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Grammar tags[edit]

Case name Abbreviation Template
nominative nom {{grammar tag nom}}
accusative acc {{grammar tag acc}}
dative dat {{grammar tag dat}}
instrumental ins {{grammar tag ins}}
causal-final cfin
translative tran
terminative term
essive-formal efor
essive-modal emod
inessive ine
superessive sup
adessive ade
illative ill
sublative sub
allative all
elative ela
delative del
ablative abl {{grammar tag abl}}


kert (garden)

Case ending Case name Example entry Displayed text Wikitext
-t/-at/-et/-ot/-öt accusative kertet accusative singular of kert {{hu-inflection of|kert|acc|s}}
-nak/-nek dative kertnek dative singular of kert {{hu-inflection of|kert|dat|s}}
-val/-vel instrumental kerttel instrumental singular of kert {{hu-inflection of|kert|ins|s}}
-ért causal-final kertért causal-final singular of kert {{hu-inflection of|kert|cfin|s}}
-vá/-vé translative kertté translative singular of kert {{hu-inflection of|kert|tran|s}}
-ig terminative kertig terminative singular of kert {{hu-inflection of|kert|term|s}}
-ként essive-formal kertként essive-formal singular of kert {{hu-inflection of|kert|efor|s}}
-ul/-ül essive-modal kertül essive-modal singular of kert {{hu-inflection of|kert|emod|s}}
-ban/-ben inessive kertben inessive singular of kert {{hu-inflection of|kert|ine|s}}
-n/-on/-en/-ön superessive kerten superessive singular of kert {{hu-inflection of|kert|sup|s}}
-nál/-nél adessive kertnél adessive singular of kert {{hu-inflection of|kert|ade|s}}
-ba/-be illative kertbe illative singular of kert {{hu-inflection of|kert|ill|s}}
-ra/-re sublative kertre sublative singular of kert {{hu-inflection of|kert|sub|s}}
-hoz/-hez/-höz allative kerthez allative singular of kert {{hu-inflection of|kert|all|s}}
-ból/-ből elative kertből elative singular of kert {{hu-inflection of|kert|ela|s}}
-ról/-ről delative kertről delative singular of kert {{hu-inflection of|kert|del|s}}
-tól/-től ablative kerttől ablative singular of kert {{hu-inflection of|kert|abl|s}}


kertek (gardens)

Case ending Case name Example entry Displayed text Wikitext
-t/-at/-et/-ot/-öt accusative kerteket accusative plural of kert {{hu-inflection of|kert|acc|p}}
-nak/-nek dative kerteknek dative plural of kert {{hu-inflection of|kert|dat|p}}
-val/-vel instrumental kertekkel instrumental plural of kert {{hu-inflection of|kert|ins|p}}
-ért causal-final kertekért causal-final plural of kert {{hu-inflection of|kert|cfin|p}}
-vá/-vé translative kertekké translative plural of kert {{hu-inflection of|kert|tran|p}}
-ig terminative kertekig terminative plural of kert {{hu-inflection of|kert|term|p}}
-ként essive-formal kertekként essive-formal plural of kert {{hu-inflection of|kert|efor|p}}
-ul/-ül essive-modal kertekül essive-modal plural of kert {{hu-inflection of|kert|emod|p}}
-ban/-ben inessive kertekben inessive plural of kert {{hu-inflection of|kert|ine|p}}
-n/-on/-en/-ön superessive kerteken superessive plural of kert {{hu-inflection of|kert|sup|p}}
-nál/-nél adessive kerteknél adessive plural of kert {{hu-inflection of|kert|ade|p}}
-ba/-be illative kertekbe illative plural of kert {{hu-inflection of|kert|ill|p}}
-ra/-re sublative kertekre sublative plural of kert {{hu-inflection of|kert|sub|p}}
-hoz/-hez/-höz allative kertekhez allative plural of kert {{hu-inflection of|kert|all|p}}
-ból/-ből elative kertekből elative plural of kert {{hu-inflection of|kert|ela|p}}
-ról/-ről delative kertekről delative plural of kert {{hu-inflection of|kert|del|p}}
-tól/-től ablative kertektől ablative plural of kert {{hu-inflection of|kert|abl|p}}