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ñ {adv}  :: Shorthand for não
{interj}  :: eye dialect of não
{interj}  :: eye dialect of não
{contraction} [colloquial]  :: Contraction of não (not) + é (is) (in other words: isn't it, innit), used as a tag question to ask for someone's opinion; comparable to English right
{m}  :: abbreviation of número
{m}  :: knot
N {m}  :: abbreviation of norte
na {contraction}  :: contraction of em a
naõ {adv}  :: obsolete spelling of não
naõ {interj}  :: obsolete spelling of não
na {pron} [objective, after verbs which end in a nasal vowel]  :: her
naan {m}  :: naan (Asian type of flat bread)
nabo {m}  :: turnip (Brassica rapa or its root)
nabo da Suécia {m} [rare]  :: rutabaga (Brassica napus, a plant with an edible root)
nabos em saco {n} [idiomatic]  :: pig in a poke (something whose true value is concealed or unknown)
Nabucodonosor {prop}  :: Nebuchadnezzar (a ruler of Babylon)
nachos {mp}  :: nachos (Mexican dish of tortilla chips)
nacimento {m}  :: obsolete spelling of nascimento
nacional {adj}  :: national
nacionalidade {f}  :: nationality
nacionalismo {m}  :: nationalism (support for one’s country)
nacionalista {adj}  :: Of or relating to nationalism; nationalist
nacionalmente {adv}  :: nationally
nada {adv}  :: to no extent; in no way; not at all
nada {m}  :: nothingness (the state of not existing)
nada {m}  :: the void (the vacuum of space)
nada {pron} [indefinite]  :: nothing (not any thing; no thing)
nada a ver {adj} [idiomatic]  :: nonsensical; absurd
nada a ver {interj}  :: nonsense; bollocks
nadadeira {f}  :: fin (appendage of a fish)
nadador {m}  :: swimmer (one who swims)
nadador-salvador {m} [uncommon]  :: lifeguard (attendant employed to save swimmers)
nada mau {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: not bad
nada nessa mão {phrase}  :: A phrase commonly associated with shows of magic, where the performer assures that his hand is empty, therefore he is not holding any tools to aid his tricks
nadar {v}  :: to swim
nadar de peito {v}  :: to breaststroke (to swim using breaststroke)
nadavê {interj} [Brazil, internet slang]  :: eye dialect of nada a ver
nadir {m} [figuratively]  :: nadir (the lowest point)
nadir {m}  :: nadir (point of the celestial sphere directly under the place where the observer stands)
nado {adj}  :: born
nado {m}  :: swim, swimming
nado borboleta {m}  :: butterfly stroke (type of swimming stroke)
nado de peito {m}  :: breaststroke (type of swimming stroke)
nado sincronizado {m}  :: synchronised swimming
na frente de {prep}  :: in front of (at or near the front part of)
naftênica {adj}  :: feminine form of naftênico
naftênicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of naftênico
naftênico {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: naphthenic
Nagaland {prop}  :: Nagaland (state)
Nagasaki {prop}  :: Nagasaki (a city in Kyushu, Japan)
Nagasáqui {prop}  :: alternative form of Nagasaki
na gente {contraction}  :: contraction of em a gente
Nagorno-Karabakh {prop}  :: Nagorno-Karabakh (region in South Caucasus)
Nagykanizsa {prop}  :: Nagykanizsa (town in Hungary)
na hora {adv} [idiomatic]  :: In the right moment
naipe {m}  :: suit (card game category)
Nairóbi {prop}  :: alternative form of Nairobi
Nairobi {prop}  :: Nairobi (capital of Kenya)
naja {f}  :: cobra
Nakhodka {prop}  :: Nakhodka (a city in Russia)
Nalchik {prop}  :: Nalchik (city in Russia)
nam {adv}  :: obsolete spelling of não
na manga {adj} [idiomatic]  :: up one’s sleeve (hidden, in reserve)
na manga {adj} manga
Namíbia {prop}  :: Namibia (Republic of Namibia)
na minha opinião {phrase}  :: in my opinion (according to my opinion)
na moda {adj}  :: in fashion; fashionable
namorado {m}  :: boyfriend (male romantic partner)
namorado {m}  :: Type of marine fish - either Pseudopercis numida or Pseudopercis semifasciata, Brazilian sand perch species
namorador {adj}  :: who enjoys having romantic partners
namorador {m}  :: someone who enjoys having romantic partners
namorar {vt}  :: To endeavor to gain (someone's) affection; to woo; to court
namorar {vt}  :: To look (something) upon with pleasure; to admire
namorar {vt}  :: To treat (someone) as expected between lovers: to kiss him or her, to hug him or her, and so on
namorico {m}  :: flirtation
namoro {m}  :: courtship
namoro {m}  :: dalliance
nananinanão {interj} [childish]  :: no
nandu {m}  :: rhea (any of the American flightless birds of the genus Rhea)
nanico {adj}  :: dwarfish (very small)
nanico {m}  :: a very short person
nanismo {m} [lb, pt, medicine]  :: dwarfism (condition of being a dwarf)
nanômetro {m}  :: nanometer / nanometre
nanocircuito {m}  :: nanocircuit
nanoespuma {f}  :: nanofoam
nanotecnologia {f}  :: nanotechnology (the manipulation of matter on the molecular level)
nanotubo {m}  :: nanotube
Nanquim {prop}  :: Nanjing (a city in China)
nação {f}  :: nation (country)
nação {f}  :: nation (group of people sharing aspects of language, culture and/or ethnicity)
Napoleão {prop}  :: Napoleon (male given name)
Napoleão {prop}  :: Napoleon (Napoleon Bonaparte)
napolitana {adj}  :: feminine form of napolitano
napolitanas {adj}  :: feminine plural of napolitano
napolitano {adj}  :: Neapolitan (pertaining to Naples)
napolitano {m}  :: Neapolitan (inhabitant or resident of Naples)
napolitano {m} [uncountable]  :: Neapolitan (language)
na ponta da língua {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: known by heart, completely
naquela {contraction}  :: contraction of em|gloss=in; on; at + aquela|gloss=that
naquelas {contraction}  :: contraction of em|gloss=in; on; at + aquelas|gloss=those
naquele {contraction}  :: contraction of em|gloss=in; on; at + aquele|gloss=that
naqueles {contraction}  :: contraction of em|gloss=in; on; at + aqueles|gloss=those
naquilo {contraction}  :: contraction of em|gloss=in; on; at + aquilo|gloss=that thing
narceja {f}  :: snipe (bird of the family Scolopacidae)
narcisismo {m}  :: narcissism (excessive love of oneself)
narciso {m}  :: narcissus; daffodil (any of several bulbous flowering plants of the genus Narcissus)
narcótico {adj}  :: which numbs
narcótico {m}  :: narcotic (illegal drug)
narcótico {m}  :: narcotic (numbing drug)
na realidade {adv} [modal]  :: actually; as a matter of fact
nareba {f} [anatomy, familiar, colloquial]  :: nose
narguilé {m}  :: hookah; narghile (Oriental tobacco pipe wherein the smoke is drawn through water)
narigão {m}  :: augmentative form of nariz
nariguda {adj}  :: feminine form of narigudo
narigudas {adj}  :: feminine plural of narigudo
narigudo {adj}  :: Having a big or long nose
narina {f}  :: nostril (either of the two orifices located on the nose)
nariz {m}  :: nose (the organ of the face used to smell things)
nariz empinado {m} [lb, pt, idiomatic]  :: pride (unreasonable conceit of one’s own superiority)
narrador {m} [narratology]  :: narrator (person or the voice whose viewpoint is used in telling a story)
narrador {m}  :: someone who narrates events as they occur or are shown, such as a documentary narrator or sportscater
narrador {m}  :: storyteller (person who relates stories to an audience)
narração {f}  :: narration, narrative
narrar {v}  :: to narrate, tell, describe
narrativa {adj}  :: feminine form of narrativo
narrativa {f}  :: literary works or style peculiar to a specific person, location or time
narrativa {f}  :: narrative (systematic recitation of an event)
narrativa {f}  :: one’s manner of narrating
narrativa {f}  :: tale; story
narval {m}  :: narwhal
nas {contraction}  :: gloss=in; on; at + gloss=the, f. pl.
nas {pron} [objective, after verb forms ending in a nasal vowel or semivowel]  :: them (feminine plural)
nasal {adj}  :: nasal
nasal {f}  :: nasal consonant
nasal {m}  :: nasal bone
nasalar {v}  :: to nasalize
nasalidade {f}  :: nasality; nasalness (state or quality of being nasal)
nasalização {f} [phonetics]  :: nasalisation (articulation such that air flows through the nose and mouth)
nascente {adj}  :: coming into existence
nascente {f}  :: source; spring (place where water emerges from the ground)
nascente {m}  :: the point in the horizon where the sun rises
nascer {v}  :: to be born
nascer do sol {m}  :: daybreak; dawn; sunrise
nascer em berço de ouro {v} [idiomatic]  :: to be born with a silver spoon in one's mouth (born rich or in a wealthy family)
nascimento {m}  :: birth
nascitura {adj}  :: feminine form of nascituro
nascituras {adj}  :: feminine plural of nascituro
nascituro {adj}  :: unborn
nasossinusal {adj}  :: nasosinusal
Nassau {prop}  :: Nassau (capital of the Bahamas)
Natã {prop}  :: Nathan (male given name)
nata {f}  :: cream (oily part of milk)
nata {f} [figurative]  :: cream of the crop (the best of something)
nata {f}  :: the elite; high society
natal {adj}  :: natal (of or relating to birth)
natal {adj}  :: native (relating to the place where one was born)
Natal {prop}  :: Christmas
Natal {prop}  :: Natal
natalícia {adj}  :: feminine form of natalício
natalícias {adj}  :: feminine plural of natalício
natalício {adj}  :: birthday (attributive)
natalidade {f}  :: natality
natação {m}  :: swimming
na terra dos cegos quem tem um olho é rei {proverb}  :: in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king
natimorto {adj}  :: stillborn (born dead)
natimorto {m}  :: a stillborn baby
nativo {adj} [lb, pt, computing]  :: native (written to run on a particular processor)
nativo {adj}  :: native (relating to the people who originally inhabited a region)
nativo {adj}  :: nativo (belonging or relating to someone by birth)
nativo {m}  :: native (person who is native to a place)
Natália {prop}  :: female given name, cognate with English Nathalie
nato {adj}  :: alternative form of nado
nato {v}  :: alternative form of nado
natta {f}  :: obsolete spelling of nata
natto {m}  :: natto (Japanese food made from fermented soybeans)
natural {adj}  :: natural
naturalidade {f}  :: place of birth, as described by an adjective
naturalidade {f} [uncountable]  :: naturalness (state or quality of being natural)
naturalmente {adv}  :: naturally
natureza {f}  :: nature, character, distinguishing features
natureza {f}  :: nature (natural world)
natureza morta {f}  :: alternative form of natureza-morta
natureza-morta {f}  :: still life (work of art)
naturismo {m}  :: naturism (the practice of social nudity)
naturismo {m}  :: the belief that anything that is natural has better therapeutic value
nau {f}  :: A three or four-masted sailing ship used all along the 15th century and early 16th
nau {f}  :: carrack
nau {f}  :: vessel
nauatle {m}  :: Nahuatl (polysynthetic language native to Mexico)
nauatle {n}  :: one of the Nahuatl (people indigenous to central Mexico)
nau capitânia {f}  :: flagship (ship occupied by a fleet’s commander)
naufragar {v} [nautical]  :: To founder; to sink
naufrágio {m}  :: complete ruin
naufrágio {m}  :: shipwreck
naufrágio {m}  :: tragedy, calamity
Nauru {prop}  :: Nauru (republic of Nauru)
nauseante {adj} [lb, pt, by extension]  :: very disgusting; repulsive
nauseante {adj}  :: nauseating (which causes nausea)
navajo {adj}  :: relating or belonging to the Navajo people
navajo {adj}  :: relating to the Navajo language
navajo {m}  :: Navajo (native language of the Navajo people)
navajo {n}  :: one of the Navajo (indigenous people of southwestern United States)
naval {adj}  :: naval
navalha {f} [idiomatic]  :: One who cannot drive cars well
navalha {f}  :: straight razor
navalhada {f}  :: slash (blow from a razor)
navalha de Occam {f}  :: Occam’s razor (principle of preferring the simpler of two competing theories)
Navarra {prop}  :: Navarre
navarro {adj}  :: Navarrese (of, from or relating to Navarre, Spain)
navarro {m}  :: Navarrese (someone from Navarre)
navarrês {adj}  :: Navarrese (of, from or relating to Navarre, Spain)
navarrês {m}  :: Navarrese (someone from Navarre)
nave {f} [architecture]  :: nave, aisle
nave {f}  :: ship
nave espacial {f}  :: spaceship, spacecraft
navegador {adj} [nautical]  :: navigating
navegador {m} [computing]  :: browser (software component capable of rendering HTML)
navegador {m} [nautical]  :: navigator; sailor
navegadora {adj}  :: feminine form of navegador
navegadora {f}  :: feminine form of navegador
navegadoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of navegador
navegadoras {f}  :: feminine plural of navegador
navegação {f}  :: navigation
navegação estimada {f}  :: dead reckoning (method of estimating the position of a craft based on its direction and speed)
navegar {v} [Internet]  :: to surf, to navigate
navegar {v}  :: to navigate, to sail
na verdade {adv}  :: In fact, actually
navicular {m} [skeleton]  :: navicular bone
navio {m}  :: ship (large water vessel)
navio-almirante {m}  :: flagship (ship occupied by the fleet’s commander)
Naypyidaw {prop}  :: Naypyidaw (capital of Myanmar)
Nazaré {prop}  :: A Portuguese village in Leiria district
Nazaré {prop}  :: Nazareth (city in Israel)
Nazaré {prop}  :: the letter N in the Portuguese radio alphabet
nazi-fascismo {m}  :: alternative spelling of nazifascismo
nazifascismo {m}  :: Nazi-Fascism
nazismo {m}  :: Nazism (the ideology of Adolf Hitler’s NSDAP)
nazista {adjmf} [historical]  :: Nazi (relating to Nazis, the Nazi party or Nazi Germany)
nazista {mf} [historical]  :: Nazi (member of the Nazi party)
Núbia {prop}  :: Nubia (ancient kingdom)
núcleon {m} [physics]  :: nucleon
néctar {m} [botany]  :: nectar (sweet liquid secreted by flowers)
néctar {m} [by extension]  :: any drink considered extremely good
néctar {m} [mythology]  :: the drink of the gods
nádega {f} [anatomy]  :: buttock
nédia {adj}  :: feminine form of nédio
nédias {adj}  :: feminine plural of nédio
nédio {adj}  :: silky, sleek, glossy
nódulo {m}  :: node
nódulo {m}  :: nodule
NE {m}  :: abbreviation of nordeste
neblina {f}  :: fog, mist (water or other liquid finely suspended in air)
Nebrasca {prop}  :: Nebraska (US state)
nebulosa {f}  :: a nebula
nebulosa planetária {f} [astronomy]  :: planetary nebula (nebulosity surrounding a dying star)
nebuloso {adj}  :: cloudy; overcast (covered with clouds)
nebuloso {adj}  :: cloudy; uncertain; unclear
necessariamente {adv}  :: necessarily (such that it must happen or definitely happens)
necessidade {f}  :: need
necessitar {v}  :: to need
necessária {adj}  :: feminine form of necessário
necessárias {adj}  :: feminine plural of necessário
necessário {adj}  :: necessary
necrofilia {f}  :: necrophilia
necrofobia {f}  :: necrophobia
necrópole {f}  :: necropolis (large cemetery)
necrótica {adj}  :: feminine form of necrótico
necróticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of necrótico
necrótico {adj} [pathology]  :: necrotic
nectarina {f}  :: nectarine
neerlandês {m}  :: Dutch (person from the Netherlands)
neerlandês {m}  :: Dutch (the Dutch language)
Neerlândia {prop}  :: Netherlands (country in northwestern Europe)
nefando {adj}  :: vile, nefarious
nefasta {adj}  :: feminine form of nefasto
nefasto {adj}  :: nefarious, malefic, malign
nefasto {adj}  :: nocive, unfortunate, harmful, injurious
neófito {m}  :: neophyte
neófito {m}  :: novice
nefrocalcinose {f} [pathology]  :: nephrocalcinosis
nefrolitíase {f} [pathology]  :: nephrolithiasis
nefrotoxicidade {f} [pathology]  :: nephrotoxicity
nega {f}  :: (colloquial) woman (used more often pluralized)
nega {f}  :: (endearing) female lover
negar {v} [card games]  :: to refuse to let go of a card
negar {v}  :: to contest (to call into question)
negar {v}  :: to deny (to assert that something is not true)
negar {v}  :: to deny (to not allow)
negativa {adj}  :: feminine form of negativo
negativamente {adv}  :: negatively
negativas {adj}  :: feminine plural of negativo
negativo {adj}  :: negative
negativo {m}  :: minus sign
negativo {m}  :: negative (photographic)
negócio {m}  :: affair (that which is done or is to be done)
negócio {m}  :: (Brazil) thing
negócio {m}  :: business, enterprise
negligenciável {adj}  :: negligible (able to be ignored or excluded from consideration)
negligência {f}  :: negligence
nego {}  :: (colloquial) person
nego {}  :: (disrespectful) nigger
nego {}  :: (endearing) male lover
negocial {adj}  :: negotiating
negociar {v}  :: to bargain
negociar {v}  :: to negotiate
negra {adj}  :: feminine form of negro
negras {adj}  :: feminine plural of negro
negreira {adj}  :: feminine form of negreiro
negreiras {adj}  :: feminine plural of negreiro
negreiro {adj}  :: Of black slaves
negrice {f} [offensive]  :: inappropriate or lazy behaviour
negrice {f}  :: the condition of being a black person
negrinha {adj}  :: diminutive form of negra
negrinha {f}  :: diminutive form of negra
negrinha {f}  :: scoter
negrinha {f}  :: wheatear
negro {adj}  :: black (color)
negro {m}  :: negro
Negroponte {prop}  :: Euboea (Greek island)
negável {adj}  :: deniable
nela {contraction}  :: contraction of em ela (in her), feminine of nele
nelas {contraction}  :: feminine plural of nele (contraction of em|gloss=in elas|gloss=them f. pl.)
Nelas {prop}  :: A Portuguese village in Viseu district
nele {contraction}  :: contraction of em ele (in him)
neles {contraction}  :: contraction of em eles (in them (masculine)). Plural of nele
nem {adv}  :: do not even (introduces an emphatic negative command)
nem {adv}  :: neithernor
nem {adv}  :: not even (introduces an emphatic negation)
nem {conj}  :: nor; and not
nem {conj}  :: nor (introduces a further negative statement)
nem a pau {adv} [idiomatic]  :: Definitely not; by no means
nem aqui, nem na China {adv} [idiomatic]  :: Not anywhere; nowhere
nem fodendo {adv} [vulgar]  :: Under no circumstances
nemigalha {adv} [archaic]  :: absolutely nothing
nem Jesus Cristo conseguiu agradar a todos {proverb}  :: Pleasing everybody is impossible, therefore one should not try to comply with every possible opinion
nem mas, nem meio mas {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: "absolutely not!", "but me no buts", as a response and means of interrupting another person who started a phrase with mas
nem mesmo {adv}  :: Not even, not ... at least
nem morto {adv} [Brazil, idiomatic, of a person]  :: Definitely would not do (an action, a decision, a thought, etc.)
nem que a vaca tussa {adv} [idiomatic]  :: Definitely not; by no means; not in a million years
nenhũa {pron}  :: obsolete form of nenhuma
nenhum {pron}  :: no, none
nenhuma {pron}  :: feminine form of nenhum
nenhures {adv}  :: nowhere (in no place)
neônio {m} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of neónio
neónio {m} [Portugal]  :: neon
neodímio {m}  :: neodymium (chemical element)
neodymio {m}  :: obsolete spelling of neodímio
neologismo {m} [linguistics]  :: neologism
neonatal {adj}  :: neonatal
neozelandesa {adj}  :: feminine form of neozelandês
neozelandesas {adj}  :: feminine plural of neozelandês
neozelandês {adj}  :: New Zealander (of New Zealand or its people)
neozelandês {m}  :: New Zealander (person from New Zealand)
Nepal {prop}  :: Nepal (Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal)
nepotismo {m} [historical]  :: the practice of popes appointing nephews as cardinals
nepotismo {m}  :: nepotism (favoring of relatives or personal friends)
neptúnio {m} [Portugal]  :: neptunium
Neptuno {prop} [astronomy]  :: Neptune (planet)
Neptuno {prop} [Roman god]  :: Neptune
Nero {m}  :: an excessively opulent or cruel statesman
Nero {prop}  :: Nero (Roman emperor)
nervo {m}  :: nerve (bundle of neurons)
nervo {m}  :: nerve; stamina
nervosamente {adv}  :: nervously
nespereira {f}  :: Either of two trees which produce a fruit known as the nêspera:
nessa {contraction}  :: contraction of em essa
nessas {contraction}  :: contraction of em essas
nesse {contraction}  :: contraction of em esse
nesses {contraction}  :: contraction of em esses
nesta {contraction}  :: contraction of em esta
nestas {contraction}  :: contraction of em estas
neste {pron}  :: in this; a contraction of em + este, see em#Portuguese
neta {f}  :: granddaughter, female grandchild
netúnio {m} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of neptúnio
neto {m}  :: grandson, male grandchild
Netuno {prop} [Brazil]  :: Neptune [planet]
Netuno {prop} [Brazil, Roman god]  :: Neptune
neurônio {m} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of neurónio
neurónio {m}  :: neuron (a cell of the nervous system)
neuropatogénica {adj}  :: feminine form of neuropatogénico
neuropatogénicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of neuropatogénico
neuropatogénico {adj}  :: neuropathogenic
neuropsicológica {adj}  :: feminine form of neuropsicológico
neuropsicológicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of neuropsicológico
neuropsicológico {adj}  :: neuropsychological
neurotoxina {f}  :: neurotoxin
neurotransmissor {m}  :: neurotransmitter
neurotóxica {adj}  :: feminine form of neurotóxico
neurotóxicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of neurotóxico
neurotóxico {adj}  :: neurotoxic
neurotóxico {m}  :: neurotoxin
neutra {adj}  :: feminine form of neutro
neutralidade {f}  :: neutrality
neutralização {f}  :: neutralization (all senses)
neutras {adj}  :: feminine plural of neutro
neutrónica {adj}  :: feminine form of neutrónico
neutrônica {adj}  :: feminine form of neutrônico
neutrónicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of neutrónico
neutrônicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of neutrônico
neutrónico {adj}  :: neutron (attributive)
neutrônico {adj}  :: neutron (attributive)
neutrão {m} [physics]  :: neutron
neutro {adj} [grammar]  :: neuter
neutro {adj}  :: neutral (not taking sides in a conflict such as war)
Nevada {prop}  :: Nevada (US state)
nevar {v}  :: to snow (to have snow fall from the sky)
neve {f}  :: snow
nevão {m} [Portugal]  :: snowstorm, blizzard
nevoeiro {m}  :: fog, haze, mist
New Brunswick {prop}  :: New Brunswick (province in eastern Canada)
nexo {m}  :: nexus
Níger {prop}  :: Niger (country)
ngm {pron} [internet slang]  :: abbreviation of ninguém
nham {interj}  :: The sound of eating, especially when related to tasty food
nhanhar {v}  :: to have sexual intercourse, to copulate
nhoc {interj}  :: The sound of chewing food
nhoque {m}  :: gnocchi
ni {f}  :: nu (the thirteenth letter of the Greek alphabet)
náiade {f} [Greek mythology]  :: naiad
nióbica {adj}  :: feminine form of nióbico
nióbicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of nióbico
nióbico {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: niobic
Nicarágua {prop}  :: Nicaragua (A country in Central America)
Nice {prop} [Greek god]  :: Nike (greek goddess of victory)
Nice {prop}  :: Nice (city in France)
Niceia {prop}  :: Nicaea (ancient city in Bythinia, Asia Minor)
nicho {m}  :: niche
Nicolau {prop}  :: Nicholas (male given name)
Nicósia {prop}  :: Nicosia (capital of Cyprus)
Nigéria {prop}  :: Nigeria (country in Western Africa)
Nijni-Novgorod {prop}  :: alternative spelling of Níjni-Novgorod
Nilo {prop}  :: Nile (river)
nimigalha {adv}  :: alternative form of nemigalha
ninfa {f}  :: nymph
ninguém {m}  :: nobody (someone who is not important or well-known)
ninguém {pron}  :: no one (not one person)
ninguém é perfeito {proverb}  :: nobody’s perfect (a person’s imperfections should naturally be accepted or forgiven)
ninho {m} [by extension]  :: nest (place used by any animal for depositing eggs and hatching young)
ninho {m} [figurative]  :: one’s home viewed affectionately
ninho {m} [ornithology]  :: nest (bird-built structure)
ninho de geada {m} [agriculture, regional, Paraná, São Paulo state]  :: A place where destructive frosts occur frequently
niobita {f} [mineral]  :: niobite
nipófilo {m}  :: Japanophile
niponizar {v}  :: to Nipponize
niquelina {f} [mineral]  :: nickeline
nóis {pron}  :: eye dialect of nós
Nisa {prop}  :: A Portuguese village in Portalegre district
nisso {contraction}  :: in that
nisto {contraction}  :: contraction of em isto (in this)
nitiana {adj}  :: feminine form of nitiano
nitianas {adj}  :: feminine plural of nitiano
nitreto {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: nitride
nitrificação {f}  :: nitrification
nitrila {f} [organic chemistry]  :: nitrile
nitrogênio {m} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of nitrogénio
nitrogénio {m} [Portugal]  :: nitrogen
Niue {prop}  :: Niue (Republic of Niue)
Nix {prop} [Greek god]  :: Nyx (the primordial goddess of night)
Níjni Novgorod {prop}  :: Nizhny Novgorod (large city in Russia)
Níjni-Novgorod {prop}  :: Nizhny Novgorod (large city in Russia)
Níjni-Novogorod {prop}  :: alternative spelling of Níjni Novgorod
Nélson {prop}  :: male given name, equivalent to the English Nelson
número {m}  :: act (entertainment)
número {m}  :: issue (of a magazine)
número {m}  :: number (counting)
número {m}  :: size (in shoes)
número atômico {m} [chemistry]  :: atomic number (number of protons)
número atómico {m} [Portugal]  :: alternative form of número atômico
número cardinal {m}  :: cardinal number
número natural {m} [mathematics]  :: natural number
número primo {m} [mathematics]  :: prime number (natural number)
Números {prop}  :: Numbers (fourth book of the Bible)
Nêmesis {prop} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of Némesis
Némesis {prop} [Greek god, Portugal]  :: Nemesis (Greek goddess)
NMHO {phrase}  :: alternative form of EMHO; abbreviation of na minha humilde opinião
Nínive {prop}  :: Nineveh (Capital of Assyria)
não {adv}  :: do not; don’t
não {adv}  :: non-
não {adv}  :: not
não {adv}  :: Used to emphasise negative sentences. See double negative
não {interj}  :: no (used to show agreement with a negative question)
não {interj}  :: no (used to show disagreement or negation)
não {m}  :: a no; a negative answer
no {contraction}  :: contraction of em o
no {pron} [objective, after verbs which end in a nasal vowel]  :: him, it
Noé {prop} [religion]  :: Noah (biblical character)
NO {m}  :: abbreviation of noroeste
nobilitar {v}  :: to ennoble
nobélio {m}  :: nobelium (chemical element)
nobre {adj}  :: noble (having honorable qualities)
nobre {adj}  :: pertaining to nobility
nobre {mf}  :: noble; aristocrat
nobreza {f}  :: nobility
nocturno {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of noturno
não deu outra {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: Phrase used when a situation previously expected as undesirable actually occurs
no duro {adv} [idiomatic]  :: As a fact; really; truthfully
Noemi {prop}  :: Naomi (female given name)
no entanto {adv}  :: In spite of what preceded; nevertheless
nogueira {f}  :: walnut (tree)
não ir com a cara de {v} [idiomatic]  :: to dislike (someone)
noite {f}  :: night (period between sunset and sunrise)
noiva {f}  :: bride; feminine form of noivo
noivado {m}  :: engagement, betrothal
noivo {m}  :: fiancé
noivo {m}  :: groom, bridegroom
nojenta {adj}  :: feminine form of nojento
nojentas {adj}  :: feminine plural of nojento
nojento {adj}  :: disgusting; gross
nojo {m}  :: disgust
nojo {m}  :: mourning, sadness
nojo {m}  :: repugnance
no limiar de {adv}  :: In context of being about to happen, occur or take place; about to; imminently
nome {m} [grammar]  :: noun
nome {m}  :: name (what somebody is known for)
nome {m}  :: name (word or phrase which indicates a particular person, place, class, or thing)
nomeação {f}  :: appointment, nomination, preferment
nomear {v}  :: to elect (choose a candidate in an election)
nomear {v}  :: to entitle (give a title to)
nomear {v}  :: to name (give a name to)
nomear {v}  :: to name (publicly implicate)
nomear {v}  :: to nominate (name someone as a candidate for a particular role or position)
nomenclatura {f}  :: nomenclature
nomenclatura {f}  :: nomenklatura
Noêmia {prop} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of Noémia
Noémia {prop} [Portugal]  :: Naomi (female given name)
nominal {adj}  :: nominal
nominativa {adj}  :: feminine form of nominativo
nominativas {adj}  :: feminine plural of nominativo
nominativo {adj} [grammar]  :: nominative (giving a name, naming; designating)
nominativo {adj}  :: nominal (assigned to or bearing a person’s name)
nominativo {adj}  :: nominal (concerning or containing names)
nominativo {adj}  :: which exists only in name
nona {f} [Christianity]  :: nun
nona {f} [familiar, South Brazil, São Paulo]  :: grandmother
nonagésimo {ordinal num}  :: ninetieth
nongentésimo {ordinal num}  :: nine hundredths
noningentésimo {ordinal num}  :: nine hundredths
nono {ordinal num}  :: ninth
noção {f}  :: notion; idea; conception
noção {f} [uncountable]  :: knowledge; information; the state of being aware of something
não obstante {adv}  :: nevertheless (in spite of what preceded)
nop {interj} [informal, neologism]  :: nope
nora {f}  :: daughter-in-law
nordeste {m}  :: northeast (compass point)
Nordeste {prop}  :: A Brazilian region, comprised by the states of Alagoas, Bahia, Ceará, Maranhão, Paraíba, Piauí, Pernambuco, Rio Grande do Norte and Sergipe
Nordeste {prop}  :: A Portuguese village in the Azores
nordestina {adj}  :: feminine form of nordestino
nordestinas {adj}  :: feminine plural of nordestino
nordestino {adj}  :: northeastern
normal {adj}  :: normal, standard, regular
normalmente {adv}  :: normally
Normandia {prop} [historical]  :: Normandy (region of France)
noroeste {m}  :: northwest (compass point)
norte {m}  :: north (compass point)
nortista {adj}  :: northern
nortista {mf}  :: northerner
Noruega {prop}  :: Norway
norueguesa {adj}  :: feminine form of norueguês
norueguesas {adj}  :: feminine plural of norueguês
norueguez {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of norueguês
norueguez {m}  :: obsolete spelling of norueguês
norueguês {adj}  :: Norwegian (of Norway)
norueguês {adj}  :: Norwegian (of the Norwegian language)
norueguês {m}  :: Norwegian (someone from Norway)
norueguês {m} [uncountable]  :: Norwegian (language of Norway)
Noruz {prop}  :: Nowruz (Iranian New Year)
nos {contraction}  :: contraction of em os
nos {pron}  :: us; objective case of nós
não sei, não quero saber e tenho raiva de quem sabe {phrase}  :: I definitely don't care
nosocómio {m} [archaic]  :: hospital
nosocômio {m} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of nosocómio
nossa {interj}  :: oh my God! (said in excitement, shock, awe or dismay)
nossa {pron} [pt-pron def, possessive, nosso, f, sg]  ::
nossas {pron} [pt-pron def, possessive, nosso, f, pl]  ::
Nossa Senhora {prop}  :: Our Lady (Virgin Mary)
Nossa Senhora da Piedade {prop}  :: Our Lady of Sorrows (Virgin Mary)
Nossa Senhora das Angústias {prop}  :: Our Lady of Sorrows (Virgin Mary)
Nossa Senhora das Dores {prop}  :: Our Lady of Sorrows (Virgin Mary)
Nossa Senhora das Lágrimas {prop}  :: Our Lady of Sorrows (Virgin Mary)
Nossa Senhora da Soledade {prop}  :: Our Lady of Sorrows (Virgin Mary)
Nossa Senhora das Sete Dores {prop}  :: Our Lady of Sorrows (virgin Mary)
Nossa Senhora do Calvário {prop}  :: Our Lady of Sorrows (Virgin Mary)
Nossa Senhora do Pranto {prop}  :: Our Lady of Sorrows (Virgin Mary)
nosso {pron} [pt-pron def, possessive, 1, pl]  :: Our; ours
nossos {pron} [pt-pron def, possessive, nosso, m, pl]  ::
nota {f}  :: mark, grade
nota {f}  :: note (a banknote)
nota {f}  :: note (music)
nota {f}  :: note (written)
notabilidade {f}  :: notability
notação {f}  :: notation (act or process of representing by a system or set of marks, signs, figures or characters)
notação {f}  :: notation (system of characters, symbols, or abbreviated expressions)
notar {v}  :: to notice, to realize
notarial {adj}  :: notarial
notavelmente {adv}  :: notably
notícia {m}  :: communication
notícia {m}  :: message
notícia {m}  :: news (a single news item)
notícias {mp}  :: news
noticiar {v}  :: to announce
noticiário {m}  :: news (radio or TV broadcast)
notificação {f}  :: notification
notificar {v}  :: to notify
notoriedade {f}  :: notoriety
notoriedade {f}  :: prominency
notória {adj}  :: feminine form of notório
notórias {adj}  :: feminine plural of notório
notário {m}  :: notary
notário {m}  :: registrar
notório {adj}  :: illustrious
notório {adj}  :: notorious
notório {adj}  :: open, public
noturna {adj}  :: feminine form of noturno
noturnas {adj}  :: feminine plural of noturno
noturno {adj}  :: nightly
noturno {adj}  :: nocturnal
noturno {adj}  :: overnight
noturno {m} [music]  :: nocturne
notável {adj}  :: notable, noteworthy, remarkable
notável {adj}  :: noticeable
Nouakchott {prop}  :: Nouakchott (capital of Mauritania)
noutra {contraction}  :: contraction of em outra
noutras {contraction}  :: contraction of em outras
noutro {contraction}  :: contraction of em outro
noutros {contraction}  :: contraction of em outros
nova {adj}  :: feminine form of novo
Nova Brunswick {prop}  :: New Brunswick (province in eastern Canada)
Nova Caledônia {prop} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of Nova Caledónia
Nova Caledónia {prop} [Portugal]  :: New Caledonia (overseas territory of France)
Nova Deli {prop}  :: New Delhi (capital of India)
Nova Escócia {prop}  :: Nova Scotia (province in eastern Canada)
Nova Gales do Sul {prop}  :: New South Wales (an Australian state)
Nova Guiné {prop}  :: New Guinea (large island)
Nova Hampshire {prop}  :: New Hampshire (US state)
Nova Inglaterra {prop}  :: New England (region of the United States)
Nova Iorque {prop}  :: New York (city)
Nova Iorque {prop}  :: New York (state)
Nova Jérsei {prop}  :: New Jersey (a northeast state of the United States of America)
novamente {adv}  :: Having already happened before; again
novação {f}  :: novation
Nova Orleães {prop}  :: New Orleans (city)
novas {adj}  :: feminine plural of novo
novata {adj}  :: feminine form of novato
novatas {adj}  :: feminine plural of novato
novato {adj}  :: inexperienced
novato {m}  :: beginner; newbie (new (inexperienced) user or participant)
Nova Zelândia {prop}  :: New Zealand (country in Oceania)
Nova Zembla {prop}  :: Novaya Zemlya (archipelago in Russia)
nove {m}  :: nine
nove {num}  :: nine
novecentos {m}  :: nine hundred
novecentos {num}  :: nine hundred
novela {f}  :: novel (work of prose fiction)
novela {f}  :: soap opera
novella {f}  :: obsolete spelling of novela
novelo {m}  :: intrigue, plot
novembro {m}  :: November
noventa {m}  :: ninety
noventa {num}  :: ninety
Novgorod {prop}  :: Novgorod (city)
novidade {f}  :: novelty
novilíngua {f}  :: Newspeak (fictional language designed to restrict thoughts)
Novi Sad {prop}  :: Novi Sad (largest city of the Serbian province of Vojvodina)
novo {adj}  :: new (not previously worn or used)
novo {adj}  :: new (recently discovered)
novo {adj}  :: new (recently made or created)
novo {adj}  :: new; young
novo {adj} [of a period of time, often follows the noun]  :: new (about to begin or recently begun)
novo {adj}  :: original (fresh; different)
novo {m}  :: new ideas or things; novelties
Novokuznetsk {prop}  :: Novokuznetsk (city)
novo mundo {m}  :: alternative form of Novo Mundo
Novo Mundo {prop}  :: New World (North America and South America)
Novo México {prop}  :: New Mexico (US State)
Novorossisk {prop}  :: Novorossiysk (city)
Novorossiysk {prop}  :: alternative form of Novorossisk
Novosibirsk {prop}  :: Novosibirsk (city in Russia)
Novo Testamento {prop}  :: New Testament (second half of the Christian Bible)
noyte {f}  :: obsolete spelling of noite
noz {f}  :: nut
noz {f} [usually used in plural, slang]  :: testicle
noz {f}  :: walnut (fruit)
núpcias {fp}  :: nuptials
núpcias {fp}  :: wedding
NP-completo {adj} [computing theory]  :: NP-complete
Nápoles {prop}  :: Naples (city)
Nápoles {prop}  :: Naples (province)
níquel {m}  :: nickel (coin made of nickel)
níquel {m} [uncountable]  :: nickel (element)
nós {pron} [nominative, prepositional]  :: we (a group of two or more people, including the speaker)
nêspera {f} [archaic]  :: The medlar (fruit)
nêspera {f}  :: The loquat (fruit)
nítida {adj}  :: feminine form of nítido
nítidas {adj}  :: feminine plural of nítido
nítido {adj}  :: Free of ambiguity or doubt; clear
nu {adj}  :: naked, nude
nua {adj}  :: feminine form of nu
nuas {adj}  :: feminine plural of nu
nubente {adj}  :: betrothed
nuca {f}  :: nape (back part of the neck)
nuclídeo {m}  :: nuclide
nucleófilo {m} [chemistry]  :: nucleophile
nucleossintética {adj}  :: feminine form of nucleossintético
nucleossintéticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of nucleossintético
nucleossintético {adj}  :: nucleosynthetic
nucleossíntese {f}  :: nucleosynthesis
nucleotídeo {m} [biochemistry, Brazil]  :: nucleotide (monomer comprising DNA or RNA)
nucleótido {m} [Portugal]  :: alternative form of nucleotídeo
nucléica {adj}  :: feminine form of nucléico
nucléicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of nucléico
nucléico {adj}  :: nucleic (all senses)
nudez {f}  :: nudity, nakedness
nudista {adj}  :: nudist
nudista {mf}  :: nudist
náufraga {adj}  :: feminine form of náufrago
náufragas {adj}  :: feminine plural of náufrago
náufrago {adj}  :: castaway; shipwrecked
náufrago {m}  :: castaway (a shipwrecked sailor)
nulidade {f}  :: insignificance
nulidade {f}  :: nullity
num {adv}  :: eye dialect of não
num {contraction}  :: contraction of em um
numa {contraction}  :: contraction of em uma (Feminine form of num)
Numídia {prop}  :: Numidia (region in northern Africa)
numeral {adj} [linguistics]  :: numeral
numeral cardinal {m}  :: A cardinal numeral
numerosa {adj}  :: feminine form of numeroso
numerosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of numeroso
numeroso {adj}  :: numerous (indefinitely large numerically)
num repente {adv}  :: on a whim (done without thinking seriously about the consequences)
nunca {adv}  :: never
nunca mais {adv}  :: never again, nevermore
nupcial {adj}  :: nuptial (pertaining to wedding and marriage)
Nuremberga {prop}  :: Nuremberg (city in Germany)
náuseas {n}  :: nausea, sickness, retching
náuseas {n}  :: repugnance, disgust
nutricional {adj}  :: nutritional
nutrido {adj}  :: fattened
nutrido {adj}  :: nourished, fed, sustained
nutriente {m}  :: nutrient
nutrição {f}  :: nutrition
nutrir {v}  :: to fatten
nutrir {v}  :: to nourish, feed, sustain
nêutron {m} [Brazil, physics]  :: neutron
nuvem {f}  :: cloud
nuvem de Oort {f} [astronomy]  :: Oort Cloud (region of space which is the source of most comets)
nível {m}  :: class, distinction
nível {m}  :: level
nível {m}  :: rank, status
névoa {f}  :: mist, fog, haze
NW {m}  :: northwest