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"Tolkien was hesitant about the exact Elvish translations of names: in various texts the later Turumarth appears as Turumart, Turmarth, or Turamarth; Mormegil as Mormagli(r) or Mormael in Gnomish/Sindarin and as Mormakil in Quenya.[18][22][23] The original form of Agarwaen "Bloodstained" was Iarwaeth, and Thurin "the Secret" supposedly originated in Thuringud "the Hidden Foe".[9] In early texts Tolkien usually interpreted Turambar as "the Conqueror of Fate".[22] (from the Wikipedia article on Túrin Turambar)"

"Mormakil" is the Quenyan name for Túrin son of Húrin. He is one of my favourite Tolkien characters.

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