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Hello and welcome to my user page! Please leave any message on my talk page

My stuff

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User language
bn-N এ ব্যবহারকারীর বাংলা ভাষার উপরে মাতৃভাষার মতন ধারণা রয়েছে।
en-5 This user has professional knowledge of English.
hi-4 इस सदस्य को हिन्दी का लगभग मातृभाषी स्तर का ज्ञान है।
fr-3 Cet utilisateur dispose de connaissances avancées en français.
ru-2 Этот участник владеет русским языком на среднем уровне.
el-1 Αυτός ο χρήστης μπορεί να συνεισφέρει σε βασικού επιπέδου Ελληνικά.
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About me

I, Mohammad Nasiruddin (মোহাম্মদ নাসিরুদ্দিন) am from Bangladesh, is a country in South Asia. My place of birth is Narayanganj, is a city in central Bangladesh. Now I am living in Grenoble, is a city in southeastern France.

Currently I am a PhD Student in the University of Grenoble 1 and a Researcher Assistant at Study Group for Machine Translation and Automated Processing of Languages and Speech of the Laboratory of Informatics of Grenoble (GETALP-LIG), working on word sense disambiguation for under resourced languages to improve machine translation.

Though I am not an active contributor to Wikipedia but I love Wikipedia so much... :)

Countries visited

Bhutan (2011); Cyprus (2006, 07); France (2012, 13); India (2008, 09, 10, 11, 12); Malaysia (2009); Nepal (2008)

Further contact

For further information please contact via my user page - My user page: English Wiki & Bangla Wiki. You can send an email to mohammad.nasiruddin(at)

Here are some places where you can reach me easily -