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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-01-03 issue of The Guardian which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created.

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  • Total unique types: 6337
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  1. ambulancemen
    • 2009 January 3, “The Guardian: Main section”, The Guardian:
      Two ambulancemen arrested after allegedly making disparaging remarks about arthritis sufferer Barry Baker
  2. backlands
  3. bevacizumab
  4. boyband
  5. cardio
  6. chatshow
  7. cruiserweight
    • 2009 January 3, “The Guardian: Sport”, The Guardian:
      Enzo Maccarinelli has lined up a February bout with American Johnathon Banks for the vacant WBO cruiserweight title
  8. decivilising
    • 2009 January 3, Marina Hyde, “Marina Hyde: Labour's mania for rating reaches GPs - none out of 10”, The Guardian:
      This judgmental, decivilising impulse has gained such traction on the popular imagination that logic can only suggest, down the line, darker trials and torments for doctors and teachers and other such wretched drains on society.
  9. diasporic
    • 2009 January 3, Ian Jack, “Ian Jack: Scotland's search for tourists has become witless”, The Guardian:
      More diasporic Scots probably live there than in any other country, even Canada; but, as Lulu should know, the act of "going home" returns us quickly to a hard-edged Scottish particularity rather than a sticky Caledonian mess.
  10. editorships
  11. lochside
  12. ok
  13. passersby
    • 2009 January 3, “Gaza analysis: Israeli air force cannot stop every rocket”, The Guardian:
      Even so, it knows that the use of powerful weapons in a territory as confined and heavily populated as Gaza means that the most accurate satellite-guided weapons in its arsenal will still kill neighbours, passersby, children taking out the rubbish or playing outside.
  14. pitful
    • 2009 January 3, Lucy Mangan, “Lucy Mangan: This week”, The Guardian:
      Is he in fact the only honest man in a pitful of bounders?
  15. placemen
    • 2009 January 3, The Guardian[1]:
      Britons fill their own upper chamber with placemen and women, so are in no position to lecture.
  16. pyracantha
    • 2009 January 3, “The Guardian: Weekend”, The Guardian:
      Lia Leendertz offers advice on pyracantha shedding berries and disposing of coal ash
  17. scaremongering
    • 2009 January 3, Bill Emmott, “Bill Emmott: My economic predictions were wrong. But that's OK”, The Guardian:
      The position I took was, in effect, an attempt to argue that we risked talking ourselves into recession, through media scaremongering, and remarks such as Darling's warning, in his Guardian interview of 29 August, that Britain faced the worst economic times for 60 years, with more "profound and long-lasting" effects than people were expecting.
  18. sorafenib
  19. stovies
    • 2009 January 3, Stephen Moss, “The perfect credit crunch menu: pubs offer meals for £1”, The Guardian:
      Undeterred, I take the train next morning to Inverness, where the award-winning Clachnaharry Inn has introduced a Scottish version of the £1 credit-crunch special: mince and tatties, fish pie, shepherd's pie, stovies.
  20. sunitinib
  21. sweetshop
  22. temsirolimus
  23. toweringly
  24. unshortened
    • 2009 January 3, Lucy Mangan, “Lucy Mangan: Celebrity Big Brother's got it all - except Davina's gleeful frenzy”, The Guardian:
      Then comes former Sugababe Mutya Buena, followed by an agonising sequence as Verne Troyer, Mini-Me from the Austin Powers movies, uses a side entrance because he is too small to negotiate the steps, and is given by some surpassingly thoughtless house lackey an enormous suitcase with unshortened strap that he must then drag through the house.