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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-01-15 issue of The Guardian which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created.

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  1. conditionality
    • 2009 January 15, Paul Collier, “A coup for democracy”, The Guardian:
      During the battles over policy conditionality, many governments certainly put up a lot of resistance to them.
  2. dimmable
    • 2009 January 15, Matt Prescott, “You can't label eco-lights as dim, ugly and expensive any more”, The Guardian:
      I've recently started using a 4W LED table lamp to replace a 40W lightbulb, which is dimmable, instantly bright and contains zero mercury - and I look forward to other brighter LED-based lamps becoming cheaper and more widely available.
  3. dramatises
    • 2009 January 15, Judith Mackrell, “La Bayadère”, The Guardian:
      She dramatises the delicate oriental inflections of her choreo-graphy with a pungent sensuality; she turns arabesques into declarations of independence; and after Solor's betrayal, she phrases her dancing in raw, ragged torrents of emotion.
  4. ecosophy
    • 2009 January 15, Walter Schwarz, “Obituary: Arne Næss”, The Guardian:
      In its first form his philosophy was known as ecosophy T - the T standing for the Tvergastein mountain hut where he lived and worked.
  5. reflation
    • 2009 January 15, Seumas Milne, “Business as usual won't halt the haemorrhage of jobs”, The Guardian:
      Ahead of the western pack, and wrongfooting the Tories, they bought stakes in the banks and embraced intervention and Keynesian reflation, jettisoning long-cherished free market dogma as they went.
  6. reshaken
    • 2009 January 15, Sunder Katwala, “A year for fresh ideas”, The Guardian:
      The Fabian birthday falls in a year full of other political anniversaries that may illuminate how far the reshaken kaleidoscope will settle.
  7. restorationist
    • 2009 January 15, Sunder Katwala, “A year for fresh ideas”, The Guardian:
      Yet the need is not for a "restorationist" project.
  8. runup