m}  :: alternative form of á-bê-cê
abcesso {m}  :: abscess, boil
abcesso {m}  :: tumour
abciximab {m} [pharmaceutical drug]  :: abciximab (antiplatelet drug)
abcázio {m}  :: Abkhaz (a Northwest Caucasian language spoken in Abkhazia)
Abdala {prop}  :: Abdullah (Muslim given name)
Abdias {prop}  :: Obadiah (book of the Old Testament)
abdicação {f}  :: abdication (the act of abdicating; the renunciation of a high office, dignity, or trust, by its holder)
abdicar {v}  :: (em favor de) to give up (abdicate) something in favour of someone;
abdicar {v}  :: to abdicate
abdicativo {adj}  :: abdicative (causing, or implying, abdication)
abdómen {m}  :: abdomen
abdômen {m} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of abdómen
abdome {m}  :: alternative form of abdómen
abdominal {adj}  :: abdominal
abdominal {m}  :: sit-up
abducção {f}  :: abduction
abdução {f}  :: abduction
abdutiva {adj}  :: feminine form of abdutivo
abdutivas {adj}  :: feminine plural of abdutivo
abdutivo {adj} [logic, computing]  :: abductive (logic)
abdutor {m}  :: abductor (muscle)
abduzindo {v}  :: gerund of abduzir
abduzir {v}  :: to abduct (to draw away from its ordinary position)
abecê {m}  :: alternative form of abc
abecedário {m}  :: primer (elementary textbook)
Abecásia {prop}  :: Abkhazia (a region/country in the Caucasus)
Abel {prop}  :: Abel (biblical character)
Abelardo {prop}  :: Abelard (male given name)
a beleza está nos olhos de quem vê {proverb}  :: beauty is in the eye of the beholder (individuals have different inclinations on what is beautiful)
abelha {f}  :: bee (insect)
abelha de mel {f}  :: honey bee
abelha-mestra {f}  :: queen bee (reproductive female bee)
abelha-pedreira {f}  :: hornet (a large wasp, of the genus Vespa, with a brown and yellow striped body)
abelha-rainha {f}  :: queen bee (reproductive female bee)
abelharuco {m}  :: bee-eater (bird in the family Meropidae)
abelheiro {m}  :: beekeeper (someone who keeps bees)
abelhão {m}  :: bumblebee (genus of bee)
abeliano {adj} [mathematics]  :: abelian (math: of a group)
abençoadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of abençoado
abençoado {adj}  :: blessed
abençoando {v}  :: gerund of abençoar
abençoar {v}  :: to bless
abentesma {mf}  :: alternative form of abantesma
aberração {f}  :: aberration, aberrance
aberração {f}  :: freak
aberta {adj}  :: feminine form of aberto
abertamente {adv}  :: openly
abertas {adj}  :: feminine plural of aberto
aberto {adj}  :: open
abertura {f}  :: aperture
abertura {f}  :: opening, orifice
abespinhando {v}  :: gerund of abespinhar
abespinhar {v}  :: to irritate, annoy, bother
abetarda {f}  :: bustard (any of several birds of the family Otididae)
abeto {m}  :: fir (A conifer of the genus Abies)
abetouro {m}  :: bittern (bird of the family Ardeidae)
abeto vermelho {m}  :: spruce (tree from the genus Picea)
abezerrada {adj}  :: feminine form of abezerrado
abezerradas {adj}  :: feminine plural of abezerrado
abezerrado {adj}  :: calflike (resembling a calf (young cow) or some aspect of one)
abígeo {m}  :: abactor (one who steals and drives away cattle or beasts by herds)
Abidjan {prop}  :: Abidjan (the largest city of Côte d'Ivoire)
abieiro {m}  :: a South American tropical fruit tree, Pouteria caimito, whose fruit is the abiu
Abigail {prop}  :: Abigail (biblical wife of David)
Abigail {prop}  :: Abigail (female given name)
abigeato {m}  :: abigeat, cattle-theft
Abijã {prop}  :: alternative form of Abidjan
Abijão {prop}  :: alternative form of Abidjan
abilidade {f}  :: ability
abilolada {adj}  :: feminine form of abilolado
abiloladas {adj}  :: feminine plural of abilolado
abilolado {adj}  :: gaga; crazy
abio {m}  :: star apple (fruit of the Chrysophyllum cainito tree)
abiogênese {f}  :: abiogenesis
abiogénese {f} [biology, Portugal]  :: abiogenesis
abismado {adj}  :: astonished, astounded
abismal {adj}  :: abysmal (extremely bad)
abismal {adj}  :: abysmal (pertaining to, or resembling an abyss; bottomless; unending; profound)
abismando {v}  :: gerund of abismar
abismar {v}  :: to astonish, astound
abismar {v}  :: to fall into the abyss
abismo {m}  :: abyss (a bottomless or unfathomed depth)
abissal {adj} [geography]  :: abyssal (belonging to the ocean depths)
abissínia {adj}  :: feminine form of abissínio
Abissínia {prop} [dated]  :: Abyssinia (historical name of Ethiopia)
abissínias {adj}  :: feminine plural of abissínio
abissínio {adj}  :: Abyssinian (of or pertaining to Abyssinia)
abissínio {m}  :: Abyssinian (a native of Abyssinia)
abiu {m}  :: abiu, the fruit of the abieiro
abjecção {f}  :: obsolete spelling of abjeção
abjecto {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of abjeto
abjeção {f}  :: abjection
abjeção {f}  :: vileness
abjetamente {adv}  :: abjectly (in an abject manner)
abjeto {adj}  :: abject
abjeto {adj}  :: vile
abjurar {v}  :: abjure (to renounce upon oath)
ablativa {adj}  :: feminine form of ablativo
ablativas {adj}  :: feminine plural of ablativo
ablativo {adj} [grammar]  :: ablative
ablaut {m} [linguistics]  :: ablaut (substitution of one root vowel for another)
abluindo {v}  :: gerund of abluir
abluir {v}  :: to ablute
ablução {f}  :: ablution
abnegando {v}  :: gerund of abnegar
abnegação {f}  :: abnegation
abnegação {f}  :: self-denial
abnegar {v}  :: to abnegate
abnegar {v}  :: to renounce
abneto {m}  :: great-great-grandson (the son of one’s great-grandchild)
Abo {prop}  :: Turku (a city in Finland)
abobada {adj}  :: feminine form of abobado
abobada {f}  :: feminine form of abobado
abobada {f}  :: obsolete spelling of abóbada
abobadar {v}  :: to vault (to build as or cover with vault)
aboboreira {f}  :: pumpkin (plant)
abobrinha {f}  :: courgette (a small marrow/squash)
abocanhar {vt}  :: bite (to hold something by clamping one’s teeth)
abolicionista {mf}  :: abolitionist (person who favors the abolition)
abolimento {m}  :: abolishment (act of abolishing)
abolição {f}  :: abolition
abolir {vt}  :: to abolish
abominação {f}  :: abomination
abominar {vt}  :: abhor, abominate (to feel disgust towards, to hate in the highest degree)
abominábil {adj}  :: alternative form of abominável
abominável {adj}  :: abominable; hateful; detestable; loathsome
abominável homem das neves {m} [cryptozoology, often, capitalized]  :: abominable snowman, yeti (manlike or apelike animal said to exist in the Himalayas)
abondança {f} [archaic]  :: abundance (ample sufficiency)
abordagem {f}  :: approach (a manner in which a problem is solved or policy is made)
abordando {v}  :: gerund of abordar
abordar {v}  :: to address (a subject, etc.)
a bordo {adv}  :: aboard (on board)
aborígene {mf}  :: aborigine (aboriginal inhabitant of a country)
aborígene americano {m}  :: Aboriginal American (native of North America)
aborígine {adj}  :: Aboriginal (of or pertaining to aborigines)
aborígine {mf}  :: Aboriginal (original inhabitant of any land)
aborígine {mf}  :: Aboriginal (original inhabitant of Australia)
aborrecendo {v}  :: gerund of aborrecer
aborrecer {v}  :: to annoy, bother, vex
aborrecida {adj}  :: feminine form of aborrecido
aborrecidas {adj}  :: feminine plural of aborrecido
aborrecido {adj}  :: bored
aborrecido {adj}  :: upset
aborrecimento {m}  :: bother, annoyance
aborrecimento {m}  :: tedium, boredom, ennui
abort {m} [computing]  :: abort (function used to abort a process)
abortado {adj}  :: aborted
abortamento {m}  :: abortion (act of inducing abortion)
abortamento {m} [computing]  :: abort (function used to abort a process)
abortar {v}  :: to abort, to miscarry
aborto {m}  :: abortion, miscarriage
aborto {m}  :: monster, ugly thing
aborto espontâneo {m}  :: miscarriage (termination of pregnancy)
aborto induzido {m}  :: abortion (induced abortion)
abotoadura {f}  :: cufflink (button used to hold a sleeve cuff together)
abotoando {v}  :: gerund of abotoar
abotoar {v} [nautical]  :: to connect things by looping it with rope
abotoar {v} [of a plant]  :: to bud (to form buds)
abotoar {v}  :: to button up (to fasten with a button or buttons)
abraçar {v}  :: to hug, to embrace
abracadabra {interj}  :: abracadabra (used to indicate that a magic trick or other illusion has been performed)
abram alas {phrase} [imperative, to a crowd]  :: gangway (make way)
abrandando {v}  :: gerund of abrandar
abrandar {v}  :: to loosen
abrandar {v}  :: to placate
abrandar {v}  :: to relent
abrandar {v}  :: to soften
abrangendo {v}  :: gerund of abranger
abrangente {adj}  :: Broadly inclusive; comprehensive
abranger {v}  :: to contain
abranger {v}  :: to embrace, span
abranger {v}  :: to include, comprise, cover
Abrantes {prop}  :: A Portuguese city in Santarém district
abraço {m}  :: hug, embrace
Abraão {prop}  :: male given name, Portuguese equivalent of Abraham
abraço de urso {m}  :: bear hug
abraquia {f} [medicine]  :: abrachia (the congenital absence of both arms)
abrasado {v}  :: past participle of abrasar
abrasamento {m}  :: abrasion (act of abrading)
abrasando {v}  :: gerund of abrasar
abrasar {v}  :: to burn
abrasar {v}  :: to parch
abrasileirar {v}  :: to Brazilianize
abrasiva {adj}  :: feminine form of abrasivo
abrasivamente {adv}  :: abrasively (in an abrasive or rough manner)
abrasivas {adj}  :: feminine plural of abrasivo
abrasividade {f}  :: abrasiveness (state or quality of being abrasive)
abrasivo {adj}  :: Producing abrasion; abrasive; rough
abrasão {f}  :: abrasion
abrasão {f} [geology]  :: erosion
abraçável {adj}  :: huggable (capable of, or suitable for, being hugged)
abreviação {f}  :: abbreviation (act or result of shortening or reducing)
abreviação {f}  :: abbreviation (shortened or contracted form of a word or phrase)
abreviar {v}  :: to abbreviate
abreviativa {adj}  :: feminine form of abreviativo
abreviativas {adj}  :: feminine plural of abreviativo
abreviativo {adj}  :: abbreviatory (serving or tending to abbreviate; shortening; abridging)
abreviatória {adj}  :: feminine form of abreviatório
abreviatórias {adj}  :: feminine plural of abreviatório
abreviatório {adj}  :: abbreviatory (serving or tending to abbreviate; shortening; abridging)
abreviatura {f}  :: an abbreviation, initialism, or acronym
abricó {m}  :: apricot (fruit)
abricó-do-pará {m}  :: mammee apple
abridor {m}  :: bottle opener (device to open bottle)
abridor {m}  :: opener (someone who or something that opens something)
abridor de garrafas {m}  :: bottle opener (device to open bottle)
abridor de lata {m}  :: can opener (device used to open tin cans)
abrigado {adj}  :: sheltered (protected from the wind and weather)
abrigar {vt}  :: harbour (provide refuge for)
abrigo {m}  :: haven
abrigo {m}  :: refuge
abrigo {m}  :: shelter
abrigo antiaéreo {m}  :: air-raid shelter (reinforced underground shelter designed to give protection against air raids)
abril {m}  :: April
Abril {m}  :: superseded spelling of abril
abrir {vt}  :: To open
abrir caminho {vi} [idiomatic]  :: make way (to give place or step aside)
ab-rogar {v}  :: abrogate (to annul by an authoritative act)
ab-rogável {adj}  :: abrogable (capable of being abrogated)
abrolho {m}  :: (especially in plural) reef (rocks near the coast)
abroquelando {v}  :: gerund of abroquelar
abroquelar {v}  :: to shield, protect
abrunho {m}  :: sloe (Prunus spinosa)
abrupta {adj}  :: feminine form of abrupto
abruptamente {adv}  :: abruptly; suddenly (without giving notice)
abruptamente {adv}  :: sharply; steeply
abruptas {adj}  :: feminine plural of abrupto
abrupto {adj}  :: abrupt; steep; craggy
Absalão {prop}  :: Absalom (Biblical character)
absceder {vi}  :: abscess (to form an abscess)
abscesso {m}  :: abscess (cavity filled with pus)
abscindir {v}  :: abrupt (to interrupt suddenly)
abscindir {v}  :: abrupt (to tear off or asunder)
abscissa {f} [geometry]  :: abscissa (first of two coordinates)
absentismo {m}  :: truancy (the act of shirking from responsibilities and duties)
absintada {adj}  :: feminine form of absintado
absintadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of absintado
absintado {adj}  :: absinthiated (impregnated with wormwood)
absintina {f} [organic compound]  :: absinthin (principal compound found in wormwood)
absinto {m}  :: absinthe (Artemisia absinthium)
absinto {m}  :: absinthe (liquor)
absíntica {adj}  :: feminine form of absíntico
absínticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of absíntico
absíntico {adj} [chemistry]  :: absinthic (of wormwood or its acid)
absoluta {adj}  :: feminine form of absoluto
absolutamente {adv}  :: absolutely
absoluto {adj}  :: absolute
absoluto {adj}  :: total
absoluto {adj}  :: unmitigated
absolvendo {v}  :: gerund of absolver
absolver {v} [legal]  :: To acquit
absolver {v}  :: to absolve
absolver {v}  :: to forgive
absolvido {adj} [legal]  :: acquitted
absolvição {f} [Christianity]  :: absolution
absorção {f}  :: absorption
absorvente {adj}  :: absorbent
absorvente {adj}  :: absorbing
absorvente {m}  :: absorbent
absorvente íntimo {m}  :: sanitary napkin (pad of cotton or other absorbent material)
absorver {v}  :: absorb
absorvidamente {adv}  :: absorbedly
absorvência {f}  :: absorbency
absorvível {adj}  :: absorbable
abstendo {v}  :: gerund of abster
abstenção {f}  :: abstention (the act of abstaining)
abster {v}  :: to abstain (from)
abster {v}  :: to refrain, restrain
abster-se {vr}  :: abstain (refrain from voting)
abster-se {vr}  :: refrain (to keep one’s self from action)
abstinência {f}  :: abstinence
abstémia {adj}  :: feminine form of abstémio
abstêmia {adj}  :: feminine form of abstêmio
abstémias {adj}  :: feminine plural of abstémio
abstêmias {adj}  :: feminine plural of abstêmio
abstêmio {adj} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of abstémio
abstémio {adj} [Portugal]  :: abstemious, teetotal
abstracção {f}  :: obsolete form of abstração
abstraído {v}  :: past participle of abstrair
abstraindo {v}  :: gerund of abstrair
abstrair {v}  :: to abstract (all senses)
abstrair {v}  :: to separate
abstração {f}  :: abstraction
abstrata {adj}  :: feminine form of abstrato
abstratas {adj}  :: feminine plural of abstrato
abstrato {adj}  :: abstract; separate
abstrato {adj}  :: abstract; theoretical; vague; impractical
abstrusa {adj}  :: feminine form of abstruso
abstrusas {adj}  :: feminine plural of abstruso
abstruso {adj}  :: Difficult to comprehend; abstruse
absurda {adj}  :: feminine form of absurdo
absurdas {adj}  :: feminine plural of absurdo
absurdo {adj}  :: absurd
absurdo {m}  :: absurdity
Abu Dhabi {prop}  :: Abu Dhabi (capital of the United Arab Emirates)
abuitre {m}  :: alternative form of abutre
abundante {adj}  :: abundant (fully sufficient; plentiful)
abundar {v}  :: abound (to be plentiful)
abundância {f}  :: abundance (ample sufficiency)
abusado {v}  :: past participle of abusar
abusador {m}  :: abuser (one who abuses)
abusando {v}  :: gerund of abusar
abusar {v}  :: to abuse
abusar {v}  :: to insult
abuso sexual {m}  :: sexual abuse (forcing of undesired sexual activity by one person on another)
abutre {m}  :: vulture
abutre-barbudo {m}  :: lammergeier (bird)
abutre-fusco {m}  :: Eurasian black vulture (Aegypius monachus)
acá {adv} [literary, or, archaic]  :: hither (to here)
a/c {phrase}  :: initialism of aos cuidados de
AC {abbr}  :: Acre (Brazilian state)
acaçapada {adj}  :: feminine form of acaçapado
acaçapadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of acaçapado
acaçapado {adj}  :: crouched
acaçapado {adj}  :: hidden
acaçapado {adj}  :: low, flat
acabado {adj} [comparable]  :: In a state of exhaustion; exhaust; depleted
acabado {adj} [comparable, of a living being]  :: Having lived for most of the expected years; old
acabado {adj} [comparable]  :: Without flaws; flawless; perfect
acabado {adj} [not comparable]  :: That no longer continues; finished; over
acabamento {m}  :: finishing (act of finishing something)
acabamento {m} [uncountable]  :: polish, refinement
acabamento {m} [uncountable]  :: the final, minor details or steps in the production of something
acabar {v}  :: (catenative) (followed by de) indicates recency, as in English just finish
acabar {v}  :: to destroy completely, to defeat thoroughly
acabar {v}  :: to end up
acabar {v}  :: to finish, to complete
acabar com {v} [colloquial]  :: murder (defeat decisively)
acabar com {v}  :: destroy (to neutralize)
acabar com {v}  :: ruin (to spoil)
acabar com o sofrimento de alguém {vt} [idiomatic, informal]  :: put out of one's misery (informal: to euthanize)
acabar de {v} [followed by infinitive]  :: just (recently)
acabrunhando {v}  :: gerund of acabrunhar
acabrunhar {v}  :: to afflict
acabrunhar {v}  :: to humiliate
acabrunhar {v}  :: to overburden, overwhelm
a cada um o que é seu {proverb}  :: to each his own (every person is entitled to his or her personal preferences)
academia {f}  :: academy
academia {f}  :: (Brazil) gym
acadiana {adj}  :: feminine form of acadiano
acadianas {adj}  :: feminine plural of acadiano
acadiano {adj}  :: Accadian (pertaining to a race supposed to have lived in Babylonia before the Assyrian conquest)
acadiano {m}  :: Accadian (a person from Accad)
académica {adj}  :: feminine form of académico
acadêmica {adj}  :: feminine form of acadêmico
académicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of académico
acadêmicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of acadêmico
acadêmico {adj} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of académico
académico {adj} [Portugal]  :: academic
acadêmico {m} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of académico
académico {m} [Portugal]  :: academic
acaju {m} [botany]  :: mahogany (tree)
acaju {m}  :: cashew (nut or fruit)
acalanto {m}  :: lullaby
acalentamento {m}  :: cherishing
acalentamento {m}  :: nurturance
acalentando {v}  :: gerund of acalentar
acalentar {v}  :: to cherish
acalentar {v}  :: to lull, comfort
acalmador {m}  :: composer (one who, or that which, quiets or calms)
acalmando {v}  :: gerund of acalmar
acalmar {vr}  :: to calm down
acalmar {v}  :: to calm, calm down
acalmar-se {vr}  :: quieten (to become quiet)
acalorado {adj}  :: incendiary (inflammatory, emotionally charged)
acamada {adj}  :: feminine form of acamado
acamadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of acamado
acamado {adj}  :: bedridden (confined to bed because of infirmity or illness)
a caminho {adj} [idiomatic, predicative]  :: on the way (coming)
acampado {v}  :: past participle of acampar
acampamento {m}  :: camp
acampando {v}  :: gerund of acampar
acampar {v}  :: to camp (go camping)
acampar {v}  :: to encamp
acanhada {adj}  :: feminine form of acanhado
acanhadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of acanhado
acanhado {adj}  :: shy
acanto {m} [botany]  :: acanthus (plant)
a capella {adv}  :: a capella
açúcar {m}  :: sugar
acaranguejada {adj}  :: feminine form of acaranguejado
acaranguejadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of acaranguejado
acaranguejado {adj}  :: crablike (having some characteristics of a crab)
açúcar de confeiteiro {m}  :: powdered sugar (very finely ground sugar)
acariciador {m}  :: caresser (one who caresses)
acariciar {vt}  :: caress (touch or kiss lovingly)
acariciar {vt}  :: pet (fondle (an animal))
acariciar {vt}  :: pet (fondle (another person) amorously)
acariciar {vt}  :: stroke (to move one's hand or an object over the surface of)
açúcar mascavo {m}  :: jaggery (unrefined sugar)
acarofobia {f}  :: acarophobia
acarretando {v}  :: gerund of acarretar
acarretar {v}  :: to carry
acarretar {v}  :: to cart (transport in a cart or similar)
acarretar {v}  :: to cause, bring about
acartar {v}  :: to transport something on the back or on the head
acaso {m}  :: chance; luck
acastanhada {adj}  :: feminine form of acastanhado
acastanhadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of acastanhado
acastanhado {adj}  :: chestnut (coloured), brownish
acastanhar {v}  :: brown (to become brown)
acastelando {v}  :: gerund of acastelar
acastelar {v}  :: to fortify (with castles)
acastelar {v}  :: to heap or pile (up)
acatado {v}  :: past participle of acatar
acatamento {m}  :: compliance
acatamento {m}  :: observance
acatando {v}  :: gerund of acatar
acatar {v}  :: to obey, heed, comply
acatar {v}  :: to observe
acatar {v}  :: to respect, worship
acautelado {v}  :: past participle of acautelar
acautelando {v}  :: gerund of acautelar
acautelar {v}  :: to forearm, guard
acautelar {v}  :: to prevent
a cavalo dado não se olha os dentes {proverb}  :: don't look a gift horse in the mouth (a phrase referring to unappreciatively questioning of a gift or handout too closely)
accentuar {v}  :: obsolete form of acentuar
acácia {f}  :: acacia (plant)
accionista {mf}  :: obsolete spelling of acionista
acclarar {v}  :: obsolete spelling of aclarar
acíclica {adj}  :: feminine form of acíclico
acíclicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of acíclico
acíclico {adj} [chemistry]  :: acyclic
accolher {v}  :: obsolete spelling of acolher
Accra {prop}  :: Accra (capital of Ghana)
accusar {v}  :: obsolete spelling of acusar
acádia {adj}  :: feminine form of acádio
acádias {adj}  :: feminine plural of acádio
acádio {adj}  :: Acadian (of or pertaining to Acadia)
acádio {adj} [geology]  :: Acadian (of or pertaining to the Acadian epoch)
acádio {m}  :: Acadian (language of the Acadians)
ace {m} [tennis]  :: ace (tennis: point scored without the opponent hitting the ball)
acedendo {v}  :: gerund of aceder
aceder {v}  :: to access
aceder {v}  :: to comply (with), agree (to)
aceder {v}  :: to conform
aceitabilidade {f}  :: acceptability
aceitante {adj}  :: accepting
aceitante {mf}  :: acceptor
aceitação {f}  :: acceptance
aceitar {v}  :: to accept
aceitar {v}  :: to receive
aceitável {adj}  :: Capable, worthy or sure of being accepted; acceptable
aceleradamente {adv}  :: quickly, rapidly
acelerado {adj}  :: accelerated
acelerado {adj}  :: fast, quick, rapid
acelerador {m}  :: accelerator (a device for causing acceleration)
acelerador de partículas {m}  :: particle accelerator (a device that accelerates electrically charged particles to extremely high speeds)
aceleração {f}  :: acceleration
acelerar {v}  :: to accelerate
acelga {f}  :: chard (Beta vulgaris var. cicla)
acenando {v}  :: gerund of acenar
acenar {v}  :: to indicate something through gesture, such as waving one’s hand, nodding or moving one’s eyes
acendedor {m}  :: lighter (fire making device)
acendendo {v}  :: gerund of acender
acender {v}  :: to light a fire
acender {v}  :: to turn on, to switch on
acento {m}  :: accent
acento agudo {m} [orthography]  :: acute accent
acento agudo duplo {m}  :: double acute accent
acento circunflexo {m}  :: circumflex
acento de altura {m} [phonology]  :: pitch accent (tone system that uses variations in pitch to give prominence to a syllable or mora)
acento diacrítico {m}  :: diacritic (special mark)
acento grave {m}  :: grave accent
acento musical {m} [phonology]  :: pitch accent (tone system that uses variations in pitch to give prominence to a syllable or mora)
acento tonal {m} [phonology]  :: pitch accent (tone system that uses variations in pitch to give prominence to a syllable or mora)
acentuado {adj}  :: accentuated
acentuado {adj}  :: marked
acentuado {v}  :: past participle of acentuar
acentuando {v}  :: gerund of acentuar
acentuar {v}  :: to accentuate, emphasize, distinguish, elevate
acepção {f} [semantics]  :: sense (single meaning of a word)
acerbo {adj}  :: acerb (bitter to the taste)
acercado {v}  :: past participle of acercar
acercando {v}  :: gerund of acercar
acercar {v}  :: to approach
acercar {v}  :: to approximate
a cereja do bolo {f} [idiomatic]  :: the icing on the cake (something wonderful at the end of something good)
acerola {f}  :: acerola
acertando {v}  :: gerund of acertar
acertar {v}  :: to adjust
acertar {v}  :: to coincide
acertar {v}  :: to hit (a target)
acertar {v}  :: to regulate
acertar em cheio {v} [idiomatic]  :: hit the nail on the head (identify something exactly)
acerto {m}  :: adjustment
acerto {m}  :: agreement
acerto {m}  :: fluke, luck
acerto {m}  :: hit
acervar {v}  :: to amass (to gather a great quantity of)
acervar {v}  :: to produce an inventory (detailed list of all of the items on hand)
acesa {adj}  :: feminine form of aceso
acesas {adj}  :: feminine plural of aceso
aceso {adj}  :: lit; lighted
aceso {adj}  :: switched on
acessar {vt} [computing]  :: to access (computing: to have access to (data))
acessar {vt}  :: to access (to gain or obtain access to)
acessivelmente {adv}  :: accessibly
acessivelmente {adv}  :: reasonably; inexpensively
acessão {f}  :: accession
acesso {m}  :: access (a way or means of approaching)
acessória {f} [legal]  :: accessory (female)
acessório {m}  :: accessory, attachment
acessível {adj}  :: accessible
acetaldeído {m} [organic compound]  :: acetaldehyde
acetato {m}  :: transparency (a transparent material with an image on it, that is viewable by shining light through it.)
acetato {m} [uncountable, organic chemistry]  :: acetate
acetileno {m} [organic compound]  :: acetylene
acetileto {m} [chemistry]  :: acetylide
acetona {f} [organic compound]  :: acetone (the organic compound (CH3)2CO)
acetosa {f}  :: sorrel (plant)
acetyleno {m}  :: obsolete spelling of acetileno
acha {f}  :: battle-axe (axe for use in battle)
acha {f}  :: billet (piece of wood used as firewood)
achado {m}  :: find, discovery
achado {m}  :: finding
achado não é roubado {proverb}  :: finders keepers (whoever finds something is allowed to keep it)
achaque {m}  :: a moral or behavioural flaw; a vice
achaque {m}  :: an excuse for doing something; a pretext
achaque {m}  :: frequent but minor malaise
achar {m}  :: achar
achar {vt}  :: to find, to guess
achar {vt}  :: to think, to seek, to look for
achar que {vt}  :: to feel (to think or believe)
achatado {adj}  :: crushed, squashed
achatado {adj}  :: flattened, compressed
achatado {v}  :: past participle of achatar
achatando {v}  :: gerund of achatar
achatar {v}  :: to flatten
achatar {v}  :: to squash
aciaria {f}  :: steelworks
acidentada {adj}  :: feminine form of acidentado
acidentadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of acidentado
acidentado {adj}  :: (terrain) rough
acidentado {adj}  :: victim of an accident
acidental {adj}  :: accidental
acidentalmente {adv}  :: accidentally
acidentalmente {adv}  :: casually
acidente {m}  :: accident (unexpected event with negative consequences)
acidente {m} [geology]  :: accident (irregular surface)
acidez {f}  :: acidity (the quality or state of being acid)
acidófila {adj}  :: feminine form of acidófilo
acidófilas {adj}  :: feminine plural of acidófilo
acidófilo {adj}  :: acidophilic (thriving under acidic conditions)
acidófilo {m}  :: acidophile (organism that thrives under acidic conditions)
acidificado {v}  :: past participle of acidificar
acidificando {v}  :: gerund of acidificar
acidificação {f}  :: acidification
acidificar {v}  :: to acidify
acidose {f} [pathology]  :: acidosis (abnormally increased acidity of the blood)
acilglicerol {m} [organic chemistry]  :: acylglycerol (any ester of glycerol)
acima {adv}  :: up, upwards
acima da lei {adj} [idiomatic]  :: above the law
acima de {prep}  :: above (in a higher place)
acima de {prep}  :: over (more than a given amount)
acinte {m} [uncountable]  :: effrontery (insolent and shameless audacity)
acinzentar {v}  :: grey (to become or turn grey)
acionador {m}  :: activator
acionando {v}  :: gerund of acionar
acionar {v}  :: to action
acionar {v}  :: to activate
acionar {v}  :: to apply (brakes)
acionista {mf} [finance]  :: stockholder (one who owns stock)
acionista {mf}  :: shareholder (one who owns shares of stock)
acirrando {v}  :: gerund of acirrar
acirrar {v}  :: to incite
acirrar {v}  :: to intensify
acirrar {v}  :: to irritate
aclamado {v}  :: past participle of aclamar
aclamando {v}  :: gerund of aclamar
aclamar {v}  :: to acclaim, applaud
aclamar {v}  :: to proclaim
aclarar {v}  :: to become or make clear, less dark
aclarar {v}  :: to clarify (to make sure something is understood correctly)
aclarar {vt}  :: to clear (one’s throat)
aclarar {vt}  :: to make (one’s voice) clearer
acúleo {m}  :: thorn (sharp protective spine of a plant)
aclimação {f}  :: acclimatization
aclimatação {f}  :: acclimatization (the act of acclimatizing)
aclimatar {v}  :: acclimatize (to get used to a new climate)
acólitas {n}  :: feminine plural of acólito
acólito {m}  :: sidekick (assistant)
acúmulo {m}  :: accumulation (act of accumulating, the state of being accumulated)
acne {f}  :: acne (a pattern of blemishes resulting from the skin condition)
acne {f} [pathology]  :: acne (a skin condition)
acônito {m} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of acónito
acónito {m} [Portugal]  :: aconite (herb wolfsbane)
acção {f}  :: obsolete spelling of ação
acobardado {v}  :: past participle of acobardar
acobardando {v}  :: gerund of acobardar
acobardar {v}  :: to frighten
acobertar {v}  :: cover (to conceal or protect)
a cobrar {adj} [lb, pt, of a telephone call or delivery]  :: collect (paid for by the recipient)
acobreada {adj}  :: feminine form of acobreado
acobreadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of acobreado
acobreado {adj}  :: coppery, copper-coloured
acoimando {v}  :: gerund of acoimar
acoimar {v}  :: to censure, punish
acoimar {v}  :: to fine
acolá {adv}  :: beyond
acolá {adv}  :: yonder
acolchoamento {m}  :: padding (soft filling material used in cushions etc.)
acolhedor {adj}  :: cosy; snug (affording comfort and warmth)
acolhedor {adj}  :: welcoming (hospitable, accessible and cordial)
acolhedora {adj}  :: feminine form of acolhedor
acolhedoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of acolhedor
acolhendo {v}  :: gerund of acolher
acolher {v}  :: to lodge or shelter
acolher {v}  :: to welcome (to accept something willingly or gladly)
acolhida {f}  :: welcome, welcoming
acolhimento {m}  :: reception
acolhimento {m}  :: welcome
acometendo {v}  :: gerund of acometer
acometer {v}  :: to attack, assail
acometido {v}  :: past participle of acometer
acometimento {m}  :: commission (the act of committing)
acomodamento {m}  :: accommodation, conciliation
acomodando {v}  :: gerund of acomodar
acomodação {f}  :: accommodation (state of being fitted and adapted)
acomodar {v}  :: to accommodate
acomodar {v}  :: to settle, resolve (a dispute)
acompanhado {adj}  :: accompanied
acompanhamento {m}  :: accompaniment (all senses)
acompanhando {v}  :: gerund of acompanhar
acompanhante {adj}  :: accompanying
acompanhante {mf}  :: companion
acompanhante {mf}  :: date
acompanhante de luxo {mf}  :: rent boy
acompanhar {v}  :: to accompany
acompridar {vt}  :: to lengthen (to make longer)
aconchegante {adj}  :: cozy (affording comfort and warmth)
aconchegar-se {v}  :: nestle (to settle oneself comfortably and snugly)
aconchego {m}  :: cosiness (state or quality of being cosy)
acondicionado {v}  :: past participle of acondicionar
acondicionando {v}  :: gerund of acondicionar
acondicionar {v}  :: to condition
aconselhado {v}  :: past participle of aconselhar - advised
aconselhamento {m}  :: counselling, advising
aconselhando {v}  :: gerund of aconselhar
aconselhar {v}  :: to advise, counsel
aconselhável {adj}  :: advisable
acontecer {v}  :: happen (to occur)
acontecer nas melhores famílias {v} [lb, pt, impersonal]  :: describes something people from all walks of life may have to go through
acontecer nas melhores famílias {v} [lb, pt, impersonal]  :: used to comfort a person who is excessively disappointed with his mistake
acontecimento {m}  :: event
acontecimento {m}  :: happening, occurrence
a contragosto {adv} [idiomatic]  :: against the grain (unwillingly, reluctantly)
acoplar {v}  :: couple (to join two things together)
acordado {adj}  :: awake; conscious
acordamento {m}  :: awakening (the act of awaking)
acordar {vi}  :: to awake (to gain consciousness)
acordar {vt}  :: to wake up (a person, an animal, etc.)
acordar para a vida {v} [idiomatic]  :: wake up and smell the coffee (stop deluding oneself)
acordeão {m}  :: accordion (a small, portable, keyed wind instrument)
acordeonista {mf}  :: accordionist
acordo {m}  :: accord
acordo {m}  :: agreement
acorrentada {adj}  :: feminine form of acorrentado
acorrentadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of acorrentado
acorrentado {adj}  :: chained (bound in chains)
acorrentado {adj} [figurative]  :: bound to someone of something
acortinar {v}  :: curtain (to cover with a curtain)
A Corunha {prop}  :: La Coruña (city in Galicia)
acostado {v}  :: past participle of acostar
acostamento {m}  :: shoulder (part of a road where drivers may stop in an emergency)
acostando {v}  :: gerund of acostar
acostar {v} [nautical]  :: To dock; to board
acostumar {vt}  :: accustom
acovardar-se {v} [idiomatic]  :: chicken out (shy away from a daring task)
Acra {prop}  :: alternative spelling of Accra
acre {adj}  :: sharp (having an intense, acrid flavour)
acre {m}  :: acre (unit of surface area)
acreditar {v}  :: to accredit
acreditar {v}  :: to believe
acreditavelmente {adv}  :: believably
acrescendo {v}  :: gerund of acrescer
acrescentar {v}  :: to increase
acrescer {v}  :: to accrue
acrescer {v}  :: to add
acrescer {v}  :: to increase
acrescerão {f}  :: accrual
acrescerão {f}  :: addition
acrescerão {f}  :: increase
acriana {adj}  :: feminine form of acriano
acrianas {adj}  :: feminine plural of acriano
acriano {adj} Acre
acriano {m}  :: Someone from Acre
acrilamida {f} [organic compound]  :: acrylamide (amide of acrylic acid)
acrimônia {f} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of acrimónia
acrimónia {f} [Portugal]  :: acrimony (bitter hatred)
acrimonioso {adj}  :: acrimonious (sharp and harsh)
acrílica {adj}  :: feminine form of acrílico
acrílicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of acrílico
acrílico {adj}  :: acrylic
acrônimo {m} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of acrónimo
acrónimo {m} [Portugal]  :: acronym (word formed by initial letters)
acrobacia {f}  :: acrobatics (art of performing acrobatic feats)
acrobata {mf}  :: acrobat (an athlete who performs acts requiring skill, agility and coordination)
acrocianose {f} [pathology]  :: acrocyanosis
acrofobia {f}  :: acrophobia
acrograma {m}  :: acronym (word formed by initial letters)
acromegalia {f} [disease]  :: acromegaly (chronic disease marked by enlargement of the bones)
Acrópole {prop}  :: Acropolis (Athenian Acropolis)
acréscimo {m}  :: increase
acróstico {adj}  :: acrostical (like an acrostic)
acróstico {m}  :: acrostic (poem or text with certain letters spelling out a name or message)
acústica {f}  :: acoustics (quality of a space for doing music)
acústica {f} [physics]  :: acoustics (the science of sounds)
acústico {adj}  :: acoustic (pertaining to hearing or the science of sounds)
acústico {adj} [music]  :: acoustic (producing or produced without electrical amplification)
acta {f}  :: minute (record of meeting)
actinídeo {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: actinide
actinídio {m}  :: alternative form of actinídeo
actinômetro {m}  :: alternative form of actinómetro
actinómetro {m} [physics]  :: actinometer (device used to measure the heating power of electromagnetic radiation)
activa {adj}  :: feminine form of activo
activador {m}  :: obsolete spelling of ativador
activamente {adv}  :: obsolete spelling of ativamente
activando {v}  :: gerund of activar
activação {f}  :: alternative form of ativação
activar {v}  :: obsolete spelling of ativar
activas {adj}  :: feminine plural of activo
actividade {f}  :: alternative spelling of atividade
activismo {m}  :: activism
activista {mf}  :: obsolete spelling of ativista
activo {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of ativo
activo {m}  :: obsolete spelling of ativo
activo {v}  :: obsolete spelling of ativo
activo fixo {m} [business, accounting]  :: fixed asset
actínio {m}  :: actinium (chemical element)
acto {m}  :: obsolete spelling of ato
actor {m}  :: obsolete spelling of ator
actriz {f}  :: obsolete spelling of atriz
actuado {v}  :: past participle of actuar
actual {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of atual
actualidade {f}  :: obsolete spelling of atualidade
actualizando {v}  :: gerund of actualizar
actualização {f}  :: update
actualizar {v}  :: to modernize
actualizar {v}  :: to update
actualmente {adv}  :: obsolete spelling of atualmente
actuando {v}  :: gerund of actuar
actuação {f}  :: alternative form of atuação
actuar {v}  :: alternative form of atuar
a céu aberto {adj}  :: outdoor, open-air
acudido {v}  :: past participle of acudir
acudindo {v}  :: gerund of acudir
acudir {v}  :: to help
acudir {v}  :: to respond, retort
acudir {v}  :: to run to; converge (on)
acumulador {m}  :: accumulator (one who or that which accumulates)
acumulação {f}  :: accumulation (act of accumulating, the state of being accumulated)
acumular {v}  :: accumulate (to grow in number)
acumulativa {adj}  :: feminine form of acumulativo
acumulativas {adj}  :: feminine plural of acumulativo
acumulativo {adj}  :: accumulative
acupuntura {f}  :: acupuncture (insertion of needles for remedial purposes)
acurada {adj}  :: feminine form of acurado
acuradas {adj}  :: feminine plural of acurado
acurado {adj}  :: Conformed to truth; accurate
a curiosidade matou o gato {idiom} [idiomatic]  :: curiosity killed the cat
acusado {adj}  :: accused
acusado {m}  :: accused
acusador {m}  :: accuser (one who accuses)
acusadoramente {adv}  :: accusingly
acusação {f}  :: accusation
acusar {v}  :: to accuse
acusativa {adj}  :: feminine form of acusativo
acusativas {adj}  :: feminine plural of acusativo
acusativo {adj}  :: accusative; accusative case
acusatória {adj}  :: feminine form of acusatório
acusatórias {adj}  :: feminine plural of acusatório
acusatório {adj}  :: accusatory (pertaining to or containing an accusation)
-ada {suffix}  :: feminine form of -ado
-ada {suffix}  :: forms nouns, from nouns, denoting a collection or excessive amount of the suffixed noun
-ada {suffix}  :: forms nouns, from nouns denoting objects, meaning “a strike or blow with the object”
-ada {suffix}  :: forms nouns, from the name of fruits, meaning “juice or jam made with that fruit”
-ada {suffix}  :: forms nouns, from the names of containers, meaning “as much as can be held by the container”; -ful
-ada {suffix}  :: forms nouns, from the names of food, meaning “a dish whose primary ingredient is that food”
-ada {suffix}  :: forms nouns, from verbs, denoting the action of the verb
-ada {suffix}  :: forms the feminine singular past participle of verbs whose infinitive ends in -ar
adaga {f}  :: dagger (a stabbing weapon)
adamante {m}  :: adamant (a rock or mineral held by some to be of impenetrable hardness; a name given to the diamond and other substances of extreme hardness)
adamantino {adj}  :: adamant (determined; unshakeable; unyielding)
adaptador {m}  :: adaptor (device allowing plug to fit in a different type of socket)
adaptador {m}  :: adaptor (device to allow compatibility)
adaptação {f}  :: adaptation
adaptação {f}  :: customization
adaptar {v}  :: adapt (to make suitable)
adaptativo {adj}  :: adaptive (of, pertaining to, characterized by or showing adaptation; making or made fit or suitable)
adaptável {adj}  :: adaptable
adarga {f}  :: a type of leather shield
adega {f}  :: bodega
adega {f}  :: cellar (collection of wine)
Adelaide {prop}  :: Adelaide (female given name)
Adelaide {prop}  :: Adelaide (state capital of South Australia)
adelgaçado {v}  :: past participle of adelgaçar
adelgaçando {v}  :: gerund of adelgaçar
adelgaçar {v} [figurative]  :: to hone (to refine or master a skill)
adelgaçar {vi} [of fog, a cloud, a shadow, etc.]  :: to become less dense
adelgaçar {vi}  :: to become lean or leaner
adelgaçar {vi}  :: to thin (to become thin or thinner)
adelgaçar {vt}  :: to make lean or leaner, less fat
adelgaçar {vt}  :: to thin (to make thin or thinner)
Adem {prop}  :: Aden (seaport of Yemen)
ademais {adv} [conjunctive]  :: besides (also; in addition)
adenina {f}  :: adenine (base pairing with thymine or uracil)
adentro {adv}  :: inside (towards the interior)
adepto {m}  :: contributor (a person who backs, supports or champions a cause, activity or institution)
adequabilidade {f}  :: suitability (quality of being suitable)
adequada {adj}  :: feminine form of adequado
adequadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of adequado
adequado {adj}  :: adequate
adequado {adj}  :: suitable, appropriate
adequar-se {vi}  :: suit (to be fitted to)
aderente {adj}  :: tenacious (clinging to an object or surface; adhesive)
aderindo {v}  :: gerund of aderir
aderir {v}  :: to adhere
aderência {f}  :: acceptance of a belief
aderência {f}  :: adherence (union of two objects)
adesivo {adj}  :: adhesive; sticky
adesivo {m}  :: sticker (adhesive label or decal)
adesivo {m}  :: sticker (something that sticks)
adesão {f}  :: accession
adesão {f}  :: adherence
adesão {f}  :: coherence
adesão {f}  :: support
a despeito de {prep}  :: in spite of (despite)
adestramento {m}  :: dressage
adestrando {v}  :: gerund of adestrar
adestrar {v}  :: to discipline
adestrar {v}  :: to train, teach
adestrar {v}  :: to turn right
adeus {interj}  :: goodbye (farewell)
adhan {m} [Islam]  :: adhan ((Islam) The call to prayer)
adherência {f}  :: obsolete spelling of aderência
adhesaõ {f}  :: obsolete spelling of adesão
adhesão {f}  :: obsolete spelling of adesão
ad hoc {adj}  :: ad hoc (for a particular purpose)
adiabática {adj}  :: feminine form of adiabático
adiabáticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of adiabático
adiabático {adj} [physics, thermodynamics, of a process]  :: adiabatic (occurring without gain or loss of heat)
adiamento {m}  :: adjournment
adiamento {m}  :: deferment, stay
adiamento {m}  :: postponement, delay
adiamento {m}  :: procrastination
adiamento {m}  :: respite
adiantadamente {adv}  :: anticipatedly (ahead of the correct time or schedule)
adiantamento {m}  :: advance (all senses)
adiantamento {m}  :: boldness, audacity
adiantamento {m}  :: progress
adiantando {v}  :: gerund of adiantar
adiantar {v}  :: to anticipate information
adiantar {v}  :: to bring to the front, bring forward
adiantar {v}  :: to work, function, to have a point (referring to actions)
adiante {adv}  :: ahead, forward
adiante {adv}  :: in front
adiar {v}  :: to postpone, delay, adjourn, defer
adicional {adj}  :: supplementary (additional)
adicionalmente {adv}  :: additionally
adicionando {v}  :: gerund of adicionar
adicionar {v}  :: to add, sum (numbers)
adicionar {v}  :: to insert
adicção {f}  :: addiction
adicto {m}  :: addict (person who is addicted, especially to a harmful drug)
adido {m}  :: attaché (diplomatic officer)
Adigueia {prop}  :: Adygea
Adiguésia {prop}  :: Adygea
adição {f}  :: addition (act of adding)
adição {f} [uncountable, mathematics]  :: addition
adição-padrão {f} [chemistry]  :: spike addition (technique in analytical chemistry)
adiposo {adj}  :: adipose (containing, composed of, or consisting of fat)
Adis Abeba {prop}  :: Addis Ababa
aditamento {m}  :: addition, supplement
aditando {v}  :: gerund of aditar
aditar {v}  :: to add (make additions)
aditar {v}  :: to enter (make an entrance)
aditivo {m}  :: additive (substance altering another substance)
adivinhando {v}  :: gerund of adivinhar
adivinhação {f} [uncountable]  :: divination (act of divining)
adivinhar {v}  :: foretell
adivinhar {v}  :: guess
adjacente {adj}  :: adjacent (just before, after, or facing)
adjacente {adj}  :: adjacent (lying next to, close, or contiguous; neighbouring)
adjacente {adj}  :: adjoining (being in contact at some point)
adjacente {adj} [geography]  :: marginal (geographically adjacent)
adjectiva {adj}  :: feminine form of adjectivo
adjectivo {adj}  :: adjective, adjectival
adjectivo {m}  :: adjective
adjetivar {vt}  :: adjective (to make an adjective of)
adjetivo {m} [grammar]  :: adjective, a word that modifies or describes a noun or pronoun
adjudicado {v}  :: past participle of adjudicar
adjudicando {v}  :: gerund of adjudicar
adjudicação {f}  :: adjudication
adjudicar {v}  :: to adjudicate
adjudicar {v}  :: to award, grant
adúltero {m}  :: adulterer (one who commits adultery)
admin {mf} [computing]  :: administrator (computing: one who responsible for software and maintenance of a computer or network)
administrado {v}  :: past participle of administrar
administrador {adj}  :: That manages; that administers; administrator
administrador {m} [management]  :: administrator
administrador de banco de dados {m} [computing]  :: database administrator
administrando {v}  :: gerund of administrar
administrante {adj}  :: That manages; that administers; administrator
administração {f}  :: administration (a body who administers)
administração {f}  :: administration (the act of administering)
administração {f} [uncountable]  :: management (social science)
administrar {v}  :: to administer (all senses)
administrativa {adj}  :: feminine form of administrativo
administrativas {adj}  :: feminine plural of administrativo
administrativo {adj}  :: Of or relating to administration or administering; administrative
admirado {v}  :: past participle of admirar
admirando {v}  :: gerund of admirar
admiração {f}  :: admiration
admiração {f}  :: wonder
admirar {v}  :: to admire
admiravelmente {adv}  :: admirably
admirável {adj}  :: admirable (worthy of being admired)
admirávelmente {adv}  :: admirably (to an admirable degree)
admissibilidade {m} [legal]  :: admissibility
admissivelmente {adv}  :: admissibly (admissible manner)
admissão {f}  :: admission (all senses)
admissível {adj}  :: admissible
admitido {v}  :: past participle of admitir
admitindo {v}  :: gerund of admitir - admitting
admitir {v}  :: to acknowledge
admitir {v}  :: to admit, accept
admitir {v}  :: to allow
admitir {v}  :: to concede
admnistrador {adj}  :: feminine form of administrador
admoestado {v}  :: past participle of admoestar
admoestando {v}  :: gerund of admoestar
admoestação {f}  :: reproach (mild rebuke, or an implied criticism)
admoestar {v}  :: to admonish
admonição {f}  :: admonition (gentle or friendly reproof)
ADN {m} [biochemistry]  :: DNA; abbreviation of ácido desoxirribonucleico
-ado {suffix}  :: forms adjectives, from nouns, meaning “which contains the suffixed noun”
-ado {suffix}  :: forms adjectives, from the names of colours, meaning “that is that colour,” which is equivalent to using the colour’s name as an adjective
-ado {suffix}  :: forms adjectives, from verbs, meaning “that has suffered the action,” and nouns meaning “something or someone who has suffered the action”
-ado {suffix}  :: forms nouns, from the names of types of professionals, meaning the class formed by those professionals; -ate
-ado {suffix}  :: forms nouns, from the names of types of professionals, meaning the position of being that type of professional; -dom
-ado {suffix}  :: forms the masculine singular past participle of verbs whose infinitives end in -ar
Adão {prop}  :: male given name, cognate to English Adam
adoçando {v}  :: gerund of adoçar
adoçante {m}  :: sweetener (sugar substitute)
adoçar {v}  :: to blunt
adoçar {v}  :: to sweeten
adobe {m}  :: adobe (unburnt brick)
adocicada {adj}  :: feminine form of adocicado
adocicadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of adocicado
adocicado {adj}  :: Containing a sweetening ingredient; sweet
adocicar {vt}  :: sweeten (to make sweet to the taste)
adoecendo {v}  :: gerund of adoecer
adoecer {v}  :: to sicken (fall sick)
adoentada {adj}  :: feminine form of adoentado
adoentadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of adoentado
adoentado {adj}  :: sick
a dois tempos {adj} [mechanical]  :: two-stroke
adolescente {adj}  :: adolescent, teenage
adolescente {mf}  :: adolescent, teenager (child aged between thirteen and nineteen)
adolescência {f}  :: adolescence
Adolfo {prop}  :: Adolph (male given name)
adoção {f}  :: adoption
adopção {f}  :: obsolete spelling of adoção
adoptando {v}  :: gerund of adoptar
adoptar {v}  :: obsolete spelling of adotar
adoptivo {adj}  :: alternative form of adotivo
adorado {v}  :: past participle of adorar
adorando {v}  :: gerund of adorar
adoração {f}  :: adoration
adorar {v}  :: to adore, worship
adorar {v}  :: to love
adormecendo {v}  :: gerund of adormecer
adormecer {v}  :: to fall asleep (to pass from a state of wakefulness into sleep)
adormecido {adj}  :: sleepy, dozy, drowsy
adornar {v}  :: to adorn
adorno {m}  :: adornment; decoration
adorável {adj}  :: adorable, lovely
adotar {v}  :: to adopt (to take by choice into relationship, as, child, heir, friend, citizen)
adotar {v}  :: to apply an idea or concept
adotivo {adj}  :: adoptive (related through adoption)
adquirido {v}  :: past participle of adquirir
adquirindo {v}  :: gerund of adquirir
adquirir {v}  :: to acquire, get, obtain, procure
adquirir {v}  :: to purchase, buy
adrêde {adv}  :: obsolete spelling of adrede
adrede {adv} [archaic]  :: on purpose
adrenal {adj}  :: adrenal (near the kidney)
adrenal {adj}  :: adrenal (pertaining to adrenal glands)
adrenalina {f} [hormone]  :: adrenaline
Adriano {prop}  :: male given name, cognate to Adrian
Adrião {prop} [historical]  :: Adrian (male given name)
adôrno {m}  :: obsolete spelling of adorno
adsorção {f}  :: adsorption
adsorvendo {v}  :: gerund of adsorver
adsorver {v}  :: to adsorb
adstringente {adj} [medicine]  :: astringent (having the effect of drawing tissue together)
adstringência {f}  :: astringency
adstrita {adj}  :: feminine form of adstrito
adstritas {adj}  :: feminine plural of adstrito
adstrito {adj}  :: attached, connected (to)
adstrito {adj}  :: dependent
adstrito {adj}  :: restricted
adubação {f}  :: fertilizing, fertilization
adubo {m}  :: fertilizer, manure, compost
adufa {f}  :: sluice gate
adufe {m} [musici]  :: a traditional square tambourine of Moorish origin
adulador {m}  :: flatterer (one who flatters)
adular {v}  :: to flatter
adulta {adj}  :: feminine form of adulto
adultas {adj}  :: feminine plural of adulto
adulterado {adj}  :: bogus (counterfeit or fake; not genuine)
adulteração {f}  :: adulteration (the action of adulterating)
adulterar {vi}  :: tamper (alter by making unauthorized changes)
adultescente {mf} [informal]  :: an adult who behaves as a teenager; kidult
adulto {adj}  :: adult, grown-up
adulto {m}  :: adult
adultério {m}  :: adultery (sexual intercourse by a married person with someone other than their spouse)
aduzindo {v}  :: gerund of aduzir
aduzir {v}  :: to adduce
advecção {f} [earth science, chemistry]  :: advection (the horizontal movement of a body of atmosphere (or other fluid) along with a concurrent transport of its temperature, humidity etc.)
advento {m}  :: advent (coming, arrival)
Advento {prop} [Christianity]  :: Advent (season before Christmas)
adverbial {adj}  :: adverbial (of or relating to an adverb)
adverso {adj}  :: adverse
adversário {m}  :: adversary, opponent
adversário {m}  :: enemy, foe
advertir {v}  :: to admonish; to caution; to warn
advertência {f}  :: admonition (gentle or friendly reproof)
advindo {v}  :: gerund of advir
advindo {v}  :: past participle of advir
advir {v}  :: to happen (by accident)
advir {v}  :: to occur, befall
advocar {vt}  :: advocate (encourage support for)
advogada {f}  :: lawyer, advocate, attorney (female)
advogado {m}  :: lawyer (professional person authorized to practice law)
advogado do diabo {m}  :: devil's advocate
advérbio {m}  :: adverb
AEB {prop}  :: Agência Espacial Brasileira (English: Brazilian Space Agency)
a eito {adv}  :: uninterruptedly, without intermission
a emenda sair pior que o soneto {v} [figuratively, usually in the preterite]  :: the cure is worse than the disease (the solution to a problem produces a worse net result)
aerado {v}  :: past participle of aerar
aerando {v}  :: gerund of aerar
aeração {f}  :: aeration
aerar {v}  :: to aerate
aeródromo {m}  :: airfield (place where airplanes can take off and land)
aerólitho {m}  :: obsolete spelling of aerólito
aerólito {m} [astronomy]  :: aerolite (meteorite consisting of silicate minerals)
aero- {prefix}  :: aero- (denoting air)
aero- {prefix}  :: aero- (denoting aircraft)
aerobarco {m}  :: hovercraft (a vehicle supported on a cushion of air)
aerobiologia {f}  :: aerobiology (the study of the dispersion of airborne biological materials)
aerodeslizador {m}  :: hovercraft (a vehicle supported on a cushion of air)
aerodinâmica {f}  :: aerodynamics (the science of the dynamics of bodies moving relative to gases)
aerodinâmicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of aerodinâmico
aerodinâmico {adj}  :: aerodynamic
aeroespacial {adj}  :: aerospatial
aeroespaço {m}  :: aerospace (earth’s atmosphere and space the around it)
aerofólio {m} [automobiles]  :: spoiler (automobiles: device to reduce lift and increase downforce)
Aeroflot {prop}  :: Aeroflot (Russian airline)
aerogerador {m}  :: wind turbine (device for converting wind power into electricity)
aerolito {m}  :: aerolite, meteorite
aerologia {f}  :: aerology (branch of meteorology)
aeromoça {f} [Brazil]  :: A female flight attendant, an air hostess
aeronave {f}  :: aircraft
aeronáutica {f}  :: aeronautics
aeronáutica {f}  :: air force
aeroplano {m}  :: airplane
aeroporto {m}  :: airport (a place designated for airplanes)
aeroporto de mosquito {m} [lb, pt, slang, derogatory]  :: a bald person
aerossol {m} [physics]  :: aerosol
-aes {suffix}  :: obsolete spelling of -ais
a esmo {adv}  :: With unpredictable outcomes; at random; randomly; haphazardly
aí está {phrase}  :: there you have it (that is it, that is the situation or state of things)
afã {m}  :: eagerness, keenness
afã {m}  :: effort
afagando {v}  :: gerund of afagar
afagar {v}  :: to cherish, feed
afagar {v}  :: to stroke, fondle, caress
afamando {v}  :: gerund of afamar
afamar {v}  :: to make famous
afanosa {adj}  :: feminine form of afanoso
afanosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of afanoso
afanoso {adj}  :: laborious, arduous
afar {m}  :: one of the Afar, a people of eastern Africa
afar {m} [uncountable]  :: Afar (language)
afasia {f} [pathology]  :: aphasia (pathological speech disorder)
afastado {adj}  :: far, especially after being moved away
afastado {adj}  :: far from downtown or from urban areas
afastado {adj}  :: suspended (temporarily banned from one’s job)
afastamento {m}  :: a temporary removal from office
afastamento {m} [statistics]  :: the difference between a predicted value and the actual result
afastamento {m}  :: the act or result of repelling or of moving two things away from each other
afastamento {m}  :: the distance between things
afastamento {m}  :: the process of growing apart (of people becoming less acquainted with each other)
afastamento {m} [transportation]  :: deviation of a vehicle or craft from a route
afastando {v}  :: gerund of afastar
afastar {vr}  :: to stay away
afastar {vt}  :: to repel
afastar {vt}  :: to turn away
a favor {adj}  :: in favour
afazendado {v}  :: past participle of afazendar
afazendando {v}  :: gerund of afazendar
afazendar {vr}  :: To become rich
afazendo {v}  :: gerund of afazer
afazer {m} [usually plural]  :: chore; task (piece of work done as part of one’s duties)
afazer {v}  :: to accustom
afídeo {m}  :: aphid (insect)
afecção {f} [pathology]  :: condition, affection
afectando {v}  :: gerund of afectar
afectação {f}  :: alternative form of afetação
afectar {v}  :: obsolete spelling of afetar
afegã {adj}  :: feminine form of afegão
afegane {m}  :: Pashto (official language of Afghanistan)
Afeganistão {prop}  :: Afghanistan (country)
afegão {adj}  :: Afghan, Afghani
afegão {m}  :: Afghan (person from Afghanistan)
afegãs {adj}  :: feminine plural of afegão
afeição {f}  :: affection (kind feeling)
afeiçoado {adj}  :: affectionate, fond
afeiçoando {v}  :: gerund of afeiçoar
afeiçoar {v}  :: to accommodate, adapt, adjust
afeiçoar {v}  :: to form, shape, mould
afeito {v}  :: past participle of afazer
afeminadamente {adv}  :: alternative form of efeminadamente
afeminado {adj} [often, derogatory, of a man or boy]  :: effeminate (of a man, behaving like a woman)
afetação {f}  :: affectation (an attempt to assume or exhibit what is not natural or real), falsehood, pretense
afetar {v}  :: to affect (to influence or alter)
afetuosa {adj}  :: feminine form of afetuoso
afetuosamente {adv}  :: affectionately, fondly
afetuosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of afetuoso
afetuoso {adj}  :: affectionate
affluxo {m}  :: obsolete spelling of afluxo
AFI {acronym}  :: Alfabeto Fonético Internacional; IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet)
afiado {adj} [figurative, Brazil]  :: well prepared for something
afiado {adj} [figurative]  :: witty (clever; amusingly ingenious)
afiado {adj}  :: sharp (able to cut easily)
afiado {v}  :: past participle of afiar
afiançando {v}  :: gerund of afiançar
afiançar {v}  :: to bail
afiançar {v}  :: to guarantee
afiançar {v}  :: to sponsor
afiando {v}  :: gerund of afiar
afiar {v}  :: to sharpen
a fila anda {phrase} fila|anda
a fila anda {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: One is proud of practicing serial monogamy
a fila anda {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: that ship has sailed (that opportunity has been lost)
afilado {v}  :: past participle of afilar
afilando {v}  :: gerund of afilar
afilar {v}  :: to sharpen
afilhada {f}  :: goddaughter
afilhado {m}  :: godson, godchild
afim {adj}  :: related
afim {adj}  :: similar, equal
afim {mf}  :: relative
a fim de que {phrase}  :: in order to (as a means of achieving the specified aim)
afinal {adv}  :: after all (in the end; anyway)
afinação {f}  :: tuning (the calibration of a musical instrument to a standard pitch)
afinar {vi}  :: thin (to become thinner)
afinar {vt}  :: thin (to make thinner)
afinar {v}  :: tune (to modify a musical instrument)
afinidade {f}  :: affinity
afinidade {f}  :: kinship
afirmado {v}  :: past participle of afirmar
afirmando {v}  :: gerund of afirmar
afirmação {f}  :: affirmation, statement
afirmação {f}  :: pronouncement
afirmação {f}  :: proposition
afirmar {v}  :: to confirm
afirmar {v}  :: to make firm
afirmar {v}  :: to state, declare
afirmativa {adj}  :: feminine form of afirmativo
afirmativamente {adv}  :: affirmatively
afirmativas {adj}  :: feminine plural of afirmativo
afirmativo {adj}  :: affirmative
afirmativo {adj}  :: assertive
afivelar {vt}  :: buckle (to fasten)
afixar {v}  :: to affix, to attach
afixo {m}  :: affix (linguistics: a bound morpheme added to a word’s stem)
afixo {m}  :: affix (that which is affixed)
afligir {v}  :: harm (cause damage)
afligir {vt}  :: afflict (to cause pain to)
afélio {m} [astronomy]  :: aphelion (the point in the elliptical orbit of a planet where it is farthest from the sun)
aflição {f}  :: affliction (a state of pain, suffering, distress or agony)
aflita {adj}  :: feminine form of aflito
aflitas {adj}  :: feminine plural of aflito
aflito {adj}  :: afflicted
aflorado {v}  :: past participle of aflorar
afloramento {m}  :: outbreak, outburst
afloramento {m}  :: outcrop
aflorando {v}  :: gerund of aflorar
aflorar {v}  :: to emerge
aflorar {v}  :: to outcrop
afluente {adj}  :: affluent (abundant)
afluente {m}  :: a tributary waterbody
afluir {vi}  :: pour (to flow, pass or issue in or as a stream)
afluxo {m}  :: the flow of people or things
afluxo {m}  :: the meeting of flowing things or people
afogamento {m}  :: drowning (An instance of a person or animal drowning.)
afogando {v}  :: gerund of afogar
afogar {v}  :: to drown, to asphyxiate
afogar as mágoas {v}  :: drown one's sorrows (to drink heavily to commiserate oneself)
afogar-se {vi}  :: drown (to be suffocated in fluid)
Afonso {prop}  :: Alfonso (male given name)
afora {adv}  :: externally
afora {prep}  :: besides
afora {prep}  :: except
afora {prep}  :: unless
aforamento {m} [legal]  :: emphyteusis (right)
aforismo {m}  :: aphorism (short phrase conveying some principle or concept of thought)
afortunadamente {adv}  :: fortunately (in a fortunate manner)
afrancesar {v}  :: to Frenchify
afresco {m} [countable]  :: fresco (painting made using this technique)
afresco {m} [uncountable]  :: fresco (technique)
afretamento {m} [nautical]  :: affreightment (hire a vessel for cargo)
africada {f} [phonetics]  :: affricate (a sound produced using a combination of a plosive and a fricative)
africana {adj}  :: feminine form of africano
africanas {adj}  :: feminine plural of africano
africanismo {m}  :: Africanism
africano {adj}  :: African (of, or pertaining to Africa)
africano {m}  :: African (person from Africa)
africânder {adj}  :: Afrikaans (language, person, culture) {c}
africânder {m}  :: Afrikaans (language) {m}
africânder {mf}  :: Afrikaner (person)
africâner {adj}  :: afrikaner
africâner {mf}  :: Afrikaner
africâner {m} [uncountable]  :: Afrikaans (language)
afro {adj}  :: African (of African culture)
afro-americana {adj}  :: feminine form of afro-americano
afro-americana {f}  :: feminine form of afro-americano
afro-americano {adj} [of a person]  :: African-American (american and black)
afro-americano {m}  :: African-American (a black American)
afrodescendente {adj}  :: black (relating to persons of African descent)
Afrodite {prop} [Greek god]  :: Aphrodite
afronta {f}  :: affront (open or intentional offense, slight, or insult)
afronta {f} [uncountable]  :: infamy
afrontar {vt}  :: abuse (to insult)
afrontar {v}  :: to cause sickness
afrontar {v}  :: to confront
afrontar {v}  :: to face
afrouxar {v}  :: to loosen (to make less tight)
afugentado {v}  :: past participle of afugentar
afugentando {v}  :: gerund of afugentar
afugentar {v}  :: to chase (off)
afugentar {v}  :: to repel
afugentar {v}  :: to shoo
afundar {vi} [basketball]  :: to dunk, slam dunk
afundar {vr}  :: sink (descend into liquid, etc)
afundar {vt}  :: sink (cause to sink)
afundir {v}  :: founder (to sink)
a fundo {adv}  :: thoroughly (in a thorough or complete manner)
afável {adj}  :: affable
afável {adj}  :: affectionate
afável {adj}  :: benevolent
agá {m}  :: agha (honorific for high officials in Turkey)
agá {m}  :: aitch (name of the letter H, h)
agachamento {m}  :: squat (position assumed by bending deeply at the knees while resting on one's feet)
agachamento {m} [weightlifting]  :: squat (weightlifting: exercise)
agachar {vi}  :: crouch (to bend down)
agaloando {v}  :: gerund of agaloar
agaloar {v}  :: to braid
agar-agar {m}  :: agar (a material obtained from the marine algae)
agarrando {v}  :: gerund of agarrar
agarrar {v}  :: to grab, grasp, hold, cling, clutch
agarrar-se {vr} [lb, pt]  :: to hang on (to hold, grasp, or grip)
Agartala {prop}  :: Agartala (capital of Tripura, India)
agasalhar {v}  :: to wrap up, cover (with a blanket), muffle
agasalho {m}  :: shelter (clothes for protection from the weather)
agastando {v}  :: gerund of agastar
agastar {v}  :: to annoy, vex
agave {m}  :: agave (plant of the genus Agave)
Agdistis {prop} [Greek god]  :: Agdistis (being in Greek Mythology)
-agem {suffix}  :: Forms nouns for concepts related to the suffixed word
-agem {suffix}  :: Forms nouns, from nouns expressing a type of person, meaning attitude or an act expected from that kind of person
-agem {suffix}  :: Forms nouns, from nouns, meaning a collection of things; -age
-agem {suffix}  :: Forms nouns, from verbs, meaning the an instance of doing what is expressed by the verb
-agem {suffix}  :: Forms uncountable nouns, from verbs, meaning the practice of doing what is expressed by the verb
agenciador {m}  :: bookmaker (a person who calculates odds and accepts bets; a bookie)
agenda {f}  :: booklet where an schedule is kept
agenda {f}  :: planner; a personal phone book; an organizer
agenda {f}  :: schedule (time-based plan of events)
agendar {v}  :: schedule (to create a schedule)
agüentando {v}  :: gerund of agüentar
agüentar {v}  :: alternative form of aguentar
a gente {pron} gente
a gente {pron} [Brazil, informal]  :: we (first-person plural personal pronoun)
agente {mf}  :: agent (one who exerts power)
agente duplo {mf} [espionage]  :: double agent (spy)
agente funerário {mf}  :: undertaker (funeral director)
agente mutagênico {m} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of agente mutagénico
agente mutagénico {m} [Portugal]  :: mutagen (agent or substance that can cause genetic mutation)
agh {interj}  :: ugh (to express disgust)
aghori {m}  :: one of the Aghori (order of Hindu ascetics)
agilidade {f}  :: agility
agiota {mf}  :: moneylender
agir {vi}  :: To conduct oneself in a specific manner; to behave; to proceed
agir {vi}  :: To do something; to act; to function; to perform
agitada {adj}  :: feminine form of agitado
agitadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of agitado
agitado {adj}  :: agitated
agitado {adj}  :: choppy (sea)
agitado {adj}  :: hectic
agitado {v}  :: past participle of agitar
agitando {v}  :: gerund of agitar
agitação {f}  :: agitation
agitação {f}  :: excitement, turmoil
agitação {f}  :: upheaval, unrest
agitar {v}  :: to shake, agitate
agitar {v}  :: to wave
aglomerado {adj}  :: agglomerated
aglomerado {adj}  :: aggregated
aglomerado {m}  :: agglomerate
aglomerado {m}  :: aggregation
aglomerando {v}  :: gerund of aglomerar
aglomerante {adj}  :: agglomerating, clustering
aglomeração {f}  :: agglomeration (act of collecting in a mass)
aglomeração {f}  :: agglomeration (state of being collected in a mass)
aglomeração {f}  :: swarm (a mass of people or animals in turmoil)
aglomerar {v}  :: to agglomerate
aglutinação {f}  :: agglutination (act of uniting by glue or other tenacious substance)
aglutinação {f}  :: agglutination (clumping together of red blood cells or bacteria)
aglutinação {f}  :: agglutination (combination in which root words are united with little or no change of form or loss of meaning)
aglutinar {v} [of a whole or a unit]  :: coalesce (to form from different elements)
aglutinar {v} [of separate elements]  :: coalesce (to join into a single mass)
aglutinativa {adj}  :: feminine form of aglutinativo
aglutinativas {adj}  :: feminine plural of aglutinativo
aglutinativo {adj} [linguistics]  :: agglutinative (having words derived by combining parts)
agência {f}  :: agency
agência de casamento {f}  :: marriage agency (business)
agência de segurança {f}  :: Security Service (government organisation that aims to protect its nation and its secrets from enemies)
agência de viagens {f}  :: travel agency (company)
agnosticismo {m}  :: agnosticism (view that the existence of a God or gods is unknown, unknowable, unproven, or unprovable)
agnóstica {adj}  :: feminine form of agnóstico
agnósticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of agnóstico
agnóstico {adj}  :: agnostic
agnóstico {m}  :: agnostic
agoiral {adj}  :: alternative form of agoural
agoirar {v}  :: alternative form of agourar
agoireira {adj}  :: feminine form of agoireiro
agoireiras {adj}  :: feminine plural of agoireiro
agoireiro {adj}  :: alternative form of agoureiro
agoirentar {v}  :: alternative form of agourentar
agoirento {adj}  :: alternative form of agoureiro
agoirento {m}  :: alternative form of agoureiro
agoiro {m}  :: omen, prophecy
agonia {f}  :: agony (symptom)
agonia {f}  :: agony (violent contest or striving)
agonia {f} [uncountable]  :: the state of agony
agora {adv}  :: just now
agora {adv}  :: next or this when talking about near dates
agora {adv}  :: now
agorafóbica {adj}  :: feminine form of agorafóbico
agorafóbicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of agorafóbico
agorafóbico {adj}  :: agoraphobic
agorafobia {f}  :: agoraphobia
agora mesmo {adv}  :: right now
agora que {conj}  :: now that
agoráfobo {m}  :: agoraphobic (one who suffers from agoraphobia)
agorinha {adv}  :: Right now or just now
Agostinho {prop}  :: Augustine (male given name)
agosto {m}  :: August
Agosto {m}  :: superseded spelling of agosto
a gota que transbordou o copo {f} [idiomatic]  :: the straw that broke the camel's back (the small additional burden which causes failure)
agoural {adj}  :: ominous (relating to or being an omen)
agourar {v}  :: to foresee; to predict
agourar {v}  :: to omen (to be an omen of)
agoureira {adj}  :: feminine form of agoureiro
agoureiras {adj}  :: feminine plural of agoureiro
agoureiro {adj}  :: ominous
agoureiro {adj}  :: superstitious
agourenta {adj}  :: feminine form of agourento
agourentar {v}  :: to be a foreboding, an evil omen
agourentas {adj}  :: feminine plural of agourento
agourento {adj}  :: ominous (giving indication of a coming ill)
agourento {adj}  :: ominous (of or pertaining to an omen or to omens; being or exhibiting an omen)
agourento {m}  :: jinx (a person or thing supposed to bring bad luck)
agouro {m}  :: alternative form of agoiro
agraciar {v}  :: shower (to bestow liberally)
agradar {vi}  :: to be pleasing, to please
agradar {v}  :: to be nice to, to fuss over
agradar {v}  :: to go down well
agradar {vt}  :: to please
agradavelmente {adv}  :: pleasantly, agreeably
agradecendo {v}  :: gerund of agradecer
agradecer {v}  :: to be grateful for
agradecer {v}  :: to thank
agradecido {v}  :: past participle of agradecer
agradecimento {m}  :: acknowledgement
agradecimento {m}  :: gratitude, thankfulness
agradável {adj}  :: pleasant, agreeable
agrafador {m} [Portugal]  :: stapler (device which binds together paper)
agrafar {vt}  :: staple (secure with a staple)
agrafe {m}  :: alternative form of agrafo
agrafo {m} [Portugal]  :: staple (wire fastener used to secure stacks of paper)
a grama do vizinho é sempre mais verde {proverb}  :: the grass is always greener on the other side (desirability of other's circumstances)
agraço {m}  :: verjuice
agravado {v}  :: past participle of agravar
agravamento {m}  :: aggravation
agravando {v}  :: gerund of agravar
agravante {adj}  :: aggravating
agravar {v}  :: to aggravate
agravo {m}  :: grievance
agrícola {adj}  :: agricultural
agre {adj}  :: alternative form of acre
agre {m}  :: alternative form of acre
agredir {vt}  :: to assault, attack
agregador {m} [internet]  :: aggregator (feed reader)
agregando {v}  :: gerund of agregar
agregação {f}  :: aggregation
agregar {v}  :: to accrete
agregar {v}  :: to aggregate
agremiação {f} [countable]  :: society (group of persons who meet from time to time to engage in a common interest)
agressiva {adj}  :: feminine form of agressivo
agressivamente {adv}  :: aggressively
agressivas {adj}  :: feminine plural of agressivo
agressividade {f}  :: aggressiveness
agressivo {adj}  :: aggressive
agressão {f}  :: aggression
agreste {adj}  :: harsh
agreste {adj}  :: rude
agreste {adj}  :: rural, rustic, wild, uncultivated
agricultor {m}  :: farmer (person who works the land or who keeps livestock)
agricultura {f}  :: agriculture, farming
agridoce {adj}  :: bittersweet (both bitter and sweet)
agrilhoar {vt} [figurative]  :: to fetter (to restrain or impede; to hamper)
agrilhoar {vt}  :: to fetter (to shackle or bind up with fetters)
agrimensor {m}  :: surveyor (person occupied with land surveying)
agrimónia {f}  :: agrimony (any plant of the genus Agrimonia)
agrimônia {f}  :: alternative form of agrimónia
agrião {m}  :: cress
agrião {m}  :: watercress
agronomia {f}  :: agronomy (science of producing plants)
agrotóxica {adj}  :: feminine form of agrotóxico
agrotóxicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of agrotóxico
agrotóxico {adj}  :: agrotoxic
agrotóxico {m}  :: pesticide
agrária {adj}  :: feminine form of agrário
agrárias {adj}  :: feminine plural of agrário
agrário {adj}  :: agrarian
agrário {adj}  :: agricultural
agrupado {v}  :: past participle of agrupar
agrupamento {m}  :: cluster
agrupamento {m}  :: grouping
agrupamento {m}  :: swarm
agrupando {v}  :: gerund of agrupar
agrupar {v}  :: to cluster
agrupar {v}  :: to group together
agrura {f}  :: bitterness, grief
agrura {f}  :: difficulty, obstacle
aguça {f} [dated]  :: speed, haste
aguça {f}  :: pencil sharpener
aguaceiro {m}  :: cloudburst (sudden heavy rainstorm)
aguado {adj}  :: diluted in water
aguado {adj}  :: expressionless
aguado {adj} [of eyes]  :: watery (filled with tears)
aguado {adj} [rare]  :: which failed, wasn’t successful
aguado {adj}  :: watery (having too much water)
aguçado {adj} [figurative]  :: argute; shrewd
aguçado {adj} [figurative, of a sense]  :: acute
aguçado {adj}  :: sharp (able to cut easily)
aguçado {adj}  :: sharp (able to pierce easily)
aguçado {v}  :: past participle of aguçar
aguçando {v}  :: gerund of aguçar
aguar {vt}  :: to water
aguçar {v}  :: to sharpen
aguçar {v}  :: to whet
aguardado {v}  :: past participle of aguardar
aguardando {v}  :: gerund of aguardar
aguardar {v}  :: to await
aguardar {v}  :: to expect
aguardar ansiosamente {vt} [idiomatic]  :: to look forward to (anticipate, expect, or wait for)
aguardente {f}  :: spirit (distilled alcoholic drink)
aguda {adj}  :: feminine form of agudo
agudas {adj}  :: feminine plural of agudo
agudez {f}  :: wit (ability to think quickly)
agudeza {f}  :: wit (ability to think quickly)
agudo {adj}  :: acute
agudo {adj}  :: sharp
agueiro {m}  :: gutter (duct or channel beneath the eaves)
aguentando {v}  :: gerund of aguentar
aguentar {v}  :: bear (to put up with)
aguia {f}  :: obsolete spelling of águia
Aguiar da Beira {prop}  :: A Portuguese village in Guarda district
aguia real {f}  :: obsolete spelling of águia-real
aguilhão {m}  :: stinger (pointed portion of an insect)
aguilhoando {v}  :: gerund of aguilhoar
aguilhoar {v}  :: to spur
aguilhoar {v}  :: to sting
Aguinaldo {prop}  :: male given name
aguião {m}  :: north (compass point)
aguião {m}  :: north wind
agulha {f}  :: needle (implement for sewing)
agulha {f}  :: spire
agulha de tricô {f}  :: knitting needle (thin rod used to knit yarn)
agulha num palheiro {f} [idiomatic]  :: needle in a haystack
agulheiro {m}  :: needlecase (case for keeping needles)
ahá {interj}  :: aha! (exclamation of sudden realisation)
ah {interj}  :: ah (expression of relief, realization, awe)
ah {interj}  :: oh (expression of woe, grief)
aham {interj} [informal]  :: mhm (yes)
ahi {adv}  :: obsolete spelling of aí
ahinda {adv}  :: obsolete spelling of ainda
ahu {m} [lb, pt, rare]  :: ahu (stone platform for moai)
ah, vá {interj} [informal]  :: no duh
ai {interj}  :: ouch (expression of one's own physical pain)
aiatolá {m}  :: ayatollah (a religious leader)
ai de mim {phrase}  :: woe is me (exclamation of sorrow)
AIDS {f} [disease]  :: AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome)
aie-aie {m}  :: aye-aye
a ignorância é uma bênção {proverb}  :: ignorance is bliss (ignorance is bliss)
aimará {m}  :: Aymara (language of the Aymara people)
aimará {mf}  :: one of the Aymara (indigenous people of South America)
aimara {m}  :: alternative form of aimará
aimara {mf}  :: alternative form of aimará
ainda {adv}  :: at least
ainda {adv}  :: besides
ainda {adv}  :: even (emphasises a comparative)
ainda {adv}  :: even (implying an extreme example in the case mentioned)
ainda {adv}  :: only (as recently as)
ainda {adv}  :: someday (at some time in the future)
ainda {adv}  :: still; nevertheless (in spite of what preceded)
ainda {adv}  :: still, yet (up to a time)
ainda assim {adv} [conjunctive]  :: still; nevertheless; nonetheless
ainda bem {phrase}  :: thank goodness (expresses gratitude)
ainda mais {conj}  :: let alone; not to mention
aino {adj}  :: Ainu (pertaining to ethnic group or language)
aino {m}  :: Ainu (language)
ainoco {m} [Brazil]  :: A person with mixed Caucasian and Japanese origin, especially in the southern states
ainu {adj}  :: Ainu (pertaining to ethnic group or language)
ainu {mf}  :: Ainu (member of the ethnic group)
ainu {mf} [uncountable]  :: Ainu language
aião {m}  :: swift (small bird of the family Apodidae)
aio {m}  :: a hired tutor
aipim {m}  :: cassava, manioc
aipo {m}  :: celery (herb)
airado {v}  :: past participle of airar
airando {v}  :: gerund of airar
airar {v}  :: to anger
airbag {m}  :: airbag
airosa {adj}  :: feminine form of airôso
airosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of airôso
airoso {adj}  :: comely, graceful, genteel
airôso {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of airoso
a jato {m} [short for, avião a jato]  ::  ; jet plane
ajeitar {v}  :: to adjust
ajoelhando {v}  :: gerund of ajoelhar
ajoelhar {v}  :: to kneel
ajoelhar-se {vi}  :: kneel (to stoop down and rest on the knee)
ajuda {f}  :: an act of helping or assisting
ajuda {f} [computing]  :: helpfile
ajuda {f}  :: something which helps or assists
ajuda {f} [uncountable]  :: help, assistance, aid
ajuda {interj}  :: help (I/we desperately need assistance)
ajudador {m}  :: helper
ajudante {mf}  :: aide, adjutant
ajudante {mf}  :: helper, assistant
ajudar {v}  :: to help, to aid, to assist
ajudá-lo {v}  :: contraction of ajudar o
ajuizado {adj}  :: wise
ajuizando {v}  :: gerund of ajuizar
ajuizar {v}  :: to judge
ajuntado {v}  :: past participle of ajuntar
ajuntamento {m}  :: assembly
ajuntamento {m}  :: gathering
ajuntamento {m}  :: throng
ajuntando {v}  :: gerund of ajuntar
ajuntar {v}  :: to gather, collect, round up
ajustado {adj}  :: adjusted
ajustado {adj}  :: tight, tight-fitting
ajustamento {m}  :: adjustment (small change)
ajustando {v}  :: gerund of ajustar
ajustar {v}  :: to adapt
ajustar {v}  :: to adjust
ajustar {v}  :: to fit
ajuste {m}  :: adjustment
akan {m}  :: The Akan language
alá {adv}  :: there
alô {interj}  :: hello (usually when answering the telephone)
-al {suffix}  :: appended to noun X, forms adjectives meaning “of or pertaining to X”
-al {suffix}  :: appended to noun X, forms nouns meaning “a collection X” or “a large quantity of X”
-al {suffix}  :: appended to noun X, forms nouns meaning “a place where there is plenty of X”
-al {suffix}  :: appended to the name of a plant, forms nouns meaning “a field where that plant is cultivated”
-al {suffix} [chemistry]  :: forms the names of alcohols
-al {suffix} [chemistry]  :: forms the names of aldehydes
-al {suffix}  :: forms synonyms of adjectives containing the suffix -ico
Alá {prop}  :: Allah (God, in Islam)
AL {abbr}  :: Alagoas (Brazilian state)
ala {f}  :: section, wing
alça {f} [anatomy]  :: a part of an organ that forms an arc (mostly in the intestines and blood vessels)
alça {f}  :: a semicircular handle, such as the bail of a bucket and the handles of bags and purses
alça {f}  :: shoulder strap (in clothes, the strap that goes over the shoulder)
alabama {m}  :: Alabama (language)
Alabama {prop}  :: Alabama (river)
Alabama {prop}  :: Alabama (U.S. State)
alabarda {f}  :: halberd (weapon)
alabastro {m}  :: alabaster
alaúde {m}  :: lute (stringed instrument)
Aladim {prop}  :: Aladdin (the Arabic tale)
Aladim {prop}  :: Aladdin (the fictional young man)
alagadiça {adj}  :: feminine form of alagadiço
alagadiças {adj}  :: feminine plural of alagadiço
alagadiço {adj}  :: marshy (often flooded)
alagado {v}  :: past participle of alagar
alagando {v}  :: gerund of alagar
alagar {v}  :: to flood
alagar {v}  :: to inundate
alagoana {adj}  :: feminine form of alagoano
alagoanas {adj}  :: feminine plural of alagoano
alagoano {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Alagoas
alagoano {m}  :: Someone from Alagoas
Alá akbar {interj} [Islam]  :: Allahu akbar (Muslim takbir (proclamation))
alambique {m}  :: alembic (chemical apparatus)
alambrado {m}  :: wire netting (hexagonal network of interwoven wire)
alambre {m}  :: amber (fossil resin)
alamêda {f}  :: obsolete spelling of alameda
alameda {f}  :: an avenue, street or other pathway lined with trees
alçando {v}  :: gerund of alçar
Alandroal {prop}  :: A Portuguese village in Évora district
alanina {f} [amino acid]  :: alanine
alanita {f} [mineral]  :: allanite
alano {m} [historical]  :: Alan (member of a Sarmatian tribe)
alapar {vr} [colloquial]  :: to sit down
alapar {vt}  :: to hide behind, in or among something
alçapão {f}  :: hatch, hatchway
alçapão {f}  :: pitfall
alçapão {f}  :: trapdoor
alar {adj}  :: alar (relating to wings)
alar {v}  :: to give wings
alçar {v}  :: to build; to erect a construction
alçar {v}  :: to furnish with alças (semicircular handles)
alçar {v}  :: to lift; to raise
alçar {v}  :: to raise one’s eyes
alaranjada {adj}  :: feminine form of alaranjado
alaranjadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of alaranjado
alaranjado {adj}  :: orange (colour)
alardo {m}  :: roll call
alargado {v}  :: past participle of alargar
alargamento {m}  :: enlargement
alargamento {m}  :: extension
alargamento {m}  :: widening
alargando {v}  :: gerund of alargar
alargar {v}  :: to increase the scope or extent of
alargar {v}  :: to widen (to make or become wider or broader)
alarmando {v}  :: gerund of alarmar
alarmar {v}  :: to alarm, to alert
alarme {m}  :: alarm
alarme {m}  :: alert
alarmismo {m}  :: alarmism (production of needless alarms)
Alasca {prop}  :: Alaska (US state)
alascana {f}  :: Alaskan
alascano {adj}  :: Alaskan
alascano {m}  :: Alaskan
alastrando {v}  :: gerund of alastrar
alastrar {v} [nautical]  :: to ballast; to load a ship with ballast, so that it is stable
alastrar {v}  :: to spread; to proliferate
alativo {m}  :: allative (allative case)
alavanca {f}  :: lever
alavanca de câmbio {f}  :: stick (gearstick, stickshift)
alazão {adj}  :: sorrel (colour)
alba {adj}  :: white
albanesa {adj}  :: feminine form of albanês
albanesas {adj}  :: feminine plural of albanês
Albano {prop}  :: Alban (male given name)
albanês {adj}  :: Albanian (Of or pertaining to Albania)
albatroz {m}  :: albatross (seabird)
albedo {m} [physics, meteorology, astronomy]  :: albedo (the fraction of incident light or radiation reflected by a surface or body)
albergada {adj}  :: feminine form of albergado
albergadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of albergado
albergado {adj}  :: homeless, especially if spending nights in a hostel
albergado {m}  :: a homeless person, especially one who spends nights in a hostel
albergador {adj}  :: hospitable; welcoming
albergador {m} [epidemiology]  :: host (cell or organism which harbours another organism or biological entity)
albergador {m}  :: hosteler (person who keeps a hostel)
albergadora {adj}  :: feminine form of albergador
albergadoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of albergador
albergagem {m}  :: the lodging of people in a hostel
albergamento {m}  :: the act or business of lodging people in a hostel
albergando {v}  :: gerund of albergar
albergar {v} [epidemiology]  :: to harbour (to be the host of an organism)
albergar {v}  :: to lodge at a hostel
albergaria {f}  :: hostel (commercial overnight lodging place)
Albergaria-a-Velha {prop}  :: A Portuguese city in Aveiro district
albergue {m}  :: hostel (commercial overnight lodging place)
albergue {m}  :: hostel (temporary refuge for the homeless)
albergueiro {m}  :: hosteler (person who keeps a hostel)
alberguista {mf}  :: hosteler (person who keeps a hostel)
Alberta {prop}  :: Alberta (Canadian province)
Alberto {prop}  :: Albert (male given name)
albina {adj}  :: feminine form of albino
albinas {adj}  :: feminine plural of albino
albinismo {m}  :: albinism (lack of melanin pigmentation)
albino {adj}  :: albino, albinistic: congenitally lacking melanin pigmentation in the skin, eyes, and hair or feathers (or more rarely only in the eyes); afflicted with albinism
albino {m}  :: albino: person or animal congenitally lacking melanin pigmentation in the skin, eyes, and hair or feathers (or more rarely only in the eyes); one afflicted with albinism
Albino {prop}  :: Albin (male given name)
albúmen {m}  :: albumen
Albânia {prop}  :: Albania
albufeira {f}  :: lagoon (shallow body of water)
Albufeira {prop}  :: A Portuguese city in Faro district
albume {m}  :: alternative form of albúmen
albuminúria {f} [pathology]  :: albuminuria
alburnete {m}  :: bleak (small European river fish)
alcachofra {f}  :: artichoke (an edible plant related to the thistle)
alcachofra {f}  :: The edible part of that plant
alcachofra hortense {f}  :: artichoke (vegetable)
alcadieno {m} [organic chemistry]  :: alkadiene
alcaguetar {vit} [or, slang]  :: to grass; to snitch
alcaguete {m} [countable, slang]  :: grass; informer; snitch
alcalóide {m}  :: alkaloid (organic heterocyclic base)
alcalinidade {f} [inorganic chemistry]  :: alkalinity
alcalinização {f}  :: alkalinization
alcalinoterrosa {adj}  :: feminine form of alcalinoterroso
alcalinoterrosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of alcalinoterroso
alcalinoterroso {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: alkaline-earth
alcalinoterroso {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: alkaline earth
alcançar {v}  :: to reach
alcance {m}  :: an instance of reaching something
alcance {m} [figurative]  :: what one is capable of doing or understanding
alcance {m}  :: reach; range (maximum distance something can reach)
alcancia {f}  :: alternative form of alcanzia
Alcanena {prop}  :: A Portuguese city in Santarém district
alcano {m}  :: alkane (saturated hydrocarbon of formula CnH2n+2)
alcantilada {adj}  :: feminine form of alcantilado
alcantiladas {adj}  :: feminine plural of alcantilado
alcantilado {adj}  :: craggy, overhanging
alcantilado {adj}  :: steep
alcançável {adj}  :: attainable, reachable, achievable
alcanzia {f} [historical]  :: an earthen grenade
alcanzia {f} [historical]  :: a small earthen ball filled with flowers, ashes and colourful strips thrown by horsemen at each other during jousts
alcaparra {f}  :: caper (pickled bud of Capparis spinosa)
alcáçar {m}  :: alcazar (moorish fortress)
alcaravia {f}  :: caraway (plant)
alcaravia {f}  :: caraway (seed/fruit)
alcateia {f} [by extension]  :: a pack of any fierce beast or being
alcateia {f} [figurative]  :: gang (a group of criminals or wrongdoers working together)
alcateia {f} [military]  :: a fleet of military submarines
alcateia {f}  :: wolfpack (collective noun for wolves)
alcatéia {f}  :: obsolete spelling of alcateia
alcatifa {f}  :: carpet (a fabric used as a floor covering)
alcatraz {m}  :: any of several species of seabird
alcatraz {m}  :: bonesetter (one who realigns broken or disjointed bones)
alcatrieno {m} [organic chemistry]  :: alkatriene
alcatrão {m} [Portugal]  :: asphalt
alcatrão {m}  :: tar (substance)
alcatroar {vt}  :: to tar (to coat with tar)
alcaçuz {m} [countable]  :: liquorice (plant)
alcáçava {f}  :: alternative form of alcáçova
alcácer {m}  :: alcazar
alcácer {m}  :: palace
Alcácer-Ceguer {prop}  :: Ksar es-Seghir (a small town in Morocco)
Alcácer do Sal {prop}  :: A Portuguese city in Setúbal district
Alcácer-Quibir {prop}  :: Ksar el-Kebir (a city in northwest of Morocco)
alcáceva {f}  :: alternative form of alcáçova
alce {mf}  :: elk, moose (Alces alces, a large northern-hemisphere deer)
alceno {m}  :: alkene (unsaturated aliphatic hydrocarbon with one or more carbon-carbon double bonds)
alcino {m} [organic chemistry]  :: alkyne
Alcobaça {prop}  :: A Portuguese city in Leiria district
Alcochete {prop}  :: A Portuguese village in Setúbal district
alcoila {m} [organic chemistry]  :: alkyl
alcoólatra {mf}  :: alcoholic (a person addicted to alcohol)
alcoólatra {mf}  :: alcoholic (one who abuses alcohol)
alcoólica {adj}  :: feminine form of alcoólico
alcoólicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of alcoólico
alcoólico {adj}  :: alcoholic
Alcoólicos Anônimos {prop} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of Alcoólicos Anónimos
Alcoólicos Anónimos {prop} [Portugal]  :: Alcoholics Anonymous
Alcíone {prop}  :: Alcyone (mythology)
alcoolemia {f}  :: alcoholaemia (presence of alcohol)
alcoolismo {m} [pathology]  :: alcoholism (chronic disease)
alcoolizada {adj}  :: feminine form of alcoolizado
alcoolizadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of alcoolizado
alcoolizado {adj}  :: drunk (intoxicated after drinking too much alcohol)
Alcorão {prop}  :: Qur'an (the Islamic holy book)
Alcoutim {prop}  :: A Portuguese village in Faro district
alcáçova {f}  :: a Moorish fortress within or beside a walled city
alcova {f}  :: alcove
alcovitar {vi}  :: pimp (to act as procurer of prostitutes)
alcoviteiro {m}  :: matchmaker
alcoviteiro {m}  :: pimp, procurer
alcunha {f}  :: nickname, soubriquet
aldeã {f}  :: feminine form of aldeão
aldeído {m} [organic chemistry]  :: aldehyde
aldeia {f}  :: village
aldeão {m}  :: villager
aldólica {adj}  :: feminine form of aldólico
aldólicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of aldólico
aldólico {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: aldol (attributive)
aldosterona {m} [hormone]  :: aldosterone
aldraba {f}  :: doorknocker
aldraba {f}  :: latch
aldrava {f}  :: alternative form of aldraba
aleatoriamente {adv}  :: With unpredictable outcomes; at random; randomly; haphazardly
aleatória {adj}  :: feminine form of aleatório
aleatórias {adj}  :: feminine plural of aleatório
aleatório {adj}  :: aleatory, random
alecrim {m}  :: rosemary
alegada {adj}  :: feminine form of alegado
alegadamente {adv}  :: allegedly
alegadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of alegado
alegado {adj}  :: alleged
alegado {m} [legal]  :: plea
alegando {v}  :: gerund of alegar
alegação {f}  :: allegation
alegar {v}  :: to claim, allege
alegar {v}  :: to plead
alegoria {f}  :: allegory (the representation of abstract principles)
alegrar {v}  :: to make happy
alegre {adj} [colloquial]  :: a bit drunk
alegre {adj}  :: happy
alegre {adj}  :: joyful
alegremente {adv}  :: In context of being happy; happily
alegria {f}  :: joy, happiness
aleijada {adj}  :: feminine form of aleijado
aleijadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of aleijado
aleijado {adj}  :: crippled
aleijamento {m}  :: an instance of crippling someone
aleijar {v}  :: disable (to impair the physical or mental abilities of)
aleijar {vr}  :: to get hurt
aleijar {v}  :: to hurt
aleijão {f}  :: deformity
aleitamento {m}  :: breastfeeding
aleitamento {m}  :: suckling
aleitando {v}  :: gerund of aleitar
aleitar {v}  :: to breastfeed
aleitar {v}  :: to nurse, give suck
aleive {m}  :: deceit (act or practice intended to deceive)
aleive {m}  :: slander (false, malicious statement)
aleivosia {f}  :: disloyalty
aleivosia {f}  :: libel, slander
aleivosia {f}  :: treachery, treason
Aleixo {prop}  :: Alexius (male given name)
alelo {m} [genetics]  :: allele
aleluia {interj}  :: hallelujah!
alemã {adj}  :: feminine form of alemão
Alemanha {prop}  :: Germany
Alemanha Ocidental {prop}  :: West Germany (former European country)
Alemanha Oriental {prop}  :: East Germany (former European country)
alemão {adj}  :: German
alemão {m}  :: German (resident or native of Germany)
alemão {m} [uncountable]  :: German (language)
alemãs {adj}  :: feminine plural of alemão
Alenquer {prop}  :: A Portuguese village in Lisbon district
alentado {v}  :: past participle of alentar
alentando {v}  :: gerund of alentar
alentar {v}  :: to encourage
Alepo {prop}  :: Aleppo (Syrian city)
alerce {m} [countable]  :: larch (a coniferous tree)
alergia {f} [pathology, immunology]  :: allergy (disorder of the immune system)
alergênica {adj}  :: feminine form of alergênico
alergênicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of alergênico
alergênico {adj}  :: allergenic
alergologia {f} [medicine]  :: allergology (the study of the causes and treatment of allergies)
alerta {adj}  :: alert (attentive)
alerta {m}  :: safety light (of a vehicle)
alerta {m}  :: warning
alertar {v}  :: to alert
aleta {f}  :: a small wing or wing-like structure, such as tailplanes, missile fins and fletchings
aleta {f}  :: diminutive form of ala
aleta {f} [lb, pt, anatomy]  :: alar wall (cartilage on either side of the nose)
aleta {f}  :: vane (a surface radially mounted along an axis)
aleúte {adj}  :: Aleut
aleúte {m}  :: Aleut (native of the Aleutian Islands)
aleúte {m} [uncountable]  :: Aleut (language)
aletria {f}  :: a kind of Christmas dessert
aletria {f}  :: vermicelli
alevantar {v}  :: alternative form of levantar
alevino {m}  :: alevin, fingerling
Alexandra {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to English Alexandra
Alexandre {prop}  :: male given name, cognate to English Alexander
Alexandre Magno {prop}  :: Alexander the Great (the king of Macedonia)
Alexandre o Grande {prop}  :: Alexander the Great (the king of Macedonia)
Alexandria {prop}  :: Alexandria (city in Egypt)
Alexandroupolis {prop}  :: Alexandroupoli (city)
aleyve {m}  :: obsolete spelling of aleive
alfa {f}  :: alpha; the Greek letter Α, α
alfabeticamente {adv} [manner]  :: alphabetically (in an alphabetical manner)
alfabeticamente {adv} [sequence]  :: alphabetically (arranged in the sequence of the alphabet)
alfabetismo {m}  :: literacy (ability to read)
alfabetizado {adj}  :: literate (able to read, having literacy)
alfabetização {f}  :: alphabetization
alfabeto {m}  :: alphabet
alfabeto fenício {m}  :: Phoenician alphabet
alfabeto fonético internacional {m}  :: International Phonetic Alphabet (standardised symbols for speech)
alfabeto glagolítico {m} [linguistics]  :: Glagolitic (the oldest known Slavonic alphabet)
alfabeto latino {m}  :: Latin alphabet
alfabeto árabe {m}  :: Arabic alphabet
alfabética {adj}  :: feminine form of alfabético
alfabéticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of alfabético
alfabético {adj}  :: alphabetical (in the order of the letters of the alphabet)
alface {f}  :: lettuce
alface-de-cordeiro {f}  :: corn salad (any plant of the genus Valerianella, used in salads)
alfacinha {adj} [lb, pt, Portugal, slang]  :: Lisboner (from Lisbon)
alfacinha {mf} [lb, pt, Portugal, slang]  :: Lisboner (someone from Lisbon)
alfafa {f} [uncountable]  :: alfalfa (Medicago sativa)
alfaia {f}  :: ornament
alfaia {f}  :: utensil
alfaiata {f}  :: feminine form of alfaiate
alfaiate {m}  :: tailor
alfajor {m}  :: A popular confection in South America usually filled with caramel-like dulce de leche
alfanumérica {adj}  :: feminine form of alfanumérico
alfanuméricas {adj}  :: feminine plural of alfanumérico
alfanumérico {adj}  :: alphanumeric
alfarrabio {m}  :: obsolete spelling of alfarrábio
alfarrábio {m} [often humorous, or, affectionate]  :: a large and old book
alfarroba {f}  :: carob (fruit)
alfarrobeira {f}  :: carob (tree)
alfarva {f}  :: fenugreek (spice)
alfazema {f}  :: common lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)
alfazema {f}  :: lavender (plant)
alfeneiro {m}  :: privet (any of various shrubs and small trees in the genus Ligustrum)
alferes {m}  :: ensign (military officer)
alfinete {m}  :: pin (small needle with no eye)
alfinete {m}  :: safety pin
alfinete de ama {m}  :: safety pin (pin, in the form of a clasp)
alfinete-de-ama {m}  :: alternative form of alfinete de ama
alfinete de dama {m}  :: safety pin (pin, in the form of a clasp)
alfinete de fralda {m}  :: safety pin (pin, in the form of a clasp)
alfinete de segurança {m}  :: safety pin (pin, in the form of a clasp)
alfândega {f}  :: customs (government agency)
Alfândega da Fé {prop}  :: A Portuguese village in Bragança district
alforba {f}  :: fenugreek (spice)
alforge {m} [Portugal]  :: alternative form of alforje
alforja {f}  :: alternative form of alforje
alforje {m} [Brazil]  :: saddlebag, pannier
Alfredo {prop}  :: male given name, equivalent to English Alfred
alga {f}  :: seaweed (marine plants and algae)
alga marinha {f}  :: seaweed
algaravia {f}  :: gibberish
algarismo {m}  :: digit (numeral)
algarismo {m}  :: place (numeric: the column counting a certain quantity)
algarismo arábico {m}  :: Arabic numeral (any of the ten symbols from 0 through 9)
Algarve {prop}  :: Algarve
algazarra {f}  :: racket (loud noise)
algébrica {adj}  :: feminine form of algébrico
algébricas {adj}  :: feminine plural of algébrico
algébrico {adj}  :: algebraic
algebrista {mf} [mathematics]  :: algebraist (mathematician)
algema {m}  :: handcuffs, manacles, shackles
algemar {v}  :: handcuff (to apply handcuffs)
algeriana {adj}  :: feminine form of algeriano
algerianas {adj}  :: feminine plural of algeriano
algeriano {adj}  :: Algerian (of Algeria or its people)
algeriano {m}  :: Algerian (person from Algeria)
algeroz {m}  :: gutter (duct or channel beneath the eaves)
algibeira {f}  :: pocket
algibeira {f}  :: pouch
algo {pron}  :: something (unspecified object)
algodão {m}  :: cotton (plant)
algodão {m} [uncountable]  :: the cloth made from the fibre
algodão {m} [uncountable]  :: the fibre extracted from the plant
algodão-doce {m}  :: candy floss (sweet)
algodoeiro {m}  :: cotton (plant)
algo mais {m} mais
algo mais {m}  :: a special quality or feature
algoritmo {m}  :: algorithm
algoz {mf}  :: executioner
algoz {mf}  :: tormentor
alguerês {m}  :: Algherese (Catalan dialect spoken in Alghero, Sardinia)
alguidar {m}  :: An earthenware, plastic, or metal bowl in the form of an inverted, truncated cone
alguém {m} [rare]  :: a person
alguém {pron}  :: somebody; someone (some person)
algum {adj}  :: some, any
alguma {adj}  :: feminine form of algum
algures {adv}  :: somewhere (else)
-alha {suffix}  :: Forms feminine collective pejorative nouns
alhada {f}  :: pinch (difficult situation)
alheamento {m}  :: alienation (the act of alienating)
alheando {v}  :: gerund of alhear
alhear {v}  :: to alienate
alheio {adj}  :: alien
alheio {adj}  :: distracted
alheio {adj}  :: someone else’s, that belongs to someone else, other people’s
alheio {m}  :: alien
alho {m}  :: garlic (bulbous root)
alho {m}  :: garlic (plant)
alho-poró {m} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of alho-porro
alho-porro {m}  :: leek
alhur {adv} [archaic]  :: alternative form of alhures
alhures {adv}  :: elsewhere (in or at some other place)
ali {adv}  :: Far from both the speaker and the audience; there
Ali {prop}  :: Ali (male given name from Arabic)
aliada {adj}  :: feminine form of aliado
aliada {f}  :: feminine form of aliado
aliado {adj}  :: allied
aliado {m}  :: ally (anything akin to another by structure, etc)
aliança {f}  :: alliance (countries or parties which form an alliance)
aliança {f}  :: alliance (pact or treaty between countries or parties made to advance common goals)
aliança {f}  :: engagement or wedding ring (ring exchanged between bride and groom)
aliar {vt}  :: to ally (to unite by agreement)
Ali Babá {prop}  :: Ali Baba (a fictional character)
alicate {m}  :: pliers (gripping tool)
alicatear {v} [rare]  :: to grip with pliers
alicates {mp}  :: pliers (gripping tool)
alicatezinho {m}  :: diminutive form of alicate
alicatinho {m}  :: diminutive form of alicate
alicatão {m}  :: augmentative form of alicate
Alice {prop}  :: Alice (female given name)
alicerçando {v}  :: gerund of alicerçar
alicerçar {v}  :: to base (lay foundations of)
alicerce {m}  :: base, basis
alicerce {m}  :: foundation
aliceres {mp}  :: alternative form of alicerces
aliciante {adj}  :: enticing (alluring)
alien {m}  :: alien; extraterrestrial life form
alienado {v}  :: past participle of alienar
alienando {v}  :: gerund of alienar
alienação {f}  :: alienation
alienar {v}  :: to alienate
alienígena {adj}  :: alien; stranger
alienígena {adj}  :: extraterrestrial
alienígena {mf}  :: alien; extraterrestrial
alienígena {mf}  :: stranger; foreigner
aliforme {adj}  :: aliform; wing-shaped
aligator {m}  :: alternative form of aligátor
aligeirar {vt}  :: lighten (to make less serious)
aligeirar {vt}  :: lighten (to make light in weight)
aligátor {m}  :: alligator (crocodilian in the genus Alligator)
Alijó {prop}  :: A Portuguese village in Vila Real district
alijado {v}  :: past participle of alijar
alijando {v}  :: gerund of alijar
alijar {v}  :: to jettison
alimentação {f}  :: feed
alimentação {f}  :: feeding, alimentation
alimentação {f}  :: food, nourishment
alimentar {adj}  :: food
alimentar {v} [figuratively]  :: to nurture
alimentar {v}  :: to feed
alimentícia {adj}  :: feminine form of alimentício
alimentícias {adj}  :: feminine plural of alimentício
alimentício {adj}  :: nourishing, alimentary
alimento {m}  :: food (any substance consumed by living organisms to sustain life), foodstuff
alimentosa {adj}  :: feminine form of alimentoso
alimentosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of alimentoso
alimentoso {adj} [of food or drink]  :: nutritious (providing nutrients)
alimária {m}  :: beast, brute
alinhado {adj}  :: aligned (having its elements aligned)
alinhado {adj}  :: elegantly dressed
alinhado {v}  :: past participle of alinhar
alinhamento {m}  :: alignment
alinhando {v}  :: gerund of alinhar
alinhar {v}  :: to align, line up
aliás {adv}  :: actually
aliás {adv}  :: by the way
aliás {adv}  :: furthermore, what's more
aliás {adv}  :: however
alisar {v}  :: to flatten
alisar {v}  :: to level
alisar {v}  :: to plane
alisar {v}  :: to smooth
alistado {adj}  :: enlisted
alistado {v}  :: past participle of alistar
alistamento {m}  :: draft (conscription)
alistando {v}  :: gerund of alistar
alistar {v}  :: to enlist
alistar {v}  :: to recruit
aliteração {f}  :: alliteration
aliviando {v}  :: gerund of aliviar
aliviar {v}  :: to lighten
aliviar {v}  :: to relieve, ease, alleviate
aljava {f}  :: quiver (arrow container)
Al Jazira {prop}  :: Al Jazeera (Arabic satellite TV news channel)
Aljezur {prop}  :: A Portuguese village in Faro district
aljôfar {m}  :: drop of water, dew
aljôfar {m}  :: seed pearl
aljôfar {m}  :: tear
Aljustrel {prop}  :: A Portuguese village in Beja district
allahu akbar {interj} [Islam]  :: Allahu akbar (muslim takbir (proclamation))
alliança {f}  :: obsolete spelling of aliança
além {adv}  :: beyond (farther along or away)
além {adv}  :: there, over there
além {m}  :: the afterworld (supposed world that is entered after death)
alma {f}  :: soul
almaça {adj}  :: feminine form of almaço
almaças {adj}  :: feminine plural of almaço
Almada {prop}  :: A Portuguese city in Setúbal district
alma gêmea {f} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of alma gémea
alma gémea {f} [Portugal]  :: soulmate (someone with whom one has a special connection)
almanaque {m}  :: almanac
almanjarra {f}  :: a beam which connects an animal to a mill
almaço {adj}  :: foolscap (paper size)
alma penada {f}  :: wandering soul
almario {m}  :: obsolete form of armário
Almaty {prop}  :: Almaty (city)
almécega {f}  :: putty, mastic
além de {prep}  :: besides (in addition to)
além de {prep}  :: besides (other than; except for)
almádena {f}  :: minaret (mosque tower)
além disso {adv} [conjunctive]  :: moreover, besides, furthermore (in addition to what has been said)
além do mais {adv} [conjunctive, idiomatic]  :: by the way (incidentally)
Almeida {prop}  :: A Portuguese village in Guarda district
Almeida {prop}  :: A surname
Almeirim {prop}  :: A Portuguese city in Santarém district
alúmen {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: alum
almirantado {m} [military]  :: admiralty (office or jurisdiction of an admiral)
almirante {m}  :: admiral (all senses)
almirante {m}  :: flag officer
além-mar {m}  :: abroad (countries or lands abroad)
almôndega {f}  :: meatball (ball of minced meat)
almoadem {m}  :: obsolete spelling of almuadem
almoçar {vi}  :: to have lunch
almoçar {vt}  :: to eat for lunch
Almodôvar {prop}  :: A Portuguese village in Beja district
almoeda {f}  :: auction
almoedando {v}  :: gerund of almoedar
almoedar {v}  :: to auction
almofada {f} [chiefly, Portugal]  :: pillow
almofada {f}  :: cushion (soft material in cloth bag)
almofariz {m} [countable]  :: mortar (vessel used to grind ingredients)
almoço {m}  :: lunch
almotacé {m} [obsolete]  :: an inspector of weights and measures who also regulated the price of foodstuffs
almoxarife {m}  :: stockman, warehouseman
almário {m} [dialectal]  :: alternative form of armário
almíscar {m}  :: musk (greasy secretion with powerful odour)
além-túmulo {m}  :: afterlife (life after death)
almuadem {m} [Islam]  :: muezzin (person who issues call to prayer)
alínea {f}  :: paragraph (or the first line of a paragraph)
alínea {f}  :: subheading
aloé {f}  :: alternative form of aloe
alocar {v}  :: allocate (to set aside for a purpose)
aloe {f}  :: aloe (plant of the genus Aloe)
aloirando {v}  :: gerund of aloirar
aloirar {v}  :: to become blond
alojado {v}  :: past participle of alojar
alojamento {m}  :: accommodation
alojamento {m}  :: housing
alojamento {m}  :: lodging, quarters
alojando {v}  :: gerund of alojar
alojar {v}  :: to billet
alojar {v}  :: to house, accommodate
alomorfia {f}  :: metamorphosis
alongado {adj}  :: elongated
alongado {v}  :: past participle of alongar
alongamento {m}  :: an instance of lengthening (making or becoming longer)
alongamento {m} [phonetics]  :: lengthening (sound change in which a phoneme becomes long)
alongamento {m}  :: stretching (form of physical exercise)
alongando {v}  :: gerund of alongar
alongar {v}  :: to elongate, lengthen
aloquete {m} [Portugal]  :: latch (fastening for a door that has a bar that fits into a notch or slot)
alotropia {f} [inorganic chemistry]  :: allotropy
alotrópica {adj}  :: feminine form of alotrópico
alotrópicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of alotrópico
alotrópico {adj} [chemistry]  :: allotropic
alourando {v}  :: gerund of alourar
alourar {v}  :: alternative form of aloirar
alpaca {f}  :: alpaca
alpargata {f}  :: espadrille (light shoe)
alpendre {m}  :: overhang (portion of the roof structure that extends beyond the exterior walls of a building)
alpendre {m}  :: terrace (platform that extends outwards from a building)
alperce {m}  :: apricot (fruit)
alpes {n}  :: hights places
alpes {n}  :: mountain pastures
Alpes {prop}  :: Alps (a mountain range in Western Europe)
alphabeto {m}  :: obsolete spelling of alfabeto
Alpiarça {prop}  :: A Portuguese village in Santarém district
alpinismo {m}  :: mountaineering, alpinism
alpinista {mf}  :: climber, mountaineer, alpinist
alpinista social {mf}  :: social climber (someone who tries to improve their social position)
alpiste {m}  :: canary grass (phalaris canariensis)
alqueire {m}  :: bushel (or various similar old measures)
alquil {m} [organic chemistry]  :: alkyl
alquila {m} [organic chemistry]  :: alkyl
alquilação {m} [organic chemistry]  :: alkylation
alquimia {f}  :: alchemy (chemistry searching for panacea)
alquimista {mf}  :: alchemist
alquímica {adj}  :: feminine form of alquímico
alquímicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of alquímico
alquímico {adj}  :: alchemical
alérgeno {m} [medicine]  :: allergen (substance)
alérgica {adj}  :: feminine form of alérgico
alérgicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of alérgico
alérgico {adj}  :: allergic
Alsácia {prop}  :: Alsace (region on the west bank of the upper Rhine)
alta {adj}  :: high, tall; loud; feminine form of alto
alta {f}  :: rise
altabaixo {m}  :: overhand (boxing blow that travels from high to low)
alta classe {f}  :: upper class
alta cozinha {f}  :: haute cuisine (refined cookery)
alta gastronomia {f}  :: haute cuisine (refined cookery)
Altai {prop}  :: Altay (a mountain range)
altamente {adv}  :: highly
altanaria {f}  :: haughtiness
altanaria {f}  :: pride
altaneria {f}  :: alternative form of altanaria
altar {m}  :: altar (flat structure used for religious rites)
alta sociedade {f}  :: high society (the socially interacting wealthy fashionable elite of a society)
alta traição {f}  :: high treason (criminal disloyalty to one’s country)
alteando {v}  :: gerund of altear
altear {v} [of a value]  :: to make or become higher
altear {v} [of sound]  :: to make or become louder
altear {v}  :: to lift; to raise
altear {v}  :: to make or become taller
alteia {f}  :: marshmallow (Althaea officinalis, a species of mallow)
alteração {f}  :: alteration, change, modification
alterar {v}  :: to alter or change
altercado {v}  :: past participle of altercar
altercando {v}  :: gerund of altercar
altercação {f}  :: altercation
altercação {f}  :: quarrel
altercar {v}  :: to dispute, argue, quarrel
Alter do Chão {prop}  :: A Portuguese village in Portalegre district
alter ego {m}  :: alter ego (alternate personality or persona)
alternadamente {adv}  :: alternately
alternado {adj}  :: alternate (being or succeeding by turns)
alternar {vi}  :: to alternate (to happen, succeed, or act by turns)
alternar {vt}  :: to alternar (tto perform by turns, or in succession)
alternativa {adj}  :: feminine form of alternativo
alternativa {f}  :: alternative (one of a set of mutually exclusive choices)
alternativas {adj}  :: feminine plural of alternativo
alternativo {adj}  :: alternative (having more than one choice)
alternância {f}  :: alternation
alternância {f}  :: interchange
alternância {f}  :: rotation
alteza {f}  :: altitude, elevation
alteza {f}  :: highness (all senses)
Alteza {f}  :: Highness (form of address)
altéia {f}  :: obsolete spelling of alteia
altêia {v}  :: obsolete spelling of alteia
altifalante {m}  :: loudspeaker (transducer)
a última gota {f}  :: last straw (small additional burden)
altissimamente {adv}  :: most/very highly
altitude {f}  :: altitude
altímetro {m}  :: altimeter (an apparatus for measuring altitude)
alto {adj}  :: high
alto {adj}  :: loud
alto {adj}  :: tall
alto {adv}  :: loud; loudly
alto {interj}  :: halt!
alto alemão {m} alemão
alto alemão {m}  :: High German (any of a group of West Germanic languages)
alto alemão antigo {m} [uncountable]  :: Old High German (a language)
alto-alemão médio {m}  :: Middle High German
alto-falante {m}  :: loudspeaker (transducer)
alto forno {m}  :: alternative spelling of alto-forno
alto-forno {m}  :: blast furnace (type of furnace)
alto-mar {m} [nautical]  :: high seas (parts of ocean far from shore)
alótropo {m} [chemistry]  :: allotrope (form of an element that has a different molecular structure to another form of the same element)
altruísmo {m}  :: altruism (policy in favor of other's interests)
altruísta {adj}  :: altruistic
altruísta {mf}  :: altruist
altruística {adj}  :: feminine form of altruístico
altruísticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of altruístico
altruístico {adj}  :: altruistic
altíssima {adj}  :: feminine form of altíssimo
altíssimas {adj}  :: feminine plural of altíssimo
altíssimo {adj}  :: highest, very high
altíssimo {m}  :: God
altura {f}  :: altitude
altura {f}  :: height
altura {f}  :: loftiness
altura {f}  :: moment (in time)
aluá {m}  :: A Brazilian drink made from fermented corn meal with the addition of pineapple, ginger etc
aluada {adj}  :: feminine form of aluado
aluadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of aluado
aluado {adj}  :: lunatic (especially when influenced by the moon)
alucinado {v}  :: past participle of alucinar
alucinando {v}  :: gerund of alucinar
alucinação {f}  :: hallucination (sensory perception of something that does not exist)
alucinar {v}  :: to hallucinate
alude {m}  :: avalanche (large mass of snow sliding down a mountain side)
aludir {v}  :: to allude
alugando {v}  :: gerund of alugar
alugar {v}  :: to rent
aluguel {m}  :: hire, hiring
aluguel {m}  :: rent, rental
aluguer {m}  :: income
aluguer {m}  :: rent
alume {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: alum
alumiado {v}  :: past participle of alumiar
alumiando {v}  :: gerund of alumiar
alumiar {v}  :: to clarify
alumiar {v}  :: to illuminate
alumiar {v}  :: to shed light on
aluminotermia {f}  :: aluminothermy
alumínio {m}  :: aluminium (a silvery metal)
alumno {m}  :: obsolete spelling of aluno
alunando {v}  :: gerund of alunar
alunar {v}  :: to land on the moon
aluno {m}  :: student
ALUPEC {prop}  :: Alfabeto Unificado para a Escrita do Cabo-verdiano
ALUPEK {prop}  :: Alfabetu Unifikadu pa Skrita di Kabuverdianu
alusão {f}  :: allusion
aluvial {adj}  :: alluvial
aluviando {v}  :: gerund of aluviar
aluviar {v}  :: to silt up
aluvião {m}  :: alluvium (material deposited by flowing water)
aluvional {adj}  :: alluvial
a luz no fim do túnel {f} [idiomatic]  :: light at the end of the tunnel (a better situation after long hardship)
alva {adj}  :: feminine form of alvo
alva {f}  :: alb (long white robe worn by priests and other ministers)
alva {f}  :: dawn
alvacenta {adj}  :: feminine form of alvacento
alvacento {adj}  :: whitish
Alvaiázere {prop}  :: A Portuguese villages in Leiria district
alvará {m}  :: charter, certificate (or similar document)
alvarà {m}  :: obsolete spelling of alvará
alvejamento {m}  :: bleaching
alvejando {v}  :: gerund of alvejar
alvejante {adj}  :: bleaching
alvejante {m}  :: bleach
alvejar {v}  :: to bleach
alvejar {v}  :: to whiten
alvenaria {f}  :: masonry, brickwork
alvenel {m}  :: construction worker (employee working at a construction)
alívio {m}  :: relief (removal of stress or discomfort)
alívio {m}  :: the act of lightening (reducing the burden of)
alúvio {m}  :: alternative form of aluvião
alvião {m}  :: mattock, pick, pickaxe
alívio cômico {m}  :: [Brazil] alternative form of alívio cómico
alívio cómico {m} [narratology, Portugal]  :: comic relief (inclusion of a humorous character or scene)
alvita {f} [mineral]  :: alvite
Alvito {prop}  :: A Portuguese city in Beja district
alvitre {m}  :: suggestion, advice
alvéloa {f}  :: wagtail (various small passerine birds)
alvo {adj} [figuratively]  :: pure
alvo {adj}  :: white
alvo {m}  :: target
alvo {m}  :: white
alvéola {f}  :: alternative form of alvéloa
alvor {m}  :: the first light of the morning
alvor {m}  :: whiteness
alvorada {f}  :: dawn (all senses)
alvorada {f} [military]  :: reveille
alvorecer {m} [uncountable]  :: dawn (morning twilight period)
alvoroçado {v}  :: past participle of alvoroçar
alvoroçando {v}  :: gerund of alvoroçar
alvoroçar {v}  :: to disturb, startle, frighten
alvoroçar {v}  :: to rouse
alvoroço {m}  :: agitation, rampage, turmoil
alvíssaras {fp}  :: reward given to someone bringing good news or something that was lost
alvíssaras {interj}  :: glad tidings
alvíssima {adj}  :: feminine form of alvíssimo
alvíssimas {adj}  :: feminine plural of alvíssimo
alvíssimo {adj}  :: very white or pure
Alvíssmál {prop}  :: the Alvíssmál
alvura {f}  :: whiteness (state of being white)
a.m. {adv}  :: a.m. (before noon)
Amã {prop}  :: Amman (the capital of Jordan)
AM {abbr} [politics, Brazil]  :: abbreviation of Amazonas (a Brazilian state)
ama {f}  :: female housekeeper
ama {f}  :: female nurse
ama {f}  :: governess
amabilidade {f}  :: amiability
amabilidade {f}  :: kindness, kindliness
amaciando {v}  :: gerund of amaciar
amaciante {m}  :: fabric softener (a chemical agent used to prevent static cling and make fabric softer)
amaciar {v}  :: to smooth
amaciar {v}  :: to soften
ama-de-leite {f}  :: wet nurse (woman hired to suckle another woman’s child)
amado {adj}  :: beloved
amador {adj}  :: loving
amador {adj}  :: voluntary
amador {m}  :: Amateur; Someone who is unqualified or insufficiently skillful
amador {m} [now rare]  :: A lover of something
amadora {adj}  :: feminine form of amador
amadora {n}  :: feminine form of amador
Amadora {prop}  :: A Portuguese city in Lisboa district
amadoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of amador
amadurecer {v}  :: ripen (to cause to mature; to make ripe)
amadurecimento {m}  :: maturation
amadurecimento {m}  :: ripening
amainar {v}  :: to abate (to lessen in force)
amainar {v}  :: to calm down (to become less excited, intense, or angry)
amaldiçoando {v}  :: gerund of amaldiçoar
amaldiçoar {v}  :: to curse, damn
amalgamando {v}  :: gerund of amalgamar
amalgamação {f}  :: amalgamation
amalgamar {v}  :: to amalgamate
amamentar {v}  :: breastfeed (feed a baby milk via the breasts)
amancebada {adj}  :: feminine form of amancebado
amancebadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of amancebado
amancebado {adj}  :: shacked up (living together as lovers)
amancebando {v}  :: gerund of amancebar
amancebar {vr}  :: To live with a mistress orconcubine
amanhã {adv}  :: tomorrow
amanhã {m}  :: future
amanhã {m}  :: tomorrow
amanhando {v}  :: gerund of amanhar
amanhar {v}  :: to arrange, prepare
amanhecer {m}  :: dawn
amanhecer {v}  :: dawn (to begin to brighten with daylight)
amanhã é outro dia {proverb}  :: tomorrow is another day (a phrase indicating that tomorrow will bring new opportunities)
amanita {m}  :: amanita (mushroom of the genus Amanita)
amansador {adj}  :: taming
amansador {m}  :: tamer
amansar {v}  :: to calm, to still, to hush
amansar {v}  :: to soften, to temper
amansar {v}  :: to tame
amante {adj}  :: loving
amante {mf}  :: lover
amanteigada {adj}  :: feminine form of amanteigado
amanteigadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of amanteigado
amanteigado {adj}  :: buttery (made with or tasting of butter)
amanteigado {adj}  :: buttery (resembling butter in some way)
amanteigar {vt}  :: butter (also|to spread butter on|spread|butter)
amapaense {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Amapá
amapaense {mf}  :: Someone from Amapá
amar {vi}  :: to have the ability to love, to have ever feeling love
amar {vt}  :: to love, to have great affection for
Amarante {prop}  :: A Portuguese city in Porto district
amaranto {m}  :: amaranth (herb)
amarela {adj}  :: feminine form of amarelo
amarelaça {adj}  :: feminine form of amarelaço
amarelaças {adj}  :: feminine plural of amarelaço
amarelada {adj}  :: feminine form of amarelado
amareladas {adj}  :: feminine plural of amarelado
amarelado {adj}  :: Somewhat yellow; yellowish
amarelaço {adj}  :: alternative form of amarelado
amarelar {vi}  :: yellow (to cause to become yellow or more yellow)
amarelar {v} [slang]  :: chicken out (shy away from a daring task)
amarelar {vt}  :: yellow (to become yellow or more yellow)
amarelas {adj}  :: feminine plural of amarelo
amarelenta {adj}  :: feminine form of amarelento
amarelentas {adj}  :: feminine plural of amarelento
amarelento {adj}  :: yellowish (somewhat yellow)
amarelinha {f}  :: hopscotch (child’s game)
amarelo {adj}  :: yellow
amarelo {m}  :: yellow
amarelo-canário {adj}  :: canary (of a light yellow colour)
amarelo-canário {m}  :: canary (colour)
amarelo-limão {m}  :: citron (a greenish yellow colour)
amarelo-mostarda {adj}  :: mustard (of the colour of mustard)
amarelo-mostarda {m}  :: mustard (colour)
amarena {f}  :: sour cherry (fruit)
Amares {prop}  :: A Portuguese village in Braga district
amarga {adj}  :: feminine form of amargo
amargamente {adv}  :: bitterly (causing painful emotions)
amargar {v} [figurative]  :: to cause sorrow or grief
amargar {v}  :: to embitter (to cause to have an acrid taste)
amargar banco {v} [idiomatic, rare, sports]  :: ride the pine (to sit on the bench, to not be used in a game)
amargo {adj}  :: bitter (having an acrid taste)
amargor {m}  :: bitterness (all senses)
amargor {m}  :: sorrow, anguish, acrimony
amargosa {adj}  :: feminine form of amargoso
amargosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of amargoso
amargoseira {f} [botany]  :: bead tree (Melia azedarach)
amargoso {adj}  :: bitter
amargoso {adj}  :: sad
amargura {f}  :: bitterness
amargura {f}  :: (especially in plural) unpleasantness
amargura {f}  :: sorrow
amargurada {adj}  :: feminine form of amargurado
amarguradas {adj}  :: feminine plural of amargurado
amargurado {adj}  :: bitter
amargurado {adj}  :: sad
amaro {adj}  :: alternative form of amargo
amarrar {v}  :: to tie
amarronzada {adj}  :: feminine form of amarronzado
amarronzadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of amarronzado
amarronzado {adj}  :: brownish (somewhat brown)
amassar {vt} [colloquial]  :: to crush, to smash
amassar {vt} [colloquial]  :: to win undoubtedly at an argumentation or quarrel
amassar {vt}  :: to knead
amassar {vt}  :: to wrinkle (clothes)
amavadina {f} [chemistry]  :: amavadin
amavelmente {adv}  :: kindly (having a kind personality)
amaynar {v}  :: obsolete spelling of amainar
amazona {f} [Greek mythology]  :: Amazon (mythological female warrior)
Amazonas {prop}  :: Amazonas (department of Colombia)
Amazonas {prop}  :: Amazonas (region of Peru)
Amazonas {prop}  :: Amazonas (state of Brazil)
Amazonas {prop}  :: Amazonas (state of Venezuela)
Amazonas {prop}  :: Amazon (river)
amazonense {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Amazonas
amazonense {mf}  :: Someone from Amazonas
amazonita {f}  :: amazonite (gem)
ambaíba {f}  :: any tree of the genus Cecropia
ambaúba {f}  :: alternative form of ambaíba
ambaiba {f}  :: alternative form of ambaíba
ambaiua {f}  :: rare form of ambaíba
ambarino {adj}  :: amber (of a brownish yellow colour)
ambas {pron}  :: both (female)
ambauba {f}  :: alternative form of ambaíba
ambauva {f}  :: rare form of ambaíba
ambaúva {f}  :: alternative form of ambaíba
ambayba {f}  :: obsolete spelling of ambaíba
ambígua {adj}  :: feminine form of ambíguo
ambíguas {adj}  :: feminine plural of ambíguo
ambíguo {adj}  :: ambiguous
ambi- {prefix}  :: ambi-
ambicioso {adj}  :: ambitious (possessing, or controlled by, ambition)
ambicioso {adj}  :: lofty (idealistic)
ambidestra {adj}  :: feminine form of ambidestro
ambidestras {adj}  :: feminine plural of ambidestro
ambidestro {adj}  :: Having equal ability in both hands; ambidextrous
ambiental {adj}  :: environmental
ambientalismo {m}  :: environmentalism (ideology seeking to prevent the degradation of environment)
ambientalista {mf}  :: environmentalist (one who advocates for the protection of the biosphere)
ambientalmente {adv}  :: environmentally (concerning the environment)
ambigüidade {f}  :: obsolete spelling of ambiguidade
ambigrama {m}  :: ambigram (design that may be read in two different ways)
ambiguamente {adv}  :: ambiguously
ambiguidade {f}  :: ambiguity
ambiência {f}  :: ambience
ambição {f}  :: ambition
ambivalente {adj}  :: ambivalent (experiencing or expressing opposing feelings)
ambivalência {f}  :: ambivalence (coexistence of opposing attitudes)
ambivalência {f}  :: ambivalence (state of uncertainty)
ambligonita {f} [mineral]  :: amblygonite
ambliopia {f}  :: amblyopia (dimness or blurring of the eyesight)
ambos {pron}  :: both
ambrosia {f} [Greek mythology, Roman mythology]  :: ambrosia (food of gods or delicious foods)
Ambrósio {prop}  :: Ambrose (male given name)
ambulante {mf}  :: peddler (hawker)
ambulância {f}  :: ambulance
amídica {adj}  :: feminine form of amídico
amídicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of amídico
amídico {adj} [chemistry]  :: amidic
ameaça {f} [figurative]  :: an indication that something bad may occur
ameaça {f}  :: threat (expression of intent to injure or punish another)
ameaça {f}  :: threat; menace (person or object that is regarded as a danger)
ameaçador {adj}  :: threatening (presenting a threat)
ameaçadora {adj}  :: feminine form of ameaçador
ameaçadoramente {adv}  :: threateningly (in a threatening manner)
ameaçadoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of ameaçador
ameaçar {v}  :: (catenative) to portend, threaten
ameaçar {v}  :: to endanger, menace
ameaçar {v}  :: to threaten (to make a threat against someone; to use threats)
ameba {f} [biology]  :: amoeba (a genus of unicellular protozoa)
amedorentar {v} [rare]  :: obsolete form of amedrontar
amedrontada {adj}  :: feminine form of amedrontado
amedrontado {adj}  :: frightened
amedrontador {adj}  :: dreadful (causing dread)
amedrontar {v}  :: to frighten, to scare, to disturb with fear
ameia {f}  :: battlement (indented parapet formed by a series of rising members)
ameia {f}  :: crenel (space between merlons)
ameigando {v}  :: gerund of ameigar
ameigar {v}  :: to stroke, fondle
ameixeira {f}  :: plum tree
amen {interj}  :: obsolete spelling of amém
amendoada {adj}  :: feminine form of amendoado
amendoadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of amendoado
amendoado {adj}  :: almond (resembling the color of an almond nut)
amendoeira {f}  :: almond (tree)
amendoim {m}  :: peanut, goober
amenidade {f}  :: amenity (pleasantness)
a menos que {conj}  :: unless
amentilho {m} [botany]  :: catkin (botany: a type of inflorescence)
amento {m} [botany]  :: catkin (botany: a type of inflorescence)
amerício {m}  :: americium (chemical element with atomic number 95)
americana {adj}  :: feminine form of americano
americanas {adj}  :: feminine plural of americano
americanice {f} [figuratively]  :: apple pie (anything quintessentially American)
americanismo {m} [figuratively]  :: apple pie (anything quintessentially American)
americanizamento {m}  :: Americanizing
americanizante {adj}  :: Americanizing
americanização {f}  :: Americanization
americanizar {v}  :: Americanise (to make American)
americano {adj}  :: American (inhabitant of the Americas)
americano {adj}  :: American (person born in, or citizen of, the United States of America)
americano {m}  :: American (native of the Americas)
americano {m}  :: American (native of the United States of America)
ameríndia {f}  :: feminine form of ameríndio
ameríndio {m}  :: Amerindian (an American Indian)
a mesma {pron} [literary]  :: third-person feminine singular personal pronoun; feminine form of o mesmo
Amesterdão {prop} [Portugal]  :: Amsterdam (capital of the Netherlands)
ametade {f} [obsolete or colloquial]  :: alternative form of metade
ametal {m}  :: nonmetal
ametista {f}  :: amethyst (gem)
amígdala {f} [anatomy, immunology]  :: tonsil (palatine tonsil)
amharico {m}  :: obsolete spelling of amárico
amhárico {m}  :: rare spelling of amárico
amianto {m}  :: asbestos (any of several fibrous mineral forms of magnesium silicate)
amida {f} [chemistry]  :: amide
amiúde {adv}  :: often, frequently
amido {m}  :: starch
amieiro {m}  :: alder (any tree or shrub of the genus Alnus)
amiga {f}  :: friend
amiga do peito {f}  :: feminine form of amigo do peito
amigando {v}  :: gerund of amigar
amigar {v}  :: to befriend
amigar {v}  :: to make friends (with)
amigas do peito {n}  :: feminine plural of amigo do peito
amigavelmente {adv}  :: friendlily (in a friendly manner)
amigdalite {f} [pathology]  :: tonsillitis (inflammation of the tonsils)
amigão {m}  :: good friend; buddy
amigo {adj}  :: beneficial (helpful or good to something or someone)
amigo {adj}  :: friendly (characteristic of friendliness)
amigo {adj} [military]  :: friendly (of or pertaining to friendlies)
amigo {m}  :: a state with good relations with another state
amigo {m}  :: friend (an associate or thing which provides assistance)
amigo {m}  :: friend (person whose company one enjoys)
amigo-da-onça {m}  :: traitor
amigo do peito {m}  :: a true friend
amigo na necessidade é amigo de verdade {proverb}  :: a friend in need is a friend indeed (someone who helps is a real friend)
amigo por correspondência {m}  :: pen pal (person with whom one communicates using letters)
amigável {adj}  :: amicable
amêijoa {f}  :: clam
a milhão {adv}  :: at high speed
amimando {v}  :: gerund of amimar
amimar {v}  :: to fondle, caress
amina {f} [organic chemistry]  :: amine
aminada {adj}  :: feminine form of aminado
aminadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of aminado
aminado {adj} [chemistry]  :: aminated; amino (attributive)
aminoácido {m} [biochemistry]  :: amino acid (any of the twenty α-amino acids)
aminoácido {m} [organic chemistry]  :: amino acid (any organic compound containing amino and carboxylic acid)
aminolevulínica {adj}  :: feminine form of aminolevulínico
aminolevulínicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of aminolevulínico
aminolevulínico {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: aminolevulinic
amistoso {adj}  :: friendly (characteristic of friendliness)
amistoso {m} [sports]  :: friendly (game not part of a competition)
amizade {f}  :: friendship ((uncountable) condition)
amílase {f}  :: amylase
Amílcar {prop}  :: Hamilcar (given name)
amálgama {mf}  :: amalgam (all senses)
amálgama {mf}  :: amalgamation
amém {adv}  :: amen
amém {interj}  :: amen
amêndoa {f}  :: almond
amônia {f} [inorganic compound]  :: ammonia
amônio {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: ammonium
amnistia {f} [Portugal]  :: amnesty
amnésia {f}  :: amnesia
amo {m}  :: boss
amo {m}  :: master
amofinar {v}  :: miff (to offend slightly)
amofinar-se {vr}  :: to miff (to become slightly offended)
amolando {v}  :: gerund of amolar
amolação {f}  :: honing
amolação {f}  :: sharpening
amolar {v}  :: to hone
amolar {v}  :: to sharpen
amolecendo {v}  :: gerund of amolecer
amolecer {v}  :: to macerate
amolecer {v}  :: to soften
amolentando {v}  :: gerund of amolentar
amolentar {v}  :: to loosen
amolentar {v}  :: to soften
amolentar {v}  :: to weaken
amolgar {v}  :: to beat
amolgar {v}  :: to crush, squash
amolgar {v}  :: to dent
amoníaco {m} [inorganic compound]  :: ammonia (the compound NH3)
amoniacal {adj}  :: ammoniacal
amontoar {vt}  :: amass (to collect into a mass or heap)
amor {m}  :: love
amora {f}  :: mulberry (fruit)
amoral {adj}  :: amoral
amora-preta {f}  :: black mulberry (edible fruit of the black mulberry tree)
amordaçando {v}  :: gerund of amordaçar
amordaçar {v}  :: to muzzle, gag
amoreira-preta {f}  :: black mulberry (small deciduous tree native to southwestern Asia)
amorosa {adj}  :: feminine form of amoroso
amorosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of amoroso
amoroso {adj}  :: loving
amor-perfeito {m}  :: pansy (plant)
amor à primeira vista {m}  :: love at first sight (an instantaneous attraction)
amor próprio {m}  :: self-love (regard for oneself)
amortalhado {v}  :: past participle of amortalhar
amortalhando {v}  :: gerund of amortalhar
amortalhar {v}  :: to enshroud (especially a corpse)
amortecedor {adj}  :: shock-absorbing
amortecedor {m}  :: anything that absorbs a shock
amortecedor {m}  :: shock absorber (mechanical device, consisting of a spring and dashpot, to absorb shocks.)
amortecedora {adj}  :: feminine form of amortecedor
amortecedoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of amortecedor
amortecer {vi}  :: to become numb
amortecer {v}  :: to absorb shock
amortecer {v}  :: to deaden; to muffle
amortecer {vt}  :: to numb (to cause to become numb)
amortizando {v}  :: gerund of amortizar
amortização {f}  :: amortization
amortização {f}  :: payment in instalments
amortizar {v}  :: to amortize
amortizar {v}  :: to pay in instalments
amorável {adj}  :: affable
amorável {adj}  :: affectionate, loving
amorável {adj}  :: pleasant
-amos {suffix} [Brazil]  :: forms the first-person plural preterite indicative of 1st conjugation verbs; in Portugal, -ámos is used
-amos {suffix}  :: forms the first-person plural negative and affirmative imperative of present of 2nd and 3rd conjugation verbs
-amos {suffix}  :: forms the first-person plural present indicative of 1st conjugation verbs
-amos {suffix}  :: forms the first-person plural subjunctive present of 2nd and 3rd conjugation verbs
amostra {f}  :: sample
amo-te {phrase}  :: I love you
amotinado {v}  :: past participle of amotinar
amotinando {v}  :: gerund of amotinar
amotinar {v}  :: to mutiny, revolt
amparo {m}  :: shelter (a refuge or other protection)
amparo {m}  :: stand (device to hold something upright or aloft)
ampelografia {f}  :: ampelography (science of grapevine cultivars)
ampere {m}  :: ampere (unit of electrical current)
amperímetro {m}  :: ammeter
amplamente {adv}  :: largely, broadly
amplamente {adv}  :: willingly
ampliado {v}  :: past participle of ampliar
ampliando {v}  :: gerund of ampliar
ampliar {v}  :: to enlarge, magnify
amplidão {f}  :: amplitude
amplidão {f}  :: width
amplo {adj}  :: abundant, abounding (fully sufficient)
amplo {adj}  :: ample, wide
amplo {adj}  :: spacious
ampola {f}  :: ampoule
ampola de Vater {f} [anatomy]  :: ampulla of Vater (swelling marking the union of the pancreatic duct and the common bile duct)
ampulheta {f}  :: hourglass
amputado {m}  :: amputee (person who has had one or more limbs removed)
amputação {f}  :: amputation (surgical removal of a limb)
amputar {v}  :: to amputate (to surgically remove a body part)
América {prop}  :: America (Continents of America)
América Central {prop}  :: Central America (the part of the Americas between North America and South America)
América do Norte {prop}  :: North America (continent)
América do Sul {prop}  :: South America (continent that is the southern part of the Americas)
América Latina {prop}  :: Latin America (parts of the Americas which speak Spanish or Portuguese)
amárico {m}  :: Amharic (a Semitic language spoken in Ethiopia)
amásia {f}  :: concubine (a woman who lives with a man, but who is not a wife)
Amsterdã {prop}  :: Amsterdam (capital of the Netherlands)
Amsterdão {prop}  :: Amsterdam (capital of the Netherlands)
amuar {v}  :: sulk (to express ill humor or offense by remaining sullenly silent or withdrawn)
Amu-Dária {prop}  :: Amu Darya (river)
amuleto {m}  :: amulet (object intended to bring protection to its owner)
amulherada {adj}  :: feminine form of amulherado
amulheradas {adj}  :: feminine plural of amulherado
amulherado {adj}  :: effeminate
Amur {prop}  :: Amur (the river between the Far East Russia and China)
amuralhar {v}  :: wall (to enclose by surrounding with walls)
amurar {v}  :: wall (to enclose by surrounding with walls)
amável {adj}  :: amiable, lovable, lovely
amável {adj}  :: courteous, engaging
amável {adj}  :: friendly, kind
anã {f}  :: feminine form of anão
-ança {suffix}  :: -ance (a state)
Ana {prop}  :: female given name, equivalent to English Ann or Anna
Anabela {prop}  :: female given name. It is the Portuguese version of Annabel
anabolismo {m}  :: anabolism (the constructive metabolism of the body)
anaconda {f}  :: anaconda
anacoreta {adj}  :: anchorite
anacrônica {adj}  :: feminine form of anacrônico
anacrônicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of anacrônico
anacrônico {adj}  :: anachronistic
anacronismo {m}  :: anachronism (chronological mistake)
anacruse {f} [music]  :: anacrusis ((music) an unstressed note (or notes) before the first strong beat of a phrase)
Anadia {prop}  :: A Portuguese city in Aveiro district
anaeróbio {m}  :: anaerobe (anaerobic organism)
anafando {v}  :: gerund of anafar
anafar {v}  :: to fatten
anafrodisia {f} [medicine]  :: anaphrodisia (lack of desire for sex)
anagrama {m}  :: An anagram
anal {adj}  :: anal
anal {adj}  :: anal
anal {adj}  :: annual
anal {m}  :: something that happens once a year
analema {m}  :: analemma (curve of the Sun's position in the sky throughout the year)
analfabeta {adj}  :: feminine form of analfabeto
analfabetas {adj}  :: feminine plural of analfabeto
analfabetismo {m} [uncountable]  :: illiteracy (inability to read)
analfabeto {adj}  :: No or little instructed in letters; no or little able to read; illiterate; unlettered
analgesia {f} [medicine]  :: analgesia (absence of the sense of pain)
analgia {f} [medicine]  :: analgesia (absence of the sense of pain)
analógico {adj}  :: analogue
analgésico {adj} [medicine]  :: analgesic (of or relating to analgesia)
analgésico {m} [pharmacology]  :: analgesic, painkiller (medicine that reduces pain)
analisador {m}  :: analyzer
analisar {v}  :: to analyze
analista {mf}  :: analyst (one who analyses)
analmente {adv}  :: anally (involving the anus)
analoga {adj}  :: feminine form of análogo
analogas {adj}  :: feminine plural of análogo
analogia {f}  :: analogy (relationship of resemblance or equivalence)
analítico {adj}  :: analytic
analítico {adj}  :: analytical
analysta {mf}  :: obsolete spelling of analista
ananás {m}  :: pineapple (plant)
anarco-sindicalismo {m}  :: anarcho-syndicalism (a branch or field of anarchy that focuses on the abolition of capitalism)
anarquia {f}  :: anarchy
anarquicamente {adv}  :: anarchically
anarquismo {m}  :: anarchism (belief that proposes the absence and abolition of government in all forms)
anarquizadamente {adv}  :: anarchically
anarquizador {adj}  :: anarchic
anarquizadora {adj}  :: feminine form of anarquizador
anarquizadoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of anarquizador
Anastácia {prop}  :: Anastasia (female given name)
Anatólia {prop}  :: Anatolia (peninsula of Western Asia)
Anatólio {prop}  :: Anatolius (male given name)
anatomia {f}  :: anatomy (art of studying the different parts of any organized body)
anatomista {mf}  :: anatomist (one involved in the science of anatomical structures)
Aníbal {prop}  :: Hannibal (name)
anábase {f} [medicine]  :: augmentation (the stage of a disease during which symptoms increase or continue)
Anúbis {prop}  :: Anubis (mythology)
anã branca {f} [star]  :: white dwarf (white dwarf star)
anca {f}  :: hip
Ancara {prop}  :: Ankara (capital of Turkey)
ancestral {adj}  :: ancestral
ancho {adj}  :: broad, wide
ancho {adj}  :: conceited
anchova {f}  :: anchovy (small saltwater fish)
anchova {f}  :: tailor (fish)
anciã {f}  :: feminine form of ancião
ancianidade {f}  :: ancientness (state or quality of being ancient)
ancilar {adj}  :: ancillary (subordinate, secondary, auxiliary, accessory)
anciloglossia {f}  :: ankyloglossia
ancilária {adj}  :: feminine form of ancilário
ancilárias {adj}  :: feminine plural of ancilário
ancilário {adj}  :: ancillary (subordinate, secondary, auxiliary, accessory)
ancinhar {v}  :: to harrow (drag a harrow over)
ancinho {m}  :: rake (garden tool)
ancião {adj}  :: ancient (very old)
ancião {f}  :: ancient (person who is very old)
ancoradouro {m} [nautical]  :: anchorage (place for anchoring)
ancorar {v}  :: to anchor (secure with an anchor)
andador {m}  :: walking frame (frame used to help walking)
andadura {f}  :: step, gait (manner of walking)
andaime {m}  :: scaffold
andaina {f}  :: set, class, generation, period
andaluz {adj}  :: Andalusian
andaluz {m}  :: Andalusian
Andaluzia {prop}  :: Andalusia
andante {adj} [music]  :: andante (played in a moderately slow tempo)
andante {adj}  :: who roams, wanders
andante {mf}  :: roamer (one who roams)
andante {m} [music]  :: andante (passage is to be played in a moderately slow tempo)
andar {m}  :: floor, storey/story
andar {m}  :: gait, walk
andar {m} [Portugal]  :: apartment, flat
andar {vi}  :: to be, to exist, to live, usually at a specific place or with specific conditions
andar {vi}  :: to function, to work
andar {vi}  :: to proceed, to pass, to go ahead
andar {vi}  :: to walk, to step, to move on feet
andar {vt} [auxiliary]  :: to have been, to have been doing; to repeatedly or continuously doing something over a period of time
andar {vt}  :: to appear, to be seen around
andar {vt}  :: to have been feeling; to feel emotions over a period of time
andar {vt}  :: to have been looking; to show characteristics or emotions over a period of time
andar {vt}  :: to ride; to control a vehicle or animal for own transportation
andar {vt}  :: to use a vehicle to travel
andarilho {m}  :: vagabond (homeless person)
andar logo {vi} [or, followed by com]  :: to get on with; to hurry up
andar na corda bamba {v} [idiomatic]  :: walk a tightrope (to undertake a precarious course)
andebol {m}  :: handball (sport)
andebolista {mf}  :: handballer
Andes {prop}  :: Andes (mountain range in South America)
Andhra Pradesh {prop}  :: Andhra Pradesh (state in the union of India)
anódica {adj}  :: feminine form of anódico
anódicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of anódico
anódico {adj}  :: anodic
anódina {adj}  :: feminine form of anódino
anódinas {adj}  :: feminine plural of anódino
anódino {adj}  :: anodyne
-ando {suffix}  :: forms the gerund of 1st conjugation verbs
andorinha {f}  :: swallow (bird)
andorinhão {m}  :: swift (small bird of the family Apodidae)
Andorra {prop}  :: Andorra
Andorra-a-Velha {prop}  :: Andorra la Vella (capital of Andorra)
andorrano {adj}  :: Andorran
andorrano {m}  :: Andorran
andorrense {adj}  :: Andorran
andorrense {mf}  :: Andorran
André {prop}  :: male given name, equivalent to English Andrew
Andra Pradesh {prop}  :: alternative spelling of Andhra Pradesh
andrógeno {m} [steroid hormone]  :: androgen
andrógino {adj}  :: androgynous (pertaining to a characteristic that is not definitively of either sex)
andrógino {adj} [biology]  :: epicene (having both male and female biological characteristics)
andrógino {m}  :: hermaphrodite (individual or organism having both male and female gonads)
anídrica {adj}  :: feminine form of anídrico
anídricas {adj}  :: feminine plural of anídrico
anídrico {adj}  :: anhydrous
andróide {m}  :: android (robot with human form)
Andrômeda {prop}  :: Andromeda (mythology)
andrologia {f}  :: andrology (a branch of medicine)
andropausa {f}  :: andropause (male equivalent of the menopause)
a necessidade aguça o engenho {proverb}  :: necessity is the mother of invention (a person in need will find a way)
a necessidade é a mãe de toda invenção {proverb}  :: necessity is the mother of invention (a person in need will find a way)
anecoico {adj} [acoustics]  :: anechoic
anedonia {f} [psychiatry]  :: anhedonia (inability to feel pleasure)
anedota {f}  :: anecdote (short account of an incident)
anedotal {adj}  :: anecdotal
anedotalmente {adv}  :: anecdotally
anedótico {adj}  :: anecdotal
A negativo {adj}  :: A negative (blood type)
anel {m}  :: ring (small metal object)
anel de grupo {m}  :: group ring
anel de sinete {m}  :: signet ring
anelo {m}  :: craving (strong desire; yearning)
anemia {f} [pathology]  :: anemia (medical condition with decreased oxygen transport)
anemômetro {m} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of anemómetro
anemómetro {m} [meteorology, Portugal]  :: anemometer (an instrument for measuring and recording the speed of the wind)
anequim {m}  :: great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias)
anequim {m}  :: mako shark (either shark of the genus Isurus)
anestesia {f}  :: anesthesia
anestro {m}  :: anestrus (sexual respite in between breeding periods)
aneto {m}  :: dill (herb of the species Anethum graveolens)
aneurisma {m}  :: aneurism
anexação {f}  :: annexation (addition or incorporation of something)
anexar {vt} [computing]  :: to annex, attach
anexo {m} [computing]  :: attachment, file sent along with an email
anfíbia {adj}  :: feminine form of anfíbio
anfíbias {adj}  :: feminine plural of anfíbio
anfíbio {adj}  :: amphibious
anfíbio {m}  :: amphibian
anfíbola {m} [mineral]  :: amphibole
anfetamina {f}  :: amphetamine
anfibólio {m} [Brazil, mineral]  :: alternative form of anfíbola
anfictião {m} [historical]  :: Amphictyon (deputee from the confederated states of Ancient Greece)
anfiteatro {m}  :: amphitheatre (an open, outdoor theatre)
anfitriã {f}  :: feminine form of anfitrião
anfitrião {m}  :: host
anfitrioa {f}  :: feminine form of anfitrião
Anfitrite {prop} [Greek god]  :: Amphitrite (Greek goddess)
anáfora {f}  :: anaphora (repetition of a phrase used for emphasis)
anfractuosidade {f}  :: crevice
anfótera {adj}  :: feminine form of anfótero
anfóteras {adj}  :: feminine plural of anfótero
anfótero {adj} [chemistry]  :: amphoteric
angariando {v}  :: gerund of angariar
angariar {v}  :: to attract
angariar {v}  :: to entice
angelical {adj}  :: angelic (belonging to, proceeding from, or resembling an angel)
angelim {m}  :: the common name of several trees in the genera Andira, Bowdichia, Vatairea and Vataireopsis
angiografia {f} [medicine]  :: angiogram (X-ray image of the blood vessels)
angiograma {m} [medicine]  :: angiogram (X-ray image of the blood vessels)
angiopatia {f} [pathology]  :: angiopathy (any disease of the blood vessels)
angiosperma {adj}  :: angiosperm
angiosperma {f}  :: angiosperm (member of plant group)
Angkor Vat {prop}  :: Angkor Wat (Cambodian temple complex)
Angkor Wat {prop}  :: alternative form of Angkor Vat
angla {adj}  :: feminine form of anglo
anglas {adj}  :: feminine plural of anglo
anglesita {f} [mineral]  :: anglesite
anglófono {adj}  :: Anglophone (English-speaking)
anglófono {m}  :: Anglophone (one who speaks English)
angélica {adj}  :: feminine form of angélico
anglicana {adj}  :: feminine form of anglicano
anglicanas {adj}  :: feminine plural of anglicano
anglicanismo {m}  :: Anglicanism
anglicano {adj}  :: Anglican (relating to one of several churches)
anglicano {m}  :: Anglican (member of an Anglican church)
angélicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of angélico
anglicismo {m}  :: anglicism (a word of English origin)
anglicismo {m} [uncountable]  :: anglicism (cultural aspect)
anglicizando {v}  :: gerund of anglicizar
anglicizar {vt}  :: to anglicize
angélico {adj}  :: angelic (belonging to, proceeding from, or resembling an angel)
anglo {adj}  :: Related to the Angles or the English
anglo {m}  :: an Englishman
anglo {m}  :: Angle [a member of the ancient Germanic tribe]
anglo- {prefix}  :: Anglo-
anglo-normando {m} [uncountable]  :: Anglo-Norman
anglo-saxã {adj}  :: feminine form of anglo-saxão
anglo-saxónica {adj}  :: feminine form of anglo-saxónico
anglo-saxônica {adj}  :: feminine form of anglo-saxônico
anglo-saxónicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of anglo-saxónico
anglo-saxônicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of anglo-saxônico
anglo-saxônico {adj} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of anglo-saxónico
anglo-saxónico {adj} [Portugal]  :: Anglo-Saxon (related to the Anglo-Saxon peoples or language)
anglo-saxônico {m} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of anglo-saxónico
anglo-saxónico {m} [Portugal]  :: Anglo-Saxon; Old English (language)
anglo-saxão {adj}  :: Anglo-Saxon (related to the Anglo-Saxon peoples or language)
anglo-saxão {m}  :: Anglo-Saxon (member of the Germanic peoples who settled in England)
anglo-saxão {m} [uncountable]  :: Anglo-Saxon; Old English (language)
anglo-saxãs {adj}  :: feminine plural of anglo-saxão
angola {adj}  :: Angolan (of, from or pertaining to Angola or its people)
angola {mf}  :: Angolan (person from Angola or of Angolan descent)
Angola {prop}  :: Angola (country in Southern Africa)
angolano {adj}  :: Angolan (of, from or pertaining to Angola or its people)
angolano {m}  :: Angolan (person from Angola or of Angolan descent)
angolense {adj}  :: Angolan (of, from or pertaining to Angola or its people)
angolense {mf}  :: Angolan (person from Angola or of Angolan descent)
angorá {m}  :: Turkish Angora (a domestic cat breed)
angra {f}  :: roadstead
Angra do Heroísmo {prop}  :: Angra do Heroísmo
angústia {f}  :: anguish, torment
angústia {f}  :: distress
angstrom {m} [physics]  :: angstrom (a very small unit of length, 10-10 m)
anágua {f}  :: petticoat (woman’s undergarment worn under a skirt)
Anguila {prop}  :: Anguilla (British overseas territory in the Caribbean)
Anguilha {prop}  :: alternative form of Anguila
Anguilla {prop}  :: alternative form of Anguila
angular {adj}  :: angular (forming an angle)
angular {adj} [geometry]  :: angular (of or relating to angles)
angular {v}  :: to bend so it forms an angle
anguloso {adj}  :: full of angles or sharp corners
angustiar {v}  :: distress (cause strain or anxiety)
anhara {f} [Angola]  :: savanna (tropical grassland with scattered trees)
anho {m}  :: lamb (young sheep)
anidrido {m} [chemistry]  :: anhydride
anil {m}  :: indigo (colour)
anilha {f}  :: ring (bird band)
anilina {f}  :: aniline
anilingus {m}  :: anilingus (form of oral sex)
animé {m}  :: alternative form of anime
animê {m}  :: anime (Animated works that originated in Japan)
animado {adj} [comparable]  :: Endowed with life; lively; vigorous
animado {adj} [comparable]  :: Noticeable happy and optimistic; cheerful; joyful; vivacious
animado {adj} [not comparable, animation]  :: In the format of an animated cartoon; animated
animador {adj}  :: heart-warming (eliciting tenderness and sympathy)
animador {m}  :: animator (one who animates something)
animador {m}  :: animator (one who creates an animation)
animadora {adj}  :: feminine form of animador
animadora {f}  :: feminine form of animador
animal {adj}  :: Or or relating to animals; animal
animal {adj} [slang]  :: cool; nice
animal {m}  :: animal
animal de estimação {m}  :: pet (an animal kept as a companion)
animação {f}  :: animation
animar {vt}  :: to animate
animar {vt}  :: to inspire
animar-se {vr}  :: brighten (become brighter in mood)
anime {m} [animation]  :: anime
animista {mf}  :: animist (believer in animism)
animosidade {f}  :: animosity, rancour
aninhado {adj} [figurative]  :: inhabiting; residing in
aninhado {adj}  :: nested (inside a nest)
aninhado {adj} [programming, of a code block]  :: nested (inside another code block)
aninhar {v}  :: nest (to build or settle into a nest)
aninhar {vr}  :: to crouch, to bend down
aninhar {v}  :: to nestle
aniónica {adj}  :: feminine form of aniónico
aniônica {adj}  :: feminine form of aniônico
aniónicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of aniónico
aniônicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of aniônico
aniônico {adj} [Brazil, chemistry]  :: alternative form of aniónico
aniónico {adj} [chemistry]  :: anionic
anião {m}  :: anion
anionte {m}  :: anion (negatively charged ion)
aniquilado {v}  :: past participle of aniquilar
aniquilando {v}  :: gerund of aniquilar
aniquilação {f}  :: annihilation (the act of completely destroying something)
aniquilar {v}  :: to annihilate
aniquilativo {adj} [lb, pt, rare]  :: annihilative (serving to annihilate)
anis {m}  :: anise (plant and spice)
anisotropia {f}  :: anisotropy (the property of being directionally dependent)
anistia {f} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of amnistia
aniversariante {mf}  :: birthday boy or girl (person whose birthday it is)
aniversariar {vi}  :: to have a birthday
aniversária {adj}  :: feminine form of aniversário
aniversárias {adj}  :: feminine plural of aniversário
aniversário {adj}  :: anniversary
aniversário {m}  :: anniversary, birthday
anjinho {m}  :: diminutive form of anjo
anjinho {m} [figuratively]  :: cherub (innocent or angelic child)
anjo {m}  :: angel
anjo {m} [figuratively]  :: a very good person
anjo da guarda {m}  :: guardian angel (spirit)
anjo da morte {m}  :: angel of death (a personification of death)
anjo de neve {m}  :: snow angel (design)
análise {f}  :: analysis (action of taking something apart to study it)
análise numérica {f}  :: numerical analysis (study of algorithms)
análogo {adj}  :: analogous (bearing an analogy)
análogo {m}  :: analogue (something that bears an analogy)
anã marrom {f} [star]  :: brown dwarf (starlike object)
anêmica {adj}  :: feminine form of anêmico
anêmicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of anêmico
anêmico {adj}  :: anemic / anaemic
anêmona {f} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of anémona
anémona {f} [Portugal]  :: anemone (any plant of genus anemone)
anêmona-do-mar {f} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of anémona-do-mar
anémona-do-mar {f} [Portugal]  :: sea anemone
anêmone {f} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of anémona
anémone {f} [Portugal]  :: alternative form of anémona
anúncio {m}  :: advertisement (commercial solicitation)
anúncio {m}  :: sign, indication
anúncio intersticial {m} [Internet]  :: interstitial (webpage displayed before a content page)
anônima {adj}  :: feminine form of anônimo
anônimas {adj}  :: feminine plural of anônimo
anônimo {adj}  :: anonymous
anónimo {adj} [Portugal]  :: anonymous (lacking individuality)
anónimo {adj} [Portugal]  :: anonymous (of unknown name; whose name is withheld)
anónimo {adj} [Portugal]  :: anonymous (wanting a name, not named and determined)
anónimo {adj} [Portugal]  :: anonymous (without any name (of responsible agent) acknowledged)
anónimo {adj} [Portugal]  :: anonymous (without consideration of prestige, title, rank or background)
anónimo {m} [Portugal]  :: anonymity (that which is anonymous)
anno {m}  :: obsolete spelling of ano
anão {m}  :: dwarf
ano {m}  :: year
-ano {suffix}  :: forms adjectives, from nouns, meaning “of, from or related to the suffixed noun”; -an
-ano {suffix}  :: forms nouns, from a person’s name, denoting someone who believes in the religion, philosophy or theory created by that person
-ano {suffix}  :: forms nouns, from a placename, denoting someone from that place; -an
-ano {suffix}  :: forms nouns, from a placename, denoting the main or traditional language spoken in that place; -an
-ano {suffix}  :: forms nouns, from the name of a star sign, denoting someone born under that star sign
-ano {suffix} [organic chemistry]  :: forms the names of saturated hydrocarbons
anoa {m}  :: anoa (a small Indonesian water buffalo)
ano bissexto {m}  :: bissextile year
ano-bom {m}  :: New Year (January 1 in the Julian and Gregorian calendar and the days following)
anodizado {adj}  :: anodized
anodizando {v}  :: gerund of anodizar
anodizar {v}  :: to anodize
anodo {m} [electricity]  :: anode (the electrode of an electrochemical cell at which oxidation occurs)
anoitecer {m}  :: nightfall, evening
anoitecer {v}  :: to darken (as night approaches)
a noite é uma criança {phrase}  :: the night is young (it’s not very late)
anojada {adj}  :: feminine form of anojado
anojadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of anojado
anojado {adj}  :: mourning
anojado {adj}  :: sad
ano-luz {m}  :: light year
anomalia {f}  :: anomaly
aníon {m}  :: anion (negatively charged ion)
anonimamente {adv}  :: anonymously, without a name
anonimato {m}  :: anonymity (the quality or state of being anonymous)
anonimizar {vt}  :: to anonymise (to render anonymous)
ano novo {m} novo
ano novo {m}  :: New Year's Day (holiday occurring on January 1st)
Ano Novo {prop}  :: New Year
anoraque {m}  :: anorak (heavy weatherproof jacket)
anorexia {f}  :: anorexia (loss of appetite)
anormal {adj}  :: abnormal, unnatural
anormal {adj}  :: irregular
anormalidade {f}  :: an abnormality
anormalidade {f} [uncountable]  :: abnormality (the state of being abnormal)
anormalmente {adv}  :: abnormally (in an abnormal manner)
anoréxico {adj}  :: anorexic (pertaining to, or suffering from anorexia)
a não ser {prep}  :: besides (other than; except for)
a não ser que {conj}  :: unless (except on a specified condition)
anotador {m}  :: someone who writes down short notes, such as restaurant orders
anotação {f} [countable]  :: notation (specific note or piece of information written in such a notation)
anotar {v}  :: to jot (to write quickly)
anotar {vt}  :: to book (write down)
ANSEA {prop}  :: ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations); abbreviation of Associação de Nações do Sudeste Asiático
anseio {m}  :: anxiety (eager desire)
Anselmo {prop}  :: Anselm (male given name)
ansiar {v}  :: to long for, desire
ansiedade {f}  :: anxiety (concern)
ansiedade {f}  :: impatience
ansim {adv}  :: eye dialect of assim
Ansião {prop}  :: A Portuguese village in Leiria district
ansiosa {adj}  :: feminine form of ansioso
ansiosamente {adv}  :: anxiously
ansiosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of ansioso
ansioso {adj}  :: anxious
ansioso {adj}  :: eager
anta {f} [architecture]  :: anta
anta {f}  :: dolmen (prehistoric megalithic tomb)
anta {f} [figuratively]  :: a stupid person
anta {f}  :: tapir (large odd-toed ungulate with a long prehensile upper lip of the family Tapiridae)
antagonismo {m}  :: antagonism (strong dislike)
antagonista {mf}  :: antagonist (in literature)
antagonista {mf}  :: antagonist (opponent)
antagonizar {v}  :: antagonize (to oppose)
Antananarivo {prop}  :: Antananarivo (capital of Madagascar)
antanho {adv} [poetic]  :: yore (time long past)
antanho {adv} [rare]  :: yesteryear (last year)
antano {adv}  :: alternative form of antanho
antídoto {m}  :: antidote
ante {prep}  :: before (in front of in space)
ante {prep}  :: in front of (at or near the front part of)
ante {prep}  :: in front of (in the presence of someone)
antebraço {m}  :: forearm
antecedente {adj}  :: antecedent
antecedente {adj}  :: previous, prior
antecedência {f}  :: antecedence
antecedência {f}  :: precedence
antecessor {m}  :: predecessor (one who precedes)
antecipadamente {adv}  :: ere
antecipadamente {adv}  :: in advance, beforehand
antecipadamente {adv}  :: previously
antecipadamente {adv}  :: with anticipation
antecipado {adj}  :: anticipated
antecipado {adj}  :: early, advance, premature
antecipando {v}  :: gerund of antecipar
antecipação {f}  :: anticipation
antecipação {f}  :: forethought; premeditation
antecipar {v}  :: to anticipate
antecipar {v}  :: to look forward to
antecâmara {f}  :: antechamber (small room)
anteguarda {f}  :: vanguard (leading units of an army)
anátema {m}  :: anathema (ban or curse)
antemanhã {f}  :: predawn
antena {f}  :: antenna, aerial
antenupcial {adj}  :: antenuptial, prenuptial
anteontem {adv}  :: On the day before yesterday
antepara {f}  :: alternative form of anteparo
antepara {f} [nautical]  :: bulkhead (partition which divides the hull)
antepassado {m}  :: ancestor, forefather, primogenitor
antepenúltimo {adj}  :: antepenultimate (two before the last)
antepenultima {adj}  :: feminine form of antepenúltimo
antepenultimas {adj}  :: feminine plural of antepenúltimo
antepondo {v}  :: gerund of antepor
antepor {v}  :: to prefer
antepor {v}  :: to put before
antera {f} [botany]  :: anther (pollen-bearing part of a flower’s stamen)
anterior {adj}  :: anterior
anterior {adj}  :: previous, preceding
anterioridade {f}  :: anteriority
anteriormente {adv}  :: before
anteriormente {adv}  :: previously
Antero {prop}  :: male given name, equivalent to Latin Anterus
antes {adv}  :: before (at an earlier time)
antes {adv}  :: in the past; previously
antes {adv}  :: preferably
antes de mais nada {adv} [idiomatic]  :: Most importantly; primarily; mainly; chiefly; first and foremost
antes de tudo {adv} [idiomatic]  :: first of all (before anything else)
antes tarde do que nunca {adv}  :: better late than never
antífona {f}  :: antiphon
Antígua e Barbuda {prop}  :: Antigua and Barbuda (country)
anti- {prefix}  :: anti-
antiamericanismo {m}  :: anti-Americanism (the fear or dislike of the United States or American people, policies, culture or government)
antibacteriana {adj}  :: feminine form of antibacteriano
antibacterianas {adj}  :: feminine plural of antibacteriano
antibacteriano {adj}  :: antibacterial
antibala {adj}  :: alternative form of antibalas
antibalas {adj}  :: bulletproof
antibiótica {adj}  :: feminine form of antibiótico
antibióticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of antibiótico
antibiótico {adj}  :: antibiotic
antibiótico {m}  :: antibiotic
anética {adj}  :: feminine form of anético
anéticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of anético
anticaspa {adj}  :: antidandruff
antiácida {adj}  :: feminine form of antiácido
antiácidas {adj}  :: feminine plural of antiácido
antiácido {adj}  :: acid-resistant
antiácido {adj}  :: antacid
antiácido {m}  :: antacid
anticlimático {adj}  :: anticlimactic (lacking climax)
anticlinal {adj}  :: anticlinal (inclining or dipping in opposite directions)
anticlinal {m} [geology]  :: anticline (anticlinal fold)
anético {adj}  :: unethical (not morally approvable)
anticoagulante {m}  :: anticoagulant
anticomutativa {adj}  :: feminine form of anticomutativo
anticomutativas {adj}  :: feminine plural of anticomutativo
anticomutatividade {f} [algebra, physics]  :: anticommutativity (math)
anticomutativo {adj} [algebra]  :: anticommutative (math)
anticoncepção {f}  :: contraception (use of a device or procedure to prevent conception)
anticongelante {m}  :: antifreeze
anticonstitucionalmente {adv}  :: In context of opposition to or violation of the constitution of a government or other institution; unconstitutionally; anticonstitutionally
anticorpo {m}  :: antibody (protein that binds to a specific antigen)
anticristo {m}  :: antichrist (Someone that works against the teachings of Christ)
Anticristo {prop} [religion]  :: Antichrist (one under the direct control of the Devil)
antidepressivo {m}  :: antidepressant (agent that prevents or counteracts depression)
antidetonante {adj}  :: antiknock
antidetonante {m}  :: antiknock agent
antidiarreica {adj}  :: feminine form of antidiarreico
antidiarreicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of antidiarreico
antidiarreico {adj} [medicine]  :: antidiarrheal
antifascismo {m}  :: antifascism (opposition to fascism)
antifeminismo {m}  :: antifeminism (any belief antagonistic to feminism)
antiferromagnética {adj}  :: feminine form of antiferromagnético
antiferromagnéticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of antiferromagnético
antiferromagnético {adj} [physics]  :: antiferromagnetic
antifoga {adj}  :: feminine form of antifogo
antifogas {adj}  :: feminine plural of antifogo
antifogo {adj}  :: fireproof
antifonário {m}  :: antiphonary
antifricção {adj}  :: antifriction
antigalha {f}  :: alternative form of antigualha
antigamente {adv}  :: formerly
antigamente {adv}  :: heretofore
antiga República Iugoslava da Macedônia {prop} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of Antiga República Jugoslava da Macedónia
Antiga República Jugoslava da Macedónia {prop} [Portugal]  :: former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (also|provisional designation of the Republic of Macedonia|Macedonia)
antigüidade {f}  :: alternative form of antiguidade
antigo {adj}  :: ancient
Antigo Testamento {prop}  :: Old Testament (first half of the Christian Bible)
antigualha {f}  :: old customs
antigualha {f}  :: old objects
antiguidade {f}  :: antiquity (ancient times)
antiguidade {f}  :: antiquity (relic or monument of ancient times)
anti-horária {adj}  :: feminine form of anti-horário
anti-horárias {adj}  :: feminine plural of anti-horário
anti-horário {adj} [of movement]  :: anticlockwise (in the opposite direction to the hands of an analogue clock)
antiinflamatório {adj} [common misspelling of, anti-inflamatório]  ::
anti-inflamatório {adj} [pharmacology]  :: anti-inflammatory (preventing or counteracting inflammation)
antiinflamatório {m} [common misspelling of, anti-inflamatório]  ::
anti-inflamatório {m} [pharmacology]  :: anti-inflammatory (agent that prevents or counteracts inflammation)
Antilhas {prop}  :: Antilles (Antilles)
Antilhas Neerlandesas {prop}  :: Netherlands Antilles (former autonomous territory)
antimatéria {f} [physics]  :: antimatter (matter composed of antiparticles)
antimónio {m}  :: antimony
antimônio {m} [Brazil]  :: alternative spelling of antimónio
antimoniato {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: antimoniate
antimonita {f} [mineral]  :: antimonite
antinflamatório {adj} [uncommon]  :: alternative form of anti-inflamatório
antinflamatório {m} [uncommon]  :: alternative form of anti-inflamatório
Antioquia {prop}  :: Antioch (city)
antioxidante {adj}  :: antioxidant
antioxidante {m}  :: antioxidant
antiparalela {adj}  :: feminine form of antiparalelo
antiparalelas {adj}  :: feminine plural of antiparalelo
antiparalelo {adj}  :: antiparallel
antipartícula {f}  :: antiparticle (type of subatomic particle)
antipatia {f}  :: dislike (feeling of distaste)
antipática {adj}  :: feminine form of antipático
antipático {adj}  :: disagreeable, unpleasant, unlikable. Generally refers to a person
antiquada {adj}  :: feminine form of antiquado
antiquadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of antiquado
antiquado {adj}  :: antiquated
antiqualha {f}  :: alternative form of antigualha
antiquário {m}  :: antiquary (a person who is knowledgeable of, or who collects antiques; an antiquarian)
antirradiação {adj}  :: antiradiation
anti-semitismo {m}  :: anti-Semitism (prejudice or hostility against Jews)
antissemita {mf}  :: anti-Semite
antissemítica {adj}  :: feminine form of antissemítico
antissemíticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of antissemítico
antissemítico {adj}  :: anti-Semitic (exhibiting anti-Semitism)
antiteísmo {m}  :: antitheism (active opposition to theism)
antiética {adj}  :: feminine form of antiético
antiéticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of antiético
antiético {adj}  :: unethical
antílope {m}  :: antelope
antônima {adj}  :: feminine form of antônimo
antônimas {adj}  :: feminine plural of antônimo
antônimo {adj}  :: antonym
antônimo {m}  :: antonym
antónimo {m}  :: antonym (word which has the opposite meaning)
António {prop}  :: alternative form of Antônio
Antônio {prop}  :: Anthony, Antonio
Antíoco {prop}  :: Antiochus (one of the thirteen kings)
antojado {v}  :: past participle of antojar
antojando {v}  :: gerund of antojar
antojar {v}  :: to fancy, desire
antolhado {v}  :: past participle of antolhar
antolhando {v}  :: gerund of antolhar
antolhar {v}  :: alternative form of antojar
antologia {f}  :: anthology (collection of literary works)
antonomásia {f}  :: antonomasia
antontem {adv} [dialectal]  :: alternative form of anteontem
antárctico {adj} [obsolete spelling]  :: Antarctic
antro {m} [slang]  :: dive (seedy bar)
antropófago {adj}  :: anthropophagous (antropophagous)
antropófilo {adj}  :: anthropophilic (preferring humans to other animals)
-antropia {suffix}  :: -anthropy (relating to humanity)
antropicamente {adv}  :: anthropically (in an anthropic manner)
antropização {f} [lb, pt, ecology]  :: anthropisation (transformation or adaptation of the environment to meet the needs of humans)
antropizar {v}  :: to anthropise (to adapt by human activity)
antropólito {m} [lb, pt, paleontology]  :: anthropolite (petrification of the human body)
antropóloga {f}  :: feminine form of antropólogo
antropólogo {m}  :: anthropologist (one who is versed in anthropology)
antropómetro {m}  :: anthropometer (device used to measure parts of the body)
antropónimo {m}  :: anthroponym (name of a person)
antropo- {prefix}  :: anthropo-
antropobiólogo {m}  :: bioanthropologist (specialist in bioanthropology)
antropobiológico {adj}  :: bioanthropological (of or relating to bioanthropology)
antropobiologia {f}  :: bioanthropology (biological anthropology)
Antropoceno {prop}  :: Anthropocene (the current geological period)
antropocentrismo {m}  :: anthropocentrism (viewpoint giving preference to humans)
antropocêntrico {adj}  :: anthropocentric (giving preference to humans)
antropocoria {f} [lb, pt, botany]  :: anthropochory (the dispersal of seeds, spores or fruit by humans)
antropofagia {f}  :: cannibalism (act of eating another of one’s own species)
antropofágico {adj}  :: anthropophagic (eating human meat)
antropofílico {adj}  :: anthropophilic (preferring humans to other animals)
antropofobia {f}  :: anthropophobia (fear of human beings)
antropogeógrafo {m}  :: anthropogeographer (one who studies anthropogeography)
antropogenia {f}  :: anthropogeny (study of human origins and development)
antropogenica {adj}  :: feminine form of antropogénico
antropogenicamente {adv}  :: anthropogenically (in an anthropogenic way)
antropogenicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of antropogénico
antropogeografia {f}  :: anthropogeography (study of the geographical distribution of humankind)
antropogeográfico {adj}  :: anthropogeographical (of or relating to anthropogeography)
antropogénese {f}  :: anthropogenesis (the origin of man)
antropogênica {adj}  :: feminine form of antropogênico
antropogênicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of antropogênico
antropogénico {adj}  :: anthropogenic
antropogênico {adj}  :: anthropogenic
antropografia {f}  :: anthropography (branch of anthropology that deals with human divisions as distinguished by physical character, language, institutions and customs)
antropoide {adj}  :: anthropoid (having characteristics of a human being, usually in terms of shape or appearance)
antropoide {m}  :: anthropoid (an anthropoid animal)
antropolatria {f}  :: anthropolatry (worship of men)
antropológica {adj}  :: feminine form of antropológico
antropológico {adj}  :: anthropological
antropologia {f}  :: anthropology (the study of humanity)
antropologicamente {adv}  :: anthropologically (in a manner which pertains to anthropology)
antropomancia {f}  :: anthropomancy (divination by the interpretation of human sacrificial entrails)
antropometria {f}  :: anthropometry (science of measuring the human body)
antropometricamente {adv}  :: anthropometrically (in an anthropometrical way)
antropometrista {n}  :: anthropometrist (practitioner of anthropometry)
antropomorficamente {adv}  :: anthropomorphically (in an anthropomorphic manner)
antropomorfismo {m}  :: anthropomorphism [the attribution or ascription of human characteristics to inanimate objects, animals, forces of nature, etc.]
antropomorfismo {m} [theology]  :: anthropomorphism
antropomorfista {n}  :: anthropomorphist (one who anthropomorphises)
antropomorfita {n}  :: anthropomorphite (one who ascribes human attributes to a diety)
antropomorfização {f}  :: anthropomorphisation (attribution of human qualities)
antropomorfizar {v}  :: to anthropomorphise (to attribute human qualities)
antropomorfizável {adj}  :: anthropomorphizable (capable of being anthropomorphized)
antropomorfose {f}  :: anthropomorphosis (transformation into a human form)
antropomórfica {adj}  :: feminine form of antropomórfico
antropomórficas {adj}  :: feminine plural of antropomórfico
antropomórfico {adj}  :: anthropomorphic
antropométrico {adj}  :: anthropometric (of or relating to anthropometry)
antroponimia {f}  :: anthroponymy (study of personal names)
antroponose {f} [lb, pt, medicine]  :: anthroponosis (spread of disease from humans to animals)
antroponótico {adj}  :: anthroponotic (relating to anthroponosis)
antropopatia {f}  :: anthropopathy (attribution of human emotions to a god)
antropopático {adj}  :: anthropopathic (of or relating to anthropopathy)
antroposcopia {f}  :: anthroposcopy (form of anthropology based upon observation of the physical characteristics of the human body)
antroposfera {f}  :: anthroposphere (part of the environment made or modified by humans)
antroposófico {adj}  :: anthroposophic (of or pertaining to anthroposophy)
antroposofia {f}  :: anthroposophy (spiritual movement inaugurated by Rudolf Steiner)
antroposofista {n}  :: anthroposophist (proponent of anthroposophy)
antropossemiótica {adj}  :: feminine form of antropossemiótico
antropossemiótica {f}  :: anthroposemiotics (study of human communication)
antropossemiótico {adj}  :: anthroposemiotic (of or pertaining to anthroposemiotics)
antropotomia {f}  :: anthropotomy (anatomy or dissection of the human body)
antropotomista {adj}  :: anthropotomical (pertaining to anthropotomy)
antropotopónimo {m}  :: anthropotoponym (placename derived from the name of a person)
antropozoonose {f} [lb, pt, pathology]  :: anthropozoonosis (disease transmitted between animals and humans)
antrópica {adj}  :: feminine form of antrópico
antrópicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of antrópico
antrópico {adj}  :: anthropic
Antártica {prop}  :: Antarctica (southernmost continent)
antártico {adj}  :: Antarctic (pertaining to Antarctica)
Antártico {prop}  :: the Antarctic
antítese {f}  :: antithesis
Antuérpia {prop}  :: Antwerp (city)
Antuérpia {prop}  :: Antwerp (province)
anu {m}  :: ani (bird)
anual {adj}  :: Occurring at intervals of one year; annual
anualmente {adv}  :: Every year; yearly; annually
anuidade {f}  :: annuity
anulabilidade {f}  :: annulability
anulando {v}  :: gerund of anular
anulação {f}  :: annulment, repeal, abrogation
anulação {f}  :: cancellation, revocation
anular {v}  :: to annul, repeal, revoke
anular {v}  :: to cancel
anulável {adj}  :: annullable
anulável {adj}  :: defeasible
anulável {adj}  :: revocable
anunciado {v}  :: past participle of anunciar
anunciador {m}  :: announcer
anunciadora {f}  :: feminine form of anunciador
anunciando {v}  :: gerund of anunciar
anunciante {mf}  :: announcer (one who announces)
anunciação {f}  :: annunciation (act of annunciating)
anunciar {v}  :: to advertise
anunciar {v}  :: to announce
anuário {m}  :: annual (annual publication)
anuário {m}  :: yearbook (reference book, published annually)
anã-vermelha {f} [star]  :: red dwarf (small star)
anzol {m}  :: hook, fishhook
ação {f}  :: action
ação {f}  :: fight; engagement (military)
ação {f}  :: lawsuit
ação {f}  :: share (stocks and bonds)
-ação {suffix}  :: -ation
aço {m}  :: steel (alloy of iron and carbon)
ao {contraction}  :: contraction of a o
ao acaso {adv}  :: at random (haphazardly)
ao acaso {adv}  :: at random (random)
ao ar livre {adv}  :: outdoors (in the open air)
ao aveso {adv}  :: inside out (with the inside turned to be on the outside)
ao contrário {adv} [conjunctive]  :: au contraire, on the contrary (opposite)
açodado {v}  :: past participle of açodar
açodamento {m}  :: haste
açodando {v}  :: gerund of açodar
açodar {v}  :: to rush
aço inoxidável {m}  :: stainless steel (corrosion-free alloy)
ao invés de {prep}  :: instead of; in lieu of; in place of; rather than
açoitado {v}  :: past participle of açoitar
açoitando {v}  :: gerund of açoitar
açoitar {v}  :: to flog, whip, lash
açoite {m}  :: whip, crop, scourge, lash
ao lado {prep}  :: next (on the side of)
ao longo de {prep}  :: along, alongside
ao longo de {prep}  :: throughout (during an entire period of time)
ao léu {adv}  :: hatlessly
ao léu {adv}  :: naked, bare
ao menos {adv}  :: At a lower limit, at least
ao mesmo tempo {adv}  :: at the same time; simultaneously
aonde {adv}  :: where
ao passo que {conj}  :: whereas (but in contrast; whilst on the contrary…)
ao pé da letra {adv} [idiomatic]  :: to the letter (exactly)
ao quadrado {adj} [mathematics]  :: squared (raised to the second power)
açor {m}  :: goshawk (bird of prey in the genus Accipiter)
ao redor {adv}  :: about (on all sides)
Açores {prop}  :: Azores (an island group)
açoriana {adj}  :: feminine form of açoriano
açoriana {f}  :: feminine form of açoriano
açorianas {adj}  :: feminine plural of açoriano
açoriano {adj}  :: Azorean (of or from the Azores)
açoriano {m}  :: Azorean (someone from the Azores)
aoristo {m} [grammar]  :: aorist (a grammatical aspect in Greek)
açoro {m}  :: sweet flag (a plant)
aorístico {adj} [grammar]  :: aorist (pertaining to the aorist aspect or tense)
aorta {f} [anatomy]  :: aorta (great artery)
aos {contraction}  :: contraction of a os
aos cuidados de {prep} [mail]  :: care of (for distribution by (the named intermediary))
ao tempo que {adv}  :: even as (occurring at the same time)
açougue {m} [Brazil]  :: whorehouse
açougue {m}  :: butcher's (shop)
açougue {m}  :: massacre
açougue {m}  :: slaughterhouse
açougueira {f}  :: feminine form of açougueiro
açougueiro {m}  :: butcher (a person who prepares and sells meat)
açoutado {v}  :: past participle of açoutar
açoutando {v}  :: gerund of açoutar
açoutar {v}  :: alternative form of açoitar
ao vivo {adj} [broadcasting]  :: live ((broadcasting) Seen or heard from a broadcast, as it happens)
ao vivo {adv}  :: live (as it happens)
a pé {adv}  :: afoot (means of locomotion, walking)
apê {m}  :: apartment
AP {abbr}  :: Amapá (Brazilian state)
apache {adj}  :: Apache (of or relating to the Apache language)
apache {adj}  :: Apache (of or relating to the Apache people and their culture)
apache {mf}  :: Apache (Apache language)
apache {mf}  :: Apache (Apache person)
apagado {adj} [comparable]  :: Hardly perceptible; faint
apagado {adj} [not comparable]  :: Either idle or broken; inoperative; disabled; switched off
apagador {m}  :: eraser (chalkboard eraser)
apagar {v}  :: to chill out
apagar {v}  :: to clear, to erase
apagar {v}  :: to extinguish, to destroy
apagar um incêndio {v} um|incêndio
apagar um incêndio {v} [idiomatic]  :: to put out a fire (to address a problem)
apagão {m}  :: blackout (loss of consciousness)
apagão {m}  :: blackout (mains electricity failure)
apainelada {adj}  :: feminine form of apainelado
apaineladas {adj}  :: feminine plural of apainelado
apainelado {adj}  :: covered with paintings
apainelado {adj}  :: panelled (having panels)
apainelado {m}  :: panelling (panels covering a surface)
apaixonada {adj}  :: feminine form of apaixonado
apaixonadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of apaixonado
apaixonado {adj}  :: impassioned
apaixonado {adj}  :: in love (por with)
apaixonado {v}  :: past participle of apaixonar
apaixonando {v}  :: gerund of apaixonar
apaixonar {v}  :: to fall in love (with)
apaixonar-se {v} [reciprocal]  :: fall in love (to come to have feelings of love towards each other)
apaixonar-se {vr}  :: fall in love (to come to have feelings of love)
apalaçada {adj}  :: feminine form of apalaçado
apalaçadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of apalaçado
apalaçado {adj}  :: reminiscent of a palace
apalermada {adj}  :: feminine form of apalermado
apalermadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of apalermado
apalermado {adj} [pejorative, dated]  :: idiotic, imbecilic
apalpar {v}  :: grope (to search by feeling)
apalpar {vit}  :: feel (transitive: to sense by touch)
apanhadura {f} [countable]  :: catch (the act of catching a ball)
apanhar {v} [Brazil]  :: to have hardships when trying to achieve an objective
apanhar {v}  :: collect, gather
apanhar {v}  :: field (intercept or catch)
apanhar {v}  :: grab, pick up
apanhar {v}  :: to receive a beating
apaniguada {adj}  :: feminine form of apaniguado
apaniguadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of apaniguado
apaniguado {adj}  :: partisan
apaniguado {adj}  :: sectarian
apaniguado {v}  :: past participle of apaniguar
a par {adj}  :: up (informed about)
apara {f}  :: scrap (small leftover piece)
aparada {adj}  :: feminine form of aparado
aparadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of aparado
aparado {adj}  :: cut, trimmed, hacked
aparafusado {v}  :: past participle of aparafusar
aparafusando {v}  :: gerund of aparafusar
aparafusar {vi}  :: to muse
aparafusar {vt}  :: to screw
aparar {vt}  :: trim (to reduce slightly)
aparato {m}  :: apparatus (assortment of tools or instruments)
aparato {m}  :: device (piece of equipment)
aparatosa {adj}  :: feminine form of aparatoso
aparatosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of aparatoso
aparatoso {adj}  :: embellished, but lacking in content
aparatoso {adj}  :: sumptuous; lavish
aparecendo {v}  :: gerund of aparecer
aparecer {v}  :: to appear
aparecido {v}  :: past participle of aparecer
aparecimento {m}  :: appearance (act of appearing)
aparecimento {m}  :: emergence
aparelhado {v}  :: past participle of aparelhar
aparelhagem {f}  :: plant (industrial apparatus or machinery)
aparelhagem {f} [uncountable]  :: a collection of devices
aparelhando {v}  :: gerund of aparelhar
aparelhar {v}  :: to harness (a horse)
aparelhar {v}  :: to prepare, rig, make ready
aparelho {m}  :: device
aparelho de dente {m} [orthodontics]  :: braces (device for straightening teeth)
aparelho de DVD {m}  :: DVD player
aparelho de mudança de via {m} [rail transport]  :: switch (movable section of railroad track)
aparelho televisor {m} [dated]  :: television set
aparentado {v}  :: past participle of aparentar
aparentando {v}  :: gerund of aparentar
aparentar {v}  :: to appear, seem
aparentar {v}  :: to pretend, feign
aparente {adj}  :: apparent (appearing to the eye or mind; seeming)
aparente {adj}  :: apparent (easily seen)
aparentemente {adv}  :: apparently
aparentemente {adv}  :: seemingly
aparição {f}  :: apparition, appearance (act of appearing)
aparição {f}  :: phantom, spectre
aparência {f}  :: appearance (semblance)
apartado {v}  :: past participle of apartar
apartamento {m}  :: flat, apartment
apartando {v}  :: gerund of apartar
apartar {v}  :: to separate (to cause to be separate)
apartar {v}  :: to stop (a fight)
apartheid {m}  :: apartheid (any policy of racial separation)
apartheid {m} [historical]  :: apartheid (policy of racial separation in South Africa)
a partir de {prep}  :: at least
a partir de {prep}  :: from; beginning; starting
apassamanado {v}  :: past participle of apassamanar
apassamanando {v}  :: gerund of apassamanar
apassamanar {v}  :: to braid
apatetando {v}  :: gerund of apatetar
apatetar {v}  :: to besot
apatia {f}  :: apathy (lack of emotion or motivation)
apatita {f} [mineral]  :: apatite
apavorado {adj}  :: terrified ; frightened
apavorando {v}  :: gerund of apavorar
apavorante {adj}  :: horrifying
apavorante {adj}  :: scary
apavorar {v}  :: to horrify
apavorar {v}  :: to scare
apaziguar {v}  :: to appease
apaziguar {v}  :: to reconcile
apócrifo {adj}  :: apocryphal
apeadeiro {m}  :: halt (minor railway station)
apeado {v}  :: past participle of apear
apeando {v}  :: gerund of apear
apear {v}  :: to alight
apear {v}  :: to dismount
apear {v}  :: to humiliate
APEC {prop}  :: APEC (trade agreement)
apedrejando {v}  :: gerund of apedrejar
apedrejar {vt}  :: to stone, to pelt with stones
apegando {v}  :: gerund of apegar
apegar {v}  :: to infect, contaminate
apegar {v}  :: to stick, glue, cling (to)
apelação {f}  :: appeal
apelar {v}  :: to appeal
apelidando {v}  :: gerund of apelidar
apelidar {v}  :: to name
apelidar {v}  :: to nickname
apelido {m} [Brazil]  :: nickname (informal name)
apelido {m} [Portugal]  :: last name; family name
apellido {m}  :: obsolete spelling of apelido
apelo {m}  :: appeal
apelo {m}  :: plea
a pena é mais forte do que a espada {proverb}  :: the pen is mightier than the sword (more power can achieved writing than fighting)
a pena é mais forte que a espada {proverb}  :: alternative form of a pena é mais forte do que a espada
apenas {adv}  :: barely (by a small margin)
apenas {adv}  :: only; just; merely (no more than)
apendectomia {f} [lb, pt, surgery]  :: appendectomy (surgical removal of the appendix)
apendicectomia {f} [surgery]  :: appendectomy (surgical removal of the appendix)
apendicite {f} [pathology]  :: appendicitis (inflamation of the vermiform appendix)
Apeninos {prop}  :: Apennines (mountain range)
apercebendo {v}  :: gerund of aperceber
aperceber {v}  :: to notice, perceive
aperceber {v}  :: to realize
aperceber-se {vt}  :: know (be informed about)
aperfeiçoamento {m}  :: improvement, amelioration
aperfeiçoando {v}  :: gerund of aperfeiçoar
aperfeiçoar {v}  :: to ameliorate
aperfeiçoar {v}  :: to perfect
aperitivo {m}  :: appetiser
apertada {adj}  :: feminine form of apertado
apertadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of apertado
apertado {adj}  :: tight
apertando {v}  :: gerund of apertar
apertar {v}  :: to press, clasp, clamp
apertar {v}  :: to tighten
apertar as mãos {v}  :: shake hands (grasp another person’s hands in a greeting)
apertar o passo {v}  :: to pick up the pace
aperto {m}  :: grip, grasp
aperto de mão {m}  :: handshake (grasping of hands by two people)
apesar {adv}  :: despite, notwithstanding
apesar de {prep}  :: in spite of (despite)
apesar de que {conj}  :: although
apetecendo {v}  :: gerund of apetecer
apetecer {v}  :: to please
apetecido {v}  :: past participle of apetecer
apetite {m}  :: appetite
apetite {m}  :: craving
apetitosa {adj}  :: feminine form of apetitoso
apetitosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of apetitoso
apetitoso {adj}  :: appetizing; tasty
apetrechado {adj}  :: Provided with gadgets
apetrecho {m}  :: Gadget
apicultor {m}  :: beekeeper (someone who keeps bees)
apicultura {f}  :: beekeeping (raising bees)
apiedar-se {vr} [with de]  :: to pity
apimentada {adj}  :: feminine form of apimentado
apimentadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of apimentado
apimentado {adj}  :: Driven by lust; lustful
apimentado {adj}  :: Seasoned with pepper
apimentar {v} [idiomatic]  :: spice up (to make something more exotic, fun or extravagant)
apimentar {vt}  :: pepper (add pepper to)
apiário {m}  :: apiary (a place where bees and hives are kept)
apitada {f}  :: the act of whistling (with a whistle)
apito {m}  :: whistle (device used to make a whistling sound)
aplacado {v}  :: past participle of aplacar
aplacando {v}  :: gerund of aplacar
aplacar {v}  :: to placate, appease
aplainar {vt}  :: plane (to smooth with a plane)
aplaudir {v}  :: applaud (to express approval by clapping)
aplaudir {v}  :: applaud (to praise, or express approval by words)
aplauso {m}  :: applause (act of applauding)
Apúlia {prop}  :: Apulia (region of Italy)
aplicabilidade {f}  :: applicability
aplicação {f}  :: application
aplicar {v}  :: to apply (to put to use for a purpose)
aplicar-se {v}  :: apply (to be relevant to a specified individual)
aplicativo {m} [computing, Brazil]  :: application (a computer program)
apólice {f}  :: policy, contract of insurance
aplicável {adj}  :: applicable
apêndice {m} [anatomy]  :: appendix, vermiform appendix
apêndice {m}  :: appendix, additional text
apocalipse {m}  :: apocalypse
Apocalipse {prop} [biblical]  :: Revelation (book of Bible)
apocalíptico {adj}  :: apocalyptic
apoderar-se {vt}  :: appropriate (to take to one’s self in exclusion of others)
apoderar-se de {vt} [lb, pt]  :: to seize (to have a sudden and powerful effect upon)
apoderar-se de {vt} [lb, pt]  :: to seize (to take possession of)
apodrecer {vi}  :: to rot, to decay, to decompose
apodrecimento {m}  :: corruption
apodrecimento {m}  :: decay
apodrecível {adj}  :: putrescible (capable of becoming putrescent; rottable)
apofonia {f} [phonetics]  :: apophony (alternation of sounds within a word)
apogeu {m} [astronomy]  :: apogee (a point in an orbit around the Earth)
apoiador {adj}  :: supporting
apoiador {m}  :: supporter
apoiadora {adj}  :: feminine form of apoiador
apoiadoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of apoiador
apoiando {v}  :: gerund of apoiar
apoiante {adj}  :: supporting
apoiante {mf}  :: supporter
apoiar {v}  :: to second (to agree as a second person)
apoiar {v}  :: to support
apoio {m}  :: aid
apoio {m}  :: rest, stand
apoio {m}  :: support, backing
Apollo {prop}  :: Apollo (a three-man spacecraft)
apolo {m}  :: Apollo (a very handsome young man)
apolo {m}  :: Apollo (Parnassius apollo, a European butterfly)
Apolo {n} [Greek god]  :: Apollo
apologia {f}  :: apology (formal justification, defence)
apologizar {vi}  :: to apologise (to make an apology or defence)
apolítica {adj}  :: feminine form of apolítico
apolíticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of apolítico
apolítico {adj}  :: apolitical (having no interest or involvement in politics)
apondo {v}  :: gerund of apor
apontador {m} [Brazil]  :: pencil sharpener
apontador {m}  :: laser pointer
apontador {m} [programming]  :: pointer (variable that holds the address of a memory location)
apontador {m}  :: something which points (shows where something is)
apontador de lápis {m}  :: pencil sharpener (a device used to sharpen pencils)
apontamento {m}  :: appointment (act of appointing)
apontamento {m}  :: the act of pointing towards something
apontamento {m}  :: the act of sharpening something into a point
apontamento {m} [usually plural]  :: note; minute (short written record)
apontando {v}  :: gerund of apontar
apontar {v}  :: to aim
apontar {v}  :: to point out, indicate
a ponto de {adv}  :: In context of being about to happen, occur or take place; about to; imminently
apoptose {f} [biology]  :: apoptosis
apoquentando {v}  :: gerund of apoquentar
apoquentar {v}  :: to bother
apoquentar {v}  :: to molest
apoquentar {v}  :: to persecute
apor {v}  :: to append
apor {v}  :: to overlap
aportado {v}  :: past participle of aportar
a porta fechada {adv}  :: alternative form of a portas fechadas
aportando {v}  :: gerund of aportar
aportar {v} [nautical]  :: To dock; to anchor
a portas fechadas {adv} [idiomatic]  :: behind closed doors (in private)
aportuguesar {v}  :: to adapt a word into Portuguese; to make Portuguese
aposentado {v}  :: past participle of aposentar
aposentadoria {f} [Brazil]  :: the pension payed to retired people
aposentadoria {f}  :: retirement (the act of retiring)
aposentadoria {f} [uncountable]  :: The state of being retired
aposentamento {m}  :: retirement (act of retiring)
aposentando {v}  :: gerund of aposentar
aposentar {v}  :: to house, shelter, lodge
aposentar {v}  :: to retire (leave office)
aposentar-se {vr}  :: to retire (to withdraw from a public station, from working, or from business)
aposento {m}  :: bedroom
aposento {m}  :: room, chamber
A positivo {adj}  :: A positive (blood type)
apossando {v}  :: gerund of apossar
apossar {v}  :: to hold, seize
aposta {f}  :: bet (a wager)
apostador {m}  :: gambler (one who plays at a game of chance, who gambles)
apostar {v}  :: bet (to make a guess about the outcome of an event)
apostar {v}  :: to bet (be quite certain of something)
apostasia {f}  :: apostasy (renunciation of set of beliefs)
apostila {f} [Brazil]  :: textbook (formal manual of instruction)
aposto {adj}  :: at the ready
a postos {adj}  :: at the ready
apotegma {m}  :: apothegm (a short witty instructive saying)
apoucando {v}  :: gerund of apoucar
apoucar {v}  :: to lower, decrease
apoucar {v}  :: to make light of
apparente {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of aparente
approvada {adj}  :: feminine form of approvado
approvadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of approvado
approvado {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of aprovado
aprazendo {v}  :: gerund of aprazer
aprazer {v}  :: to delight
aprazer {v}  :: to please
aprazível {adj}  :: enjoyable
aprazível {adj}  :: pleasant
apreciado {adj}  :: appreciated
apreciado {v}  :: past participle of apreciar
apreciador {adj}  :: appreciative
apreciador {m}  :: connoisseur
apreciadora {adj}  :: feminine form of apreciador
apreciadoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of apreciador
apreciando {v}  :: gerund of apreciar
apreciação {f}  :: appreciation
apreciar {v}  :: to appreciate (all senses)
apreciar {v}  :: to enjoy
apreciavelmente {adv}  :: appreciably
apreciável {adj}  :: appreciable
apreender {vt} [archaic]  :: to apprehend (to take or seize; to take hold of)
apreensiva {adj}  :: feminine form of apreensivo
apreensivas {adj}  :: feminine plural of apreensivo
apreensivo {adj}  :: apprehensive, worried
apreensão {f}  :: apprehension
apreensão {f}  :: seizure, capture, arrest
apregoando {v}  :: gerund of apregoar
apregoar {v}  :: to cry, shout, proclaim
aprender {vi}  :: to be able to learn
aprender {vt}  :: to learn, to acquire knowledge
aprendiz {n}  :: apprentice (a trainee, especially in a skilled trade)
aprendizado {m}  :: study (mental effort to acquire knowledge)
aprendizagem {f}  :: apprenticeship
aprendizagem {f}  :: learning, schooling
apreço {m}  :: high regard; respect
apresentador {m}  :: presenter
apresentante {adj}  :: presenting
apresentação {f}  :: presentation, introduction
apresentar {v}  :: to introduce
apresentar {v}  :: to present, to show
apresentar-se {vr}  :: to introduce oneself
apresentar-se {vr}  :: to report (to appear or present oneself)
a pressa é a inimiga da perfeição {proverb}  :: haste makes waste (one makes mistakes when being too hasty)
apressadamente {adv}  :: hastily, hurriedly
apressado {adj}  :: hasty, hurried
apressar {v}  :: to cause someone else to hurry
apressar {v}  :: to hurry (act quickly)
apressar-se {vr}  :: to hurry up (go faster)
aprestando {v}  :: gerund of aprestar
aprestar {v} [nautical]  :: To rig
aprestar {v}  :: to harness
aprestar {v}  :: to prepare, ready
aprimoramento {m}  :: improvement
aprimoramento {m}  :: upgrade
a princípio {adv}  :: at first
a priori {adv} [logic]  :: a priori (derived by logic)
apriorística {adj}  :: feminine form of apriorístico
apriorísticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of apriorístico
apriorístico {adj}  :: a priori
aprisionada {adj}  :: feminine form of aprisionado
aprisionadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of aprisionado
aprisionado {adj}  :: arrested
aprisionado {adj}  :: captive
aprisionado {adj}  :: incarcerated
aprisionamento {m}  :: imprisonment (being forced to serve a sentence in a jail or prison)
aprisionar {v}  :: to incarceratel to imprison (to lock away in prison)
aprêço {m}  :: obsolete spelling of apreço
aprofundando {v}  :: gerund of aprofundar
aprofundar {v}  :: to deepen
aprofundar {v}  :: to dig, excavate
aprontada {adj}  :: feminine form of aprontado
aprontadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of aprontado
aprontado {adj}  :: primed, prepared
aprontado {adj}  :: ready
aprontar {v} [Brazil, in gerund]  :: to be up to something
aprontar {v} [Brazil]  :: to do something mischievous
aprontar {v} [specifically]  :: to prepare for a trip
aprontar {v}  :: to dress someone up (wear fancy dress)
aprontar {v}  :: to finish doing something (especially writing a document, report, etc.)
aprontar {v}  :: to prepare (to make ready for a specific future purpose)
aprontar {v}  :: to prepare (to make something for eating or drinking)
apropriada {adj}  :: appropriate (set apart for a particular use or person)
apropriadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of apropriado
apropriado {adj}  :: appropriate
apropriando {v}  :: gerund of apropriar
apropriação {f}  :: appropriation
apropriar {v}  :: to adapt
apropriar {v}  :: to appropriate
apropriar-se {vr} [with de]  :: to appropriate (to take to one’s self in exclusion of others)
a propósito {prep}  :: apropos (regarding or concerning)
a propósito {prep}  :: by the way (incidentally)
aprovada {adj}  :: feminine form of aprovado
aprovadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of aprovado
aprovado {adj}  :: approved (granted approval)
aprovando {v}  :: gerund of aprovar
aprovação {f}  :: acceptance
aprovação {f}  :: approbation
aprovação {f}  :: approval, consent
aprovar {v}  :: to approve
aprovar {v}  :: to endorse
aproveitando {v}  :: gerund of aproveitar
aproveitar {v}  :: to avail, to seize = to utilize, to use
aproveitar {v}  :: to be useful
aproveitar {v}  :: to harness = to utilize
aproveitar {v}  :: to take advantage of = to benefit, to put to (good/better) use, to make (good/better) use of, to make the best of
aproveitar {v}  :: to take, appropriate
aproximadamente {adv}  :: approximately, about, circa
aproximação {f}  :: approach, access
aproximação {f}  :: approximation
aproximação {f}  :: rapprochement
aproximar {v}  :: to approach (get closer)
aproximar {v}  :: to approximate
aproximar-se {vr}  :: to approach (to come or go near, in place or time; to draw nigh; to advance nearer)
a prática faz a perfeição {proverb}  :: practice makes perfect (if one practices an activity enough, one will eventually master it)
após {prep}  :: after (because of)
após {prep}  :: after (later in time)
após {prep}  :: after, next
após {prep}  :: past (past a position)
apóstata {mf}  :: apostate (person who renounces a faith)
apóstolo {m}  :: Apostle
apóstrofe {m}  :: alternative form of apóstrofo
apóstrofo {m} [orthography]  :: apostrophe (the character ’)
apótema {m} [geometry]  :: apothem (the distance from the center of a polygon to a side)
apático {adj}  :: apathetic (void of feeling)
apático {adj}  :: listless (lacking enthusiasm)
aptidão {f}  :: aptitude, fitness, ability, capability
Apuleio {prop}  :: Apuleius (ancient Platonist and Sophist)
apunhalar {vt}  :: to stab (to pierce or wound with pointed object)
apurando {v}  :: gerund of apurar
apuração {f} [countable]  :: calculation (reckoning, estimate)
apurar {v}  :: to collect
apurar {v}  :: to investigate
apurar {v}  :: to purify
apurar {v}  :: to refine
apurar {v}  :: to simmer
apuro {m}  :: plight, difficulty
aqüífero {m}  :: obsolete spelling of aquífero
aquafobia {f}  :: aquaphobia (fear of water)
a qual {pron}  :: Feminine singular form of o qual (whom (relative pronoun))
aquamanil {m}  :: aquamanile
aquando {adv}  :: when; at the time (of); on; upon; as of
aquarela {f}  :: watercolour (genre)
aquarela {f}  :: watercolour (painting)
aquarela {f}  :: watercolour (pigment)
aquartelar {v}  :: to billet (to lodge soldiers in a private house)
aquecedor {m}  :: heater (device that produces and radiates heat)
aquecer {v}  :: to heat
aquecer {v}  :: warm up as a preparation for a physical activity
aquecer {v}  :: warm up (to make an audience enthusiastic)
aquecido {adj}  :: heated
aquecido {adj}  :: warmish
aquecimento {m}  :: heating (a system that raises the temperature of a room or building)
aquecimento {m}  :: warming (an increase in temperature)
aquecimento {m}  :: warm-up
aquecimento global {m}  :: global warming (increase in the average temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere to cause climate change)
aque-d'el-rei {interj}  :: alternative form of aqui-d'el-rei
aqueduto {m}  :: aqueduct
aqueia {adj}  :: feminine form of aqueu
aqueia {f}  :: feminine form of aqueu
aquela {pron}  :: that, feminine form of aquele
aquelas {pron}  :: feminine plural of aquele
aquele {pron}  :: that over there, yon (far from the speaker and the listener)
aquentado {v}  :: past participle of aquentar
aquentando {v}  :: gerund of aquentar
aquentar {v}  :: to excite, revive
aquentar {v}  :: to warm (up), heat
Aqueronte {prop}  :: Acheron
aqueu {adj}  :: Achaean (of or relating to Achaea)
aqueu {m}  :: Achaean (an inhabitant of Achaea)
aquífero {m}  :: aquifer (an underground layer of water-bearing porous stone, earth, or gravel)
aqui {adv}  :: At this time; at the present situation; here
aqui {adv}  :: In this place; here
aqui {adv}  :: To this place; hither
aqui {m}  :: here (this place)
aqui {m}  :: here (this time)
aquicultura {f}  :: aquaculture (the cultivation of the aquatic produce)
aqui d'el-rei {interj}  :: alternative form of aqui-d'el-rei
aqui-d'el-rei {interj}  :: help!
aquiescer {v}  :: acquiesce (rest satisfied)
aquietado {v}  :: past participle of aquietar
aquietando {v}  :: gerund of aquietar
aquietar {v}  :: to appease
aquietar {v}  :: to quieten down
aquietar {v}  :: to reassure
aqui jaz {phrase}  :: here lies (epitaph)
Aquiles {prop}  :: Achilles (Greek mythical hero)
aquilégia {f}  :: columbine (any plant of the genus Aquilegia)
aquilo {pron}  :: that, that thing (demonstrative)
aqui se faz, aqui se paga {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: Every action brings its consequences
Aquisgrano {prop}  :: Aachen (city in North Rhine-Westphalia)
aquisição {f}  :: acquisition
aquisição {f}  :: purchase
aquém {adv}  :: below; underneath
aquém {adv}  :: on this side; here
aquénio {m}  :: achene (small dry fruit)
aquênio {m}  :: achene (small dry fruit)
aquosa {adj}  :: feminine form of aquoso
aquosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of aquoso
aquoso {adj}  :: aqueous
aquoso {adj}  :: watery
aquário {m}  :: aquarium
Aquário {prop}  :: Aquarius (constellation)
Aquário {prop}  :: Aquarius (zodiac sign)
aquática {adj}  :: feminine form of aquático
aquáticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of aquático
aquático {adj}  :: aquatic
aquy {adv}  :: obsolete spelling of aqui
ará {mf}  :: macaw
ar {m}  :: air
ar {m}  :: look, air (aspect)
-ar {suffix}  :: The infinitive of the first class (-ar class) of verbs
arabá {f}  :: araba (carriage)
aracnídeo {m}  :: arachnid (eight-legged creature)
Aracne {prop}  :: Arachne (mythology)
aracnólogo {m}  :: arachnologist (scientist who studies arachnids)
aracnologia {f}  :: arachnology (study of arachnids)
aracnologista {mf}  :: arachnologist (scientist who studies arachnids)
arado {m} [figurative]  :: the lifestyle of farmers
arado {m}  :: plough (device pulled through the ground to open furrows)
aragem {f}  :: breeze (light wind)
aragem {f}  :: windfall (sudden large benefit)
Aragão {prop}  :: Aragon
aragonesa {adj}  :: feminine form of aragonês
aragonesas {adj}  :: feminine plural of aragonês
aragonita {f} [mineral]  :: aragonite (saline evaporate)
aragonês {adj}  :: Aragonese
aragonês {m}  :: Aragonese (language, masculine singular)
aragonês {m}  :: Aragonese (person)
A Rainha da Neve {prop}  :: The Snow Queen (fairy tale, The Snow Queen, and name of a character in this story)
aramaico {adj}  :: Aramaean (of, or pertaining to Aramaeans or Aram)
aramaico {adj}  :: Aramaic (pertaining to the language, alphabet, culture or poetry)
aramaico {m}  :: Aramaic (person)
aramaico {m}  :: Aramaic (the language)
arame {m}  :: wire
arameana {adj}  :: feminine form of arameano
arameanas {adj}  :: feminine plural of arameano
arameano {adj}  :: Aramaean (of, or pertaining to Aramaeans or Aram)
arameano {m}  :: Aramaean
arame farpado {m}  :: barbed wire (twisted strands of steel wire)
arameu {adj}  :: Aramaean (pertaining to the Aramaean people)
arameu {adj}  :: Aramaic (pertaining to the Aramaic language)
arameu {m}  :: Aramaean (member of a Semitic people native to Aram)
arameu {m} [uncountable]  :: Aramaic (language)
arando {m} [regional, Minho, Douro]  :: blueberry (shrub of the Vaccinium genus, Cyanococcus section, that produces blue, edible berries)
arando-vermelho {m}  :: lingonberry (berry)
arando-vermelho {m}  :: lingonberry (shrub)
araneiforme {adj}  :: spiderlike (resembling a spider)
aranha {f} [slang]  :: female sexual organ, vagina
aranha {f}  :: spider
aranha-lobo {f} [rare]  :: wolf spider
aranheira {f}  :: spiderweb
aranhiço {m}  :: a harvestman or small spider
aranhiço {m} [lb, pt, figurative]  :: a thin and weak person
aranês {m}  :: Aranese (dialect of Occitan)
arapuca {f} [Brazil]  :: a type of trap, used to catch birds or other small animals
arar {v}  :: to plough (to use a plough to open furrows)
arara {f}  :: macaw (bird)
arauto {m}  :: herald (a harbinger giving signs of things to come)
arauto {m}  :: herald; messenger
arbaleta {f}  :: arbalest (type of crossbow)
Arábia {prop}  :: Arabia (a peninsula between the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf)
Arábia Saudita {prop}  :: Saudi Arabia
arábica {adj}  :: feminine form of arábico
arábicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of arábico
arábico {adj}  :: Arabic (of, from, or pertaining to Arab countries or cultural behaviour)
arbitrar {v}  :: to referee (to act as a referee)
arbitrariamente {adv}  :: arbitrarily
arbitrariedade {f}  :: An arbitrary thing
arbitrariedade {f}  :: arbitrariness
arbitrária {adj}  :: feminine form of arbitrário
arbitrárias {adj}  :: feminine plural of arbitrário
arbitrário {adj}  :: arbitrary (based on individual discretion or judgment)
arborizar {v}  :: to plant trees
arbítrio {m} [legal]  :: sentence, opinion (of a judge)
arbítrio {m}  :: will, discretion
arbustiforme {adj}  :: shrublike
arbusto {m}  :: shrub
arca {f}  :: ark
arca {f}  :: chest, coffer
arcabuz {m}  :: harquebus / arquebus; musket
arcabuzado {v}  :: past participle of arcabuzar
arcabuzando {v}  :: gerund of arcabuzar
arcabuzar {v}  :: to fire a musket
arcabuzaria {f}  :: musketry
arcabuzeiro {m}  :: musketeer
Arca de Noé {prop} [lb, pt, Biblical]  :: Noah’s ark (the vessel built by Noah under God’s instructions, as described in Genesis)
arcaica {adj}  :: feminine form of arcaico
arcaicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of arcaico
arcaico {adj}  :: archaic (old-fashioned or antiquated)
arcanjo {m}  :: archangel
arcano {adj}  :: arcane (understood by only a few; obscure)
arcano sem nome {m}  :: death (tarot card)
arcanos maiores {mp}  :: major arcana (tarot cards)
Arcádia {prop}  :: Arcadia (A district or a prefecture in the central and mid SE Peloponnese)
arcebispo {m}  :: archbishop, primate, metropolitan
archipelago {m}  :: obsolete spelling of arquipélago
architectura {f}  :: obsolete spelling of arquitetura
archote {m}  :: torch
arco {m}  :: arc, curve
arco {m} [architecture]  :: arch
arco {m}  :: bow (rod used to play stringed instruments)
arco {m}  :: bow (weapon)
arco {m} [geometry]  :: arc
arcobotante {m} [architecture]  :: flying buttress (buttress that stands apart from the structure that it supports)
arco composto {m} [archery]  :: composite bow (bow made from horn, wood and sinew)
arco cosseno {m} [trigonometry]  :: arccosine (inverse of the cosine function)
arco da velha {m}  :: rainbow
arco-da-velha {m}  :: alternative form of arco da velha
Arco do Triunfo {prop}  :: Arc de Triomphe (the Parisian monument)
arco e flecha {m}  :: alternative spelling of arco-e-flecha
arco-e-flecha {m}  :: archery
arco longo {m}  :: longbow (type of bow)
ar condicionado {m}  :: air conditioning (an air conditioner or system of air conditioners)
ar condicionado {m}  :: air conditioning (the state of temperature and humidity produced by an air conditioner)
ar-condicionado {m}  :: air conditioner
arconte {m}  :: archon (chief magistrate of ancient Athens)
arco-íris {m}  :: rainbow
Arcos de Valdevez {prop}  :: A Portuguese village in Viana do Castelo district
arco seno {m} [trigonometry]  :: arcsine (inverse of sine)
arco tangente {f} [trigonometry]  :: arctangent (inverse of tangent function)
arco triunfal {m}  :: triumphal arch (monumental arch that commemorates a victory)
Ardèche {prop}  :: Ardèche (French department)
Ardèche {prop}  :: Ardèche (French river)
ardendo {v}  :: gerund of arder
ardente {adj}  :: ardent (full of ardour)
ardente {adj}  :: on fire; burning
ardente {adj}  :: spicy (provoking a burning sensation)
arder {v} [chiefly, Portugal]  :: to burn (to be in flames)
arder {v}  :: to be feverish
arder {v}  :: to feel a burning sensation
ardido {v}  :: past participle of arder
ardil {m}  :: ruse
ardil {m}  :: stratagem
ardil {m}  :: trick
ardilosa {adj}  :: feminine form of ardiloso
ardilosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of ardiloso
ardiloso {adj}  :: cunning; guileful
ardor {m}  :: ardour (warmth of feeling)
ardor {m}  :: burning sensation
ardor {m}  :: spirit; enthusiasm
ardósia {f}  :: slate (rock)
are {m} [historical]  :: are (unit of area)
aérea {adj}  :: feminine form of aéreo
areada {adj}  :: feminine form of areado
areadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of areado
areado {adj}  :: sandy (covered with sand)
areal {m}  :: a sandy location
arear {vt}  :: to sand (to abrade with sand or sandpaper)
arear {vt}  :: to sand (to cover with sand)
aéreas {adj}  :: feminine plural of aéreo
areia {f}  :: sand (finely ground rock)
areia movediça {f}  :: quicksand (wet sand that things readily sink in)
arejado {adj}  :: well-ventilated; having fresh air
arejamento {m} [uncountable]  :: airing (exposure to warm or fresh air)
arejar {v}  :: air (bring something into contact with the air)
arena {f}  :: arena
arenada {adj}  :: feminine form of arenado
arenadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of arenado
arenado {adj}  :: sandy (covered with sand)
areniforme {adj} [rare]  :: sandlike (resembling sand or a grain of sand)
arenito {m}  :: sandstone (sand/clay sedimentary rock)
arenoso {adj}  :: sandy (containing or covered by sand)
arenoso {adj}  :: sandy (sand-coloured)
arenque {m}  :: herring
aéreo {adj}  :: aerial
areosa {adj}  :: feminine form of areoso
areosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of areoso
areoso {adj}  :: sandy (like sand)
Ares {n} [Greek god]  :: Ares
a respeito de {prep}  :: about
aresta {f} [geometry]  :: edge (joining line between two vertices of a polygon)
aresta {f} [graph theory]  :: edge (any of the pairs of vertices in a graph)
aresta {f} [graph theory]  :: line (edge of a graph)
aresta {f}  :: ridge (line of intersection)
aresta orientada {f} [graph theory]  :: directed edge (ordered pair of nodes)
aríete {m}  :: battering ram
Arezzo {prop}  :: Arezzo (town and capital of Arezzo)
ar fresco {m}  :: fresh air (clean air from outside)
argamassa {f}  :: mortar
arganaz {m}  :: dormouse (rodent)
Arganil {prop}  :: A Portuguese village in Coimbra district
argúcia {f}  :: wit, sharpness
Argel {prop}  :: Algiers (the capital of Algeria)
argeliana {adj}  :: feminine form of argeliano
argelianas {adj}  :: feminine plural of argeliano
argeliano {adj}  :: Algerian (of Algeria or its people)
argeliano {m}  :: Algerian (person from Algeria)
argelina {adj}  :: feminine form of argelino
argelino {adj}  :: Algerian
argelino {m}  :: Algerian
argentar {v}  :: to silver-plate (to coat a metal surface with a thin layer of silver)
argentina {adj}  :: feminine form of argentino
argentina {f}  :: argentine (fish of the genus Argentina)
argentina {f}  :: feminine form of argentino
Argentina {prop}  :: Argentina (Argentine Republic)
argentino {adj}  :: Argentinian (pertaining to Argentina)
argentino {adj}  :: silver (having a colour like silver)
argentino {m}  :: Argentinian (person from Argentina)
argentométrica {adj}  :: feminine form of argentométrico
argentométricas {adj}  :: feminine plural of argentométrico
argentométrico {adj}  :: argentometric (relating to argentometry)
argila {f}  :: clay
argila {f}  :: loam
argilomineral {adj}  :: clay-mineral
argilomineral {m} [mineral]  :: clay mineral
argilosa {adj}  :: feminine form of argiloso
argilosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of argiloso
argiloso {adj}  :: clayey, argillaceous
argiloso {adj}  :: loamy
arginina {f}  :: arginine
argüir {v}  :: obsolete spelling of arguir
argirófila {adj}  :: feminine form of argirófilo
argirófilas {adj}  :: feminine plural of argirófilo
argirófilo {adj} [cytology]  :: argyrophilic (having an affinity for silver)
argiro- {prefix}  :: argyro- (indicates silver)
argirodita {f} [mineral]  :: argyrodite
argirofílica {adj}  :: feminine form of argirofílico
argirofílicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of argirofílico
argirofílico {adj} [cytology]  :: argyrophilic (having an affinity for silver)
argirose {f} [medicine]  :: argyrosis (black pigmentation of tissue due to exposure to silver)
Argélia {prop}  :: Algeria (country)
argônio {m} [Brazil]  :: alternative spelling of argónio
argêntea {adj}  :: feminine form of argênteo
argênteas {adj}  :: feminine plural of argênteo
argênteo {adj}  :: silver (having a colour like silver)
argêntica {adj}  :: feminine form of argêntico
argênticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of argêntico
argêntico {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: argentic
argêntico {adj}  :: silver (attributive)
argão {m}  :: alternative form of árgon
argola {f}  :: ring
argonauta {m} [Greek mythology]  :: Argonaut (a member of the Argo who searched for the Golden Fleece)
arguido {m} [legal]  :: Under the Portuguese legal system, a person kept for questioning as a witness to a crime, who is not a formal suspect. (Arrests can only be made after police have designated an individual as an arguido. A person can also request this status for the rights it gives, such as the right to a legal representative and the right to remain silent.)
arguição {f}  :: accusation
arguição {f}  :: argumentation
arguir {v}  :: to accuse
arguir {v}  :: to argue
arguir {v}  :: to censure
argumentador {adj}  :: who discusses
argumentador {m}  :: discusser (someone who discusses)
argumentação {f}  :: argumentation
argumentação {f}  :: argument (process of reasoning)
argumentar {v}  :: to debate; to argue (to put forth arguments)
argumentista {adj}  :: who discusses
argumentista {mf}  :: discusser (someone who discusses)
argumentista {mf}  :: screenwriter, scriptwriter
argumento {m}  :: argument (fact or statement used to support a proposition; a reason)
argumentável {adj}  :: arguable (open to argument)
ariana {adj}  :: feminine form of ariano
arianisimo {m} [Christianity]  :: Arianism (nontrinitarian Christian teaching)
ariano {adj}  :: Arian
ariano {adj}  :: Aryan
ariano {m}  :: Arian
ariano {m}  :: Aryan
aridez {f}  :: aridity, dryness
aril {m} [organic chemistry]  :: aryl
Arimã {prop}  :: Ahriman (the hypostasis of chaos, destruction, evil in Zoroastrianism)
Arimane {prop}  :: Ahriman (the hypostasis of chaos, destruction, evil in Zoroastrianism)
arinca {f}  :: haddock (marine fish)
-ario {suffix}  :: obsolete spelling of -ário
ariranha {f}  :: giant otter (Pteronura brasiliensis)
arisca {adj}  :: feminine form of arisco
ariscas {adj}  :: feminine plural of arisco
arisco {adj}  :: elusive
arisco {adj}  :: shy, aloof
arisco {adj}  :: suspicious
aristarco {m}  :: Aristarch (severe critic)
aristocracia {f}  :: aristocracy
aristocrata {adj}  :: aristocratic
aristocrata {mf}  :: aristocrat
Aristóteles {prop}  :: Aristotle
aritmética {f}  :: arithmetic (mathematics of numbers, etc.)
Arizona {prop}  :: Arizona (a state of the United States of America)
Arkansas {prop}  :: Arkansas (US state)
Arkhangelsk {prop}  :: Arkhangelsk (city in Russia)
arlequim {m}  :: harlequin (pantomime fool)
arma {f}  :: weapon
arma branca {f}  :: bladed weapon
armada {adj}  :: feminine form of armado
armada {f} [military]  :: armada (fleet of warships)
arma de destruição em massa {f}  :: weapon of mass destruction (weapon designed to kill or injure many civilians)
arma de fogo {f}  :: firearm
armadilha {f}  :: trap (device designed to catch or kill animals)
armadilho {m}  :: armadillo
armado {adj}  :: Clad or equipped with arms or armor
armador {m} [nautical]  :: rigger; shipowner
armadura {f}  :: armor (body protection)
Armagedão {prop} [Christianity, Islam, Portugal]  :: Armageddon (The place where the final battle will be fought between the forces of good and evil)
Armagedom {prop} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of Armagedão
Armamar {prop}  :: A Portuguese village in Viseu district
armamento {m}  :: an act of arming
armamento {m} [uncountable]  :: weaponry
Armando {prop}  :: male given name, equivalent to English Herman via French Armand
arma nuclear {f}  :: nuclear weapon (explosive device)
armação {f}  :: arming
armação {f}  :: frame, framework, armature
armação {f}  :: skeleton (building structure)
armar {v}  :: to arm (supply with weapons)
armar até os dentes {v} [idiomatic]  :: to arm to the teeth (to equip with many weapons)
armarinho {m}  :: haberdashery (shop)
armarinho {m}  :: small cabinet
armario {m}  :: obsolete spelling of armário
armazenagem {f}  :: storage
armazenamento {m}  :: housing
armazenamento {m}  :: storage
armazenando {v}  :: gerund of armazenar
armazenar {v}  :: to house
armazenar {v}  :: to store, stock
armazém {m}  :: warehouse
armeiro {m}  :: weaponsmith
arminho {m}  :: ermine
armistício {m}  :: armistice
arménia {adj}  :: feminine form of arménio
armênia {adj}  :: feminine form of armênio
Armênia {prop}  :: Armenia
Arménia {prop} [Portugal]  :: Armenia
arménias {adj}  :: feminine plural of arménio
armênias {adj}  :: feminine plural of armênio
arménica {adj}  :: feminine form of arménico
armênica {adj}  :: feminine form of armênico
arménicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of arménico
armênicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of armênico
armênico {adj} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of arménico
arménico {adj} [Portugal]  :: Armenian (of, from, or pertaining to Armenia or Armenians)
arménico {adj} [Portugal]  :: Armenian (of or in the Armenian alphabet)
arménico {adj} [Portugal]  :: Armenian (of or in the Armenian language)
armênio {adj} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of arménio
arménio {adj} [Portugal]  :: Armenian
armênio {m} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of arménio
arménio {m} [Portugal]  :: Armenian person
arménio {m} [uncountable, Portugal]  :: Armenian language
armário {m}  :: cupboard
armário {m}  :: wardrobe
Arnaldo {prop}  :: Arnold (male given name)
aro {m}  :: any large circular band of material
aro {m}  :: the region surrounding a city
aréola {f} [anatomy]  :: areola (circle around the nipple)
aréola {f}  :: flowerbed (place where flowers are grown)
aroma {m}  :: aroma
aroma {m}  :: flavour
aromatizar {vt}  :: to aromatise (to make aromatic)
aromática {adj}  :: feminine form of aromático
aromáticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of aromático
aromático {adj}  :: aromatic (fragrant or spicy)
Arouca {prop}  :: A Portuguese village in Aveiro district
arpão {m}  :: harpoon
arpoador {m}  :: harpooner
arpoando {v}  :: gerund of arpoar
arpoar {v}  :: to harpoon
arpéu {m}  :: grapple, grappling iron
arquear {vi}  :: to bow (to become bent)
arquear {vt}  :: to bow (to bend a thing)
arqueiro {m}  :: archer; bowman
arqueiro {m} [football]  :: goalkeeper
arquejando {v}  :: gerund of arquejar
arquejar {v}  :: to pant, gasp, wheeze
arquejar {v}  :: to yearn
arqueóloga {f}  :: feminine form of arqueólogo
arqueólogo {m}  :: archaeologist
arqueológico {adj}  :: archeological
arqueologia {f}  :: archaeology
arqueopterix {n}  :: archeopteryx (ancient bird)
arqui- {prefix}  :: archi- (chief, highest, most extreme)
arquibancada {f}  :: bleachers (tiered, exposed spectator seating)
arquidiocese {f}  :: archdiocese (area administered by an archbishop)
arquiduque {m}  :: archduke (rank)
arquiduquesa {f}  :: feminine form of arquiduque; archduchess
arquiinimigo {m}  :: alternative spelling of arqui-inimigo
arqui-inimigo {m}  :: archenemy (a principal enemy)
arquimandrita {m}  :: archimandrite (the superior of a large monastery, or group of monasteries, in the Orthodox Church)
arquinho {m}  :: diminutive form of arco
arquinho {m}  :: headband (curved accessory for holding one’s hair)
arquipélago {m}  :: archipelago
Arquipélago Malaio {prop}  :: Malay Archipelago (archipelago)
arquitecto {m}  :: obsolete spelling of arquiteto
arquitectura {f}  :: obsolete spelling of arquitetura
arquiteta {f}  :: feminine form of arquiteto
arquitetar {vt}  :: to architect (to design, plan or orchestrate)
arquiteto {m}  :: architect (a designer of buildings)
arquitetura {f}  :: architecture
arquivando {v}  :: gerund of arquivar
arquivar {v}  :: to archive
arquivar {v}  :: to file, pigeonhole
arquivar {v}  :: to shelve
arquivista {mf}  :: archivist (person in charge of an archive)
arquivo {m} [Brazil]  :: archive
arquétipo {m}  :: archetype (ideal example of something; a quintessence)
arquétipo {m}  :: archetype (original model of which all other similar persons, objects, or concepts are merely derivative)
arquétipo {m} [literature]  :: archetype (person, story, concept, or object that is based on a known archetype)
arquétipo {m} [psychology]  :: archetype (universal pattern of thought)
arrabalde {m}  :: neighbourhood, vicinity
arrabalde {m}  :: proximity
arrabalde {m}  :: suburb
arraia {f}  :: ray (marine fish with a flat body, large wing-like fins, and a whip-like tail)
arraial {m} [military]  :: camp
arraial {m}  :: village, hamlet
arraigado {v}  :: past participle of arraigar
arraigando {v}  :: gerund of arraigar
arraigar {v}  :: to root
arraigar {v}  :: to take root
Arraiolos {prop}  :: A Portuguese village in Évora district
arrais {m} [nautical]  :: harbourmaster; skipper
arrancando {v}  :: gerund of arrancar
arrancar {v}  :: to pull down, tear down
arrancar {v}  :: to pull, pluck, rip
arrancar {v}  :: to yank, jerk
arranco {m} [especially, in plural]  :: death throe
arranco {m}  :: momentum
arranco {m}  :: yank, tug, pull
arranha-céu {m}  :: skyscraper (building)
arranhar {vt}  :: to scratch
arranhão {f}  :: scratch
arranjado {adj}  :: arranged; prearranged
arranjamento {m}  :: arrangement (manner of being arranged)
arranjar {v}  :: to arrange
arranjar {v}  :: to fix
arranjar {v}  :: to organize
arranjar {v}  :: to provide
arranjo {m}  :: adjustment
arranjo {m}  :: arrangement
arrasado {v}  :: past participle of arrasar
arrasador {adj}  :: crushing (that crushes)
arrasando {v}  :: gerund of arrasar
arrasa-quarteirão {adj}  :: which is a blockbuster; sustaining exceptional and widespread popularity and achieving enormous sales
arrasar {v}  :: to raze, demolish
arrastamento {m}  :: act of dragging
arrastando {v}  :: gerund of arrastar
arrastar {v}  :: to drag, haul, lug, tug
arrastão {f}  :: arrastão (form of crime in which criminals surround a location)
arrastão {f}  :: dragnet (net dragged across the bottom of a body of water)
arrastão {f}  :: the act of violently dragging something
arrastão {f}  :: trawler (fishing boat that uses a trawl net or dragnet)
arrastão {f}  :: trawling (fishing technique in which a net is dragged)
arrastão {v}  :: obsolete spelling of arrastam
array {m} [programming]  :: array (any of various data structures)
array associativo {m} [computing]  :: dictionary; associative array
arrazoar {v}  :: to argue (to have a quarrel)
arrazoar {v}  :: to censure (to criticise harshly)
arrazoar {v}  :: to put forth arguments in favour of something
arrear {vt}  :: to harness (to place a harness on something)
arrebatado {v}  :: past participle of arrebatar
arrebatamento {m} [eschatology]  :: rapture (gathering up of believers in end times)
arrebatamento {m}  :: rapture (extreme pleasure, happiness or excitement)
arrebatando {v}  :: gerund of arrebatar
arrebatar {v}  :: to ravish
arrebatar {v}  :: to snatch, grab
arrebentando {v}  :: gerund of arrebentar
arrebentar {v}  :: to break, smash
arrebentar {v}  :: to burst
arrebite {m}  :: alternative form of rebite
arrebol {m}  :: the reddish colour of the sky during twilight
arrecadar {v}  :: to collect money
arrecife {m}  :: reef
arredando {v}  :: gerund of arredar
arredar {v}  :: to depart
arredar {v}  :: to deter
arredar {v}  :: to turn away
arredondado {adj}  :: rounded (all senses)
arredondado {v}  :: past participle of arredondar
arredondando {v}  :: gerund of arredondar
arredondar {v}  :: to round (all senses)
arredores {n}  :: outskirts
arredores {n}  :: surroundings, environment
arrefecendo {v}  :: gerund of arrefecer
arrefecer {v}  :: to cool
arrefecimento {m}  :: cooling
arregalando {v}  :: gerund of arregalar
arregalar {v}  :: to open (the eyes) widely
arreios {mp} [countable]  :: harness (restraint or support)
arrematar {vt}  :: to buy at an auction
arremedando {v}  :: gerund of arremedar
arremedar {v}  :: to imitate
arremedar {v}  :: to mimic
arremedar {v}  :: to mock
arremessar {vt}  :: to throw, to cause movement through the air
arremesso de peso {m} [athletics]  :: shot put (athletics event)
arrendado {adj}  :: leased, rented, hired
arrendado {adj}  :: leasehold
arrendado {v}  :: past participle of arrendar
arrendamento {m}  :: lease
arrendamento {m}  :: rent
arrendamento {m}  :: tenancy
arrendando {v}  :: gerund of arrendar
arrendar {v}  :: to rent, hire, lease
arrendatário {m}  :: lessee, leaseholder
arrendatário {m}  :: tenant
arrepanhando {v}  :: gerund of arrepanhar
arrepanhar {v}  :: to crease
arrepanhar {v}  :: to wrinkle, shrivel
arrependendo {v}  :: gerund of arrepender
arrepender {v}  :: to regret
arrepender-se {vr}  :: to regret; to repent (to feel sorry about some past thing)
arrependida {adj}  :: feminine form of arrependido
arrependidas {adj}  :: feminine plural of arrependido
arrependido {adj}  :: contrite
arrependido {adj}  :: penitent
arrependido {adj}  :: sorry, regretful
arrependimento {m}  :: repentance
arrepiada {adj}  :: feminine form of arrepiado
arrepiadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of arrepiado
arrepiado {adj}  :: frightened (suffering from fear)
arrepiado {adj} [of hair]  :: standing on end
arrepiar {v}  :: to shiver, to shudder
arrepio {m}  :: goosebumps
arrepio {m}  :: shiver
arrepio {m}  :: shudder
arriba {adv} [dated]  :: up (away from earth’s centre)
arriba {f}  :: cliff
arriba {interj}  :: come on!
arriba {interj}  :: up!
arribado {v}  :: past participle of arribar
arribando {v}  :: gerund of arribar
arribação {f} [nautical]  :: arrival (at a port)
arribação {f} [of animals]  :: migration
arribar {v} [nautical]  :: to arrive (at a port); to bear away (from the wind)
arribar {v} [of animals]  :: to migrate
arribar {v}  :: to convalesce
arriscada {adj}  :: feminine form of arriscado
arriscadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of arriscado
arriscado {adj}  :: risky, perilous, dangerous, hazardous
arriscador {adj} [rare]  :: who takes risks
arriscando {v}  :: gerund of arriscar
arriscar {v}  :: to imperil
arriscar {v}  :: to risk, venture, hazard
arritmia {f} [pathology]  :: arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat)
arrizotónica {adj}  :: feminine form of arrizotónico
arrizotônica {adj}  :: feminine form of arrizotônico
arrizotónicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of arrizotónico
arrizotônicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of arrizotônico
arrizotônico {adj} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of arrizotónico
arrizotónico {adj} [linguistics, of an inflected form, Portugal]  :: arrhizotonic (stem-stressed)
arrôjo {m}  :: obsolete spelling of arrojo
arroba {f}  :: arroba (weight measure)
arroba {f}  :: at sign (name of the symbol @)
arrogando {v}  :: gerund of arrogar
arrogante {adj}  :: arrogant
arrogar {v}  :: to arrogate, adopt
arrogância {f}  :: arrogance
arrojado {adj}  :: daring (willing to take on risks)
arrojo {m}  :: an impetuous act
arrojo {m}  :: hurl (instance of hurling, throwing violently)
arrojo {m}  :: impetuosity (quality of making rash or arbitrary decisions)
arrombamento {m}  :: breaking and entering
arrombar {v}  :: to batter (to break down a door or other barrier)
arrombar {v}  :: to enter (in a house, a room, etc.)
arrombá-la {v}  :: contraction of arrombar a
Arronches {prop}  :: A Portuguese village in Portalegre district
arrotar {v}  :: to burp; to belch (to expel gas from the stomach through the mouth)
arroto {m}  :: belch, burp
arroubando {v}  :: gerund of arroubar
arroubar {v}  :: to entrance
arroxeando {v}  :: gerund of arroxear
arroxear {v}  :: to make, or to become purple
arroz {m}  :: rice (specific variety of rice)
arroz {m} [uncountable]  :: rice (Oryza sativa, a cereal)
arroz {m} [uncountable]  :: rice (the seeds of this cereal)
arroz agulha {m}  :: alternative spelling of arroz-agulha
arroz-agulha {m}  :: a variety of rice with long, pointy seeds
arrozal {m}  :: paddy, rice paddy (field where rice is grown)
arroz bravo {m}  :: alternative spelling of arroz-bravo
arroz-bravo {m}  :: a wild variety of rice
arroz carreteiro {m}  :: a Brazilian dish prepared with rice and small pieces of meat
arroz de auçá {m}  :: a traditional dish of the Brazilian state of Bahia, consisting of rice without any condiments
arroz de cuxá {m}  :: a traditional dish of the Brazilian state of Maranhão, made of rice, to be eaten with cuxá
arroz de espinho {m}  :: alternative spelling of arroz-de-espinho
arroz-de-espinho {m}  :: a wild variety of rice
arroz de festa {m}  :: social butterfly
arroz de hauçá {m}  :: alternative spelling of arroz de auçá
arroz de leite {m}  :: alternative spelling of arroz-de-leite
arroz-de-leite {m}  :: rice pudding (dish prepared with rice and milk)
arroz de rato {m}  :: alternative spelling of arroz-de-rato
arroz-de-rato {m}  :: white stonecrop (Sedum album, a crassulacean plant)
arroz de telhado {m}  :: alternative spelling of arroz-de-telhado
arroz-de-telhado {m}  :: Umbilicus pendulinus, a crassulacean plant
arroz do brejo {m}  :: Luziola peruviana, a grass of the Americas
arroz doce {m}  :: alternative spelling of arroz-doce
arroz-doce {m}  :: rice pudding (dish prepared with rice and milk)
arroz miúdo do Peru {m}  :: quinoa (a pseudocereal cultivated in the Andes)
arroz selvagem {m}  :: wild rice (Zizania aquatica)
arrôto {m}  :: obsolete spelling of arroto
arruaceiro {m}  :: hooligan (person that causes trouble or violence)
arruando {v}  :: gerund of arruar
arruar {v}  :: to align (as a pattern of streets)
arruar {v}  :: to loaf
arruda {f}  :: rue (any of various perennial shrubs)
Arruda dos Vinhos {prop}  :: A Portuguese village in Lisboa district
arruela {f}  :: washer (flat disk placed beneath a nut)
arruinando {v}  :: gerund of arruinar
arruinar {v}  :: to bankrupt
arruinar {v}  :: to ruin, spoil
arrulhar {v} [of a pigeon]  :: to coo (make a soft murmuring sound)
arrulho {m}  :: coo (murmuring sound made by a dove or pigeon)
arrumação {f}  :: arrangement
arrumação {f}  :: stowage, packing
arrumar {v}  :: to fix
arrumar {v}  :: to organise
arrumar {v}  :: to set up
arrumar {v}  :: to stow, guard, save
arrumar {v}  :: to tidy
arsácida {adj} [historical]  :: Arsacid (of or pertaining to the Arsacid Dynasty)
arsenal {m}  :: arsenal (military establishment)
arseniato {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: arsenate
arsenical {adj}  :: arsenical
arsenieto {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: arsenide
arsenito {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: arsenite
arsenobetaína {f}  :: arsenobetaine
arsenopirita {f} [mineral]  :: arsenopyrite
arsénico {m}  :: arsenic
arsênico {m} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of arsénico
arsênio {m} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of arsénio
arsénio {m} [Portugal]  :: arsenic
arúspice {mf}  :: haruspex (one who practices divination by inspecting entrails)
arte {f}  :: art
artefacto {m}  :: alternative form of artefato
artefato {m}  :: artifact (man-made object)
arte marcial {f}  :: martial art (fighting style)
Artemisa {n} [Greek god]  :: Artemis
artemísia {f} [botany]  :: mugwort (any artemisia)
arterial {adj}  :: arterial
artesanal {adj}  :: artisanal
artesanal {adj}  :: handmade
artesanalmente {adv}  :: by hand
artesanato {m}  :: handicraft (trade requiring skill of hand)
artesiano {adj} [of a water supply]  :: artesian (rising to the surface)
artes marciais mistas {fp}  :: mixed martial arts (style of combat sport)
artesão {m}  :: artisan, craftsman (skilled manual worker)
articulado {adj}  :: articulate
articulado {adj}  :: articulated
articulando {v}  :: gerund of articular
articulação {f}  :: articulation
articulação {f}  :: joint (of the body)
articular {v}  :: to articulate
artifício {m}  :: artifact
artifício {m}  :: artifice
artifício {m}  :: craftiness, fraud
artifício {m}  :: device, gimmick
artificial {adj}  :: artificial
artificialmente {adv}  :: artificially
artigo {m}  :: article (in grammar)
artigo {m}  :: article (object)
artigo {m}  :: article (section of a legal document)
artigo {m}  :: article (story, report, or opinion piece)
artigo definido {m} [grammar]  :: definite article (article introducing a noun and specifying it as the particular noun considered)
artigo indefinido {m} [grammar]  :: indefinite article (word preceding a noun to indicate any member of the class of objects)
artilhado {v}  :: past participle of artilhar
artilhando {v}  :: gerund of artilhar
artilhar {v}  :: to fortify with artillery
artilharia {f}  :: artillery, ordnance, gunnery
artilheiro {m}  :: artilleryman
artilheiro {m} [sport]  :: top scorer
artimanha {f}  :: trick (something designed to fool)
artiniana {adj}  :: feminine form of artiniano
artinianas {adj}  :: feminine plural of artiniano
artiniano {adj} [algebra, of a ring]  :: Artinian
artista {mf}  :: artist
Artémis {n}  :: alternative form of Artemisa
artéria {f}  :: artery
artrite {f} [pathology]  :: arthritis
artrose {f} [pathology]  :: arthrosis, arthritis
artrópode {m}  :: arthropod (animal of Arthropoda)
artístico {adj}  :: artistic (aesthetically pleasing)
artístico {adj}  :: artistic (having creative skill)
artístico {adj}  :: artistic (relating to art or artists)
Artur {prop}  :: male given name, cognate to English Arthur
Aruba {prop}  :: Aruba (autonomous territory of the Netherlands in the Caribbean)
Arunachal Pradesh {prop}  :: Arunachal Pradesh
Arvade {prop}  :: Arwad (city)
Arvade {prop}  :: Arwad (island)
arável {adj} [agriculture, of land]  :: arable (suitable for cultivation)
arvião {m}  :: swift (small plain-coloured bird of the family Apodidae that resembles a swallow)
arvoredo {m}  :: clump (of trees)
arvoredo {m}  :: grove
arvoredo {m}  :: plantation
Arwad {prop}  :: alternative form of Arvade
as {pron} [third person personal]  :: them (as a direct object; the corresponding indirect object is lhes; the form used after prepositions is elas)
-as {suffix}  :: forms the second-person singular negative imperative of 2nd and 3rd conjugation verbs
-as {suffix}  :: forms the second-person singular present indicative of 1st conjugation verbs
-as {suffix}  :: forms the second-person singular subjunctive present of 2nd and 3rd conjugation verbs
asa {f}  :: handle (part of an object which is held in the hand when used or moved)
asa {f}  :: wing (part of an animal or airplane)
asa-delta {f}  :: hang glider
a salvo {adj}  :: safe (not in danger)
a sangue frio {adv} [idiomatic]  :: in cold blood (in a ruthless and unfeeling manner)
asbesto {m}  :: asbestos (any of several fibrous mineral forms of magnesium silicate)
ascídia {f}  :: sea squirt (of class Ascidiacea)
ascender {vi}  :: to ascend; to rise
ascendência {f}  :: descent; ancestry; lineage (hereditary derivation)
ascensão {f}  :: ascension (the act of ascending)
ascensão {f}  :: climb (an act of climbing)
ascensor {m}  :: lift (mechanical device for vertically transporting goods or people)
asceticismo {m}  :: asceticism (the principles and practices of an ascetic)
ascetismo {m}  :: asceticism (the principles and practices of an ascetic)
asco {m}  :: nausea (strong dislike or disgust)
Ascoli Piceno {prop}  :: Ascoli Piceno
ascáride {n} [biology]  :: ascarid (any nematode of the family Ascaridae)
ascética {f}  :: asceticism (the principles and practices of an ascetic)
Asdi {abbr}  :: Sida, Agência Sueca de Cooperação Internacional para o Desenvolvimento
a seco {adv} [by extension, idiomatic, of information conveyed]  :: Without preparation, especially in a manner considered shocking
a seco {adv} [of food consumed]  :: Without liquids, such as a glass of water, to help digestion
a seguir {adv}  :: next, after this
a senhora {pron}  :: formal feminine personal pronoun; feminine form of o senhor
asfalto {m}  :: asphalt (asphalt concrete)
asfixiar {vt}  :: to choke (to prevent someone from breathing)
Ashgabat {prop}  :: Ashgabat (the capital of Turkmenistan)
Ashur {prop}  :: alternative form of Assur
Asia {prop}  :: obsolete spelling of Ásia
asilando {v}  :: gerund of asilar
asilar {v}  :: to shelter (provide asylum)
asilo {m}  :: asylum
asilo {m}  :: refuge, shelter
a sim {interj}  :: as if; yeah right (expresses doubt that something is true)
asiática {adj}  :: feminine form of asiático
asiáticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of asiático
asiático {adj}  :: Asian
asiático {m}  :: Asian
asma {f}  :: asthma
as mesmas {pron} [literary]  :: third-person feminine plural personal pronoun; feminine plural of o mesmo
asneira {f}  :: stupidity
asno {m}  :: burro, donkey, ass
asnática {adj}  :: feminine form of asnático
asnáticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of asnático
asnático {adj}  :: silly, asinine
a sorte favorece os audazes {proverb}  :: fortune favors the bold (luck favors the adventurous)
asossegada {adj}  :: feminine form of assossegado
asossegadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of assossegado
aspa {f}  :: an animal’s horn
aspa {f}  :: crux decussata (an X-shaped cross, used to crucify people)
aspa {f} [heraldry]  :: saltire (ordinary in the shape of an X)
aspa {f}  :: quotation mark; inverted comma (the character , or ')
aspa {f}  :: sail (blade of a windmill)
aspa {f}  :: Saint Andrew’s cross (any X-shaped symbol)
as paredes têm ouvidos {proverb}  :: walls have ears
aspargo {m} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of espargo
aspas {fp}  :: quotation marks
aspecto {m}  :: appearance, look
aspecto {m}  :: aspect
asperamente {adv}  :: harshly, roughly
aspereza {f}  :: roughness (the quality of being rough, not smooth)
aspereza {f}  :: the quality of being indelicate, rude
aspereza {f}  :: the quality of being rough-sounding, strident
aspersório {m}  :: aspergillum (holy water sprinkler)
aspeto {m}  :: alternative form of aspecto
aspirador {adj}  :: inhaling
aspirador {m}  :: vacuum cleaner
aspirador de pó {m}  :: vacuum cleaner (machine for cleaning)
aspirar {vi}  :: to inspire (to draw air into the lungs)
aspirar {vt} [followed by a]  :: to aspire (to dream of becoming something)
aspirar {vt}  :: to vacuum (to clean with a vacuum cleaner)
aspirina {f}  :: aspirin
asplenia {f}  :: asplenia (absence of normal spleen function)
aspárago {m}  :: alternative form of espargo
as quais {pron} [pt-pron def, demonstrative, o qual, f, pl]  :: (whom)
asqueroso {adj}  :: disgusting repulsive, distasteful
Assã {prop}  :: alternative spelling of Assam
assada {adj}  :: feminine form of assado
assadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of assado
assado {adj}  :: roasted; baked
assado {m}  :: roast
assalariada {adj}  :: feminine form of assalariado
assalariadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of assalariado
assalariado {adj}  :: salaried
assalariar {v}  :: to hire someone, paying them a salary
assaltando {v}  :: gerund of assaltar
assaltante {mf}  :: burglar
assaltante {mf}  :: mugger
assaltante {mf}  :: robber
assaltar {v}  :: to assault, attack
assaltar {v}  :: to burgle
assaltar {v}  :: to rob
assalto {m}  :: assault, attack
assalto {m}  :: robbery, burglary, raid
Assam {prop}  :: Assam (state in India)
assamesa {adj}  :: feminine form of assamês
assamesas {adj}  :: feminine plural of assamês
assamês {adj}  :: Assamese (of, from or relating to Indian state of Assam)
assamês {adj}  :: Assamese (of or in the Assamese language)
assamês {m}  :: Assamese (someone from Assam)
assamês {m} [uncountable]  :: Assamese (language)
assando {v}  :: gerund of assar
assanhado {v}  :: past participle of assanhar
assanhando {v}  :: gerund of assanhar
assanhar {v}  :: to aggravate, inflame
assanhar {v}  :: to infuriate, enrage
assar {v}  :: to bake
assar {v}  :: to roast
assassina {adj}  :: feminine form of assassino
assassina em série {f}  :: feminine form of assassino em série
assassinando {v}  :: gerund of assassinar
assassinar {v}  :: to assassinate
assassinar {v}  :: to kill, murder
assassinas {adj}  :: feminine plural of assassino
assassinato {m} [chiefly, Brazil]  :: assassination; murder
assassino {adj}  :: murderous
assassino {m}  :: killer, murderer,assassin
assassino de aluguel {m}  :: a hired assassin
assassino em série {m}  :: serial killer (person who commits multiple murders)
assassínio {m} [chiefly, Portugal]  :: assassination; murder
assaz {adv} [chiefly, archaic]  :: very
assédio {m}  :: assault
assédio {m}  :: siege
assédio sexual {m}  :: sexual harassment
assídua {adj}  :: feminine form of assíduo
assíduas {adj}  :: feminine plural of assíduo
assíduo {adj}  :: assiduous (hard-working, diligent)
asseada {adj}  :: feminine form of asseado
asseadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of asseado
asseado {adj}  :: Not dirty; clean
asseamento {m}  :: personal grooming
assediar {v}  :: to harass (to annoy endlessly)
assediar {vt}  :: to besiege; to siege (to lay siege to)
assegurando {v}  :: gerund of assegurar
asseguração {f}  :: assurance (the act of assuring)
assegurar {v}  :: to ensure, assure or secure
asseio {m}  :: cleanliness
asseio {m}  :: elegance
asseio {m}  :: neatness, tidiness
asseio {m}  :: perfection
assembleia {f}  :: assembly
assembléia {f}  :: assembly (a congregation of people in one place for a purpose), chamber, council, conference, convention
assembléia {f}  :: diet (political or religious)
assemelhando {v}  :: gerund of assemelhar
assemelhar {v}  :: to resemble
as senhoras {pron}  :: formal feminine plural personal pronoun; feminine plural of o senhor
assenhoreado {v}  :: past participle of assenhorear
assenhoreando {v}  :: gerund of assenhorear
assenhorear {v}  :: to hold, take ownership (of)
assentamento {m}  :: settlement (a colony that is newly established; a place or region newly settled)
assentando {v}  :: gerund of assentar
assentar {v}  :: to register
assentar {v}  :: to seat
assentimento {m}  :: assent
assentindo {v}  :: gerund of assentir
assentir {v}  :: to assent, consent, agree
assento {m}  :: seat, bottom, buttocks
asserção {f}  :: assertion, proposition
assestada {adj}  :: feminine form of assestado
assestadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of assestado
assestado {adj}  :: directed (facing a certain direction)
assestado {v}  :: past participle of assestar
assestando {v}  :: gerund of assestar
assestar {v}  :: to point at, or in the direction of
assexual {adj} [biology]  :: asexual (having no distinct sex)
assexualidade {f}  :: asexuality
assignalar {v}  :: obsolete spelling of assinalar
assim {adv}  :: this way; like this (in this manner)
assim {adv}  :: thus (as a result)
assim assim {adv}  :: alternative form of assim, assim
assim, assim {adv}  :: so-so (neither well nor poorly)
assim-assim {adv}  :: alternative form of assim, assim
assim é a vida {phrase}  :: such is life (used to express the acceptance of misfortune)
assim chamada {adj}  :: feminine form of assim chamado
assim chamadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of assim chamado
assim chamado {adj}  :: so-called
assim como {conj}  :: as well as (and in addition)
assimetricamente {adv}  :: asymmetrically
assimilando {v}  :: gerund of assimilar
assimilação {f}  :: appropriation
assimilação {f}  :: assimilation, absorption
assimilação {f}  :: digestion
assimilar {v}  :: to assimilate
assim que {conj}  :: as soon as
assim seja {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: so be it (indication of acceptance)
assim sendo {adv} [conjunctive]  :: therefore (for that or this reason; for that)
assimétrica {adj}  :: feminine form of assimétrico
assimétricas {adj}  :: feminine plural of assimétrico
assimétrico {adj}  :: asymmetrical
assinalada {adj}  :: feminine form of assinalado
assinaladas {adj}  :: feminine plural of assinalado
assinalado {adj}  :: distinguished; celebrated; prestigious
assinalado {adj}  :: ticked (marked with a tick, checkmark)
assinalando {v}  :: gerund of assinalar
assinalar {v}  :: to designate
assinalar {v}  :: to distinguish (to make oneself better from others through accomplishments)
assinalar {v}  :: to mark (indicate in some way for later reference)
assinalar {v}  :: to point out, indicate
assinante {mf}  :: subscriber (a person who subscribes to a publication or a service)
assinar {v}  :: sign (to write one's signature on a document)
assinar {v}  :: subscribe (to sign up to receive a publication)
assinatura {f}  :: signature
assincronia {f}  :: asynchrony (asynchrony)
assincronismo {m}  :: asynchrony
assintótica {adj}  :: feminine form of assintótico
assintóticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of assintótico
assintótico {adj}  :: asymptotic
assiriólogo {m}  :: assyriologist
assiriológica {adj}  :: feminine form of assiriológico
assiriológicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of assiriológico
assiriológico {adj}  :: Assyriological
assiriologia {f}  :: Assyriology
assiriologista {mf}  :: assyriologist
assistente {adj}  :: assistant
assistente {mf}  :: assistant
assistente social {mf}  :: social worker (person whose profession is social work)
assistindo {v}  :: gerund of assistir
assistir {v}  :: to assist
assistir {v}  :: to attend
assistir {v}  :: to watch or witness
assistólico {adj}  :: asystolic (pertaining to or suffering from asystole)
assistência {f}  :: assistance, aid, help
assistência {f}  :: protection
assistência humanitária {f}  :: relief (humanitarian aid or assistance)
assistolia {f} [cardiology]  :: asystole (absence of systole)
assíntota {m}  :: asymptote
assoalho {m}  :: floor (bottom of a room), especially a wooden one
assoar o nariz {v}  :: to blow one's nose (to expel mucus from nose)
assoberbando {v}  :: gerund of assoberbar
assoberbar {v}  :: to humiliate
assoberbar {v}  :: to overwhelm
assobiando {v}  :: gerund of assobiar
assobiar {vi}  :: to whistle (to make a shrill, high-pitched sound by forcing air through the mouth)
assobiar {v} [of a bird]  :: to produce birdsongs
assobiar {vt}  :: to whistle a song
assobio {m}  :: birdsong (musical sound made by a bird)
assobio {m}  :: the sound of rushing wind
assobio {m}  :: whistle (shrill, high-pitched sound made by whistling)
associada {adj}  :: feminine form of associado
associadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of associado
associado {adj}  :: associated
associado {m}  :: associate, partner
associamento {m}  :: association (act of associating)
associando {v}  :: gerund of associar
associação {f}  :: association
Associação de Nações do Sudeste Asiático {prop}  :: ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations)
associar {v}  :: to associate (with)
associar {v}  :: to partner
associar-se {v} [reciprocal]  :: to partner (to become partners)
associar-se {vr}  :: to league (to join an association)
associatividade {f} [algebra]  :: associativity (condition of being associative)
associativo {adj} [algebra]  :: associative (algebraic property of an operator)
assolado {v}  :: past participle of assolar
assolando {v}  :: gerund of assolar
assolar {v}  :: to ravage, devastate, raze
assomado {v}  :: past participle of assomar
assomando {v}  :: gerund of assomar
assomar {v}  :: to appear
assomar {v}  :: to loom
assombrado {adj}  :: amazed
assombrado {adj}  :: frightened
assombrado {adj}  :: haunted
assombrado {adj}  :: shady
assombrando {v}  :: gerund of assombrar
assombração {f}  :: ghost (spirit appearing after death)
assombração {f}  :: the act of haunting a place
assombrar {v}  :: to amaze, astonish
assombrar {v}  :: to overshadow
assombrar {v}  :: to scare
assombro {m}  :: astonishment
assombro {m}  :: terror
assoprador {m}  :: blower
assoprando {v}  :: gerund of assoprar
assoprar {v}  :: to blow
assorear {vi}  :: to silt up (become filled or clogged with silt)
assorear {vt}  :: to block a waterway
assossegado {adj}  :: alternative form of sossegado
assoviar {v}  :: alternative form of assobiar
assovio {m}  :: alternative form of assobio
assíria {adj}  :: feminine form of assírio
Assíria {prop}  :: Assyria
assírias {adj}  :: feminine plural of assírio
assírio {adj}  :: Assyrian
assírio {m}  :: Assyrian
assuada {f}  :: boo
assuada {f}  :: clamour, din
assuada {f}  :: whoop
assumindo {v}  :: gerund of assumir
assumir {v}  :: to admit (one's faults)
assumir {v}  :: to assume (to take on a position or duty)
assumpção {f}  :: alternative form of assunção
assunção {f}  :: assumption
Assunção {prop}  :: Asunción (capital of Paraguay)
assunto {m}  :: affair, thing
assunto {m}  :: subject, topic, theme
Assur {prop}  :: Assur (city)
Assur {prop}  :: Assur (deity)
assustado {adj}  :: fearful, frightened, afraid, scared
assustado {adj}  :: shy, timid
assustado {v}  :: past participle of assustar
assustador {adj}  :: frightening, eerie
assustadora {adj}  :: feminine form of assustador
assustadoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of assustador
assustando {v}  :: gerund of assustar
assustar {v}  :: to scare, frighten
assustar {v}  :: to startle
assyriologia {f}  :: obsolete spelling of assiriologia
Astana {prop}  :: Astana (the capital of Kazakhstan)
astatíneo {m}  :: alternative form of astatínio
astatínio {m}  :: astatine
astato {m}  :: astatine (the chemical element)
astúcia {f}  :: astuteness, craftiness, cunning
asteca {adj}  :: Aztec (of or pertaining to the Nahuas)
asteróide {m}  :: European Portuguese spelling of asteroide
asterisco {m}  :: asterisk (symbol used to highlight words or sentences)
asterismo {m}  :: asterism (small group of stars)
Asterix {prop}  :: Asterix (a fictional character from French comic books)
asteroide {m}  :: asteroid
Astracã {prop}  :: alternative spelling of Astrakhan
Astrakhan {prop}  :: Astrakhan (city and region in Russia)
astrócito {m}  :: astrocyte
Astreia {prop} [Greek god]  :: Astraea (Greek goddess)
Astreu {prop} [Greek god]  :: Astraeus (Greek god)
astrágalo {m} [skeleton, Portugal]  :: talus; anklebone
Astúrias {prop}  :: Asturias (autonomous community of Spain)
astrónomo {m}  :: astronomer
astrônomo {m} [Brazil]  :: astronomer
astro {m}  :: celestial body (ex. a star, a planet, a comet)
astro {m}  :: star (a person or thing)
astrofotografia {f} [astronomy, photography]  :: astrophotography (photography of celestial objects)
astrofísica {adj}  :: feminine form of astrofísico
astrofísica {f}  :: astrophysics
astrofísica {f}  :: (female) astrophysicist
astrofísicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of astrofísica
astrofísicas {fp}  :: feminine plural of astrofísica
astrofísico {adj}  :: astrophysical
astrofísico {m}  :: astrophysicist
astrolábio {m}  :: astrolabe
astrológico {adj}  :: astrological (pertaining to astrology)
astrologia {f}  :: astrology
astronauta {mf}  :: astronaut (member of the crew of a spaceship or other spacecraft, or someone trained for that purpose)
astronave {f}  :: spacecraft (vehicle that travels through space)
astronômica {adj}  :: feminine form of astronômico
astronômicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of astronômico
astronômico {adj}  :: astronomic, astronomical
astronómico {adj} [comparable, Portugal]  :: astronomical (very large)
astronómico {adj} [not comparable, Portugal]  :: astronomical (of or relating to astronomy)
astronomia {f}  :: astronomy
astrosa {adj}  :: feminine form of astroso
astrosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of astroso
astroso {adj}  :: ill-starred, unfortunate
astuciosa {adj}  :: feminine form of astucioso
astuciosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of astucioso
astucioso {adj}  :: astute (shrewd or crafty)
asturiana {adj}  :: feminine form of asturiano
asturiano {adj}  :: Asturian
asturiano {m}  :: Asturian
asturiano {m}  :: Asturian (language)
astuto {adj}  :: astute (quick at seeing how to gain advantage)
a sua {pron}  :: feminine form of o seu
até {adv}  :: even (implying an extreme example in the case mentioned)
até {adv}  :: including (introducing one or more parts of the group or topic just mentioned)
até {interj} [informal]  :: short for any farewell containing até (até-logo, até mais, até breve, até já): see ya; see you later; see you soon
até {prep}  :: by (at some point before the given time)
até {prep}  :: to (all the way to a place)
até {prep}  :: until (up to the time of something happening)
até {prep}  :: up to (to the point of; as much as)
ata {f}  :: minute (record of meeting)
atabalhoada {adj}  :: feminine form of atabalhoado
atabalhoadamente {adv}  :: haphazardly (in a haphazard manner)
atabalhoadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of atabalhoado
atabalhoado {adj}  :: haphazard (random, chaotic, incomplete)
atabernada {adj}  :: feminine form of atabernado
atabernadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of atabernado
atabernado {adj}  :: tavern (attributive)
atacado {n}  :: wholesale
atacador {m}  :: attacker (someone who attacks)
atacador {m}  :: shoelace (for fastening a shoe)
atacante {adj}  :: attacking
atacante {mf}  :: attacker
atacar {v} [of a disease]  :: to strike
atacar {v} [sports]  :: to attempt to score
atacar {v}  :: to attack (to aggressively challenge a person or idea)
atacar {v}  :: to attack (to apply violent force)
atacar {v}  :: to attack (to deal with something in a direct way)
atacar {v}  :: to eat voraciously
atacável {adj}  :: attackable, assailable
ataúde {m}  :: bier, hearse
ataúde {m}  :: coffin
ataúde {m}  :: tomb
atado {adj}  :: tied
atado {adj}  :: timid
atado {m}  :: bundle
atadura {f}  :: bandage (medical binding)
atalhado {v}  :: past participle of atalhar
atalhando {v}  :: gerund of atalhar
atalhar {v}  :: to shortcut
atalhar {v}  :: to shorten, abbreviate, summarize
atalho {m}  :: shortcut (path, method)
atanazar {v}  :: to tong (to grab, manipulate or transport something using tongs)
atando {v}  :: gerund of atar
atapetando {v}  :: gerund of atapetar
atapetar {v}  :: to carpet
ataque {m}  :: attack
ataque cardíaco {m}  :: heart attack (acute myocardial infarction)
ataque de nervos {m}  :: nervous breakdown
atar {v}  :: to tie, tie up
ataraxia {f}  :: ataraxia
atarefada {adj}  :: feminine form of atarefado
atarefadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of atarefado
atarefado {adj}  :: busy
atarefado {adj}  :: eventful
atarefar {vt}  :: to task (to assign a task to)
Atari {m} [video games]  :: Atari (video game system)
atarraxado {v}  :: past participle of atarraxar
atarraxando {v}  :: gerund of atarraxar
atarraxar {v}  :: to screw on
ataulizado {adj}  :: Common misspelling of atualizado
atavernada {adj}  :: feminine form of atavernado
atavernadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of atavernado
atavernado {adj}  :: alternative form of atabernado
ataviar {v}  :: to adorn; to decorate
atavística {adj}  :: feminine form of atavístico
atavísticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of atavístico
atavístico {adj}  :: atavistic (of a throwback)
atavístico {adj}  :: atavistic (of the return of earlier, more primitive behaviour)
atavístico {adj} [biology]  :: atavistic (of the recurrence of a trait after an absence of generations)
atazanar {v}  :: alternative form of atanazar
atchim {interj}  :: achoo!
ateado {v}  :: past participle of atear
ateando {v}  :: gerund of atear
atear {v}  :: to inflame
atear {v}  :: to kindle (all senses)
atear fogo {v}  :: to set fire, set on fire
ateliê {m}  :: atelier (studio)
atemorizando {v}  :: gerund of atemorizar
atemorizar {v}  :: to frighten
atempando {v}  :: gerund of atempar
atempar {v} [regional, Minho]  :: to ripen (to become mature)
atempar {v}  :: to schedule (to plan an activity at a specific date or time in the future)
atemporal {adj}  :: atemporal (unaffected by time)
Atena {prop} [Greek god]  :: Athena
Atenas {prop}  :: Athens (capital city of Greece)
atenazar {v}  :: alternative form of atanazar
atenciosa {adj}  :: feminine form of atencioso
atenciosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of atencioso
atencioso {adj}  :: thoughtful; considerate
atendendo {v}  :: gerund of atender
atender {v}  :: to meet, conform to, deal with or cater to (circumstances, requirements or expectations)
atender {v}  :: to serve or answer (at a service counter or help desk)
atender {v}  :: to suit or accomodate (limitations, requirements or expectations)
atender {v}  :: to take into account; to consider
atender {vt}  :: to answer (the phone)
atender o telefone {v}  :: to pick up the phone (to pick up the receiver of a telephone to answer a call)
atendimento {m}  :: the way a service is provided
atendível {adj}  :: answerable
atendível {adj}  :: compliable (with)
ateniense {adj}  :: Athenian (pertaining to Athens)
ateniense {mf}  :: Athenian (person from Athens)
atenção {f}  :: attention
atenta {adj}  :: feminine form of atento
atentado {m}  :: outrage, violent offence
atentar {v} [informal]  :: to bother; to irritate; to annoy
atentar {v}  :: to commit or attempt to commit a crime motivated by ideology
atentar {v}  :: to do something that contravenes a convention, morality, religion, rights, etc
atentar {v}  :: to pay attention to something
atentar {v}  :: to tempt (to provoke someone to do wrong)
atentas {adj}  :: feminine plural of atento
atento {adj}  :: attentive
atenuando {v}  :: gerund of atenuar
atenuação {f} [physics]  :: attenuation (a reduction in the level of some property with distance)
atenuar {v}  :: to attenuate, lessen, reduce
atenuar {v}  :: to mitigate
ater {vr}  :: to conform, comply
aterragem {f}  :: landing (of an aircraft)
aterrando {v}  :: gerund of aterrar
aterrar {v}  :: to land
aterrar {v}  :: to terrorize
aterrisagem {f} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of aterrizagem
aterrissagem {m}  :: alternative form of aterrizagem
aterrissar {vi}  :: to land (to descend to a surface, especially from the air)
aterrissar {vt}  :: to land (to bring to land)
aterrizagem {m}  :: landing (an aircraft’s coming to land)
aterro {m}  :: a place covered with earth or rubble
aterro {m}  :: earth or rubble used to cover or level a location
aterro {m}  :: landfill (site at which refuse is buried); short for aterro sanitário
aterrorizar {vt}  :: to terrorise (to fill with terror)
ateísmo {m}  :: atheism
ateísta {adj}  :: atheistic
ateísta {mf}  :: atheist
atestado de óbito {m}  :: death certificate (document)
atestando {v}  :: gerund of atestar
atestar {v}  :: to attest, testify, vouch
ateu {m}  :: atheist (one who lacks belief in the existence of gods)
atiçado {v}  :: past participle of atiçar
atiçador {m}  :: poker (metal rod for poking embers)
atiçando {v}  :: gerund of atiçar
atiçar {v}  :: to incite, provoke
atiçar {v}  :: to stir, poke
aética {adj}  :: feminine form of aético
aéticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of aético
aético {adj}  :: unethical (not morally approvable)
atilho {m}  :: string, twine, cord
atinando {v}  :: gerund of atinar
atinar {v}  :: to attain
atinar {v}  :: to fathom
atinar {v}  :: to hit a target
atinente {adj} [formal]  :: relating or related (to)
atingindo {v}  :: gerund of atingir
atingir {v}  :: to attain, reach
atingir {v}  :: to understand
atiradeira {f}  :: slingshot (device for shooting small projectiles)
atirador {m}  :: marksman, dead shot
atirador {m}  :: shooter
atirar {vt}  :: fire (transitive, shoot (a gun))
atirar {v}  :: throw
atirar a primeira pedra {v} [idiomatic]  :: to cast the first stone (act self-righteously)
atitude {f}  :: attitude, position
atitude {f}  :: behaviour
ativada {adj}  :: feminine form of ativado
ativadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of ativado
ativado {adj}  :: activated
ativado {v}  :: past participle of ativar
ativador {adj}  :: activating
ativador {m}  :: activator
ativadora {adj}  :: feminine form of ativador
ativadoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of ativador
ativamente {adv}  :: actively
ativando {v}  :: gerund of ativar
ativação {f}  :: activation
ativar {vt}  :: to activate
atividade {f}  :: activity (something done as an action or a movement)
atividade {f} [uncountable]  :: activity (the state or quality of being active; nimbleness; agility; vigorous action or operation; energy; active force)
ativismo {m}  :: activism
ativismo {m}  :: militancy
ativista {adj}  :: activist (attributive)
ativista {adj}  :: militant
ativo {adj}  :: active
ativo {m}  :: asset (something or someone of any value)
ativo circulante {m} [accounting]  :: current asset
ativo fixo {m} [business, accounting]  :: fixed asset
atlante {m} [lb, pt, architecture]  :: atlas (figure of a man used as a column)
atlante {n} [lb, pt, mythology]  :: Atlantean (an inhabitant of Atlantis)
atlas {m}  :: atlas (collection of maps)
atlas {m}  :: atlas (topmost vertebra)
Atlas {prop} [astronomy]  :: Atlas (a moon of Saturn)
Atlas {prop} [geography]  :: Atlas Mountains
Atlas {prop} [Greek god]  :: Atlas
atleta {mf}  :: athlete
atletismo {m}  :: athletics (sporting activities such as track and field and running)
atlântica {adj}  :: feminine form of atlântico
atlânticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of atlântico
atlântico {adj}  :: Atlantic
Atlântico {prop}  :: the Atlantic
Atlântida {prop}  :: Atlantis (mythology)
até logo {phrase}  :: see you soon (a farewell)
até-logo {interj}  :: goodbye
até-logo {interj}  :: see ya, see you later
até mais {phrase}  :: see you later (a farewell)
até mais ver {phrase}  :: see you later (a farewell)
atómica {adj}  :: feminine form of atómico
atômica {adj}  :: feminine form of atômico
atómicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of atómico
atômicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of atômico
atómico {adj}  :: atomic (of, or employing nuclear energy or processes)
atômico {adj} [Brazil]  :: alternative spelling of atómico
atómico {adj} [comparable]  :: extremely small
atómico {adj}  :: relating to atoms
atmosfera {f}  :: atmosphere (gases surrounding the Earth)
atmosfera física {f}  :: atmosphere (a unit of measurement for pressure)
atmosférica {adj}  :: feminine form of atmosférico
atmosféricas {adj}  :: feminine plural of atmosférico
atmosférico {adj}  :: atmospheric
atónita {adj}  :: feminine form of atónito
atônita {adj}  :: feminine form of atônito
atónitas {adj}  :: feminine plural of atónito
atônitas {adj}  :: feminine plural of atônito
atónito {adj}  :: astonished
atônito {adj} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of atónito
ato {m}  :: act (deed)
ato {m}  :: act (display of behaviour)
ato {m}  :: act (division of theatrical performance)
ato {m}  :: act (process of doing something)
ato {m}  :: act (state of existence)
atochar {v}  :: to wedge (to force into a narrow gap)
ato falho {m}  :: Freudian slip (subconscious mistake in speech or action)
atol {m}  :: atoll (island)
atolar {vt}  :: to bog down
atoleiro {m}  :: morass
atoleiro {m}  :: quagmire
atonal {adj} [music]  :: atonal (lacking a tonal center or key)
ator {m}  :: actor (person who performs in a theatrical play or movie)
atordoando {v}  :: gerund of atordoar
atordoar {v}  :: to stun, daze
atordoar {v}  :: to stupefy
atormentar {v}  :: to torment (to cause severe suffering)
Atos dos Apóstolos {prop} [biblical]  :: Acts of the Apostles (the name of the book of Acts in the Bible)
até que {prep}  :: until (before a time)
até que enfim {adv}  :: After a long time; eventually; at last
atracado {v}  :: past participle of atracar
atracando {v}  :: gerund of atracar
atracar {v} [nautical]  :: To moor, berth
atracção {f}  :: obsolete spelling of atração
atractiva {adj}  :: feminine form of atractivo
atractivas {adj}  :: feminine plural of atractivo
atractivo {adj}  :: European Portuguese spelling of atrativo
atraída {adj}  :: feminine form of atraído
atraídas {adj}  :: feminine plural of atraído
atraído {adj}  :: attracted
atraente {adj}  :: attractive (having the power of charming)
atraindo {v}  :: gerund of atrair
atraiçoada {adj}  :: feminine form of atraiçoado
atraiçoadamente {adv}  :: mistakenly
atraiçoadamente {adv}  :: treacherously
atraiçoadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of atraiçoado
atraiçoado {adj}  :: betrayed
atraiçoado {adj}  :: mistaken, deluded
atraiçoado {adj}  :: treacherous
atrair {v}  :: provoke
atrair {v}  :: to amaze
atrair {v}  :: to attract
atrair {v}  :: to bring towards by the use of gravity
atração {f}  :: attraction
atrapalhada {adj}  :: feminine form of atrapalhado
atrapalhadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of atrapalhado
atrapalhado {adj}  :: Lacking coordination; not dextrous; clumsy
atrapalhando {v}  :: gerund of atrapalhar
atrapalhar {v}  :: to confuse
atrapalhar {v}  :: to muddle
atrapalhar {v}  :: to shuffle
atrapalhar-se {vr}  :: to botch (to do something without skill, without care, or clumsily)
atrasada {adj}  :: feminine form of atrasado
atrasadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of atrasado
atrasado {adj}  :: Not arriving until after an expected time; late
atrasados {n}  :: arrears = unpaid debt
atrasando {v}  :: gerund of atrasar
atrasar {v}  :: to delay
atraso {m}  :: delay
atrativa {adj}  :: feminine form of atrativo
atrativas {adj}  :: feminine plural of atrativo
atrativo {adj}  :: attractive
atrativo {m}  :: attraction
atrativo {m}  :: attractiveness
atravancando {v}  :: gerund of atravancar
atravancar {v}  :: to clutter
atravancar {v}  :: to embarrass
atravancar {v}  :: to obstruct, block, chock
atravessar {v}  :: to cross, to traverse
atravessar {v}  :: to pierce, to go through
atravessar o Rubicão {v} [idiomatic]  :: to cross the Rubicon (to make an irreversible decision)
através {adv}  :: through, across (from one side to the other)
através de {prep}  :: through (entering, then later exiting)
atrelar {vt}  :: to harness
atrelar {vt}  :: to link; to connect
atrevendo {v}  :: gerund of atrever
atrever {vr}  :: to dare
atrevida {adj}  :: feminine form of atrevido
atrevidamente {adv}  :: boldly, audaciously
atrevidamente {adv}  :: insolently
atrevidas {adj}  :: feminine plural of atrevido
atrevido {adj}  :: cheeky, insolent
atrevido {adj}  :: daring, bold, audacious
atrevimento {m}  :: boldness, audacity, daring
atrevimento {m}  :: cheek, insolence
atribuída {adj}  :: feminine form of atribuído
atribuídas {adj}  :: feminine plural of atribuído
atribuído {adj}  :: assigned, granted, conferred
atribuindo {v}  :: gerund of atribuir
atribuição {f}  :: allocation
atribuição {f}  :: attribution, assignment
atribuir {v}  :: to assign
atribuir {v}  :: to attribute
atributo {m}  :: attribute
atributos {n} [colloquial]  :: assets
atribuível {adj}  :: attributable
atril {m}  :: bookstand
atriquia {f}  :: atrichia (absence of hair)
atritar {v}  :: to chafe (to wear by friction)
atrito {m}  :: friction (conflict between people having dissimilar ideas or interests)
atrito {m} [physics, uncountable]  :: friction (force that resists the relative motion or tendency to such motion of two bodies in contact)
atriz {f}  :: actress
atro {adj}  :: bad; evil; sinister
atro {adj}  :: black (of the darkest colour)
atroando {v}  :: gerund of atroar
atroar {v}  :: to roar, thunder
atroar {v}  :: to rumble
atroar {v}  :: to stun
atrocidade {f}  :: atrocity
a troco de nada {adv}  :: apropos of nothing (without any apparent reason or purpose)
atrofia {f}  :: atrophy (reduced functionality of an organ)
atropelar {vt} [slang, pejorative]  :: to spray graffiti in an area already graffitied, technically deforming or removing the previous one
atropelar {vt}  :: to hit an obstacle while moving
atroz {adj}  :: atrocious (evil, cruel)
atêrro {m}  :: obsolete spelling of aterro
atrás {prep}  :: behind (at the back of)
atrás das grades {adv}  :: behind bars (in jail or prison)
atrás de {prep}  :: after (in pursuit of, seeking)
atrás de {prep}  :: behind
attacar {v}  :: obsolete spelling of atacar
attentar {v}  :: obsolete spelling of atentar
attinente {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of atinente
attrito {m}  :: obsolete spelling of atrito
atual {adj}  :: actual
atual {adj}  :: current, present
atualidade {f}  :: The present time
atualmente {adv}  :: currently, now, presently
atuando {v}  :: gerund of atuar
atuação {f}  :: action
atuar {v}  :: to act
atuar {v}  :: to influence
atuar {v}  :: to operate, function
atum {m}  :: tuna
aturando {v}  :: gerund of aturar
aturar {v}  :: to endure, suffer, tolerate
aturdimento {m}  :: daze (the state of being dazed)
atuário {m}  :: actuary (maker of insurance calculations)
atávica {adj}  :: feminine form of atávico
atávicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of atávico
atávico {adj}  :: atavistic (of a throwback)
atávico {adj}  :: atavistic (of the return of earlier, more primitive behaviour)
atávico {adj} [biology]  :: atavistic (of the recurrence of a trait after an absence of generations)
auê {m} [Brazil, slang]  :: fuss; tumult
au {interj}  :: ouch (expression of minor physical pain)
au au {interj}  :: bow-wow (representing a dog’s bark)
au-au {interj}  :: alternative spelling of au au
auau {interj}  :: alternative spelling of au au
açucarando {v}  :: gerund of açucarar
açucarar {v}  :: to sweeten
açucareiro {m}  :: sugar bowl (small receptacle for serving sugar on a table)
açucena {m}  :: lily
Auckland {prop}  :: Auckland (the largest conurbation in New Zealand)
açucre {m} [dated, or, dialectal]  :: alternative form of açúcar
auctor {m}  :: obsolete spelling of autor
audaciosa {adj}  :: feminine form of audacioso
audaciosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of audacioso
audacioso {adj}  :: bold; courageous, daring
audaz {adj}  :: audacious, bold, daring
audaz {adj}  :: brave
audaz {adj}  :: insolent
audácia {f}  :: courage; fearlessness (quality of being fearless)
açude {m} [Brazil]  :: a small artificial lake
açude {m}  :: dam (structure built across a body of water)
audiência {f}  :: audience (formal meeting)
audiência {f}  :: hearing
audiência-alvo {f}  :: target audience
audiência objetivada {f} [marketing, rare]  :: target audience (group of people an advertisement campaign or product is aimed at)
audiência visada {f}  :: target audience, aimed audience
audição {f}  :: audition
audição {f}  :: hearing
audiolivro {m}  :: audiobook
audiologia {f}  :: audiology (study of hearing and hearing defects)
auditivo {adj}  :: auditory (of or pertaining to hearing)
auditor {m}  :: auditor (one who audits bookkeeping accounts)
auditoria {f}  :: audit (examination in general)
auditoria {f}  :: audit (independent review)
auditório {m}  :: auditorium (a large room for public meetings or performances)
auditório {m}  :: auditory (an audience of a hearing)
audivelmente {adv}  :: In context of possibility of being heard; audibly
audível {adj}  :: audible
auferindo {v}  :: gerund of auferir
auferir {v}  :: to acquire, collect, obtain, receive
auge {m}  :: height, peak
augúrio {m}  :: augury (divination based on the appearance and behaviour of animals)
augúrio {m} [obsolete]  :: omen
Augsburgo {prop}  :: Augsburg (city in southern Germany)
Augusto {prop}  :: Augustus (Roman emperor)
aula {f}  :: lecture, lesson; class, auditorium
açulando {v}  :: gerund of açular
açular {v}  :: to incite (dogs to bite)
aumentar {v}  :: to increase, augment (cause something to become larger)
aumentar {v}  :: to increase (become larger)
aumentativa {adj}  :: feminine form of aumentativo
aumentativas {adj}  :: feminine plural of aumentativo
aumentativo {adj} [grammar]  :: augmentative
aumentativo {m} [grammar]  :: augmentative
aumento {m}  :: augmentation
aumento {m}  :: increase, growth
aumento {m}  :: raise
aução {f}  :: alternative form of ação
aura {f}  :: aura (an invisible force surrounding a living creature)
aureolada {adj}  :: feminine form of aureolado
aureoladas {adj}  :: feminine plural of aureolado
aureolado {adj}  :: haloed
aureolado {v}  :: past participle of aureolar
aureolar {vt}  :: to halo (encircle with a halo)
aurífera {adj}  :: feminine form of aurífero
auríferas {adj}  :: feminine plural of aurífero
aurífero {adj}  :: auriferous
aurífero {adj}  :: gold (attributive)
aurífice {mf}  :: goldsmith (person who forges things out of gold)
Aurélia {prop}  :: Aurelia (female given name)
auréola {f}  :: halo, aureole, nimbus (luminous disc around the heads of saints)
aurora {f}  :: dawn, daybreak
aurora austral {f}  :: aurora australis
aurora boreal {f}  :: aurora borealis
auroterapia {f} [medicine]  :: chrysotherapy (therapeutic use of gold)
Auschwitz {prop}  :: Auschwitz (city in Poland)
Auschwitz {prop}  :: Auschwitz (concentration camp)
auscultador {m}  :: phone
auscultador {m}  :: stethoscope
ausentar {v}  :: to absent (to withhold from being present)
ausente {adj}  :: absent
ausência {f}  :: absence
auspiciosamente {adv}  :: In context of being convenient; favorably; conveniently
austenita {f} [mineral]  :: austenite
austera {adj}  :: feminine form of austero
austeramente {adv}  :: austerely (in an austere manner)
austeridade {f}  :: austerity
austero {adj}  :: austere (not extravagant)
austero {adj}  :: stern; austere; grim (having a hardness and severity of nature or manner)
austríaca {adj}  :: feminine form of austríaco
austríacas {adj}  :: feminine plural of austríaco
austríaco {adj}  :: Austrian (related to Austria)
austríaco {m}  :: Austrian (Austrian person)
austríaco {m} [uncountable]  :: Austrian German (language/dialect)
austral {adj}  :: southern; austral (of, relating to, or coming from the south)
austral {m}  :: austral (short-lived Argentinian currency)
australiana {adj}  :: feminine form of australiano
australianas {adj}  :: feminine plural of australiano
australiano {adj}  :: Australian
australiano {m}  :: Australian
Australásia {prop} [lb, pt, geography]  :: Australasia (Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea and neighbouring islands)
Austrália {prop}  :: Australia (Commonwealth of Australia)
Austrália do Sul {prop}  :: South Australia (state of Australia)
Austrália Meridional {prop}  :: South Australia (state of Australia)
austro {m}  :: a southern wind
austro {m} [poetic]  :: the south
austro-húngara {adj}  :: feminine form of austro-húngaro
austro-húngaras {adj}  :: feminine plural of austro-húngaro
austro-húngaro {adj} [historical]  :: Austro-Hungarian (of or pertaining to Austria-Hungary)
autarquia {f}  :: autonomy
autarquia {f}  :: municipality
autóctone {adj}  :: autochthonous, native
autenticar {v}  :: to authenticate (to prove authentic)
autenticar {v}  :: to authenticate (to render authentic)
autenticidade {f}  :: authenticity
auteur {m}  :: auteur (creative artist)
autógrafo {m}  :: autograph
autismo {m}  :: autism (abnormal self-absorption)
autista {adj}  :: autistic (pertaining to, or having autism)
autista {mf}  :: autistic (person suffering from autism)
autômato {m} [Brazil]  :: automaton (machine, robot, or formal system)
autómato {m} [Portugal]  :: alternative form of autômato
autônoma {adj}  :: feminine form of autônomo
autônomas {adj}  :: feminine plural of autônomo
autónomo {adj}  :: autonomous (acting on one’s own)
autónomo {adj}  :: autonomous (self-governing)
autônomo {adj} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of autónomo
autêntica {adj}  :: feminine form of autêntico
autênticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of autêntico
autêntico {adj}  :: authentic; legitimate; genuine
auto {m}  :: act (record of something done)
auto {m}  :: a public deed or ceremony
auto {m}  :: auto (a sub-genre of dramatic literature)
auto {m}  :: automobile; car
auto {m} [dated]  :: act; deed
auto- {prefix}  :: self-; auto-
auto-ajuda {f}  :: self-help (bettering oneself without relying on the assistance of others)
autobiografia {f}  :: A documentation of one's own life; an autobiography
autocarro {m} [Portugal]  :: bus (vehicle)
autocolante {adj}  :: which sticks without being moistened
autocolante {m}  :: a sticker (adhesive label or decal) which sticks without being moistened
auto-controle {m}  :: self-control (ability to control one’s desires and impulses)
autocracia {f}  :: autocracy (form of government)
autocrata {mf}  :: autocrat
autocrática {adj}  :: feminine form of autocrático
autocráticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of autocrático
autocrático {adj}  :: autocratic
auto da fé {m}  :: auto da fe (public execution)
autodefesa {f} [legal]  :: self-defense (defense for oneself against violence)
autodefesa {f}  :: self-defense (means of defending oneself from attack)
autodidata {mf}  :: autodidact (a self-taught person)
autodinâmico {adj}  :: autodynamic (supplying its own power)
autodisciplina {f}  :: self-discipline; willpower
autodomínio {m}  :: self-restraint
autoerotismo {m}  :: autoerotism (sexual activity involving oneself)
autoerótica {adj}  :: feminine form of autoerótico
autoeróticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of autoerótico
autoerótico {adj}  :: autoerotic
auto-estima {f}  :: obsolete form of autoestima
autoestima {f}  :: self-esteem
autoestrada {f}  :: motorway [Commonwealth English], highway, freeway [American English]
auto-estrada {f}  :: obsolete form of autoestrada
auto-felação {f}  :: autofellatio (oral stimulation of one’s own penis)
autoimagem {f}  :: self-image (way a person views themself)
autoimune {adj}  :: autoimmune
autoindulgente {adj}  :: self-indulgent (exhibiting tendencies of self-indulgence)
autolimpante {adj}  :: self-cleaning
automação {f}  :: automation (converting the controlling of a machine to an automatic system)
automaticamente {adv}  :: automatically (in an automatic manner)
automatizar {v}  :: to automate
automobilística {adj}  :: feminine form of automobilístico
automobilísticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of automobilístico
automobilístico {adj}  :: automobile (attributive)
automotiva {adj}  :: feminine form of automotivo
automotivas {adj}  :: feminine plural of automotivo
automotivo {adj}  :: automitive
automática {adj}  :: feminine form of automático
automáticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of automático
automático {adj}  :: automatic
automóvel {m}  :: car (automobile, a vehicle steered by a driver)
autonomia {f}  :: autonomy
auto-obsessão {f}  :: self-obsession (preoccupation with self)
autopolinização {f} [lb, pt, botany]  :: self pollination
autor {m}  :: author
autora {f}  :: feminine form of autor
auto-retrato {m}  :: obsolete spelling of autorretrato
autoria {f}  :: authorship
autoria {f}  :: cause, motivation
autoria {f}  :: motive
autoridade {f}  :: authority
autoritária {adj}  :: feminine form of autoritário
autoritárias {adj}  :: feminine plural of autoritário
autoritário {adj}  :: authoritarian (of, or relating to, absolute obedience to an authority)
autorizando {v}  :: gerund of autorizar
autorização {f}  :: authority, permission
autorização {f}  :: authorization (all senses)
autorizar {v}  :: to authorize
autorreferência {f}  :: self-reference (referring to itself)
autorretrato {m}  :: self-portrait
auto-serviço {m}  :: self-service (the practice of serving oneself)
autossuficiência {f}  :: self-sufficiency (condition of being self-sufficient)
autovetor {m} [linear algebra]  :: eigenvector (vector not rotated by linear transformation)
autópsia {f}  :: autopsy
autuado {v}  :: past participle of autuar
autuando {v}  :: gerund of autuar
autuar {v}  :: to fine
autuar {v}  :: to sue
auxiliando {v}  :: gerund of auxiliar
auxiliar {adj}  :: auxiliary
auxiliar {v}  :: to aid
auxiliária {adj}  :: feminine form of auxiliário
auxiliárias {adj}  :: feminine plural of auxiliário
auxiliário {adj}  :: auxiliary (giving assistance or support)
auxina {f} [botany]  :: auxin (class of plant growth hormones)
auxílio {m}  :: help, assistance
auxílio {m}  :: relief
auxílio {m}  :: rescue
auxílio {m}  :: support
avó {f}  :: grandmother, female grandparent
avô {m}  :: grandfather, male grandparent
aval {m}  :: permit (an artifact or document rendering something allowed or legal)
avalancha {f}  :: alternative form of avalanche
avalanche {f}  :: avalanche (large mass of snow sliding down a mountain side)
avalanche {f} [lb, pt, figurative]  :: (sudden, great, or irresistible influx of anything)
avaliando {v}  :: gerund of avaliar
avaliação {f} [figuratively]  :: evaluation
avaliação {f}  :: valuation
avaliar {v}  :: to evaluate, assess, appraise
avaliável {adj}  :: rateable / ratable
avançar {v}  :: to go forward, advance
avançar {v}  :: to surpass, exceed
avanheenga {m}  :: alternative form of abanheenga
avanço {m}  :: advance, advancement
avanço {m}  :: advantage
avante {adv}  :: forward, along
avantesma {f}  :: alternative form of abantesma
avar {adj}  :: Avar (belonging or relating to the Avar people)
avar {m}  :: Avar (a Northeast Caucasian language spoken in Dagestan)
avar {n}  :: a member of the Avar people
avarícia {f}  :: avarice (excessive or inordinate desire of gain)
avarenta {adj}  :: feminine form of avarento
avarentas {adj}  :: feminine plural of avarento
avarento {adj}  :: miserly, mean, stingy
avareza {f}  :: greed, avarice (excessive or inordinate desire of gain)
avariado {adj}  :: damaged, broken, not working, out of order;
avariando {v}  :: gerund of avariar
avariar {v}  :: to damage, corrupt
avariar {v}  :: to deteriorate
avariar {v}  :: to fail, break down
avaro {m}  :: skinflint (one who is excessively stingy or cautious with money)
avatar {m}  :: avatar
ave {f}  :: bird
ave {interj}  :: hail (introduces a formal greeting)
Ave {prop}  :: Ave River (a river in Portugal)
ave de capoeira {f}  :: poultry (domestic fowl)
ave de rapina {f}  :: bird of prey (carnivorous bird)
ave-do-paraíso {f}  :: bird of paradise (bird)
aveia {f}  :: oats
Aveiro {prop}  :: A district in northern Portugal
Aveiro {prop}  :: A Portuguese city in Aveiro district
avejão {m}  :: ghost (spirit appearing after death)
avejão {m} [irregular]  :: augmentative form of ave
avelã {f}  :: hazel (nut)
avelaneira {f}  :: hazelnut (shrub)
aveleira {f}  :: alternative form of avelaneira
aveleiro {m}  :: alternative form of avelaneira
Avellino {prop}  :: Avellino (Italian town)
aveludada {adj}  :: feminine form of aveludado
aveludadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of aveludado
aveludado {adj}  :: velvety (like velvet)
avelãzeira {f}  :: alternative form of avelaneira
avenida {f}  :: avenue
avental {m}  :: apron (article of clothing worn over the front of the torso)
aventando {v}  :: gerund of aventar
aventar {v}  :: to aerate, ventilate
aventar {v}  :: to suggest
aventesma {f}  :: alternative form of abantesma
aventura {f}  :: adventure (that which happens without design)
aventurança {f}  :: fortune (condition of being fortunate)
aventurando {v}  :: gerund of aventurar
aventurar {v}  :: to risk
aventurar-se {vt}  :: to venture (to undertake a risky journey)
aventureira {adj}  :: feminine form of aventureiro
aventureiras {adj}  :: feminine plural of aventureiro
aventureiro {adj}  :: relating to adventures
aventureiro {m}  :: adventurer (someone who goes on an adventure)
aventureyra {adj}  :: feminine form of aventureyro