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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-01-16 issue of The Guardian which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created.

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  1. arthouse
  2. boatbuilders
    • 2009 January 16, Deyan Sudjic, “Jan Kaplický”, The Guardian:
      It was made by boatbuilders, and is a small monument to the unshakeable optimism that every real architect must feel, in the face of endless practical difficulties that face them, from cost overruns to cricket correspondents under the impression that by entering something that looked like a flying saucer, they were becoming the victims of an alien abduction.
  3. bookhouse
    • 2009 January 16, Richard Russell, “Vivian Ridler”, The Guardian:
      The press then was probably the most versatile bookhouse in the world.
  4. chatshows
    • 2009 January 16, Mark Lawson, “Elements of surprise”, The Guardian:
      This has always been problematic but becomes more so in a culture of aggressive publicity, in which everyone from star actors to best boy grip will have discussed the plot on chatshows before release.
  5. hairshirted
  6. hoolah
  7. lycra
  8. microgeneration
  9. opencast
  10. previewers
    • 2009 January 16, Mark Lawson, “Elements of surprise”, The Guardian:
      Similarly, the BBC has pleaded with previewers not to give away the identity of the villains in Hunter, a crime-drama starting this weekend.
  11. skiable
    • 2009 January 16, Stephen Lee, “Stephen Lee: Skiwatch”, The Guardian:
      In places it has almost become an extension of the piste: hard but not crusty, and definitely skiable.
  12. songsmiths
    • 2009 January 16, Betty Clarke, “Demolition Ball”, The Guardian:
      Acoustic songsmiths such as Frank Turner, who did a rough-hewn take on Dancing Queen, nestled next to screaming rockers My Vitriol.
  13. tightfistedness
    • 2009 January 16, Editorial, “Editorial: In praise of ... The Prisoner”, The Guardian:
      Yet, for all its tightfistedness with conventional narrative pleasures, The Prisoner is supreme drama - mixing Harold Pinter with John le Carré, combining gnomic, elliptical sentences and urgent action.
  14. unboxy
    • 2009 January 16, Deyan Sudjic, “Jan Kaplický”, The Guardian:
      It is an otherworldly, entirely unboxy, glossy white disc that seems to have no connection with this earth, or the mundane, muddy preoccupations of everyday building.
  15. unsubstantive
  16. worklessness
    • 2009 January 16, Libby Brooks, “Generation Crunch need more than just McJobs”, The Guardian:
      The majority come from circumstances where worklessness is embedded, and placements need to incorporate some element of mentoring if these individuals are to develop the life skills necessary to sustain a career.