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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2008-12-30 issue of The Guardian which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created.

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  1. alexander
    There are species of flora that would not normally be expected to occur on a rocky island in this part of the world, among them the wild peony, wild leek, alexander, henbane and hemlock, whose presence is thought to be connected with that of the priory.
  2. anonymisation
    All data from the assessment centre is encrypted and personal identifiers are separated from the data and kept under secure key code anonymisation.
  3. blondeness
    "I was struck by her blondeness and the unmissable diamond-like quality of her mind," he said.
  4. breathalysed
    A surprising number of people are over the limit when they are breathalysed in the morning.
  5. byelection
    But it is less clear what will happen to Davis, who resigned from the shadow cabinet - against Cameron's wishes - to fight a byelection over his opposition to Labour 's plans for 42-day pre-charge detention.
  6. childrenswear
    Figures released yesterday added to the gloom about the UK's immediate prospects, with the property consultants Hometrack reporting a 0.9% drop in house prices in December, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development forecasting that 600,000 jobs would be lost in 2009, and the expected appointment of administrators at the childrenswear retailer Adams fuelling speculation there would be a wave of new year collapses in the retail sector.
  7. clubland
    Located in the heart of clubland it promised theatre, indoor circus, and water spectacles, with live polar bears and elephants.
  8. daubings
    Anti-immigrant daubings have sprung up amid the sandstone walls of Valletta, Malta's fortified 16th century capital; Africans say they frequently suffer racism, and a prominent Jesuit charity has been the victim of arson attacks for its outspoken support of migrants.
  9. euroland
    Far from splitting apart, the euroland has grown.
  10. frontbencher
    "There would be a lot of risks involved," said one Tory frontbencher.
  11. housebuilder
    But housebuilder Bovis Homes slipped 0.25p to 394.5p as it announced it had signed a new £220m banking facility, but at a higher cost.
  12. plasterwork
    It is a building with hidden delights - the minstrel's gallery at the top, for example - and wonderful plasterwork, friezes and balustrades.
  13. professionalised
    "Some people want politics to be totally professionalised ...
  14. rectitudinous
    Our common room, thanks to a morally rectitudinous constitutional change some time previously, was known as the Nelson Mandela Room.
  15. roadstone
    The slate waste around Blaenau would supply Britain with roadstone for years, but it's stuck there until the Conwy Valley railway line is upgraded.
  16. stringless
    Last night you could have seen a man contort his body through a stringless tennis racket.
  17. unsustainability
    It means that the greenest nation in the UK is locked into unsustainability.
  18. warreners
    In the 14th century, when the island was a "coney island", supplying rabbit skins and meat to the mainland, the resident warreners made their homes in the ruins of the priory.