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poetic form
which, disyllabically,
gets increasingly longer, then
ends short.

When an epigram one's composin',
brevity is key,
of stanzas: one should be chosen,
and of lines: one more than three.

The clerihew, as you can see,
is shorter than it ought to be,
with just four lines I'm s'posed to tell,
what it's all about...oh well.

haiku, a poem
five beats, then seven, then five
ends as it began.

A tricky form, the lai,
as it changes as it goes by,
you see.
Stanzas change form, and I,
get confused when e'er it I try,
to read.

If a limerick one is choosin'
It'd be best if one's also boosin'
Though it's funny, I fear,
One may end up in tears,
The one has one's booze for excusin'!

the form poetic.
mirrors itself inside.
If only one sees one,
one sees one only if
inside itself mirrors.
Poetic form;
the palindrome.