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{interj} [colloquial, Brazil]  :: Shortening of está bem and está bom: OK; all right
{v} [Brazil]  :: eye dialect of está
{v} [Brazil]  :: eye dialect of estar
{m}  :: tee
{v} [Brazil]  :: nonstandard spelling of estou
T {m}  :: adaptor (device allowing more plugs at a socket)
taõ {adv}  :: obsolete spelling of tão
taça {f}  :: cup, goblet
taça {f} [sports]  :: trophy
tabôa {f}  :: obsolete spelling of taboa
tabúa {f}  :: obsolete form of taboa
tabaco {m}  :: tobacco (any plant of the genus Nicotiana)
tabagismo passivo {m}  :: second-hand smoke (smoke from cigarettes, that any person including non-smokers could breathe in)
tabela {f} [basketball]  :: backboard (flat vertical surface to which the basket is attached)
tabela {f} [databases]  :: table; lookup table
tabela {f} [football]  :: a strategy where two teammates pass the football to each other frequently while moving towards the other team’s goal
tabela {f} [sports]  :: table (a classification of teams or individuals based on their success)
tabela {f}  :: table (grid of data in rows and columns)
tabela periódica {f}  :: periodic table (chart of the chemical elements by atomic number)
tabella {f}  :: obsolete spelling of tabela
taberna {f}  :: pub, tavern
tabernáculo {m} [Bible]  :: tabernacle (portable tent used before the construction of the temple)
tabernáculo {m}  :: tabernacle (small ornamented cupboard or box used for the sacrament of the Eucharist)
tablatura {f}  :: tablature (form of musical notation)
tablet {m} [computing]  :: tablet computer (a type of portable computer)
taboa {f}  :: southern cattail (Typha domingensis, a reed native to tropical and temperate regions worldwide)
taboleiro {m}  :: obsolete form of tabuleiro
taboleyro {m}  :: obsolete form of tabuleiro
tabu {adj}  :: taboo (culturally forbidden from use, approach or mention)
tabu {m}  :: taboo (cultural inhibition or ban)
tabua {f}  :: alternative form of taboa
Tabuaço {prop}  :: A Portuguese village in Viseu district
tabular {adj}  :: tabular
tabular {v}  :: to tabulate
tabuleiro {m}  :: a long table for displaying goods in a market stall
tabuleiro {m} [architecture]  :: the horizontal support of a bridge
tabuleiro {m}  :: baking tray (oven-proof metallic tray used to hold foods in the oven)
tabuleiro {m} [Brazil]  :: a sandbank which appears when the water level is low
tabuleiro {m} [Brazil, geography]  :: a plain with low vegetation
tabuleiro {m} [figurative]  :: a region or field where a dispute occurs
tabuleiro {m}  :: gameboard (portable surface on which a game is played)
tabuleiro {m}  :: landing (in-between platform or large bottom-most or top-most step of a staircase)
tabuleiro {m} [North Brazil]  :: a beach where turtles lay their eggs
tabuleiro {m}  :: the floor of a cart
tabuleiro {m}  :: tray (rigid object upon which things are carried)
tabuleiro de xadrez {m}  :: chessboard
tacada {f}  :: a stroke with bat, golf club or similar tool
tacha {f}  :: small nail; pin
taco {m} [sports]  :: cue
taco de beisebol {m}  :: baseball bat
taco de golfe {m}  :: golf club (the implement used to hit the golf ball)
taco de hóquei {m} [ice hockey]  :: hockey stick (stick used to handle the puck)
tacteando {v}  :: gerund of tactear
tactear {v}  :: to grope
tactear {v}  :: to investigate, examine
tacto {m} [Portugal]  :: alternative form of tato
Tadeu {prop}  :: Thaddaeus (male given name)
Tadjiquistão {prop}  :: alternative form of Tajiquistão
tael {m}  :: tael (any of several eastern Asian monetary units)
tael {m}  :: tael (any of several eastern Asian units of measure)
taenita {f} [mineral]  :: taenite
taes {pron}  :: obsolete spelling of tais
tafofobia {f}  :: taphophobia
taful {adj}  :: dandyish
taful {mf}  :: dandy
taful {mf}  :: gambler
tagarela {adj}  :: Tending to talk freely or often; talkative; chatty
taibu {m}  :: opossum
Taichung {prop}  :: Taichung (a large city in Taiwan)
taiga {f}  :: taiga (subarctic zone of coniferous forest)
tailandesa {adj}  :: feminine form of tailandês
tailandesa {f}  :: feminine form of tailandês
tailandês {adj}  :: Thai (of, from or relating to Thailand)
tailandês {m} [lb, pt, uncountable]  :: Thai (the national language of Thailand)
tailandês {m}  :: Thai (person from Thailand)
Tailândia {prop}  :: Thailand
Taimir {prop}  :: Taimyr (a large peninsula in the Russian North)
Taimyr {prop}  :: alternative form of Taimir
Tainan {prop}  :: Tainan (a city in Taiwan)
tainha {f}  :: mullet (a fish of the family Mugilidae)
Taipé {prop}  :: Taipei
Taipei {prop}  :: alternative form of Taipé
taitiano {adj}  :: Tahitian (of, from or relating to Tahiti)
taitiano {m} [lb, pt, uncountable]  :: Tahitian (Polynesian language spoken in Tahiti)
taitiano {m}  :: Tahitian (person from Tahiti)
Taiuã {prop}  :: rare spelling of Taiwan
Taiwan {prop}  :: Republic of China (state in East Asia)
Taiwan {prop}  :: Taiwan; Formosa (island off the coast of mainland China)
taiwanês {adj}  :: Taiwanese (of, from or relating to Taiwan)
taiwanês {m}  :: Taiwanese (person from Taiwan)
Tajiquistão {prop}  :: Tajikistan (Republic of Tajikistan)
Taj Mahal {prop}  :: Taj Mahal (monument in India)
tal {pron}  :: such
talassocracia {f}  :: thalassocracy
talento {m} [historical]  :: talent (Classical unit of weight and money)
talento {m}  :: talent (marked natural ability or skill)
talentoso {adj}  :: talented
talha dourada {f}  :: gilded woodcarvings
talhando {v}  :: gerund of talhar
talhar {v}  :: to cut; to slice to chop
talhar {v}  :: to sharpen
talher {m}  :: an item of cutlery
talho {m} [chiefly, Portugal]  :: butcher's (shop)
talho {m}  :: cutting, chopping
Talibã {prop}  :: Taliban (Islamic movement)
talismã {m}  :: talisman (magical amulet)
talismânica {adj}  :: feminine form of talismânico
talismânicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of talismânico
talismânico {adj}  :: talismanic
Tallinn {prop}  :: Tallinn (capital of Estonia)
talo {m}  :: shaft
talvez {adv}  :: perhaps; maybe (indicates possibility or doubt)
tam {adv}  :: obsolete spelling of tão
tamanco {m}  :: sabot, clog, patten
tamanduá-mirim {m}  :: tamandua
tamanha {adj}  :: feminine form of tamanho
tamanhas {adj}  :: feminine plural of tamanho
tamanho {adj}  :: very large, huge
tamanho {m}  :: size
Tamara {prop}  :: Tamara (female given name)
tamareira {f}  :: date palm (palm tree whose fruit is the date)
também {adv}  :: not onlybut also
também {adv}  :: too; also (in addition; as well)
também {interj}  :: of course (implying that an outcome was expected)
tambor {m} [architecture]  :: drum (any of the cylindrical blocks that make up the shaft of a pillar)
tambor {m}  :: cylinder (part of a revolver which contains chambers for rounds)
tambor {m}  :: drum (a barrel or large cylindrical container for liquid transport and storage)
tambor {m}  :: drum (any hollow, cylindrical object)
tambor {m}  :: (musical instruments) drum (a type of percussive musical instrument)
tambor {m} [regional, South Brazil]  :: cockpit (an enclosure for cockfights)
tambor {m}  :: the revolving drum of a concrete mixer
tambor {m}  :: tumbler (movable obstruction in a lock)
Tambov {prop}  :: Tambov (a city in Russia)
tambôr {m}  :: obsolete spelling of tambor
Tamil Nadu {prop}  :: Tamil Nadu (state in southern India)
tamém {adv}  :: eye dialect of também
tampando {v}  :: gerund of tampar
tampar {v}  :: to cover
tampinha {mf}  :: diminutive form of tampa
tampinha {mf} [lb, pt, derogatory]  :: shortie (short person)
tampão {f}  :: plug, stopper
tampão {f}  :: tampon
tampouco {adv}  :: neither
Tanach {prop}  :: Tanakh (body of Jewish scripture)
Tanakh {prop}  :: alternative spelling of Tanach
tanatofobia {f}  :: thanatophobia
tandem {m}  :: tandem (bicycle with two seats and two sets of pedals)
tangando {v}  :: gerund of tangar
Tanganica {prop}  :: Tanganyika (territory, former country)
tangar {v}  :: to tango
tangendo {v}  :: gerund of tanger
tangente {f}  :: tangent (geometry)
tangente {f}  :: tangent (trigonometry)
tanger {v} [music]  :: To pluck
tanger {v}  :: to touch, concern (relate to)
tangerina {f}  :: mandarin; tangerine (a citric fruit)
tangerineira {f}  :: mandarin (a tree)
tango {m}  :: a style of music associated with the tango dance (used to accompany and set the beat for the dance)
tango {m}  :: tango (ballroom dance)
tangível {adj}  :: tangible (possible to be treated as fact; real or concrete)
tangível {adj}  :: tangible; touchable (able to be touched or felt; perceptible by the sense of touch)
tanque {m}  :: a sink used for laundry
tanque {m}  :: cistern
tanque {m}  :: tank
tanque {m}  :: tank (vehicle)
tantalita {f} [mineral]  :: tantalite
tantálica {adj}  :: feminine form of tantálico
tantálicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of tantálico
tantálico {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: tantalic
tantálio {m}  :: tantalum
tanto {adv}  :: so much (to a large or excessive degree)
tanto {m}  :: an amount equal to a previously specified amount
tanto {m}  :: an unspecified or irrelevant amount of something
tanto {pron}  :: as much as / as many as
tanto {pron}  :: so much / so many (a large or excessive amount)
tanto faz {phrase}  :: I don't care; whatever
Tanzania {prop} [Mozambique]  :: alternative form of Tanzânia
tanzaniana {adj}  :: feminine form of tanzaniano
tanzaniana {f}  :: feminine form of tanzaniano
tanzaniano {adj}  :: Tanzanian
tanzaniano {m}  :: Tanzanian
Tanzânia {prop}  :: Tanzania (United Republic of Tanzania, a country in eastern Africa)
tapa {m}  :: argument without a replica
tapa {m}  :: slap
tapa {m} [vulgar]  :: discrete marijuana use
tapar {vt}  :: to close something with a lid or obstruction
tapar {vt}  :: to cover something so it can’t bee seen
tapeçaria {f}  :: tapestry (a heavy woven cloth, often with decorative pictorial designs, normally hung on walls)
tapete {m}  :: carpet (a fabric used as a floor covering)
tapetinho {m}  :: diminutive form of tapete
tapioca {f}  :: tapioca (starchy food made from cassava)
tapir {m}  :: tapir
Taprobana {prop} [obsolete]  :: Sri Lanka (island)
taquigrafia {f}  :: tachygraphy (the art and practice of rapid writing)
taquião {m} [lb, pt, physics]  :: tachyon (hypothetical particle that travels faster than the speed of light)
taró {m}  :: alternative form of tarô
taró {m} [lb, pt, Portugal]  :: a cold wind
taró {m} [lb, pt, Portugal]  :: intense cold
taró {m} [music]  :: snare (type of drum)
tarô {m}  :: tarot (set of playing cards used for divination)
tar {v} [Portugal]  :: nonstandard spelling of estar
tara {f}  :: tare (the empty weight of a container)
tarambola {f}  :: plover (wading bird of the family Charadriidae)
tardar {v}  :: to be late; to delay oneself
tarde {adj}  :: late (near the end of a period of time)
tarde {adj}  :: late (not arriving until after an expected time)
tarde {adj}  :: late (specifically, near the end of the day)
tarde {f}  :: afternoon
tardia {adj}  :: feminine form of tardio
tardiamente {adv}  :: late
tardiamente {adv}  :: slowly
tardias {adj}  :: feminine plural of tardio
tardinha {f}  :: (early) evening
tardio {adj}  :: belated (later in relation to the proper time)
tardio {adj} [botany, of a plant]  :: which flourishes, ripens or fructifies after the usual timespan
tardio {adj}  :: late (near the end of a period of time)
tardio {adj}  :: slow (spread over a comparatively long time)
tardio {adj}  :: slow (taking a long time to move)
tarefa {f}  :: burden, chore
tarefa {f}  :: job, task
Tarento {prop}  :: Taranto (city and province)
tarifa {f}  :: tariff
tarifário {adj}  :: tariff (attributive)
tarântula {f}  :: tarantula (any spider of the family Theraphosidae)
taro {m}  :: taro (Colocasia esculenta)
taro {m}  :: taro (the edible corm of the taro plant)
Tarouca {prop}  :: A Portuguese city in Viseu district
tarrafa {f}  :: cast net
tarraxa {f}  :: screw
tarso {m} [skeleton]  :: tarsus
Tartaristão {prop}  :: Tatarstan (Tatarstan, Russia)
tartaruga {f}  :: turtle (any reptile of the order Testudines)
tartaruga cabeçuda {f}  :: alternative spelling of tartaruga-cabeçuda
tartaruga-cabeçuda {f}  :: loggerhead turtle (Caretta caretta, a sea turtle)
tartaruga-da-amazônia {f}  :: South American river turtle (Podocnemis expansa, a freshwater turtle)
tartaruga da Amazônia {f}  :: alternative form of tartaruga-da-amazônia
tartaruga de couro {f}  :: alternative spelling of tartaruga-de-couro
tartaruga-de-couro {f}  :: leatherback (Dermochelys coriacea, a sea turtle)
tartaruga de Galápagos {f}  :: Galápagos tortoise (Chelonoidis nigra, a tortoise)
tartaruga de pente {f}  :: alternative spelling of tartaruga-de-pente
tartaruga-de-pente {f}  :: hawksbill turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata, a sea turtle)
tartaruga do Amazonas {m}  :: South American river turtle (Podocnemis expansa, a freshwater turtle)
tartaruga-do-mar {f}  :: sea turtle (any turtle in the superfamily Chelonioidea)
tartaruga marinha {f}  :: sea turtle (any turtle in the superfamily Chelonioidea)
tartaruga-marinha {f}  :: alternative spelling of tartaruga marinha
tartaruga matamatá {f}  :: matamata (Chelus fimbriatus, a freshwater turtle)
tartaruga oliva {f}  :: alternative spelling of tartaruga-oliva
tartaruga-oliva {f}  :: olive ridley sea turtle (Lepidochelys olivacea, a sea turtle)
tartaruga verde {f}  :: alternative spelling of tartaruga-verde
tartaruga-verde {f}  :: green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas)
tartarugazinha {f} [rare]  :: diminutive form of tartaruga
tartarugona {f}  :: augmentative form of tartaruga
tartaruguinha {f}  :: diminutive form of tartaruga
tartrazina {f}  :: tartrazine
tartéssio {adj}  :: Tartessian (of or pertaining to Tartessos)
tartéssio {m}  :: Tartessian (a member of the Tartessian civilisation)
Tartu {prop}  :: Tartu (second-largest city in Estonia)
Taís {prop}  :: Thais (female given name)
Tashkent {prop}  :: Tashkent (capital of Uzbekistan)
Tasmânia {prop}  :: Tasmania
Tasquente {prop}  :: alternative form of Tashkent
tato {m}  :: the sense of touch
tatu {m}  :: armadillo
tatu {m}  :: (colloquial) (South Brazil) booger
tatuagem {f}  :: tattoo
tatuando {v}  :: gerund of tatuar
tatuar {v}  :: to tattoo
taurina {adj}  :: feminine form of taurino
taurinas {adj}  :: feminine plural of taurino
taurino {adj}  :: taurine
Taurus {prop} [zodiac constellations]  :: Taurus (constellation)
taverna {f}  :: pub, tavern
Tavira {prop}  :: A Portuguese city in Faro district
taxa {f} [economics]  :: a percentage or ratio of a value
taxa {f}  :: fee (monetary payment charged for professional services)
taxa {f} [mathematics, statistics]  :: rate (amount measured in relation to another amount)
taxa {f}  :: tax (money paid to the government)
taxando {v}  :: gerund of taxar
taxar {v}  :: to tax
taxiar {v}  :: to taxi (to move an aircraft on the ground)
taxidermia {f}  :: taxidermy (the art of stuffing dead animals)
taxinomia {f}  :: taxonomy
taxista {mf}  :: taxi driver (person who drives a taxicab)
tíbia {f} [skeleton]  :: tibia
Tbilisi {prop}  :: Tbilisi (the capital city of Georgia (the country))
táboa {f}  :: obsolete spelling of tábua
tábua {f}  :: a small table for serving food or playing games
tábua {f}  :: board; plank (piece of wood)
tábua {f} [Brazil, slang]  :: a refusal or rejection, especially of a marriage proposal
tábua {f} [Brazil, slang, pejorative]  :: a woman who is very thin and has small breasts
tábua {f}  :: chopping board
tábua {f}  :: table (grid of data in rows and columns)
Tábua {prop}  :: A Portuguese village in Coimbra district
túbulo {m}  :: tubule
tc {v} [Internet slang]  :: To communicate with people by typing (in chat rooms, messenger programs and so on)
tchê {m} [Rio Grande do Sul]  :: a term of address for a man
tchau {interj}  :: goodbye
tcheca {adj}  :: feminine form of tcheco
tchecas {adj}  :: feminine plural of tcheco
tcheco {adj} [Brazil]  :: Czech
tcheco {m} [Brazil]  :: Czech (Person from the Czech Republic
tcheco {m} [Brazil, uncountable]  :: Czech (language)
Tcheco-Eslováquia {prop} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of Tchecoslováquia
Tchecoslováquia {prop} [Brazil, historical]  :: Czechoslovakia (former country in Central Europe)
Tcherkesk {prop}  :: Cherkessk (city in Russia)
Tcherkessk {prop}  :: Cherkessk (city in Russia)
tchim-tchim {interj}  :: bottoms up!; cheers! (toast when drinking)
Tchita {prop}  :: alternative form of Chita
tchova {m} [lb, pt, Mozambique]  :: pushcart (small cart pushed by hand)
Tchéquia {prop}  :: alternative form of Chéquia
tchuvache {adj}  :: alternative form of chuvache
tácita {adj}  :: feminine form of tácito
tácitas {adj}  :: feminine plural of tácito
tácito {adj}  :: tacit (done or made in silence; implied, but not expressed; silent)
técnica {adj}  :: feminine form of técnico
técnica {f}  :: technique (a way of accomplishing a task that is not immediately obvious)
técnico {adj}  :: technical
técnico {m}  :: manager, coach (trainer)
técnico {m}  :: specialist
técnico {m}  :: technician
táctica {f} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of tática
táctico {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of tático
táctil {adj}  :: tactile (relating to the sense of touch)
tôda {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of toda
tôda {adv}  :: obsolete spelling of toda
tôda {pron}  :: obsolete spelling of toda
tédio {m}  :: boredom (state of being bored)
te {pron} [object pronoun]  :: you
teallita {f} [mineral]  :: teallite
te amo {phrase}  :: I love you
tear {m}  :: loom
teatral {adj}  :: theatrical
teatro {m}  :: a theatrical performance
teatro {m} [figurative]  :: drama (rumor, lying or exaggerated reaction to life events)
teatro {m}  :: theater (a region where a particular action takes place)
teatro {m}  :: theater (place or building)
teatro {m} [uncountable]  :: theater (drama or performance as a profession or artform)
tebano {adj}  :: Theban (of, from or relating to Thebes)
tebano {m}  :: Theban (person from Thebes)
Tebas {prop}  :: Thebes (Ancient Egyptian city)
Tebas {prop}  :: Thebes (Ancient Greek city)
tecelã {f}  :: feminine form of tecelão
tecelão {m}  :: weaver (one who weaves)
tecer {v}  :: to weave
tecido {adj}  :: woven (fabricated by weaving)
tecido {m} [biology]  :: tissue (aggregation of cells)
tecido {m}  :: fabric; textile; cloth
tecla {f}  :: key (button on a typewriter or computer keyboard)
tecla {f}  :: key (one of a number of rectangular moving parts on a piano or musical keyboard)
teclado {m}  :: keyboard (component of a musical instrument consisting of keys)
teclado {m}  :: keyboard (set of keys used to operate a typewriter, computer, etc.)
teclado {m} [musical instrument]  :: keyboard (electronic device with keys of a musical keyboard)
teclar {vi}  :: to type
tecnécio {m}  :: technetium (chemical element)
tecnologia {f}  :: technology
tecto {m}  :: obsolete spelling of teto
tedio {m}  :: obsolete spelling of tédio
Teerã {prop} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of Teerão
Teerão {prop} [Portugal]  :: Tehran (capital of Iran)
teia {f} [figurative, literature]  :: plot (general course of a story)
teia {f}  :: network (any interconnected group or system)
teia {f}  :: torch
teia {f} [weaving]  :: woof (the set of yarns placed crosswise in a loom)
teia {f}  :: web; spider web
Teia {prop} [Greek god]  :: Theia (a Titan)
teima {m}  :: obstinacy, persistence
teima {m}  :: whim
teimando {v}  :: gerund of teimar
teimar {v}  :: to insist
teimar {v}  :: to persist
teimosa {adj}  :: feminine form of teimoso
teimosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of teimoso
teimosia {f}  :: perseverance, tenacity
teimosia {f}  :: stubbornness, obstinacy
teimoso {adj}  :: stubborn
Teixeira {prop}  :: A town and municipality in Paraíba, Brazil
Teixeira {prop}  :: Portuguese surname
teixo {m}  :: yew
Tejo {prop}  :: Tagus (a river in Spain and Portugal)
tela {f} [biology]  :: a very thin tissue
tela {f} [Brazil]  :: screen (viewing area of electronic output devices)
tela {f} [by extension]  :: painting (an illustration or artwork using paint)
tela {f}  :: canvas (piece of canvas cloth stretched across a frame on which one may paint)
tela {f}  :: screen (viewing area of a movie, slide presentation, etc.)
Tel Aviv-Yafo {prop}  :: Tel Aviv (city in Israel)
telecomando {m}  :: remote control
telecomunicação {f}  :: telecommunication
telefónica {adj}  :: feminine form of telefónico
telefônica {adj}  :: feminine form of telefônico
telefónicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of telefónico
telefônicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of telefônico
telefônico {adj} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of telefónico
telefónico {adj}  :: telephonic
telefonar {v}  :: to telephone
telefone {m}  :: telephone
telefone fixo {m}  :: landline (telephone connected by such a fixed cable)
telefonia {f}  :: telephony
telefonia fixa {f}  :: landline (fixed telephone communications cable)
telemóvel {m}  :: mobile , mobile phone, cellphone
telenovela {f}  :: soap opera/telenovela
telepata {adj}  :: Able to use telepathy; telepathic
telepaticamente {adv}  :: By means of telepathy; telepathically
telescópica {adj}  :: feminine form of telescópico
telescópicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of telescópico
telescópico {adj}  :: telescopic
telescópio {m}  :: telescope (optical instrument possessing magnification)
telespectador {m}  :: television viewer
telespectadora {n}  :: feminine form of telespectador
telespectadoras {n}  :: feminine plural of telespectador
televenda {f}  :: alternative form of televendas
televendas {n}  :: direct response television (television advertising that asks consumers to respond directly to the company)
televendas {n}  :: telemarketing (the business of selling products or services by making telephone calls)
televendedor {m} [lb, pt, rare]  :: telemarketer (someone who sells products or services by making unsolicited telephone calls)
televisar {v}  :: to televise
televisão {f}  :: a television (device)
televisão {f}  :: television (communication medium)
telégrafo {m}  :: telegraph (apparatus for communicating between distant points)
telha {f}  :: tile, especially a roof tile
telhado {m}  :: roof
telhando {v}  :: gerund of telhar
telhar {v}  :: to tile (to cover with tiles)
telômero {m} [genetics]  :: telomere
teólogo {m}  :: theologian (one who studies theology)
telúrica {adj}  :: feminine form of telúrico
telúricas {adj}  :: feminine plural of telúrico
telúrico {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: telluric
telúrio {m}  :: tellurium (chemical element)
telugo {m}  :: Telugu (language)
telureto {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: telluride
telurosa {adj}  :: feminine form of teluroso
telurosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of teluroso
teluroso {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: tellurous
tema {m}  :: theme
temer {v} [chiefly, theology]  :: to fear (to venerate; to feel awe towards)
temer {v}  :: to be afraid (regretful, sorry)
temer {v}  :: to fear (to feel fear about something)
temor {m} [chiefly, theology]  :: fear (extreme veneration or awe)
temor {m}  :: fear (sense of fear induced by something or someone)
temor {m} [uncountable]  :: fear (emotion caused by actual or perceived danger or threat)
temperar {v}  :: to season (to flavour food)
temperatura {f}  :: temperature (a measure of cold or hot)
tempero {m}  :: seasoning
templo {m}  :: temple (building)
tempo {interj} [sports]  :: time out (call for a time-out)
tempo {m}  :: a duration of time
tempo {m} [grammar]  :: tense (forms of a verb which distinguish when an action occurs)
tempo {m}  :: season (part of a year when something particular happens)
tempo {m} [sports]  :: a subdivision of the duration of a match (such as halves in football, quarters in basketball)
tempo {m}  :: time; era
tempo {m} [uncountable]  :: time (quantity of availability of duration)
tempo {m} [uncountable]  :: time (the progression from the present into the future)
tempo {m} [uncountable]  :: weather (state of the atmosphere at a specific time and place)
tempo absoluto {m}  :: absolute time
tempo é dinheiro {proverb}  :: time is money
temporada {f}  :: season, period, span of time
temporal {adj}  :: temporal (relating to time)
temporal {m}  :: downpour; heavy rain
temporal {m}  :: temporal bone
temporizador {m}  :: timer (device that activates something after a preset amount of time)
temporária {adj}  :: feminine form of temporário
temporárias {adj}  :: feminine plural of temporário
temporário {adj}  :: temporary
tempurá {m}  :: tempura (dish)
temôr {m}  :: obsolete spelling of temor
temível {adj}  :: dreadful (causing dread)
tenaz {adj}  :: tenacious; adhesive (clinging to an object or surface)
tenaz {adj}  :: tenacious (unwilling to yield from a point of view)
tenaz {f}  :: pincer (gripping limb of some animals, such as crabs, lobsters and scorpions)
tenaz {f}  :: tongs (gripping tool used for manipulating hot objects)
tenca {f}  :: tench (Tinca tinca, a species of freshwater game fish)
tencionando {v}  :: gerund of tencionar
tencionar {v}  :: to mean, intend
tenda {f}  :: tent
tendal {m}  :: clothesline (cord to hang clothes on so they can dry)
tendenciosidade {f}  :: bias (inclination towards something)
tendencioso {adj}  :: tendentious; biased
tendendo {v}  :: gerund of tender
tender {v}  :: to tend
tender {v}  :: to trend
tendência {m}  :: trend, tendency, inclination
tendão {m} [anatomy]  :: tendon (tissue that connects a muscle with a bone)
tenebroso {adj}  :: dark, gloomy
tenebroso {adj}  :: frightful
tenebroso {adj}  :: tenebrous
tenente {m} [military, law enforcement]  :: lieutenant (a low commissioned officer rank)
tenho uma pergunta {phrase}  :: I have a question
tenista {mf}  :: tennis player
Tennessee {prop}  :: Tennessee (state)
tenção {f}  :: devotion
tenção {f}  :: purpose, intent, design, plan
Tenochtitlán {prop}  :: Tenochtitlan (capital of the Aztec empire)
tenramente {adv}  :: tenderly (in a tender manner)
tenro {adj} [of food]  :: tender (soft and easily chewed)
tenro {adj}  :: tender (physically weak)
tensionar {v}  :: to tense (to make or become tense)
tensão {f} [electricity]  :: tension; voltage
tensão {f} [phonetics]  :: tenseness (a particular vowel or consonant quality)
tensão {f} [physics, engineering]  :: tension (state of an elastic object which is stretched in a way which increases its length)
tensão {f} [physics]  :: stress (the internal distribution of force per unit area)
tensão {f} [Provençal poetry]  :: tenson (debate between two interlocutors)
tensão {f} [psychology]  :: tension (psychological state of being tense)
tensão {f} [sociology]  :: a situation where conflict between social groups is imminent
tensão {f}  :: tenseness (the characteristic of being tense)
tenso {adj}  :: tense (showing stress or strain)
tentador {adj}  :: tempting
tentadora {adj}  :: feminine form of tentador
tentadoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of tentador
tentação {f}  :: temptation
tentar {v}  :: to dare
tentar {v}  :: to tease
tentar {v}  :: to try, to go for, to attempt
tentativa {adj}  :: feminine form of tentativo
tentativa {f}  :: attempt, trial, experiment
tentáculo {m}  :: tentacle (elongated, boneless, flexible appendage)
tentilhão {m}  :: chaffinch (Fringilla coelebs, a small passerine bird)
teo- {prefix}  :: theo-
Teobaldo {prop}  :: male given name, equivalent to Theobald
teocracia {f}  :: theocracy (government under the control of a state-sponsored religion)
teodolito {m}  :: theodolite (surveying instrument used to measure horizontal and vertical angles)
Teodorico {prop}  :: Theodoric (given name)
Teodoro {prop}  :: Theodore (male given name)
teofania {f}  :: theophany (manifestation of a deity)
teologia {f}  :: theology (study of God or gods)
teor {m}  :: content
teorema {m} [mathematics]  :: theorem (proven mathematical statement)
teoria {f} [sciences]  :: theory (coherent set of statements attempting to explain observed phenomena)
teoria {f}  :: theory (underlying principles as opposed to practice)
teoria {f}  :: theory (unproven conjecture)
teoria da conspiração {f}  :: conspiracy theory (allegation that the a group is secretly working to commit wrongful actions)
teoria dos conjuntos {f} [mathematics]  :: set theory (mathematical study of sets)
teoria dos grafos {f} [mathematics]  :: graph theory (study of networks of nodes and vertices)
teoria dos jogos {f} [mathematics]  :: game theory (mathematical study of strategic situations)
teoricamente {adv}  :: theoretically
teorista {mf}  :: theorist, theoretician
teorizar {v}  :: to theorise (to formulate theories)
teosófico {adj}  :: theosophic (of or relating to theosophy)
teosofia {f} [religion]  :: theosophy (doctrine of religious philosophy and mysticism)
Tepelene {prop} [rare]  :: Tepelenë (town)
tepidez {f}  :: warmth
tequila {f}  :: tequila (Mexican agave liquor)
ter {v} [auxiliary verb]  :: to have
ter {v} [followed by de or que and the infinitive]  :: must; to have to
ter {v} [the object is followed by the conjunctions por or como]  :: to consider (assign some quality to)
ter {v}  :: there be (to exist, physically or abstractly)
ter {v}  :: to give birth to
ter {v}  :: to have
terça {adj}  :: feminine form of terço
terça {adv}  :: Shortening of terça-feira: on a Tuesday
terça {f}  :: Shortening of terça-feira: Tuesday
terça-feira {f}  :: Tuesday (day of the week)
terapêutica {f}  :: therapeutics
terapêuticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of terapêutico
terapêutico {adj}  :: therapeutic (of, or relating to therapy)
terças {adj}  :: feminine plural of terço
teratogênica {adj}  :: feminine form of teratogênico
teratogênicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of teratogênico
teratogênico {adj}  :: teratogenic
ter a ver {vt}  :: to be related
terceira pessoa {f} [grammar]  :: third person (the form of a verb used when the subject of a sentence is not the audience or the one making the statement)
terceira pessoa do plural {f}  :: third-person plural
terceira pessoa do singular {f}  :: third-person singular
terceirização {f} [business]  :: outsourcing (the transfer of a business function to an external service provider)
terceiro {ordinal num}  :: third
Terceiro Reich {prop}  :: Third Reich (germany under the Nazi regime)
terceyra pessoa {f}  :: obsolete spelling of terceira pessoa
terceyro {ordinal num}  :: obsolete spelling of terceiro
terciária {adj}  :: feminine form of terciário
terciárias {adj}  :: feminine plural of terciário
terciário {adj}  :: tertiary
terebintina {f}  :: turpentine
Teresa {prop}  :: Teresa (female given name)
teórico {adj}  :: academic (having no practical importance)
teórico {adj}  :: theoretical (of or relating to theory)
termal {adj}  :: thermal
terminando {v}  :: gerund of terminar
terminante {adj}  :: categorical
terminante {adj}  :: decisive
terminante {adj}  :: peremptory
terminantemente {adv}  :: categorically
terminantemente {adv}  :: decisively
terminantemente {adv}  :: peremptorily
terminação {f}  :: termination
terminar {v}  :: to end up
terminar {v}  :: to finish, end, terminate, stop
termiônica {adj}  :: feminine form of termiônico
termiônicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of termiônico
termiônico {adj} [physics]  :: thermionic
termómetro {m} [Portugal]  :: alternative form of termômetro
termômetro {m}  :: thermometer
termo {m}  :: condition; state
termo {m}  :: end (final point of something in space or time)
termo {m} [grammar]  :: a word with a function in a sentence
termo {m} [logic]  :: each element of a statement
termo {m} [mathematics]  :: term (value in an expression)
termo {m}  :: surroundings (area surrounding something)
termo {m}  :: term (duration of a set length)
termo {m}  :: term (limitation, restriction or regulation)
termo {m}  :: term; word (especially one from a specialised area)
termo- {prefix}  :: thermo- (relating to heat)
termoelétrica {adj}  :: feminine form of termoelétrico
termoelétricas {adj}  :: feminine plural of termoelétrico
termoelétrico {adj} [physics]  :: thermoelectric
termopar {m} [physics]  :: thermocouple
termoquímica {adj}  :: feminine form of termoquímico
termoquímicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of termoquímico
termoquímico {adj} [chemistry]  :: thermochemical
Termópilas {prop}  :: Thermopylae (narrow pass in eastern Greece and site of a historic battle)
terna {adj}  :: feminine form of terno
ternamente {adv}  :: fondly, affectionately
ternas {adj}  :: feminine plural of terno
Terêncio {prop}  :: Terence (male given name)
terno {adj}  :: affectionate
terno {adj}  :: gentle, mild
ternura {f}  :: tenderness, affection
terço {adj}  :: which is one third (1/3) of something
terço {m} [historical, military]  :: tercio (a type of military formation used in the early modern age)
terço {m} [Roman Catholicism]  :: prayer beads used to pray the rosary
terço {m}  :: third (one of three equal parts of a whole)
terço {num} [archaic]  :: third
terçol {m} [colloquial]  :: stye (bacterial infection of the eyelash or eyelid)
terçolho {m}  :: alternative form of terçol
ter o olho maior do que a barriga {phrase}  :: To want more than one can handle
Terpsícore {prop} [Greek god]  :: Terpsichore (Greek mythology: one of the nine muses)
ter que {v} [followed by impersonal infinitive]  :: to have to (indicates obligation)
terra {f}  :: earth
terra {f}  :: ground, land, soil
terra {f}  :: homeland (formally "terra natal", but sometimes shortened as "terra")
Terra {prop}  :: Earth
Terra de Vera Cruz {prop} [historical]  :: the Portuguese colony in what is now northeastern Brazil
Terra do Sol da Meia-Noite {prop}  :: Land of the Midnight Sun
Terra do Sol Nascente {prop}  :: Land of the Rising Sun
terramoto {m} [Portugal]  :: alternative form of terremoto
Terra Nova {prop}  :: Newfoundland (island off the the coast of Eastern Canada)
terraço {m}  :: terrace (flat-topped bank of earth with sloping sides)
terraço {m}  :: terrace (platform that extends outwards from a building)
terraço {m}  :: terrace (roof of a building)
Terra Santa {prop}  :: Holy Land (that part of Asia in which most Biblical events are set)
Terras de Bouro {prop}  :: A Portuguese village in Braga district
terreiro {m}  :: area without vegetation surrounding a house, normally in the countryside
terreiro {m}  :: meeting place for Afro-Brazilian cults
terremoto {m} [Brazil, seismology]  :: earthquake
territorial {adj}  :: territorial
território {m}  :: territory
Território da Capital Australiana {prop}  :: Australian Capital Territory (territory of Australia)
Território do Norte {prop}  :: Northern Territory (territory in northern Australia)
terrivelmente {adv}  :: terribly, awfully, dreadfully
terror {m}  :: terror
terrorista {adj}  :: terroristic
terrosa {adj}  :: feminine form of terroso
terrosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of terroso
terroso {adj} [chemistry]  :: earth (attributive)
terroso {adj}  :: earthy, muddy
terráquea {adj}  :: feminine form of terráqueo
terráqueas {adj}  :: feminine plural of terráqueo
terráqueo {adj}  :: terrestrial (of planet Earth)
terráqueo {m} [chiefly in ufology or science fiction]  :: Earthling (inhabitant of the planet Earth)
terrível {adj}  :: terrible
tese {f} [sciences]  :: thesis (statement supported by arguments)
tese {f}  :: thesis (written essay submitted for a university degree)
teísmo {m}  :: theism
tesão {m}  :: hard-on
tesão {m}  :: randiness
tesoira {f}  :: dated form of tesoura
tesoiro {m}  :: dated form of tesouro
tesoura {f} [architecture]  :: a type of truss (framework of beams forming a rigid structure) used in rooves
tesoura {f}  :: earwig (any insect of the order Dermaptera)
tesoura {f}  :: fiddler crab
tesoura {f} [football]  :: a form of sliding tackle where the player performing the tackle has his legs wide open
tesoura {f} [martial arts]  :: scissor kick (a kick where the attacker attempts to grabs his opponent’s neck with his legs)
tesoura {f}  :: scissors (tool used for cutting)
tesoura {f}  :: scissor-tailed flycatcher (a species of bird)
tesouro {m} [government]  :: Treasury (department responsible for management of public revenue)
tesouro {m} [lexicography]  :: a reference work where terms are grouped together according to their subject
tesouro {m}  :: treasure (any single thing that one values greatly)
tesouro {m}  :: treasure (a term of endearment)
tesouro {m}  :: treasure (collection of valuable things)
Tessalônica {prop} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of Tessalónica
Tessalónica {prop} [Portugal]  :: Thessaloniki (city in Greece)
Tessália {prop}  :: Thessaly (region of Greece)
teísta {mf}  :: theist
testa {f}  :: forehead
testador {m}  :: testator
testamento {m} [Christianity]  :: testament (either of two parts of the Bible)
testamento {m} [legal]  :: will; testament (formal declaration of one’s intent concerning the disposal of one’s property and holdings after death)
testamentária {adj}  :: feminine form of testamentário
testamentárias {adj}  :: feminine plural of testamentário
testamentário {adj}  :: testamentary
testando {v}  :: gerund of testar
testar {v}  :: to test
testículo {m} [anatomy]  :: testicle
teste {m} [education]  :: test (academic examination)
teste {m}  :: test (session in which something or someone is examined under various conditions)
testemunha {f}  :: witness
testemunhando {v}  :: gerund of testemunhar
testemunhar {v}  :: to testify, attest
testemunhar {v}  :: to witness
Testemunhas de Jeová {fp}  :: Jehovah's Witnesses (Christian denomination)
testemunho {m} [legal]  :: testimony (statement in court)
testemunho {m} [religion]  :: testimony (a personal account in a church service)
testemunho {m} [sports, Portugal]  :: baton (object transferred by relay runners)
testemunho {m}  :: the act of witnessing something
testemunho {m}  :: witness (something that serves as evidence)
testicular {adj}  :: testicular
testosterona {f} [figurative]  :: testosterone (manly behavior)
testosterona {f}  :: testosterone (steroid hormone)
testudíneo {m} [usually, in the plural, scientific usage]  :: turtle (any reptile of the order Testudines)
teta {f} [vulgar when referring to a human’s]  :: tit; teat (projection of mammary gland)
teta {m}  :: theta (name of the Greek letter Θ θ)
teto {m}  :: ceiling (upper limit of room)
tetracampeão {m}  :: four-time champion
tetracarbonilo {m}  :: tetracarbonyl
tetracloreto {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: tetrachloride
tetraedro {m} [geometry]  :: tetrahedron (polyhedron with four sides)
tetraetilchumbo {m} [organic compound]  :: tetraethyl lead
tetrafluoreto {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: tetrafluoride
tetrahedro {m}  :: obsolete spelling of tetraedro
tetraiodeto {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: tetraiodide
tetratiomolibdato {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: tetrathiomolybdate
tetravalente {adj}  :: tetravalent, quadrivalent
tetraóxido {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: tetroxide
tetraz {m}  :: grouse (game birds of the family Tetraonidae)
Tetris {prop} [video games]  :: Tetris
teu {pron} [pt-pron def, possessive, 2, sg]  ::
teus {pron} [pt-pron def, possessive, teu, m, pl]  ::
teutônico {adj} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of teutónico
teutónico {adj} [Portugal]  :: Teutonic
tevê {f}  :: TV; telly
texano {adj}  :: Texan
texano {m}  :: Texan
Texas {prop}  :: Texas (a state of the United States of America)
texto {m}  :: essay (written composition)
texto {m}  :: script (text of the dialogue and action for a drama)
texto {m}  :: text (a written passage)
texto {m} [uncountable]  :: writing (written letters or symbols that express some meaning)
textual {adj}  :: exact, precise
textual {adj}  :: textual
texugo {m}  :: badger
teya {f}  :: obsolete spelling of teia
tez {f}  :: complexion (appearance of the skin on the face)
Tígris {prop}  :: alternative form of Tigre
Thadeu {prop}  :: obsolete spelling of Tadeu
theatro {m}  :: obsolete spelling of teatro
Theobaldo {prop}  :: obsolete spelling of Teobaldo
theoria {f}  :: obsolete spelling of teoria
these {f}  :: obsolete spelling of tese
thesoiro {m}  :: obsolete spelling of tesouro
thesoura {f}  :: obsolete spelling of tesoura
thesouro {m}  :: obsolete spelling of tesouro
theta {f}  :: obsolete spelling of teta
Thiago {prop}  :: male given name, equivalent of Jacob
thing {mf} [historical]  :: Thing (public assembly)
think tank {m} [idiomatic]  :: think tank (group producing research and recommendations)
thúlia {f} [mineral]  :: thulia
thorax {m}  :: obsolete spelling of tórax
thortveitita {f} [mineral]  :: thortveitite
thrash metal {m}  :: thrash metal (variant of heavy metal music)
TI {initialism}  :: IT; initialism of tecnologia da informação
tia {f}  :: aunt (a parent’s sister or sister-in-law, or an uncle's wife)
tia-avó {f}  :: great-aunt (sister of one’s grandparent, aunt of one’s parent)
Tiago {prop} [biblical]  :: The twentieth book of the New Testament of the Bible, the general epistle of James
Tiago {prop}  :: male given name; Portuguese equivalent of James
Tiago {prop}  :: One of two Apostles, James the Greater and James the Less, often identified with James, brother of Jesus
tia materna {f}  :: maternal aunt
Tianjin {prop}  :: Tianjin (a city of China)
tia paterna {f}  :: paternal aunt
Tibé {prop}  :: alternative form of Tibete
tibetano {adj}  :: Tibetan (of or pertaining to the Tibetan language)
tibetano {adj}  :: Tibetan (of or pertaining to Tibet or the Tibetans)
tibetano {m}  :: Tibetan (a person)
tibetano {m} [uncountable]  :: Tibetan (a language)
Tibete {prop}  :: Tibet (region in Central Asia)
Tibre {prop}  :: Tiber (river)
tica {adj}  :: feminine form of tico
ticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of tico
tico {adj}  :: Costa Rican
tico {m}  :: tic
Tico e Teco {prop} [humorous]  :: The names of the supposed only two neurons of a stupid person
tifo {m} [pathology]  :: typhus (disease)
tifoide {adj} [medicine]  :: typhous (of or pertaining to typhus)
tifoso {adj} [medicine]  :: typhous (of or pertaining to typhus)
tigela {f}  :: bowl (roughly hemispherical container)
tigre {m}  :: tiger
Tigre {prop}  :: Tigris (river in Southwest Asia)
tigre-da-tasmânia {m}  :: thylacine (extinct carnivorous marsupial)
tigre-de-bengala {m}  :: Bengal tiger (Panthera tigris tigris)
tigre-dente-de-sabre {m}  :: sabre-toothed tiger (prehistoric cat)
tigre-de-sumatra {m}  :: Sumatran tiger
tigresa {f}  :: tigress (female tiger)
tigre-siberiano {m}  :: Siberian tiger (Panthera tigris altaica)
Tigres Tamil {prop}  :: Tamil Tigers (guerrilla organization)
Tigres Tâmeis {prop}  :: Tamil Tigers (guerrilla organization)
tijolo {m}  :: A brick
tiki-taka {f} [soccer]  :: tiki-taka
til {m}  :: tilde, a diacritic (˜). Used in Portuguese to indicate a nasal vowel
til {m}  :: trifle (something of little importance or worth)
tilacino {m}  :: thylacine (extinct carnivorous marsupial)
tilintado {v}  :: past participle of tilintar
tilintando {v}  :: gerund of tilintar
tilintar {v}  :: to tinkle, chink
timba {f} [Angola, Mozambique]  :: aardvark (Orycteropus afer, a mammal)
timbo {m} [Angola, Mozambique]  :: aardvark (Orycteropus afer, a mammal)
timbrar {vt}  :: stamp (give an official marking to)
timbre {m}  :: seal (pattern, design)
timbre {m}  :: timbre (quality of a sound independent of its pitch and volume)
time {m} [Brazil]  :: a team
timer {m}  :: timer (device used to measure time)
Timfu {prop}  :: Thimphu (capital of Bhutan)
timidez {f}  :: shyness
timing {m}  :: timing (time when something happens)
Timisoara {prop}  :: Timişoara
timorense {adj}  :: East Timorese
timorense {mf}  :: East Timorese
Timor Leste {prop}  :: East Timor (Country in Oceania)
Timor-Leste {prop}  :: East Timor (Country in Oceania)
Timóteo {prop} [biblical]  :: Timothy
Timóteo {prop}  :: male given name, cognate with English Timothy
tim tim {interj}  :: cheers (toast when drinking)
tim-tim {interj} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of tchim-tchim
tina {f}  :: tub
tina {f}  :: vat
tinctura {f}  :: obsolete spelling of tintura
tingimento {m}  :: dyeing, tinting
tingindo {v}  :: gerund of tingir
tingir {v}  :: dye (to colour with dye)
tingir {v}  :: to blush (to redden in the face)
tingir {v}  :: to cause to have a certain colour
tingir {v}  :: to stain (coat a surface with a stain)
tingitano {adj}  :: Tangerine (pertaining to Tangier)
tingitano {m}  :: Tangerine (inhabitant of Tangier)
tinido {m}  :: tinkling
tinta {adj}  :: feminine form of tinto
tinta {f}  :: dye
tinta {f}  :: ink
tinta {f}  :: paint
tinteiro {m} [computing]  :: cartridge
tinteiro {m}  :: inkwell, inkstand, inkhorn
Tintim {prop}  :: A Belgian comic book character created by Hergé
tinto {adj}  :: dark red (wine)
tinto {adj}  :: tinted; dyed
tintura {f}  :: the act of dyeing
tintura {f}  :: tincture (alcoholic extract)
tintura {f}  :: tincture (pigment or other substance that colours or dyes)
tinturaria {f} [Brazil]  :: laundry
tinturaria {f}  :: cleaner's (shop)
tintureira {adj}  :: feminine form of tintureiro
tintureiras {adj}  :: feminine plural of tintureiro
tintureiro {adj}  :: dye, dyeing (attributive)
tio {m}  :: uncle (brother of someone's father or mother, or an aunt's husband)
tio-avô {m}  :: great-uncle (brother of one's grandparent; uncle of one's parent)
tiol {m} [organic chemistry]  :: thiol
tiolato {m} [chemistry]  :: thiolate
tio materno {m}  :: maternal uncle
tio paterno {m}  :: paternal uncle
tiossulfato {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: thiosulfate
tiossulfúrica {adj}  :: feminine form of tiossulfúrico
tiossulfúricas {adj}  :: feminine plural of tiossulfúrico
tiossulfúrico {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: thiosulfuric
tipógrafo {m}  :: printer
tipógrafo {m}  :: typographer
tipicidade {f}  :: typicality
tipo {m}  :: guy; bloke (unspecified or unknown man)
tipo {m}  :: kind; sort; type (grouping based on shared characteristics)
tipo {m} [linguistics]  :: a language type in typology
tipo {m} [typography]  :: type (letter or character used for printing)
tipo {particle} [Brazil, informal]  :: like (mild intensifier)
tipológico {adj}  :: typological
tipologia {f}  :: typology
tira {f}  :: comic strip (a series of drawings)
tira {f}  :: strip (long, thin piece of a bigger item)
tira {mf} [slang, law enforcement]  :: cop; police officer
tira-agrafos {m} [Portugal]  :: staple remover (device for removing staples)
tirador de racha {m}  :: street drag racer
Tirana {prop}  :: Tirana (capital city of Albania)
tirando {v}  :: gerund of tirar
tirano {m}  :: tyrant
tiranossauro {m}  :: tyrannosaur
tirar {v}  :: to remove, withdraw
tirar {v}  :: to take, take out, take away
Tiraspol {prop}  :: Tiraspol (capital of Transnistria)
tireóide {m}  :: alternative form of tireoide
tireóidea {adj}  :: feminine form of tireóideo
tireóideas {adj}  :: feminine plural of tireóideo
tireóideo {adj}  :: thyroid
tireoide {mf}  :: thyroid
tiróide {adj}  :: alternative form of tiroide
tiróide {f}  :: alternative form of tiroide
tiro {m}  :: a fired shot
tiro {m} [football]  :: free kick (kick in which a player may kick the ball without interference)
tiro {m}  :: shooting firearms as a sport
tiro {m} [South Brazil]  :: the act of throwing bolas or a lasso towards an animal
tiro {m} [sports, figurative]  :: a very strong kick, throw or hit
tiro {m}  :: the act of shooting
Tiro {prop}  :: Tyre (city)
tiro com arco {m}  :: archery
tiro de canto {m} [football]  :: a corner kick
tiroide {adj}  :: thyroid
tiroide {f} [anatomy]  :: thyroid
Tirol {prop}  :: Tyrol (state in the west of Austria)
tirolês {adj}  :: Tyrolean (of, from or relating to Tyrol)
tirolês {m}  :: Tyrolean (someone from Tyrol)
tiroteado {v}  :: past participle of tirotear
tiroteando {v}  :: gerund of tirotear
tirotear {v}  :: to shoot
tiroteio {m}  :: gunfire (sound of shots)
tiroteio {m}  :: shooting
tiroteio {m}  :: shootout
titã {m}  :: titan (strong person)
Titã {prop}  :: Titan (moon of Saturn)
Titanic {prop}  :: Titanic (ship)
titanita {f} [mineral]  :: titanite
titia {f} [lb, pt, childish]  :: alternative form of tia
Titicaca {prop}  :: Titicaca (lake in the South American Andes)
titio {m} [lb, pt, childish]  :: alternative form of tio
titânico {adj} [lb, pt, chemistry]  :: titanic (relating to titanium)
titânico {adj} [lb, pt, Greek mythology]  :: Titanic (relating to the Titans)
titânico {adj}  :: titanic (having great size, strength or power)
titânide {f} [Greek mythology]  :: feminine form of titã; Titaness
titânio {m}  :: titanium (chemical element)
Titogrado {prop}  :: Podgorica (capital city of Montenegro)
titoísmo {m}  :: Titoism (socialist ideology of Yugoslav leader Josip Broz Tito)
titulando {v}  :: gerund of titular
titulação {f} [chemistry]  :: titration
titular {adj}  :: titular, titled
titular {m}  :: holder, bearer (of a title etc)
titular {v} [chemistry]  :: To titrate
titular {v}  :: to title
titulometria {f} [chemistry]  :: titration
Tiumen {prop}  :: Tyumen (a city in Russia)
tílburi {m}  :: tilbury (carriage)
tília {f}  :: linden (any of various deciduous trees of the genus'Tilia)
túlia {f} [mineral]  :: thulia
Tália {prop} [Greek god]  :: Thalia (one of the three Graces)
Tália {prop} [Greek god]  :: Thalia (the muse of comedy and idyllic poetry)
tálio {m}  :: thallium (chemical element)
túlio {m}  :: thulium (chemical element)
túlipa {f}  :: tulip
tálus {m} [skeleton, Brazil]  :: talus; anklebone
tâmara {f}  :: date (fruit of the date palm)
tmese {f} [prosody]  :: tmesis (insertion of one or more words between the components of a word)
tâmia {f}  :: chipmunk (squirrel-like rodent of the genus Tamias)
tímida {adj}  :: feminine form of tímido
túmida {adj}  :: feminine form of túmido
túmidas {adj}  :: feminine plural of túmido
tímido {adj}  :: Lacking courage or confidence; timid
túmido {adj}  :: conceited, arrogant
túmido {adj}  :: swollen, bloated, turgid
tâmil {adj}  :: Tamil (of or pertaining to the Tamil people, culture or language)
tâmil {mf}  :: Tamil (language)
tâmil {mf}  :: Tamil (person)
Têmis {prop} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of Témis
Témis {prop} [Greek god]  :: Themis (a titan)
Tâmisa {prop}  :: The Thames
tímpano {m}  :: drum
tímpano {m}  :: eardrum
têmpora {f} [anatomy]  :: temple (region of skull)
túmulo {m} [figurative]  :: someone who keeps secrets
túmulo {m}  :: grave (excavation for burial)
túmulo {m}  :: tomb (small building or vault for the remains of the dead)
Tânato {prop} [Greek god]  :: Thanatos (the god of death)
Tânatos {prop}  :: alternative form of Tânato
tênder {m}  :: a type of industrially smoked ham
tênder {m} [rail transport]  :: tender (fuel-carrying railroad car)
túnel {m}  :: tunnel (an underground or underwater passage)
Tânger {prop}  :: Tangiers (a port city in northern Morocco)
túngstica {adj}  :: feminine form of túngstico
túngsticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of túngstico
túngstico {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: tungstic
ténia {f} [Portugal]  :: alternative form of tênia
tênia {f}  :: tapeworm
Tânia {prop}  :: Tania (female given name)
túnica {f} [lb, pt, anatomy]  :: tunica (membranous structure lining a cavity)
túnica {f} [lb, pt, botany]  :: tunica (layer, coat, sheath or similar covering)
túnica {f} [lb, pt, zoology]  :: mantle (body wall of a mollusc)
túnica {f}  :: tunic (garment worn over the torso reaching from the hips to the ankles)
tênis {m} [footwear]  :: a sneaker
ténis {m} [footwear, Portugal]  :: a sneaker
ténis {m} [sports, Portugal]  :: tennis
tênis {m} [sports]  :: tennis
Túnis {prop} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of Tunes
tênis de mesa {m}  :: table tennis, ping pong
tântalo {m}  :: tantalum (chemical element with an atomic number of 73)
tênue {adj} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of ténue
ténue {adj} [Portugal]  :: faint, dim, soft
ténue {adj} [Portugal]  :: subtle
ténue {adj} [Portugal]  :: tenuous, thin, weak
tão {adv}  :: asas
tão {adv}  :: so (to the extent that)
tão {v} [Brazil]  :: eye dialect of estão
toa {f}  :: rope
toalha {f}  :: table cloth
toalha {f}  :: towel
tobogã {m}  :: water slide (a recreational slide with water flowing down it)
toca {f}  :: den, burrow
toca-CD {m}  :: CD player
tocar {v}  :: to play (a musical instrument)
tocar {v}  :: to touch
tocariano {adj}  :: Tocharian (relating to the Tocharian languages)
tocariano {adj}  :: Tocharian (relating to the Tocharians)
tocariano {m} [lb, pt, uncountable]  :: Tocharian (either of two extinct Indo-European languages once spoken in the Tarim basin)
tocariano {m}  :: Tocharian (member of the peoples who spoke Tocharian)
tocata {f} [music]  :: toccata (musical piece designed to emphasise the dexterity of the performer)
tocha {f}  :: torch (stick with a flame on one end)
toco {n}  :: stub (something cut short, blunted, or stunted)
toda {adj}  :: feminine form of todo
toda {adj}  :: of or relating to the Toda people
toda {adv}  :: feminine form of todo
toda {f}  :: tody (any of the genus Todus of small insectivorous Caribbean birds)
toda {m}  :: a Dravidian language spoken by the Toda people
toda {mf}  :: a member of the Toda people of southern India
toda {pron}  :: feminine form of todo
toda brincadeira tem um fundo de verdade {phrase}  :: there's a grain of truth in every joke
todas {adj}  :: feminine plural of todo
todas {pron}  :: feminine plural of todo
todavia {adv}  :: In spite of what preceded; nevertheless
todo {adj} [may precede the noun]  :: entire; whole
todo {m}  :: whole (something complete)
todo {pron}  :: every; each (all of a group)
todo mundo {pron}  :: everyone; everybody
Todo-Poderoso {prop}  :: Almighty (god, the supreme being)
todos {pron} [indefinite]  :: everybody (all people)
todos os direitos reservados {phrase} [legal]  :: all rights reserved
Togo {prop}  :: Togo (Togolese Republic)
toicinho {m}  :: alternative form of toucinho
toirada {f}  :: alternative form of tourada
toiro {m}  :: alternative form of touro
Tokelau {prop}  :: Tokelau (oceanic country)
tola {adj}  :: feminine form of tolo
tolas {adj}  :: feminine plural of tolo
tolerando {v}  :: gerund of tolerar
tolerar {v}  :: to tolerate, endure
tolerância {f}  :: tolerance (all senses)
tolerável {adj}  :: tolerable (all senses)
tolice {f}  :: folly
tolice {f}  :: foolishness
tolice {f}  :: stupidity
tolo {adj}  :: With poor judgement or little intelligence; foolish
tolo {m}  :: (derogatory) tool
tolo {m}  :: Person with poor judgement or little intelligence; fool
Tolosa {prop}  :: Toulouse (a city in France)
tom {m}  :: tone [property of sound determined by the frequency]
Tomé {prop}  :: Thomas (given name)
Tom {prop}  :: A diminutive of the male given name Antônio, cognate to English Tony
tomada {adj}  :: feminine form of tomado
tomada {f}  :: power plug, power socket, outlet (sense 5)
tomada de decisões {f}  :: alternative form of tomada de decisão
tomada de decisão {f}  :: decision making (process of reaching a decision)
tomado {adj}  :: taken, seized, caught
tomar {vi}  :: to consume alcoholic beverages;
tomar {vt}  :: to consider that something or someone (direct object) is other thing or other one (por);
tomar {vt}  :: to drink;
tomar {vt}  :: to steal (something);
tomar {vt}  :: to take (something);
Tomar {prop}  :: A Portuguese city in Santarém district
tomar conta de {v}  :: to seize = to have a sudden and powerful effect upon
tomar conta de {v}  :: to take care of
tomate {m}  :: tomato (fruit)
tombo {m}  :: an inventory of real estate
tombo {m}  :: tumble; fall
Tomás {prop}  :: Thomas (given name)
Tomsk {prop}  :: Tomsk (а city in Russia)
tonalidade {f}  :: tonality, tone, shade, hue
Tondela {prop}  :: A Portuguese city in Viseu district
tonelada {f}  :: the contents of a cask
tonelada {f}  :: ton (unit of weight, equivalent to 1000 kilograms)
tonfa {f}  :: tonfa
Tonga {prop}  :: Tonga (country)
tonitroante {adj}  :: thunderous
tonnelada {f}  :: obsolete spelling of tonelada
tonto {adj}  :: dizzy
tonto {adj}  :: silly or foolish
tonto {adj}  :: stupid
tonto {m}  :: A fool, a stupid person
tontura {f}  :: dizziness, vertigo
topógrafa {f}  :: feminine form of topógrafo
topógrafo {m}  :: topographer
topo {m}  :: apex (moment of greatest success, expansion, etc.)
topo {m}  :: top (uppermost part)
topográfico {adj}  :: topographic (of or relating to topography)
topológico {adj} [mathematics]  :: topological (of or relating to topology)
topologia {f} [mathematics]  :: topology (mathematical study of shapes and topological spaces)
topázio {m}  :: topaz (gem)
Toquelau {prop}  :: alternative spelling of Tokelau
toró {m}  :: heavy rain
Torá {prop}  :: Torah (the Five Books of Moses - the full body of Jewish law)
Tor {prop} [Norse mythology]  :: Thor (thunder god)
toranja {f}  :: grapefruit
torcedor {m} [Brazil]  :: fan, supporter
torcedor {m}  :: garrotte
torácico {adj} [anatomy]  :: thoracic (relating to the thorax)
tordo {m}  :: thrush (one of several species of songbirds of the family Turdidae)
tormenta {f}  :: commotion
tormenta {f}  :: storm
tormenta {f}  :: torment
tornar {v}  :: to return; to come back
tornaram-se {v}  :: contraction of tornaram se
torneio {m} [figurative]  :: elegance; refinement
torneio {m} [historical]  :: joust (mock combat between two knights)
torneio {m} [sports]  :: tournament (series of games)
torneio {m}  :: the act of lathing
torneio {m}  :: the quality of an object which was lathed
torneira {f}  :: tap (device used to dispense liquids)
torneyo {m}  :: obsolete spelling of torneio
tornozeleira eletrônica {f}  :: ankle monitor, ankle bracelet (device that individuals under house arrest or parole are often required to wear to track their location)
tornozelo {m}  :: ankle (joint between foot and leg)
tornozêlo {m}  :: obsolete spelling of tornozelo
toro {m}  :: torus (three dimensional shape)
toro {m}  :: tree ring
toronja {f}  :: grapefruit
Toronto {prop}  :: Toronto (provincial capital on Ontario, Canada)
torpedeira {f}  :: alternative form of torpedeiro
torpedeiro {m} [nautical]  :: torpedo boat
torpedo {m}  :: SMS (a text message sent on a cell phone)
torpedo {m}  :: torpedo (submarine weapon)
torrada {adj}  :: feminine form of torrado
torrada {f}  :: toast (toasted bread)
torre {f} [chess]  :: rook
torre {f}  :: skyscraper
torre {f}  :: tower
Torre CN {prop}  :: CN Tower (the tower in Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
Torre de Babel {prop} [biblical]  :: the Tower of Babel
torre de menagem {f} [historical]  :: keep (main tower of a castle)
Torre de Moncorvo {prop}  :: A Portuguese village in Bragança district
Torre de Pisa {prop}  :: Leaning Tower of Pisa (the tower)
Torre Eiffel {prop}  :: Eiffel Tower (tower in Paris)
torrefação {f}  :: torrefaction, roasting
Torres Gêmeas {prop} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of Torres Gémeas
Torres Gémeas {prop} [Portugal]  :: Twin Towers (the two main buildings of the World Trade Center)
torre sineira {f}  :: belfry, bell tower, campanile
torre sineira {f}  :: steeple
Torres Novas {prop}  :: A Portuguese city in Santarém district
Torres Vedras {prop}  :: A Portuguese city in Lisboa district
torrão {m}  :: clod, divot
torrão {m}  :: homeland
torta {adj}  :: bent, not straight
torta {f}  :: pie
torta {f}  :: tart
torto {adj}  :: awry
torto {adj}  :: one-eyed, cross-eyed
torto {adj}  :: twisted, bent, crooked
torto {adj}  :: wrong, dishonest
torto {m} [archaic]  :: injustice, wrong
torto {m} [archaic]  :: offense, harm
tortuoso {adj}  :: tortuous (having many turns and twists)
tortura {f} [figurative]  :: a difficult situation
tortura {f}  :: torture (intentional causing of somebody experiencing agony)
torturar {v} [figurative]  :: to cause angst
torturar {v}  :: to torture (to intentionally inflict unnecessary pain or suffering on helpless victims)
tosar {v}  :: to beat up
tosar {v}  :: to crop (to cut hair short)
tosar {v}  :: to shear (to remove the fleece from a sheep)
Toscana {prop}  :: Tuscany (region in Italy)
tosse {f}  :: cough (expulsion of air from the lungs)
tosse {f} [uncountable, familiar]  :: common cold
tossir {v}  :: to cough
toste {adj}  :: swift; fast; quick
toste {adv}  :: quickly; swiftly
tostão {m}  :: money
tostão {m}  :: penny (old nickel coin)
totô {m} [childish]  :: alternative form of cocô
totó {m} [childish]  :: dog
totaes {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of totais
totaes {n}  :: obsolete spelling of totais
total {adj}  :: complete; entire (to the greatest extent)
total {adj}  :: total (relating to the whole of something)
total {m}  :: total (amount obtained by the addition of smaller amounts)
totalidade {f}  :: totality, entirety
totalitarismo {m}  :: totalitarianism (political system where the state wields absolute control)
totalmente {adv}  :: totally
totem {m}  :: totem (object or creature that serves as an emblem of a tribe, clan or family)
totem {m}  :: totem pole (Native American sculpture made by carving trees)
touceira {f}  :: clump (of small trees)
touché {interj}  :: touché
toucinho {m}  :: bacon (cut of meat), not necessarily cured
Toulouse {prop}  :: Toulouse (a city in France)
toupeira {f} [figurative]  :: a stupid person
toupeira {f}  :: mole (burrowing insectivore)
tourada {f}  :: bullfight, bullfighting
tourada {f}  :: herd of bulls
tourismo {m}  :: obsolete spelling of turismo
touro {m}  :: a bull
Touro {n}  :: Taurus (zodiac sign)
toxafeno {m}  :: toxaphene
toxicidade {f}  :: toxicity
toxicólogo {m} [toxicology]  :: toxicologist (scientist or physician whose specialty is toxicology)
toxicológica {adj}  :: feminine form of toxicológico
toxicológicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of toxicológico
toxicológico {adj}  :: toxicological
toxicologia {f}  :: toxicology (scientific study of poisons)
toxicologista {mf}  :: toxicologist (scientist specialised in toxicology)
toxidade {f}  :: toxicity
toxidez {f}  :: toxicity
toxina {f}  :: toxin
típico {adj}  :: typical (capturing the overall sense of a thing)
tépida {adj}  :: feminine form of tépido
tépidas {adj}  :: feminine plural of tépido
tépido {adj}  :: tepid, lukewarm
TPM {f}  :: PMT (premenstrual tension); acronym of tensão premenstrual
tôpo {m}  :: obsolete spelling of topo
Tóquio {prop}  :: Tokyo
têr {v}  :: obsolete spelling of ter
traça {f}  :: moth
traçador {m}  :: marker
traçar {v} [of drawing]  :: to make a stroke
traçar {v}  :: to outline; to draft
traçar {v}  :: to trace; to delineate
trabalhador {adj}  :: hard-working
trabalhador {m}  :: worker, laborer
trabalhadora {adj}  :: feminine form of trabalhador
trabalhadoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of trabalhador
trabalhar {v}  :: to work (to do a specific task)
trabalho {m} [Brazil]  :: homework involving research
trabalho {m} [figurative]  :: difficulty in completing a task
trabalho {m}  :: job (economic role for which a person is paid)
trabalho {m}  :: job; task (piece of work done as part of one’s duties)
trabalho {m} [uncountable]  :: work; toil; labour; effort
trabalho {m}  :: workplace (place where someone works)
trabalhosa {adj}  :: feminine form of trabalhoso
trabalhosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of trabalhoso
trabalhoso {adj}  :: costly
trabalhoso {adj}  :: hard-working
trabalhoso {adj}  :: laborious (requiring much effort)
trabuco {m}  :: a kind of blunderbuss
trabuco {m} [derogatory]  :: an ugly woman
trabuco {m}  :: trebuchet
tórace {m}  :: dated form of tórax
trachea {f}  :: obsolete form of traqueia
tracheia {f}  :: obsolete spelling of traqueia
trachéia {f}  :: obsolete spelling of traqueia
tractado {m}  :: obsolete spelling of tratado
tractar {v}  :: obsolete spelling of tratar
tractor {m}  :: obsolete spelling of trator
tríade {f}  :: triad (group of three things)
Tróade {prop}  :: Troad
tradicional {adj}  :: traditional (observant of tradition)
tradicional {adj}  :: traditional (of or pertaining to tradition)
tradicionalmente {adv}  :: In a traditional manner; traditionally
tradição {f}  :: tradition
traído {adj}  :: betrayed
traído {adj}  :: cheated
traduçaõ {f}  :: obsolete spelling of tradução
traducçaõ {f}  :: obsolete form of tradução
traducção {f}  :: obsolete spelling of tradução
tradução {f}  :: translation
tradutor {m}  :: translator
traduzir {vt}  :: to translate, to convert from a language to another
traedor {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of traidor
traedor {m}  :: obsolete spelling of traidor
trahido {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of traído
trahir {v}  :: obsolete spelling of trair
traiçaõ {f}  :: obsolete spelling of traição
traidor {adj}  :: traitorous (characteristic of a traitor)
traidor {adj}  :: which betrays (reveals unintentionally)
traidor {m}  :: traitor (one who betrays)
traidôr {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of traidor
traidôr {m}  :: obsolete spelling of traidor
traindo {v}  :: gerund of trair
traineau {m}  :: obsolete spelling of trenó
traição {f}  :: treason, betrayal
trair {v}  :: to betray
trair {v}  :: to be unfaithful
trajar {v}  :: to wear (to have on clothes)
traje {m}  :: attire, dress
trajecto {m}  :: obsolete spelling of trajeto
trajectória {f}  :: obsolete spelling of trajetória
traje espacial {m} [Brazilian Portuguese]  :: space suit
trajeto {m}  :: path, way, track
trajeto {m}  :: route
trajetória {f} [Brazil]  :: trajectory (path of a body)
trajo {m}  :: alternative form of traje
trama {f}  :: intrigue, plot
trama {f} [of fabric]  :: woof, weft
tramar {v}  :: to frame (cause a person to appear guilty)
tramar {v}  :: to plot
tramar {v}  :: to weave
trampolim {m}  :: diving board (springboard used for diving into water)
trampolim {m} [gymnastics]  :: trampoline (gymnastic and recreational device)
tranca {f}  :: bar, door bolt
trancando {v}  :: gerund of trancar
trancar {v}  :: to lock, latch
Trancoso {prop}  :: A Portuguese city in Guarda district
tranqüila {adj}  :: feminine form of tranqüilo
tranqüilamente {adv}  :: obsolete spelling of tranquilamente
tranqüilas {adj}  :: feminine plural of tranqüilo
tranqüilidade {f}  :: obsolete spelling of tranquilidade
tranqüilo {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of tranquilo
tranqueira {f}  :: junk food
tranquila {adj}  :: feminine form of tranquilo
tranquilamente {adv}  :: In context of being free from anger or anxiety; calmly; peacefully
tranquilas {adj}  :: feminine plural of tranquilo
tranquilidade {f}  :: tranquility
tranquilo {adj}  :: calm, peaceful, tranquil
trans- {prefix}  :: trans-
transacção {f}  :: obsolete form of transação
transactinídea {adj}  :: feminine form of transactinídeo
transactinídeas {adj}  :: feminine plural of transactinídeo
transactinídeo {adj}  :: transactinide
transação {f}  :: transaction (act of conducting or carrying out business, negotiations, plans)
transar {vi}  :: to make love, to have sex
transatlântica {adj}  :: feminine form of transatlântico
transatlânticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of transatlântico
transatlântico {adj}  :: transatlantic
Transcaucásia {prop}  :: South Caucasus (region of southwest Asia)
transcorrendo {v}  :: gerund of transcorrer
transcorrer {v}  :: to elapse
transcrição {f}  :: transcript
transcrição {f}  :: transcription
transcrita {adj}  :: feminine form of transcrito
transcritas {adj}  :: feminine plural of transcrito
transcrito {adj}  :: transcribed, copied, translated
transcrito {v}  :: past participle of transcrever
transdutor {m}  :: transducer
transferidor {adj}  :: which transfers
transferidor {m}  :: one who transfers
transferidor {m}  :: protractor (a circular or semicircular tool for measuring angles)
transferidora {adj}  :: feminine form of transferidor
transferidoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of transferidor
transferindo {v}  :: gerund of transferir
transferir {v}  :: to transfer
transferência {f}  :: delivery
transferência {f}  :: transfer, transference
transformação {f}  :: transformation
transformar {v}  :: to transform
transfretano {adj}  :: beyond the Strait of Gibraltar
transfretano {adj}  :: ultramarine
transfusão {f}  :: transfusion
Transilvânia {prop}  :: Transylvania
transição {f}  :: transition (process of change from one form, state, style or place to another)
transistor {m} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of transístor
transitiva {adj}  :: feminine form of transitivo
transitivas {adj}  :: feminine plural of transitivo
transitividade {f} [grammar]  :: transitivity (the degree in which a verb can govern objects)
transitividade {f} [set theory]  :: the quality of being transitive
transitividade {f}  :: the quality of being transitive (making a transit or passage)
transitividade {f}  :: the quality of what is temporary, ephemeral
transitivo {adj} [grammar, of a verb]  :: transitive (that takes an object or objects)
transitivo {adj} [set theory]  :: transitive (if the relation applies from one element to a second, and from the second to a third, then it also applies from the first element to the third)
transitivo {adj}  :: temporary; ephemeral; short-lived
transitivo {adj}  :: transitive (making a transit or passage)
transitória {adj}  :: feminine form of transitório
transitórias {adj}  :: feminine plural of transitório
transitório {adj}  :: transitory; transient (passing or disappearing with time)
transitável {adj}  :: passable
transladando {v}  :: gerund of transladar
transladar {v}  :: to move (from one place to another); translate
translação {f}  :: translation (all meanings)
transliteração {f} [writing, translation studies]  :: transliteration (act of transliterating)
transliteração {f} [writing, translation studies]  :: transliteration (text which has been transliterated)
transliterar {vt}  :: to transliterate, to represent letters or words using another script
translitteração {f}  :: obsolete spelling of transliteração
transmissão {f}  :: transfer, transference
transmissão {f}  :: transmission (all senses)
transmissor {m}  :: transmitter
transmissível {adj}  :: transferable
transmissível {adj}  :: transmissible
transmitindo {v}  :: gerund of transmitir
transmitir {v}  :: to convey
transmitir {v}  :: to impart
transmitir {v}  :: to transmit
transmutando {v}  :: gerund of transmutar
transmutação {f}  :: transmutation
transmutar {v}  :: to transmute
Transnístria {prop}  :: Transnistria (Transnistria, an autonomous territory in Moldova)
transparente {adj}  :: evident, clear
transparente {adj}  :: transparent
transparente {m}  :: transparent material
transparência {f}  :: transparency (all senses)
transportado {adj}  :: transported, carried
transportado {v}  :: past participle of transportar
transportando {v}  :: gerund of transportar
transportar {v}  :: to transport, carry
transporte {m} [military]  :: transport (vehicle used to transport troops and equipment)
transporte {m}  :: transport (act of transporting)
transporte {m} [uncountable]  :: transportation (conveyance of people and goods)
transístor {m} [electronics, chiefly, Portugal]  :: transistor (solid-state semiconductor device, with three terminals)
transtornando {v}  :: gerund of transtornar
transtornar {v}  :: to corrupt
transtornar {v}  :: to deface
transtornar {v}  :: to upset, disturb
transtorno {m}  :: disorder, derangement
transtorno {m}  :: setback
transtorno {m}  :: trouble, nuisance
transubstanciado {v}  :: past participle of transubstanciar
transubstanciando {v}  :: gerund of transubstanciar
transubstanciação {f}  :: transubstantiation
transubstanciar {v}  :: to transubstantiate
transuraniana {adj}  :: feminine form of transuraniano
transuranianas {adj}  :: feminine plural of transuraniano
transuraniano {adj}  :: transuranic
transurânica {adj}  :: feminine form of transurânico
transurânicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of transurânico
transurânico {adj}  :: transuranic
Transvaal {prop}  :: Transvaal (region of South Africa)
tração {f}  :: traction
traço {m}  :: feature
traço {m}  :: line
traço {m}  :: stroke
traço {m}  :: trace (all senses)
traço {m}  :: track, trail
traço {m}  :: trait
trapaça {f}  :: a cheating; a swindle
trapezóide {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of trapezoide
trapezóide {m}  :: obsolete spelling of trapezoide
trapezoide {adj}  :: trapezium shaped
trapezoide {m} [geometry]  :: trapezium (polygon without parallel sides)
trapezoide {m} [skeleton]  :: trapezoid bone
trapo {m}  :: rag (piece of old cloth)
trapo {m}  :: tatter (a shred of torn cloth)
trapézio {m} [geometry]  :: trapezium (four-sided polygon with two sides parallel)
trapézio {m} [skeleton]  :: trapezium (bone of the carpus)
trapézio {m}  :: trapeze
traqueia {f} [anatomy]  :: windpipe; trachea
traqueia {f} [botany]  :: trachea (xylem vessel of a plant)
traqueia {f} [entomology]  :: trachea (respiratory system of insects)
traquéia {f}  :: obsolete spelling of traqueia
traseira {f}  :: back
traseira {f}  :: rump
traseiro {adj}  :: hind
traseiro {adj}  :: rear
traseiro {m}  :: backside, behind, bum
traste {m} [music]  :: fret, fingerboard
traste {m}  :: worthless thing or person
tratado {adj}  :: well-fed
tratado {m} [international law]  :: treaty (binding agreement under international law)
tratado {m} [literature]  :: treatise (systematic discourse on some subject)
tratar {v}  :: to address someone with a specific form of address
tratar {v}  :: to behave (To conduct oneself in a given way.)
tratar {v}  :: to feed (to give food to eat)
tratar {v}  :: to take care of; to care for (to attend to the needs of)
tratar {v}  :: to treat (to apply medical care to)
tratar {v}  :: to treat (to handle, deal with or behave towards in a specific way)
tratar {v}  :: to treat; to negotiate with
tratar {v}  :: to treat (to subject to a chemical or other action)
trato {m}  :: behaviour
trato {m}  :: deal, pact, treaty
trato {m}  :: manner
trato {m}  :: tract
trato {m}  :: treatment
trator {m}  :: tractor (a type of vehicle used in farms)
traumatismo {m}  :: traumatism, injury, trauma
travaõ {v}  :: obsolete spelling of travam
travando {v}  :: gerund of travar
travar {v}  :: to arrest
travar {v}  :: to brake
trave {f} [architecture]  :: trave (joist)
trave {f}  :: beam
trave {f} [sports]  :: goalpost
travessa {adj}  :: feminine form of travesso
travessa {f}  :: a plate or bowl for placing food on a table
travessa {f}  :: a small comb for holding a hairdo
travessa {f}  :: a transversal street
travessa {f} [construction]  :: crossbeam (horizontal structural beam)
travesseiro {m}  :: pillow
travessia {f}  :: crossing (voyage across a place)
travão {m}  :: brake (device used to slow or stop a vehicle)
travão {v}  :: obsolete form of travam
travo {m}  :: anguish
travo {m}  :: astringency
travo {m}  :: tang
tórax {m} [anatomy]  :: thorax
trazer {v}  :: bring (to transport toward somebody/somewhere)
tríbade {f}  :: lesbian
térbia {f} [mineral]  :: terbia
térbio {m}  :: terbium (chemical element)
tríceps {m} [anatomy]  :: triceps (any muscle having three heads)
trácia {adj}  :: feminine form of trácio
Trácia {prop}  :: Thrace (historical and geographic area in southeast Europe)
trácias {adj}  :: feminine plural of trácio
trácio {adj}  :: Thracian (of or pertaining to the Thracian language)
trácio {adj}  :: Thracian (of or pertaining to Thrace, Thracians)
trácio {m}  :: Thracian (ethnic Thracian)
trácio {m}  :: Thracian (inhabitant of Thrace)
trácio {m} [uncountable]  :: Thracian (language)
trício {m}  :: alternative form of trítio
trôco {m}  :: obsolete spelling of troco
trebelho {m}  :: chess piece
trecentésimo {ordinal num}  :: three hundredths
trefilado {adj}  :: drawn (into wire)
trefilando {v}  :: gerund of trefilar
trefilar {v}  :: to draw (metal into wire form)
treinador {m}  :: coach, trainer, handler
treinamento {m}  :: coaching
treinamento {m}  :: training
treinando {v}  :: gerund of treinar
treinar {v}  :: to coach, train
treino {m}  :: training
trem {m} [rail transport, Brazil]  :: train (line of connected cars or carriages)
trem {m} [slang, Brazil]  :: thingy; thingummy
trema {n}  :: trema; a diacritic consisting of two dots
tremedeira {f} [disease]  :: malaria
tremedeira {f}  :: shiver (trembling from cold or fright)
tremer {v}  :: to shake
tremor {m}  :: agitation
tremor {m}  :: tremor
trenó {m}  :: sled (a vehicle on runners, used for conveying loads over the snow or ice)
Trento {prop}  :: Trento (city)
treçolho {m}  :: alternative form of terçol
trepado {v}  :: past participle of trepar
trepador {m}  :: climber (person, plant)
trepador {m}  :: critic
trepando {v}  :: gerund of trepar
trepar {v} [slang, Brazil]  :: To fuck
trepar {v}  :: to climb
trepar {v}  :: to mount
trepar {v}  :: to tread on
tresler {v}  :: to become crazy due to reading something too many times
tresler {v}  :: to blow smoke (to speak nonsense)
tresler {v}  :: to read a work many times
tresler {v}  :: to read (to interpret or infer a meaning, significance, thought, intention)
treta {f} [São Paulo, slang]  :: problem
trevas {n}  :: darkness, gloom
trevo {m}  :: cloverleaf interchange
trevo {m}  :: clover (plant in genus Trifolium)
trevo {m} [informal]  :: any trifoliate plant
trevo rodoviário {m}  :: interchange [highway intersection]
trevoso {adj}  :: alternative form of tenebroso
treze {m}  :: thirteen
treze {num}  :: thirteen
trezentos {m}  :: three hundred
trezentos {num}  :: three hundred
tráfego {m}  :: traffic (commercial transportation or exchange of goods)
tráfego {m}  :: traffic (the flow of pedestrians or vehicles in a location)
tráfico {m}  :: illegal traffic
trágico {adj} [lb, pt, drama]  :: tragic (relating to tragedies)
trágico {adj}  :: tragic (causing great sadness)
trégua {f}  :: truce
tíria {adj}  :: feminine form of tírio
tória {f} [mineral]  :: thoria
Tróia {prop}  :: obsolete spelling of Troia
trialquil {m} [organic chemistry]  :: trialkyl
triangulando {v}  :: gerund of triangular
triangular {adj}  :: triangular
triangular {v}  :: to triangulate
trianualmente {adv}  :: Every three years; triennially
triaril {m} [organic chemistry]  :: triaryl
tírias {adj}  :: feminine plural of tírio
triatlo {m}  :: triathlon
tribadismo {m}  :: tribadism, a form of lesbian intercourse involving the rubbing together of two partners' vulvae
tribo {f} [anthropology]  :: tribe (society larger than a band but smaller than a state)
tribo {f} [biblical]  :: one of the twelve tribes of Israel
tribo {f} [historical]  :: one of the three original tribes of Rome: Ramnes, Tities and Luceres
tribo {f} [sociology, informal]  :: subculture (portion of a culture distinguished by its customs)
tribo {f} [taxonomy]  :: tribe (rank between family and genus)
tribo {f}  :: tribe (cohesive group of people)
tribufu {f} [derogatory]  :: ugly woman
tribunal {m}  :: court
tribunal {m}  :: tribunal
tributando {v}  :: gerund of tributar
tributar {v}  :: to assess
tributar {v}  :: to collect or pay tribute
tributo {m}  :: tax or user charge
tributo {m}  :: tribute
tricarbeto {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: tricarbide
tricentésimo {ordinal num}  :: three hundredths
tricloreto {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: trichloride
tricotar {v}  :: to knit
tridente {m}  :: trident (three pronged spear)
trieno {m} [organic chemistry]  :: triene
Trieste {prop}  :: Trieste (Italian city)
trifluoreto {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: trifluoride
trigo {m}  :: wheat
trigésimo {ordinal num}  :: thirtieth
trilhão {m}  :: trillion (thousand billion)
trilho {m}  :: rail, line, track (railway)
trilionésimo {ordinal num}  :: trillionth
trimestral {adj}  :: Occurring at intervals of three months; trimonthly; quarterly
trimestralmente {adv}  :: Every three months; quarterly; trimonthly
Trindade e Tabago {prop}  :: dated form of Trindade e Tobago
Trindade e Tobago {prop}  :: Trinidad and Tobago (a country in the Caribbean)
triângulo {m}  :: triangle
Triângulo das Bermudas {prop}  :: Bermuda Triangle (area in Atlantic Ocean)
Trinidade e Tobago {prop}  :: alternative form of Trindade e Tobago
Trinidad e Tobago {prop}  :: alternative form of Trindade e Tobago
trinitreto {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: trinitride
trinta {m}  :: thirty
trinta {num}  :: thirty
tírio {adj}  :: Tyrian
tírio {m}  :: Tyrian (person from Tyre)
tório {m}  :: thorium (chemical element)
tripulando {v}  :: gerund of tripular
tripulação {f}  :: crew
tripular {v}  :: to crew
tripular {v}  :: to man
Tripura {prop}  :: Tripura (state)
trirreme {f} [history, nautical, archaic]  :: trireme
trirremo {m} [history, nautical, archaic]  :: trireme
trisavô {m}  :: great-great-grandfather (The father of someone's great-grandparent)
triscando {v}  :: gerund of triscar
triscar {v}  :: to touch lightly
trissulfeto {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: trisulfide
triste {adj}  :: Feeling sorrow; sad; unhappy
tristemente {adv}  :: In context of being unhappy; unhappily
tristeza {f}  :: sadness (event causing sadness)
tristeza {f} [uncountable]  :: sadness (state or emotion of being sad)
Tristão {prop}  :: Tristan (male given name)
tristonha {adj}  :: feminine form of tristonho
tristonhas {adj}  :: feminine plural of tristonho
tristonho {adj}  :: sad (having a sad look)
tristêza {f}  :: obsolete spelling of tristeza
Tritão {prop} [astronomy]  :: Triton (seventh moon of Neptune)
Tritão {prop} [Greek god]  :: Triton (god of the sea)
triturado {adj}  :: ground, crushed, triturated
triturando {v}  :: gerund of triturar
triturar {v}  :: to grind, to crush, to triturate
triumfo {m}  :: obsolete spelling of triunfo
triumfo {v}  :: obsolete spelling of triunfo
triumpho {m}  :: obsolete spelling of triunfo
triumpho {v}  :: obsolete spelling of triunfo
triunfal {adj}  :: triumphal, victorious
triunfalmente {adv}  :: triumphantly
triunfante {adj}  :: triumphant
triunfantemente {adv}  :: triumphantly
triunfo {m} [historical, Ancient Rome]  :: triumph (ceremony to celebrate someone’s military achievement)
triunfo {m}  :: triumph (conclusive success; victory; conquest)
Trivandrum {prop}  :: Thiruvananthapuram (capital of Kerala, India)
trivial {adj}  :: trivial
-triz {suffix}  :: feminine form of -dor
-triz {suffix}  :: feminine form of -tor
térmico {adj}  :: thermal (pertaining to heat or temperature)
término {m}  :: ending; termination; conclusion; closure
térmite {m}  :: termite (white bodied, wood-consuming insect)
têrmo {m}  :: obsolete spelling of termo
trémula {adj}  :: feminine form of trémulo
trêmula {adj}  :: feminine form of trêmulo
trémulas {adj}  :: feminine plural of trémulo
trêmulas {adj}  :: feminine plural of trêmulo
trêmulo {adj} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of trémulo
trémulo {adj} [Portugal]  :: trembling
trémulo {adj} [Portugal]  :: tremulous
trânsito {m}  :: traffic
trânsito {m}  :: transit
troça {f}  :: mockery, ridicule
trocadilho {m}  :: pun (joke or type of wordplay)
trocadilho {m}  :: spoonerism (phrase where sounds are transposed)
trocador {m}  :: exchanger
trocador {m} [regional, Rio de Janeiro]  :: conductor
trocar {v}  :: to change, exchange
trocar os pés pelas mãos {v} [idiomatic]  :: to make a big mistake
troco {m}  :: a small amount of money
troco {m}  :: change (small denominations of money given in exchange for a larger denomination)
troco {m} [familiar]  :: payback (act of revenge)
troco {m} [rare]  :: exchange; switch (act of exchanging or switching two thing)
Trofa {prop}  :: A Portuguese city in Porto district
troféu {m}  :: trophy
troglodita {m}  :: troglodyte
Troia {prop}  :: Troy (an ancient city)
troiano {adj}  :: Trojan
troiano {m}  :: Trojan
trombeta {f}  :: cornetfish (any of several slender, elongated tropical fish of the family Fistulariidae)
trombeta {f} [lb, pt, musici]  :: a trumpet or bugle
trombeteiro {m}  :: someone who plays the trumpet or the bugle
trombone {m}  :: trombone (a musical instrument in the brass family)
trombose {f} [pathology]  :: thrombosis (formation of thrombi, causing obstruction of circulation)
trompa alpina {f}  :: alphorn
trompe-l'œil {m}  :: trompe-l'oeil (type of optical illusion)
trompete {m}  :: trumpet (brass instrument)
trompetista {mf}  :: trumpeter (person who plays the trumpet)
tóron {m} [physics]  :: thoron
tronco {m} [anatomy]  :: trunk; torso
tronco {m} [botany]  :: tree trunk
tronco {m} [geometry]  :: frustum (the portion of a solid hat lies between two parallel planes)
tronco {m} [historical, colonial Brazil]  :: a post where slaves were tied to be flogged
tronco {m}  :: in a tree structure, a major branch from which smaller branches stem
tronco {m} [linguistics]  :: a language family which is not a subfamily (that is, the topmost family of a language family tree)
tronco {m}  :: stocks (type of device for public humiliation and punishment)
tronco cerebral {m}  :: brain stem
troneira {f} [architecture, military]  :: embrasure, crenel (indentation between the merlons of a battlement)
trono {m} [Brazil, colloquial, humoristic]  :: throne, toilet (ceramic bowl)
trono {m} [figuratively]  :: throne (the formal position of a sovereign)
trono {m}  :: throne (ornate seat)
tropa {f}  :: troop (military forces)
tropeçando {v}  :: gerund of tropeçar
tropeçar {v}  :: to flounder
tropeçar {v}  :: to stumble, trip
tropel {m}  :: swarm (a mass of people or animals in turmoil)
tropelia {f}  :: disorder
tropelia {f}  :: prank
tropical {adj}  :: tropical (from or similar to a hod humid climate)
tropical {adj}  :: tropical (of or pertaining to the tropics)
troposfera {f}  :: troposphere
trotar {vi} [of a horse]  :: to trot (to move at a gait between a walk and a canter)
trote {m} [chiefly, of horses]  :: trot (gait of an animal between walk and canter)
trote {m}  :: prank call (practical joke made using the telephone)
trote {m}  :: prank (practical joke or mischievous trick)
trotskismo {m}  :: Trotskyism (the political philosophy of Leon Trotsky)
trotskista {m}  :: Trotskyite
trouxa {f}  :: bundle (of clothes etc)
trouxa {f} [informal]  :: stupid or gullible person
trovaõ {m}  :: obsolete spelling of trovão
trovador {m}  :: bard
trovador {m}  :: poet
trovador {m}  :: troubadour
trovejar {v} [of the weather]  :: to thunder
trovão {m}  :: thunder (sound resembling thunder)
trovão {m}  :: thunder (the sound caused by the discharge of atmospheric electrical charge)
trovoada {f}  :: thunder
trovoada {f}  :: thunderstorm
trovoar {v}  :: to thunder
Trípoli {prop}  :: Tripoli (capital of Libya)
tríptico {m} [arts]  :: triptych
tríptico {m}  :: leaflet, pamphlet
térreo {adj}  :: ground-level
térreo {adj}  :: terrestrial (relating to the Earth)
térreo {m}  :: ground floor (floor of a building closest to ground level)
trás {prep}  :: behind
três {m}  :: three
três {num}  :: three
társio {m}  :: tarsier (insectivorous primate of southeast Asia)
Três Marias {prop} [constellation]  :: Orion's Belt (bright asterism)
tártara {adj}  :: feminine form of tártaro
tártaras {adj}  :: feminine plural of tártaro
tártaro {adj}  :: of Tartary (the Eurasian Steppe)
tártaro {adj}  :: of Tatarstan
tártaro {adj}  :: of the Tatar language
tártaro {m} [dentistry]  :: tartar (yellow deposit on the teeth)
tártaro {m} [Greek mythology]  :: Tartarus
tártaro {m}  :: Tatar (a language of Russia)
tártaro {m}  :: Tatar (member of the Tatar ethnic group)
tártaro {m} [wine]  :: tartar (compound deposited during wine-making)
Tártaro {prop}  :: alternative form of tártaro, as a proper noun
trítio {m} [isotope]  :: tritium (a radioactive isotope of hydrogen)
trítono {m} [music]  :: tritone (an interval of three whole tones)
Tártu {prop}  :: alternative spelling of Tartu
trucidando {v}  :: gerund of trucidar
trucidar {v}  :: to slaughter, butcher (kill brutally)
truculento {adj}  :: truculent; fierce; savage
trufa {f}  :: truffle (confection)
trufa {f}  :: truffle (fungus)
truncada {adj}  :: feminine form of truncado
truncadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of truncado
truncado {adj}  :: truncated
truísmo {m}  :: truism (self-evident or obvious truth)
truta {f} [Brazil, slang, by extension]  :: a close friend, especially one who helps with illegal activity
truta {f} [Brazil, slang]  :: cellmate
truta {f}  :: trout (fish in Salmonidae which spawns more than once)
try {m} [lb, pt, programming]  :: try (block of code that may trigger exceptions)
try {m}  :: try (a score in rugby)
tsar {m}  :: alternative form of czar
tsc tsc {interj}  :: tut tut (exclamation of disapproval)
tísica {adj}  :: feminine form of tísico
tísica {f}  :: feminine form of tísico
tísica {f}  :: pulmonary tuberculosis
tísico {adj} [lb, pt, by extension, of a person]  :: physically frail
tísico {adj}  :: who suffers from pulmonary tuberculosis
tísico {m}  :: a physically frail person
tísico {m}  :: someone who suffers from pulmonary tuberculosis
Tskhinvali {prop}  :: Tskhinvali (capital of South Ossetia)
tsuga {m}  :: tsuga (any conifer of the genus Tsuga)
tsunami {n}  :: tsunami (large, destructive wave)
tsunâmi {n}  :: alternative spelling of tsunami
têta {f}  :: obsolete spelling of teta
tática {f}  :: tactic (action to achieve some end)
táticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of tático
tático {adj}  :: tactical
Tétis {prop} [astronomy]  :: Tethys (moon of Saturn)
Tétis {prop} [Greek god]  :: Tethys (mythology)
Tétis {prop} [Greek god]  :: Thetis (the mother of Achilles)
tétrica {adj}  :: feminine form of tétrico
tétricas {adj}  :: feminine plural of tétrico
tétrico {adj}  :: funereal
tétrico {adj}  :: gloomy, melancholic
título {m} [legal]  :: title (certificate of right to ownership of a property)
título {m} [sports]  :: title (victory in a competition)
título {m}  :: title (name of a book, movie etc.)
título {m}  :: title (prefix or suffix added to a name)
tétum {m}  :: Tetum (Malayo-Polynesian language spoken in East Timor)
tu {pron} [Brazil, archaic, ,, literary, or, regional]  :: you (singular second person pronoun)
tu {pron} [Portugal, non-formal]  :: you (singular second person pronoun)
tua {pron} [pt-pron def, possessive, teu, f, sg]  ::
tuas {pron} [pt-pron def, possessive, teu, f, pl]  ::
tubarão {m}  :: shark
tubeira {f}  :: nozzle
tubo {m}  :: tube
tubulação {f}  :: tubing
tucano {m}  :: toucan
tudo {m}  :: everything that exists
tudo {pron}  :: everything (all the things)
tudo {pron}  :: everything that is essential
tudo bem {adv}  :: all right, OK
tufão {m}  :: typhoon (weather phenomenon in the Pacific, equivalent to a hurricane)
tuga {adj} [informal]  :: Portuguese (of Portugal)
tuga {mf} [informal]  :: Portuguese (person from Portugal)
tuiuiú {m} [Brazil]  :: jabiru (a species of bird in the stork family)
Tula {prop}  :: Tula (city)
Tula {prop}  :: Tula (town in Mexico)
Tule {prop}  :: Thule (the northernmost location of the ancient world)
tulipa {f}  :: alternative form of túlipa
tumefazendo {v}  :: gerund of tumefazer
tumefazer {v}  :: to tumefy, swell
tumescente {adj}  :: tumescent (inflated or overblown)
tumor {m}  :: boil (accumulation of pus)
tumor {m} [oncology, pathology]  :: tumor (an abnormal growth)
tumoral {adj}  :: tumoral
tumulto {m}  :: riot
tumulto {m}  :: tumult
tumultuariamente {adv}  :: very noisily
tumultuário {adj}  :: tumultuous, very noisy
tunando {v}  :: gerund of tunar
tunar {v}  :: to be idle or lazy
tunar {v}  :: to tune an automobile; to engage in car tuning
Tunes {prop} [Portugal]  :: Tunis (capital of Tunisia)
tungstato {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: tungstate
tungstenita {f} [mineral]  :: tungstenite
tungstênio {m} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of tungsténio
tungsténio {m} [Portugal]  :: tungsten
Tunis {prop}  :: alternative form of Tunes
Tunísia {prop}  :: Tunisia (Republic of Tunisia)
tupi {adj}  :: of the Nheengatu language
tupi {adj}  :: of the Old Tupi language
tupi {adj}  :: of the Tupi tribe or people
tupi {mf}  :: Tupi (a member of the Tupi tribe of South America)
tupi {m}  :: Nheengatu (a modern language of South America)
tupi {m}  :: Old Tupi (an extinct language of South America)
tupi antigo {m}  :: Old Tupi
tupi clássico {m}  :: Classical Tupi
tupla {f} [set theory]  :: tuple
turba {f}  :: crowd, throng
turba {f}  :: mob
turbante {m}  :: turban (type of man’s head-dress)
turbilhão {m}  :: turmoil
turbilhão {m}  :: vortex, whirlpool
turbilhão {m}  :: whirl
turbina {f}  :: turbine (rotary machines that use the energy of a stream of fluid)
turbojato {m}  :: turbojet
turca {adj}  :: feminine form of turco
turcas {adj}  :: feminine plural of turco
turco {adj}  :: Turkish
turco {m}  :: Turk
turco {m} [uncountable]  :: the Turkish language
Turcomenistão {prop}  :: Turkmenistan (Central Asian country)
turfa {f}  :: peat
turfeira {f}  :: bog (expanse of marshland)
Turim {prop}  :: Turin (city)
turismo {m}  :: tourism (the act of travelling or sightseeing)
turista {mf}  :: tourist
Turku {prop}  :: Turku (a city in Finland)
turma {f}  :: a group of people
turma {f}  :: class (group of students who commenced or completed their education during a particular year)
turma {f}  :: gang (number of friends)
turnê {f}  :: tour (journey through given list of places)
turno {m}  :: shift (change of workers)
Turquemenistão {prop}  :: Turkmenistan (Central Asian country)
Turquestão {prop} [historical]  :: Turkestan (a historical region in Asia)
Turquia {prop}  :: Turkey
turística {adj}  :: feminine form of turístico
turísticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of turístico
turístico {adj}  :: tourist (attributively)
turu {m}  :: shipworm (any mollusc of the family Teredinidae, which bores through the wooden hulls of ships)
turvando {v}  :: gerund of turvar
turvar {v}  :: to roil, muddy, cloud, obscure
turvo {adj}  :: blurred
turvo {adj}  :: dark
turvo {adj}  :: muddy
Tutancâmon {prop}  :: Tutankhamon (Egyptian Pharaoh)
Tutankhamon {prop}  :: alternative form of Tutancâmon
tutano {m}  :: marrow (substance inside bones)
tutelando {v}  :: gerund of tutelar
tutelar {v}  :: to protect (be guardian to)
tutorial {m}  :: tutorial (self-paced learning exercise)
Tuvalu {prop}  :: Tuvalu (country in Oceania)
Tuzla {prop}  :: Tuzla (a city in Bosnia and Herzegovina)
TV {f}  :: initialism of televisão; TV
TV de plasma {f}  :: plasma TV (a television whose display is a plasma display)
Tver {prop}  :: Tver (city)
táxi {m}  :: taxi (vehicle)
tóxica {adj}  :: feminine form of tóxico
tóxicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of tóxico
tóxico {adj} [toxicology]  :: toxic (harmful to a living organism)
tóxico {m}  :: a recreational drug
tóxico {m} [toxicology]  :: poison (substance harmful to a living organism)
têxtil {adj}  :: textile (attributive)
typo {m}  :: obsolete spelling of tipo
Tyro {prop}  :: obsolete spelling of Tiro
tzar {m}  :: alternative form of czar