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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-01-09 issue of The Guardian which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created.

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  • Valid lowercase tokens: 35354
  • Unique types: 6048
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  1. antisemitic
    • 2009 January 9, Carlo Strenger, “Why Israel is united”, The Guardian:
      It makes use of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion - one of the most notorious antisemitic forgeries of the last century - continues with the incantations that turn jihad against the Zionists into every Muslim's duty, and ends with suicide terrorism.
  2. blockboard
    • 2009 January 9, Michael McNay, “George Brecht”, The Guardian:
      And I doubt whether there has ever been a more sprightly pop sculpture than An Essay on the Quality of Control, constructed of a squarish piece of roughly sawn blockboard balanced on a tin can with a filled ashtray and an opened packet of Lucky Strike cigarettes in one corner, nicely counterbalancing a beer bottle on the other; a sculptural statement and, I guess, an expression of pop physics and, thus, a surprisingly orthodox item in this heterogeneous assembly.
  3. bomblets
    • 2009 January 9, Peter Beaumont and Richard Norton-Taylor, “Airburst shells 'are danger to civilians'”, The Guardian:
      The New York-based Human Rights Watch compared the use of the shells to the impact of cluster munitions which scatter "bomblets" over a wide area.
  4. communique
  5. demutualised
  6. deschooling
    • 2009 January 9, Helen Pidd, “Posh-squat artists take Mayfair mews”, The Guardian:
      The events continue this weekend: the squat's website,, says there will be a session on "labyrinth building with Steph" tomorrow, followed by "deschooling society".
  7. fairycake
    • 2009 January 9, “The Guardian: G2”, The Guardian:
      Forget about the British fairycake.
  8. heterospective
    • 2009 January 9, Michael McNay, “George Brecht”, The Guardian:
      Brecht, who has died aged 82, insisted that his retrospective should be called a heterospective, an exhibition of the otherness of things.
  9. horsetrading
  10. ineffectuality
    • 2009 January 9, Nick Kimberley, “Obituary: Donald Westlake”, The Guardian:
      His speciality was the caper novel, in which a criminal or a gang sets about relieving an institution or an individual of money, property or relations, usually to be foiled, not by the police, but by a comic combination of fate and their own ineffectuality.
  11. likably
    • 2009 January 9, Nick Kimberley, “Obituary: Donald Westlake”, The Guardian:
      His character John Archibald Dortmunder, hero of more than a dozen novels, was the embodiment of the likably hopeless criminal, forced to commit the same crime over and over again until he gets it right.
  12. mystifiers
  13. pricetag
    • 2009 January 9, “The Guardian: Sport”, The Guardian:
      Newcastle United set a £6.5m pricetag on Joey Barton as Portsmouth prepare an offer
  14. readvertise
    • 2009 January 9, Jessica Shepherd, “£100,000 fails to attract secondary school heads”, The Guardian:
      A £100,000 salary was "no longer a guarantee" that a secondary school would find a headteacher, Howson said, citing a school in Haringey, north London, that offered even more but still had to readvertise three times.
  15. rubbly
    • 2009 January 9, Lynsey Hanley, “Burnham's minor works”, The Guardian:
      You see entire blocks derelict on the way into town and empty rubbly lots used for parking.
  16. strippergram
  17. trainspotting