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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-01-12 issue of The Guardian which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created.

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  1. autists
  2. blackbelt
    • 2009 January 12, Sam Wollaston, “On the sofa with David Cameron”, The Guardian:
      Hey, I'm not just a family guy (with an invisible family), I'm a blackbelt in politics too, and now it's jolly well time to Enter The Dragon.
  3. blase
  4. characterful
    • 2009 January 12, John Fordham, “Barry Green”, The Guardian:
      His current trio is augmented by the characterful young saxophonist Mark Hanslip - and the emphasis is on original materials, rather than the rugged, prodding reassessments of standard songs featured on the pianist's new CD, The Music of Chance.
  5. counterhands
    • 2009 January 12, Tom Jaine, “Gaston Lenôtre”, The Guardian:
      She would always do this with style, whether dressing her counterhands in haute couture uniforms in their smart Paris shop - customers protested that the girls were more chic than the clients - or decorating the super-luxurious restaurant Le Pré Catalan, in the Bois de Boulogne, in the 1970s and 1980s.
  6. disintegrative
  7. fastmoving
    • 2009 January 12, John Fordham, “Barry Green”, The Guardian:
      The classic I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face was a confirmation of Barry Green's fastmoving imagination, in its evolution from revealingly fresh harmonies to a garrulous collective improvisation.
  8. floaty
    • 2009 January 12, John Fordham, “Barry Green”, The Guardian:
      Early in the group's first set at the Octave, a penchant for melodically skiddy, Ornette Coleman-like themes on brisker pieces was established by Oli Hayhurst's fast bass walk against the excellent Tim Giles's floaty cymbal patterns, Green's chiming chords and Hanslip's dolorously hooting tenor sax.
  9. frontbenches
  10. gutsiness
  11. headmasterly
  12. hellos
    • 2009 January 12, Allegra Stratton, “Firms to get £2,500 for each jobless new recruit”, The Guardian:
      The government is to give firms that recruit people unemployed for more than six months "golden hellos" of up to £2,500, in a move that provides half a billion pounds to keep employers hiring.
  13. hogmanay
    • 2009 January 12, John Cumming, “Sylvia Wishart”, The Guardian:
      Back in Heatherybraes, at hogmanay there was standing room only, with clapshot and whisky for everyone.
  14. lineside
    • 2009 January 12, Peter Johnson, “Obituary: Fred Boughey”, The Guardian:
      The lineside garden that he created there was much admired by passengers.
  15. masculinises
    • 2009 January 12, Sarah Boseley, “Disorder linked to high levels of testosterone in womb”, The Guardian:
      The study highlights for the first time the association between foetal testosterone and autistic traits, and indicates that foetal testosterone not only masculinises the body, it masculinises the mind and therefore the brain, said Baron-Cohen.
  16. microcar
  17. professorly
    • 2009 January 12, Jon Blyth, “Jimmy Carr saved my life”, The Guardian:
      Reading The God Delusion, on the other hand, all I did was nod furiously and point at myself, and perform a little professorly strut around the train carriage.
  18. reblochon
    • 2009 January 12, “Letters: Murphy's Gesetz”, The Guardian:
      By way of explanation, the security official told me, as he took my reblochon, that "it was not hard cheese".
  19. setpiece
  20. stratospherically
    • 2009 January 12, Tom Jaine, “Gaston Lenôtre”, The Guardian:
      It is no coincidence that when chefs Bocuse and Vergé organised a stratospherically expensive Mediterranean cruise for 300 guests in the 1970s (they got through 120 kilos of foie gras and 60 kilos of caviar in three days), they called on the skills of their friend Lenôtre to produce Bocuse's legendary truffle soup.
  21. traiteur
    • 2009 January 12, Tom Jaine, “Gaston Lenôtre”, The Guardian:
      The precision and delicacy of pastry work did not desert him as he extended his range into savoury dishes from 1960, developing the business of traiteur or outside-caterer from 1964 and a brand of frozen foods for wider distribution.
  22. tutting
    • 2009 January 12, Jon Blyth, “Jimmy Carr saved my life”, The Guardian:
      So, when I got to meet a proper stand-up comedian, I asked him if he'd met Carr, anticipating 30 minutes of eye-rolling and tutting, after which we'd become firm friends and write a sitcom together.
  23. unautistic
    • 2009 January 12, Charlotte Moore, “Autism: A mother's story”, The Guardian:
      I have a third son, Jake, 10, who is as unautistic as they come.
  24. unflapping
    • 2009 January 12, Mark Cocker, “Country diary”, The Guardian:
      At one point they looked as if they were going to land and several birds drew in slightly and deepened the downward arch of their unflapping wings, so that they both stalled in speed yet retained height.
  25. vocalism
    • 2009 January 12, George Hall, “The Creation”, The Guardian:
      Neither of the other soloists quite matched him, though Julia Kleiter's pristine vocalism moved around the soprano part with the same delicacy and skill as Maximilian Schmitt's around the tenor's.
  26. webchat
    • 2009 January 12, Allegra Stratton, “Milburn gets advisory role as PM mends rift with ex-critic”, The Guardian:
      Andy Burnham will be doing a webchat with those active in the creative industries on ; Yvette Cooper will be appearing on ; and Ed Miliband will be talking with environmental activists and groups concerned with energy prices.
  27. woodburning